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Subject: Daddy-Knows-Best-Part-2 The following story depicts sex between members of the same family. All participants are at least 18 years of age. If you object to this type of sex, go now; if you like it, tell me about it. Please consider making a generous donation to the Nifty Archives. “Daddy Knows Best” � Part 2 I’m back at school now, missing Dad. My class schedule is pretty brutal for a freshman. So, I’m working my butt off most of the time. Now that Dad knows the truth about my sexuality, I don’t have to hide my activities from him. I don’t date much � no time. But, I am active in the gay fraternity, and I tell Dad everything about what we do. It’s really cool. We help other gay guys fit in at college and offer them a place to stay when they can’t make it home from a date or a party. Our house is huge, and there’s plenty of room to house all our members, with room to spare. Living here costs a little more than the dorms, but it’s so much easier to live with guys who understand you. I love living here. My roommate is a great guy from Wisconsin. He grew up on a farm and has spent very little time away from his family. Also, he has yet to come out to them. So, this is the house for him to get to know himself better and learn how to tell his parents the truth. His name is Antonni, it’s a Finnish name passed down from his great-grandfather. We all call him Tony, it’s easier. Tony is built like the Norse god, Thor. He stands 6′-5″, weighs 285 pounds, and has a 10% body fat ratio. His blonde hair is full and thick and adorably messy. Every muscle is excellently defined, from his broad, powerful shoulders, to his chiseled pecs and perfect abs, his muscular back, and those tree-trunk legs. He is almost completely hairless. There is just a whisper of light blonde hair deep in his armpits, a dusting of soft blonde making a trail from below his navel to his gorgeous 11″ cock, with a light blonde bush surrounding its base and naturally hairless ball sack. His perfect body comes from the fact that he has been working his family farm since he could walk, and he has incredible Norse genes. In our room at the house, we seldom wear clothes. I can’t get enough of looking at him, and he loves that I am his opposite, in terms of being hairy. We are a great match, as roommates and as sexual partners. So, I keep Dad up to date with my studies and my social life in the house. We email or Skype at least twice a week. I went home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we had a great time. We spent the holidays with Dad’s brother, Chris and his family. His son Billy is three years older than me, but he decided not to go to college. He went to Vo-Tech and became a welder. He’s doing great and lives on his own. At, 21, Billy is just living life. At Christmas, Dad and Uncle Chris start talking about the four of us going camping in the Spring. Billy and I agree, so we start trying to figure out a time that works for all schedules and gets us out in warm temperatures. This discussion will continue for a while. Tony spent the holidays with his folks and, on Christmas Eve, he sprung his truth on everybody. They were sitting at dinner and during a lull in the conversation, Tony blurted out, “Guys, I’m gay!” The family all looked around the table and his Dad said, “Yeah, so? We’ve known that for years. What took you so long?” From then on, Tony and his family got along great and Tony came back to school really happy. He and I both returned to campus before New Year’s; most of the rest of the guys stayed home a little longer. Tony decided we needed to celebrate New Year’s together, so he picked up some great weed, I got us some beer, and we had a ball � literally! There’s Tony, at 6′-5″ and an 11″ cock, and me at 6′-1″ with a 9″ cock, and a bag of weed, and some beer � Sounds like a party to me. Tony and I started by getting naked and then, really baked. We drank a little, smoked a lot. We had New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on the TV, but nobody’s watching. The higher we got, the hornier we got, so we started groping each other, and kissing, and stroking. Tony loves to run his fingers through my hairy chest and he can’t get enough of sucking my cock. I love to rub his hard, hairless chest and my man-pussy