12 Mayıs 2023

Daddy’s Grown Up ‘Little Girl’ – 5


The temptation to go back to bed for another sex session with Mia now Daddy had left for work was overwhelming but he had been very insistent we should sort Mia’s financial mess out, even to the point of threatening us with a spanking! Daddy had never spanked me before and I had no wish to upset him and force him to punish me, actually punish the both of us, so we scattered to our own rooms to get dressed. Pulling up my knickers and clasping my bra I decided to go casual, wriggling into almost skin tight jeans, white t-shirt and a pair of ballet pumps. The sun was already gleaming so dark glasses and hair in a ponytail seemed a good idea. I almost collided with Mia as I left my room and was astonished to see she had all but copied my outfit even down to the ballet pumps, mine silver hers gold. We both got the giggles simultaneously at the coincidence. We could almost be twins, well I did say almost, my boobs are much bigger than hers and my honey brown hair is straight against her masses of fire-red curls but it seemed so weird and I really felt I had gained a sister at last! “Did your father threaten you with a spanking or did I hear him wrong?” Mia teased. “If you mean Daddy, yes he did and unless I heard him wrong he threatened the both of us.” “Oh my god,” she squealed, “I’ve never been spanked before.” “And neither have I so we better get things sorted or we’ll Anadolu yakası escort both find out what it’s like.” “You don’t think he would actually do it, do you?” I tried to put on a serious face. “Daddy doesn’t usually make idle threats Mia so let’s get going.” “I think my pussy is getting hot,” she giggled. “Mine too,” I shrieked. We both laughed again. ***** The man at the Bank was very nice and phoned Daddy with the figures and sorted it out between them straight away; Mia’s apartment was not going to get repossessed so everything was good. We decided to celebrate with lunch out; a glass of wine (or two) then a shopping spree for… you guessed it! The shoes were perfect, five-inch stilettos with open toes in gleaming scarlet red, two pairs purchased in exactly the same size and we were tottering along the busy high street, heels clicking in unison. I was in heaven, Mia was just like me, the same sense of humour, liking the same sort of clothes and we both adored Daddy, I really didn’t want her to go back to work tomorrow but that was the deal. ***** “Oh Mia, you look fab,” I gasped as she wriggled into the tiny pink ra-ra skirt; it was so short her panties were just visible when she swung her hips. Her legs are really long and pretty and the skirt so suited her especially with the high heels, I kicked off Kurtköy escort bayan my jeans to try mine on, pulling it to my waist and zipping it up. Twirling in the mirror I wondered what Daddy would make of us, showing almost everything. Mia stood at my side and I ogled her slim figure and wished I was just a little bit skinnier but we still looked just like real sisters in our identical clothes. “You look good yourself,” Mia enthused pulling up my skirt in a mock fight. I squealed like a little girl then did the same to her, my hands brushing against her upper thighs as I played with her skirt. She pulled my panties down so I did the same to her and then we were kissing and falling onto her bed. Our hands were all over each other and it felt so good. “Ever wondered what if feels like to get a spanking?” Mia whispered. “Well actually, not until Daddy mentioned it this morning, now I can’t stop wondering. Are you going to spank me?” “Would you like me to?” I nodded, the rising excitement making it impossible for me to speak. “Go and get me the hairbrush,” she said, well actually ordered. I got off the bed and pulled up my panties before grabbing the brush from her dresser. Mia had done the same and was sitting on the edge waiting for me. I handed her the square headed brush with its thick round handle. “Bend over my Escort Maltepe knee then,” she said tapping her thigh. “Don’t spank me too hard,” I spluttered wondering what I had let myself in for. “I won’t,” she promised. It felt really odd bending over her knee, her little skirt had ridden right up and I felt her bare legs beneath me. Mia pulled my skirt up and slapped me squarely on the bottom twice. “Oooowch! … Yeeeeow!” I yelled. “God that really hurts.” “Just two more then,” she mused. “Okay, go on then … Oooow! … Oooowch!” I was pushing off her knee when she added two more. Jumping to my feet I had both hands firmly on my bottom. “Fuck me Mia,” I shrieked, “that was really sore.” I continued to rub rapidly. Mia was mortified. “Sorry Melissa,” she sulked. “I really thought you might like it.” My bum was on fire but as the initial shock and sting began to evaporate I suddenly felt quite sexy. My panties were wet with excitement. “Actually Mia,” I husked, “it sort of is nice.” “Really?” she squealed. Leaping up from the bed she pushed the brush at me. “Give me six; I want to know what it’s like.” “Okay,” I said grabbing the thing off her, “I guess I owe you that. Over my knee,” I ordered getting into the spirit of things. It was weird enough bending over Mia’s knee but her bending over mine was equally strange. I whipped back her skirt and smoothed the back of the hairbrush over the seat of her white panties. “Aaaah! … Yeeeooowwch!” she yelped at the first two spanks. The second two brought a similar response and her legs began to kick up. I gave her the final two and she scampered off my knee like a gazelle, both hands up the back of her skirt just as I had done.

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