8 Mart 2023

Daddy’s Precious Property Ch. 02

Big Tits

This is a work of fiction. The characters and events in this story are not based on real life.

I am a new writer to the site and this is my first series. I wrote it alongside with my Dom Daddy, Gnash58. It was a lot of fun and I hope you have fun reading it! I would suggest you read Chapter 1 first.

Chapter 3 is in the works


The campus food court was packed and noisy but Jane and Jen were able to find a table in the corner away from most of the hubbub. Soon they were busy catching up on classes and the latest boy drama.

Pausing in their gossip session for a moment, Jen asked, “Do you want something to drink?”

“I’m good, thanks,” Jane replied.

“OK, I’ll be right back, ” Jen said as she got up and go to get a drink. When she came back, her jaw dropped as she saw her friend looking through her phone messages.

Jane turned to look at her friend with a shocked expression on her face and said, “Jen…. Is there….is there something you need to tell me…. about your father?”

Jen stood there speechless for a second, but decided to try to play innocent, “I don’t know what you are talking about,” she said as she took her seat and quickly grabbed her phone from her friend.

“Really? So a text from your dad saying ‘I can’t wait to fuck the living shit out of that pussy of yours tonight’ is just some kind of joke?”

Jen went quiet and stared down at her plate.

“I thought you were still a virgin… and with your Dad!?” she continued, “We tell each other everything!”

“I… I… d-don’t know what to say Jane…” After a pause, Jen whispered softly, “I love him.”


Jen looked up at her friend with a tear tracing its way down her cheek, “I. Love. Him”

“What the hell, Jen? I love my dad too but that doesn’t involve him ‘fucking the living shit out of me’!”

“You don’t understand… I am in love with him… not just as a daughter, but as a woman, I have been since I was 15. We didn’t have sex then or anything, but the feelings were there.”

“What?! I never knew about this!”

“It’s not something I could really tell you about, you know?” Jen said vehemently. Then she looked down at her plate and let her hands drop to her lap, feeling ashamed. At this angle, Jane could get a view down her friend’s blouse and was able to see some of the writing her Daddy had left on her.

“Does that say what I think it does?!”

Jen sat up quickly and put her hands to her chest hiding the words from view.

“Holy shit Jen! You have ‘Daddy’s Slut’ on your tits! Oh my God, Jen. Oh my God!” Jane paused for a second before quietly asking, “Umm…Do you have more?”

Jen looked at her friend with a confused expression and said, “What?”

“Do you have more stuff written on you?”

Glancing around to make sure no one else could see, Jen sighed and pulled her shirt aside to reveal that her other tit had “My Daddy owns me” written on it.

“Jen… That is… That is just… So hot! Twisted as fuck, but hot as hell.”

Jen sat there with a look on her face of half shock and half embarrassment.

“Your daddy owns you?”

“Yes,” Jen answered quietly, “Heart. Body. And soul. I am his submissive”

“Wait, you mean like BDSM?!”

“In a way, yes. I am his. All his. I serve him in any way I can and am told to. It is not as rough as the extremes because he does treat me like a person and loves me like I love him “

The silence stretched out for a long moment, then Jane whispered, “Can… can I watch?”

“Jane!… Do you know what you just said?”

“Yes… I just asked if I could watch you fuck your Dad. I want to watch your wet pussy being filled with your Dad’s big, thick cock. I want to see those luscious tits bounce as you ride him. I want to…”

Jen interrupted her friend’s increasingly graphic descriptions to say, “Hold on… You’re not disgusted? I mean, I am fucking the man that made me. I am swallowing the very seed that gave me life. I am in love with my Daddy. He owns me. He even ties me up and spanks me!”

“Oh fuck Jen, you are turning me on!” Jane said as her breasts rose and fell as she breathed harder. She paused for a moment and then reaching a decision, blurted out, “Jen, I love you.”

“I know Jane. Me too you’re my best…”

“No Jen… I am in love with you. Like you’ve loved your Daddy since you were little. I’ve wanted you for the longest time, and knowing you’re in such a kinky, twisted relationship makes me want you even more. Please talk to your Dad and ask if I can watch? You know we always share everything. I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“I don’t know what to say…”

“Say yes! Please?”