throbs in anticipation of the invasion of Thor’s Hammer. I don’t wait long. Tony is so fucking high, he picked me up off the floor and carried me to the bed. He flipped me onto my stomach and grabbed my hips and pulled my ass to the edge of the bed. I could feel his face dive into my ass crack and he started to tongue fuck me. I went wild! I was really high, and screaming was not out of order here. Tony spit inside me ass and pushed it into the pink bud. He kept spitting and tongue fucking me, until I was well-lubed. Then, Tony stood up and pushed his 11″ Thor’s Hammer Cock against my bud and pressed it into me with a loud pop. I howled, and he kept pushing. My moaning increased as he pushed that monster cock deep into my gut. He passed my gland and jammed his head into the wall of my cunt. I knew he was going to breed me that night. Tony started to pump me, hard and fast. We were both very high, and we wanted as much sex as we could get that night. Toni grunted as he stroked his cock against my hole, in and out, in and out, in and out. His thrusts got deeper and harder. Then, he pulled my hips hard against him and jammed his hammer home and stayed there, twitching as he exploded in ropes of hot, creamy cum. He thrust and drained himself into me. Then, he flipped me onto my back and slurped my throbbing cock into his mouth. 9″ went sliding down his throat and he flexed his mighty throat muscle around the head. My cock was swollen already from the first blow job and the fantastic fuck, I felt the head grow as the tip of my cock erupted in streams of hot cum that drained down Tony’s throat. He drained me dry. We caught our breath and went back into the living room to smoke some more dope. That’s when my phone rang. It was Dad wishing me a Happy New Year. I was so fucking high, all I could do was giggle into the phone. I tried so hard to behave, but I couldn’t. Finally, I told Dad that I was just fucked by the god Thor and started to giggle again. Dad knew I was high and humored me. Finally, I calmed down and Dad told me that he and Chris and Billy had decided on Spring Break for our camping trip. He rented a cabin in the mountains, the weather was supposed to be warm, and they would take care of everything. All I needed to do was drive up there with my stuff. I looked at Tony and said, “Dad, can I bring Thor with me?” Dad laughed out loud and said, “Sure son, of course you can bring Thor.” And he hung up. I turned to Tony and said, “I’m going camping with some guys in my family and they invited you to come along. Wanna come?” Tony said, “Sure! I love to camp.” That was the last we spoke about it until the day before we were supposed to leave for the cabin. Tony and I packed the bare minimum in day packs and got a good night’s rest. Tony had packed a fresh bag of great weed and we were ready to go the next morning. We had to drive a couple hours to get there. Dad, Uncle Chris, and Billy got there before us. Tony and I pulled up in front of the cabin and honked. Dad walked out first, just as Tony unwound himself out of my compact front seat. Slowly, his 6’6″ rock-hard frame appeared above the car and Tony stood there, towering over everybody. “Holy shit, Tim,” Dad said, “I didn’t think you literally meant you were bringing Thor with you. Damn, he’s big!” “Dad, this is Tony, izmit rus escort my roommate,” I started. “Tony, this is my Dad, my Uncle Chris, and his son Billy. Billy is 3 years older than we are, Tony.” Dad looked at me and said, “He’s only 18!? What the fuck!” “Dad, Tony is from a farm in Wisconsin and his heritage is in Finland. He comes from a very good gene pool. He and I have been roommates since school started, we live in the frat house together.” Dad finally caught on, “Oh, that’s nice. Any roommate of yours is a roommate of mine,” Dad said, blushing at his own stupidity. Dad led us into the cabin, Uncle Chris and Billy followed. They were whispering, but I couldn’t make out what they said. The cabin was OK. There was a kitchen and a common area with a fireplace and plenty of old furniture. Then, Dad said, “There’s only four bedrooms. Somebody’s gonna have to double up.” Billy spoke first, “I think we should let our guest have his own room. Timmy and I can share.” Nobody has called me Timmy since I was 10. I scowled at Billy and he grinned back. Dad settled