10 Eylül 2022



Subject: Daddy through the hole – Part 8 (Gay incest/ urination) Daddy Through the Hole – Part 8!! – Remember to donate to , and if you have any critiques feel free to send me an email at ail or come see my pics and me on twitter @canadiancubOF * I Know the last part wasn’t super exciting, but I wrote it pretty quickly as I just really wanted to enter in the new brother in law into the mix.* “Should we really be doing this?” I asked my dad as I finished packing my bags. We were about to go on a camping trip just me, my father and Derrick our new addition to the family. My sister had just gotten married, and at the wedding last week he must have known something was up because he gave us a buttgrab and invited us to the cabin. ” Well maybe he’s just one of those grabby bros ” Dad said . “We should be careful just in case, he can make the first move.” “agreed” Dad replied. Derrick finally showed up with the truck to take şişli travesti us all to the cabin, he was looking very handsome, cut off denim shirt, hairy muscle arms. It’s going to be pretty difficult to behave ourselves this weekend . The drive was going to be a long one , my daddy and. I sat in the back of the truck as the passenger seat was filled with luggage , beer and food I’m assuming. We were about an hour into the drive and I feel daddys warm hand on my bare thigh , I gave him a look that kinda said not now . Derrick couldn’t see anything anywas as I was right behind him and he seemed like a pretty resposible driver . Dads hands went up my leg even more into my shorts , his fingers finally reached the end of my foreskin. He starts rubbing it back and forth , getting me so excited . He brings his precum soaked fingers to his mouth and licks it off. “OK boys , quick restroom break !” Derrick said as he pulled beylikdüzü travesti into an OnRoute gas station . Shit , seriously . I am rock hard right now . Before we hopped out of the car I flipped my cock into my waist band so no one would see . Derrick went to fill up on gas and daddy and I went to the bathroom . The second we walked in my dad shoved me into the wall , pulling my shorts down to allow my hard cock to pop out , he starts sucking me while rubbing my balls . God it felt so good . Because he had been playing with me for so long in the car it wasn’t long until i bursted my load right into his mouth . Daddy stands up , opens up my mouth and spits my ward cum wad into it . “Knees , now boy “. ” Yes daddy “. I get down on my knees and start servicing the big juicy cock that made me , suddenly the door bursts open and there is Derrick just staring at me while my dads cock falls out of my mouth . ” I istanbul travesti figured id find you boys in here , daddy you think your new son could have a taste ” He asks . ” Ofcoarse son , there’s enough cock to go around ” Derrick bends over and starts sucking my dads cock , I get. hard again so I take some of the cum I still had in my mouth and rub it over Derricks hole . “Fuck your new brother son ” daddy ordered . So that’s exactly what I did , I shoved my thick cock into my new brothers hole , with every thrust into is hole pushing him even deeper onto daddys cock . “You ready for daddys cum son ?” “Ymshshs ” Derrick managed to mumble while being fucked from both sides. “Son , lets fill him up ” And so almost at the same time both our cocks start throbbing and I unload my seed into my new brothers hole, filling him up. While daddy pushed his cock even deeper and unloaded straight into the throat. We zipped back up and got back into the truck “Welcome to the family son” * If you liked this story please don’t hesitate to message me , i love getting new ideas , pics or whatever can message me at @canadiancubOF on twitter or my email at the top 🙂 happy jerking guys!

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