it, “Good idea. Tony, you get the room over there and Tim will bunk with Billy next to you. Chris and I have the rooms on the other side of the cabin.” We grabbed our stuff and stowed it in our rooms. Along the way, Billy pointed out that our room shared a bathroom with Tony’s room and Dad and Uncle Chris shared their own bathrooms. “Both bathrooms are big, with big double showers and double sinks. We could all be in there at once with no sweat,” he said slyly. We all gathered back in the common room and sat down. Dad brought some beers for all of us and we drank and shot the shit for a while. It was getting close to supper, so Dad and Uncle Chris went into the kitchen to start cooking. Billy, Tony, and I went outside. Tony brought his weed and a pipe. We walked away from the cabin along the tree line for a bit and found some boulders to sit on, out of sight of the cabin. We sat down, and Tony started passing the pipe. After the three of us had all had several hits, Billy addressed the Thor in the room. “Okay, Timmy, uh, Tim, sorry,” Billy said. “My dad told me that you came out as gay to your Dad before you left for college. That is so cool! I knew you were gay. After all the sucking and fucking we did as kids, you had to be gay.” I laughed and said, “You were right there sucking and fucking with me. Are you gay?” “Hell no,” Billy answered, “I love pussy too much. Not that I want to settle down with one yet.” “That’s what I thought,” I said. “Do you still fool around with other guys?” “You bet your ass, I do!” Billy answered. “Are you willing? And, what about your friend, Thor? Is he gay too?” Tony answered, “I am definitely gay, and I don’t care who knows it. I can take care of myself.” “No shit,” Billy observed. “Well, then maybe the three of us need to sneak off this week and have some hot fun together.” “That’ll work,” I said, “But, there’s something else you ought to know. The way I came out to Dad was by giving him a blow job.” “No, you didn’t!” said Billy. “Yes, I did, in a campsite not far from here. We had a three-day weekend together and we spent most of it sucking and fucking. Dad’s not gay, but he’s plenty lonely since Mom died.” “Well, I’ll be. Who’d a ever thought? My Dad would freak out.” Billy said. “Not so fast, Cousin,” I continued. “Dad told me that he and your Dad did plenty of sucking and fucking when they were growing up and even once in a while since they were married.” “Fuck! No!” Billy shouted. Tony chimed in, “Sounds to me like there might be five hot cocks this week that need to be repeatedly drained of their spunk. Yummy!” We all laughed, and smoked some more weed. Before we went back to the cabin, Billy wanted to see “Thor” under his clothes, so we stepped into the trees and Tony stripped. Billy was amazed at the size of his cock and gingerly touched it. Then, he got on his knees and put it in his mouth. He tried to take it all, but he couldn’t. “That’s gonna take some practice,” he said. “I thought we were big, but he puts us both to shame.” Tony pulled his shorts and tank back on and we walked back to the cabin. Tony stashed the weed in his room, but our mood probably tipped our Dad’s off that we’d gotten high. Billy got some wood and started a fire in the fireplace. Then, we all sat down for supper. It was just like home. After we ate and cleaned up, we got some beers and sat down around the fire. Billy kept throwing more logs on the fire and it was really getting hot in the cabin. “Billy, are you trying to make this a sauna?” I asked. “Not a bad idea,” he answered. So, he threw another log on the fire and stood in the heat and stripped all his clothes off. “I’m not shy and I hope you gents aren’t either. At my house, clothes are always optional. This fire makes me hot, so I need to be naked.” Billy announced. I didn’t mind, so I stripped too, then Dad and Uncle Chris dropped their clothes ion a pile and sat down. Finally, Tony stood up. He was a towering statue of a man. All 6′-6″ of him glistened in the light of the fire. He pulled his tank over his head and dropped it. The guys almost drooled as he revealed the muscles and definition of our Thor. Then he dropped his shorts, and Dad gasped out loud. Tony’ enormous 11″ cock was hanging loose between his legs, swaying a little and banging into his huge ball sack. “He’s your roommate?” Dad asked. “Abso-fuckin-lutely, Dad,” I answered. “And there are 15 more guys in the house that are pretty fucking gorgeous themselves. I just love school!” So, the five of us, me, Dad, Uncle Chris, Cousin Billy, and Tony (Thor), my roommate, are naked in front of a roaring fire, in a mountain cabin, sucking down some beer. You need to know that Dad’s brother Chris is bigger than my Dad and much hairier. He is practically a gorilla. His huge chest, abdomen, arms, and back are covered in dark fur. Under his fur, his body is still pretty taut and hard. His cock is 10″ hard. Uncle Chris passed his genes on to my cousin Billy. Growing up, Billy introduced me to sex. He is a little taller than me, very muscled and defined. His chest and abs are very hairy, so are his powerful legs. He shaves his back and his crotch. So, his 10 incher really shines beneath his forest. Billy taught me hot suck dicks, he taught me how to take a big cock up my ass, and he taught me how to fight. I love Billy a lot and now that we’re all naked, this is going to be one helluva Spring Break! I say, “Tony, how about we share the present we brought?” Tony gets up and ambles slowly across the room toward his bedroom. All of us stare at his incredible body and watch as Thor’s Hammer swings along. Tony comes back out with the bag of weed and a pipe. Now, the fun begins. Tony starts and passes the pipe to me, to Billy, to Uncle Chris, to Dad, and around the circle it goes � at least 8 hits apiece. We are all wasted and feeling really good. I know that the three boys are up for this, and I’m pretty sure Dad is in. The variable here is Uncle Chris. He’s older than my Dad and he’s always seems a little conservative to me. He knows I’m gay, but I have no idea how he feels about it. I’m sure he has no idea about Billy and Me. And he surely doesn’t know that my Dad told all about them. So, I watch his face as he settles into being high, and I wonder what’s gonna happen. “You remember when we were in high school?” Uncle Chris says to Dad. “I was a senior and you were a freshman. You looked older, though, izmit escort because you were so big and hairy. We looked almost the same age back then because we were both big and hairy, beasts, they called us.” Chris was speaking slowly and not getting all the words out just right. “You remember that night after the football game that we thought everyone was gone, so we snuck under the bleachers to suck each other off.” Well, this is getting interesting. “I had your dick in my mouth, slurping away, when we heard footsteps. It was Jack Brennan, the team captain. He had just left the locker room and he was walking to his car. I shushed you and Jack heard me. I looked around and he found us under there with no clothes on. Our big hairy asses sticking out and me with your massive cock in my mouth. Jack walked over and said, `What the fuck?’ He looked like he might kick our butts.” “I remember,” Dad said. “So, then, he unzipped his fly and dropped his jeans to the ground. This anaconda folded out of his jeans. Damn, it must have been almost as big as Thor’s over there…sorry, Tony.” Dad laughed, “I remember. So, I told Jack to stand in front of me and I swallowed that sucker whole. I opened my throat and took that beast balls deep. He started to buck against my throat and fuck my skull. I guarantee, none of the cheerleaders could do this. He dumped a load of hot cum inside me that nearly choked me, but I swallowed it alI.” “Yes, you did, my brother. And, as your reward, I finished you off without even asking you to blow me.” Uncle Chris looked so satisfied with himself, I had to laugh out loud. Dad said, “I sucked him so good that he asked if I would ever do it again. Of course, I said any time my friend.” “Jack drove away and never ratted us out to anyone. Every once in a while, he’d call me or Chris and we’d go suck his dick for him, and that was that. We haven’t heard from him since graduation.” Dad said. “Bullshit!” Uncle Chris shouted. “I get a call from Jack at least once a month. We meet at a roadside park outside of town and I suck him off in the john. His sock is still enormous and his cum is very tasty. He is my one filthy secret and guilty pleasure.” Us three boys are amazed by this story. We’ve been sitting here, smoking weed, and listening to our dad’s describe some really hot, nasty sex, and they don’t even seem to remember we are in the room. Finally, Dad looks at me and says, “Now, you know the truth. We’re not angels, we are not gay, but we love to suck and fuck guys sometimes. So, how about it? Are you faggots up for some fun this week?” “Now wait a minute,” Billy objects. “I’m no faggot.” “Oh, bullshit, son,” Uncle Chris counters. “I’ve know since you were 12 that you were gay, you just never had the balls to admit it to yourself or anyone else. The whole family knows you’re as gay as Timmy is.” “Dad! What?…How?….shit…geez!” Billy stammers. Chris gets up and walks to his son. The two men stand there, naked as the day they were born, and hug hard. Chris says, “Billy, really? The magazines, the gay porn, the sex toys? How could I not know? I love you.” Billy starts to cry a little. “Dad, I’m so glad it’s out there now. I’ve wanted to, but never had the balls Tim has. He told me how he came out to his Dad and I thought I might do the same thing.” Of course, Uncle Chris did not know what was coming. Billy knelt in front of his dad and took his big cock in his mouth. He slurped it gently and we could see it grow with pleasure. Uncle Chris fell back into his chair and spread his legs for his son. Billy was a good cock sucker and brought his dad to the brink and backed him off several times. At last, he went in for the kill and took his dad over the edge to Nirvana. Uncle Chris’ 10″ cock spewed a huge load of cum into Billy’s mouth. Billy pulled off while Chris was still shooting and let the cum hit him in the face and on his hairy chest. Chris grabbed his cock and stroked it until the shooting was over and the last drop of cum had drizzled onto Billy’s chin. Then, Uncle Chris got down on the floor and licked all his cum off of his son’s body and passed it into Billy’s mouth with a long, wet kiss. Tony was really high, and he had taken a spot near the fire, laying on some big pillows. He was on his back and his cock had started to grow watching Billy and Chris. Dad looked over and saw Tony laying there, inviting anyone to join him. Dad got on the floor and crawled in between Tony’s legs. He took Tony’s 11″ monster into his mouth and swallowed it. I saw my Dad swallow an 11″ hard cock with no effort at all. My Dad is a rock star! So, I crawled over and took hold of my Dad’s cock. We shift around so I could take Dad into my mouth. He sucked Tony while I sucked him. Tony reached over and took my cock into his huge hand and began to stroke. Uncle Chris and Billy were enjoying their afterglow and watching the three of us by the fire. Tony stroked me. I sucked Dad, and Dad sucked Tony. We stayed like that for quite a while. Tony let go of my cock and pulled his cock out of Dad’s mouth. He got up on his knees and brought me in front of him facing away. Then I pulled Dad in front of me. Tony shoved his mighty hammer inside my pussy and I howled. Then I grabbed Dad’s hips and shoved my 9″ cock into his ass. Tony and I picked up the same rhythm and fucked in sync, his rod in me, mine in Dad. We pounded each other and all of us were moaning and wailing out loud. It sounded like a pack of animals mating. The smell of sweat and sex and smoke was intoxicating as it filled the air. Billy brought the pipe and gave Tony a couple hits. Then he brought it to me. Then he took it to Dad. The weed gave us new horny impulses and we pounded each other deep and hard. Soon, the thrusts became manic and I felt Tony’s cock getting ready to blow. My own load was backing up in my rod, waiting to be unleashed. Tony shot his cum deep into my gut, and I filled my Dad with my cum. We stayed together until we were drained. Then, when we pulled apart, Tony stayed on his knees and told my Dad to come around and take him with Dad’s 10″ monster. “I’ve never been fucked by anyone older than me,” Tony said. “You are such a gorgeous, hairy older man, with that beautiful cock. Please, I want you to breed me.” Dad didn’t hesitate. He got in position and lubed Daddy up with spit and some pre-cum leaking from his tip. He pressed his cock against Tony’s pink bud and continued the pressure until he popped through and Tony gasped with delight. Dad drove his rod deep into Tony’s ass and he pumped him deep and slow. He picked up speed and went in hard and fast. Then he slowed down. Then he sped up. He was torturing Tony with so much pleasure, as he swept by his gland over and over again. Tony threw his head back and howled like a wolf in heat. Dad got the message and plunged in for the final push. He pulled Tony’s hips to him tightly and didn’t move. He just twitched as his cum shot into Tony and Tony was crying in ecstasy. Dad pushed until he was completely drained, and he collapsed on Tony as they both fell to the floor. Our sleeping arrangements didn’t matter tonight. We were all so baked and exhausted, we fell asleep in a pile of five naked bodies on the floor in front of the fireplace. We stayed there until about 3 in the morning when the fire was dying, and we were getting cold. Dad and his brother, Chris went into Daddy’s room. Billy and I went to our room, and Thor put a couple more logs on the fire and just stayed there, naked and gorgeous. Billy and kocaeli escort I got into our room and closed the door. Billy grabbed me and started to kiss me passionately. He slammed his hairy body next to mine, and made love to my mouth like we had never done before. He rubbed all over my chest and groped my cock. I couldn’t resist, I gave him back what he gave me. Billy: “Timmy, I have wanted this for so long. Some call it “kissing cousins,” I call it natural selection. We started having sex together and now we’re together again. There are no more secrets. Hell, we’ve even had sex with our own Daddies! We need to think about how this is going to play out.” I was too tired and groggy to really think about what he was saying. I just kept kissing him as my cock started to grow. We fell into bed and I took his cock into my mouth. I hadn’t sucked my cousin in man years, but his rod still tasted the sweetest. He fed me his cock and I slurped it up. I pulled off and said, “Billy, I need you to fuck me.” Billy laid me on my back and knelt between my legs. He placed my legs over his arms and lifted my hips toward him. Then he dropped spit into my ass and used his fingers to swirl it around. He kept dropping his saliva in rivulets, out of his mouth into my crack, pushing his hot wetness into my hole. Finally, he brought his beautiful monster meat to my pussy entrance and pressed his head through. I gasped just a little and then I grinned up at him. “Billy, we look like two fucking hairy bears, out in the woods. I wonder if bears fuck their own relatives.” “Timmy, I don’t give a fuck what bears do in the woods. All I know that we two bears are gonna breed tonight!” My cousin Billy slammed his huge cock into my pussy and began to fuck me with all he had. It felt loving and sensual. He pleasured himself and he made sure take special care to tingle my gland. He reached down to stroke my cock. He was a gentle bear, as he fucked his bear cousin. We grunted and moaned like animals in the wild. When he finally came, Billy shot what felt like a gallon of hot cum into my cunt. It filled me up and oozed out around his monster cock. He pulled out and I licked him clean and then he took my hard rod into his mouth and brought me to orgasm, sucking every drop of my cum into his mouth and swallowing every drop. We collapsed in each other’s arms on the bed and fell asleep locked in a hairy embrace. The next morning, Billy and I did not wake up early. In fact, we were still sleeping when Daddy walked in and found us in a hairy, cum-stained heap in the middle of our bed. Dad called his brother over to the door. The two of them had pots and metal spoons and started to bang them inside our bedroom. Billy and I both jerked awake and sat up in the bed suddenly, only to be driven back down by blinding headaches from the night before. “Fuck you!” I shouted, and I pulled the pillow over my head. “Rise and shine little bear cubs! Breakfast is ready and the rest of us are ready too.” I peeked out and saw that Daddy and Uncle Chris were both naked and Tony was standing behind them, also completely nude. “What the fuck! C’mon, cousin, drag your ass out of bed.” I said and I crawled out, half on the floor and half standing. We staggered into the common area, drank a bunch of coffee and wolfed down eggs, bacon, and toast. I was starting to feel more human. The only problem was, I smelled like sex and man-funk, and Billy smelled even worse. “We need to shower, man,” I said. Daddy agreed and laughed, “Go, get a shower and then we’re going fishing.” Billy and I went into our room and got clean clothes out of our suitcases. Then we both headed for the bathroom at the same time. “Sorry, Billy, you go first,” I offered. “First? What for? We can do this together,” he answered. “Oh, OK.” I guess I sort of wanted a little privacy, but I couldn’t refuse him after last might. There is absolutely nothing we haven’t done together. So, I climb into the large shower with my cousin Billy. The water slams out really cold at first and Billy jumps back, practically knocking me over. He grabs to keep me from falling and I grab onto him. We end up tangled in an awkward mess of arms, legs, and cocks, on the floor. We laugh and untangle ourselves about the time the water gets warm. Billy stands under the shower head and gets wet, then he steps aside for me to get wet. While I am under the water, Billy reaches over and starts to wash my back and my buttocks. He spreads my ass cheeks apart and swirls his soapy fingers around my pussy hole and shoves a couple fingers inside me to wash me out. I can’t help but enjoy this. My cock starts to grow, and Billy reaches his other hand around and starts to stroke me with a soapy paw. I lean back and nuzzle against his neck and moan a little. Billy stops, turns me around to face him, and he presses his hairiness against mine and kisses me hard and long. Billy is a great kisser and he takes his time when we make out. I get lost in his embrace, groping his body and falling into his luscious mouth. Finally, Billy pulls away and ends with a peck on my cheek. “Later, buddy, later. We need to finish and get going,” he said. So, we hurry and take real showers and dry off. Then, we go into the bedroom and pull on shorts, t-shirts, and our hiking boots. We walked out to the common area and found Daddy, Uncle Chris, and Tony, waiting for and dressed similarly. Daddy said: “Smart move, son. We’re wearing clothes to the river this time.” Of course, Uncle Chris wanted to know what we were talking about, so, on the walk to the river, Daddy told the whole story about our last camping trip and the guys who raped us. “That’s some fucked up shit, bro,” Uncle Chris said. Billy whispered to me, “What was it like to be raped? Being force-fucked sounds a little bit hot, ya know.” “Billy, you are one sick fuck!” I said. “It is not hot to have your guts invaded by a predator who wants to hurt you and wouldn’t mind fucking you up after.” “Hey, sorry, cuz,” Billy said, “No need to be all sensitive and shit. I’m just saying that, under the right circumstances, a little hot, hard role playing could be fun.” “You’re an idiot, Billy!” I said and walked on. By the time we got to the river, it was almost noon and getting very hot. We all stripped off our shirts and I got to look around some more at the best family a guy could wish for. My Daddy loved me and we had finally broken the sex taboo. Uncle Chris and Billy were just two big bears out for a good time. Billy didn’t have a lick of sense, but he had a great body and a superb fuck-stick. Then, there’s my roommate, Tony. He came along for the ride and ended up with a four-bear pileup all over his hairless mountain of a body. Yeehaw! We fished for a couple hours or so and caught enough for dinner tonight and breakfast in the morning. We cleaned them here by the river and dropped the filets into a cooler to take back to the cabin. We were really fucking hot, though. I said, “Guys, we’ve got to skinny dip this river. It is so nice. C’mon. We’re safe with all five of us here.” So, we all stripped off our shorts and boots, and ran into the water. It was cool and refreshing. We washed off the sweat of the day, we splashed around like a bunch of kids, and we just a great time being family together. I almost wished those guys on the raft would show up now. I’d love to have Tony shove his 11″ fuck-stick up Leader’s tiny virgin asshole. That fucker would scream and cry for his mother! I’ll bet his ass would bleed from being invaded by Thor’s Mighty Hammer. Alas, that is only a fantasy not meant to be. We’re ready to go back, so we get out of the water, pick up all our stuff, and walk back through the woods, naked and unafraid, like the bears that we are. [END PART 2]

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