“OK, I’ll talk with Daddy, but no guarantees. Whether he says yes or no, you’re not to tell anyone about us.”

A smile lit up Jane’s face like a Christmas tree, “Cross my heart, Jen. I won’t say a word to anyone.”

Jen shook her head at the absurdity of the situation and chuckled, “You know, honestly, I think this will turn my Daddy on.”


Later Ankara escort on that night, Jen came home and slipped quietly up the stairs. Reaching her room, she slid out of her clothes and dug in the bag that she’d brought with her. Inside was a red see-through negligee that she’d picked up at Victoria’s Secret in the mall that afternoon. It made her feel so sexy and naughty to wear it with nothing underneath. Looking in the mirror, she said to herself, Oh, Daddy’s gonna love this.

She slipped down the stairs once more and peeked into her Daddy’s home office. He was sitting there in a robe typing something into the computer. Being as quiet as she could she sneaked up behind him and covered his eyes. “Hi Daddy,” she giggled, “I’ve got a surprise for you. Want to see?” She could feel the muscles of his face move into a smile.

“Sure, angel. What have you got to show me?” he asked.

Jen stepped back slowly as her Daddy turned to watch her. Keeping eye contact, she swayed her hips a bit and made a slow turn to let him see all of her outfit. Once she was facing him again, she got into the position he taught her — standing straight, arms behind her back, chest out, and legs slightly opened so Daddy could see her swollen, wet pussy lips.

“Mmm, that’s hot!” he said, “I don’t think I’ve seen that one before.”

“Yes Daddy. It’s new. I went shopping today with Jane. You remember Jane?” Jen asked as she remained in position.

“Sure,” he said with a smile, “She’s cute. I know you’ve had her over here a few time to watch movies.” He stood up and walked in a slow circle around her letting his fingertips wander over the silky fabric that did nothing to hide what was underneath.

“Yes Daddy,” Jen said as her body quivered under Daddy’s touch. “Daddy…” Jen began, ” She knows… about us…”

Daddy stopped, looked at her, and said, in his sternly dominant voice, “And how did she find out?”

Jen looked down and barely audibly said, “She read the text message you sent today…the one about fucking the shit out of me. She also saw what you wrote on my tits.”

“Oh really now?” he said as he walked to the chest in the corner of the room.

“Yes Daddy. But that’s not all…” Jen said. She knew she had to tell him about Jane’s request, not only because Jane asked her to but because deep down she really wanted to.

“What else, slut?” he asked still using his command voice.

“She… um… she said she wants to watch us play.”

He stopped for a moment and said, “Hmm. That’s an interesting development and not something I’d have expected. What did you tell her?”

“After I got over my shock, I told her I’d have to ask you. I also made her promise to tell no one about us.”

“Hmmm, what do you think about it, angel? That’s not something I’m going to order you to do if you’re not comfortable with it.”

“I would like to do it Daddy…a lot. She um… she also told me she loves me,” Jen said blushing hotly.

“Loves you, eh? Then I’ll consider it,” he said, “However, you know I’ve told you to be careful about letting people find out about us. For your failure to do that, I’m going to have to punish you.” He reached into the box and pulled out a length of rope and his heavy leather flogger. Then, he pulled her hands to the front and tied her wrists together securely.

“Yes Daddy. I am sorry Daddy.” Feeling the rope around her wrists did not scare her. It actually aroused her. She felt her pussy get wetter and some juices began to dribble down the insides of her creamy white thighs.

“Bend over my desk,” he ordered her.

“Yes Daddy,” Jen walked over to the desk and bent over. She felt the cold surface against already hard nipples as they poked through her lacy lingerie. She let out a soft whimper and said, “I’m ready for my punishment, Daddy.”

Giving the flogger a couple of preliminary swings, Jen’s father began to whip her ass. He started slowly but was soon beating her with the flogger fast and hard. They also did this for play, but for punishment, he didn’t hold back. Soon Jen was sobbing into his desk.

At the beginning Jen was moaning in pleasure but, once he went harder, she felt the full pain of her punishment; much stronger than their normal play, “Yes Daddy. I deserve this punishment. I’ll try to do better for you,” In between sobs, she managed to say, ” I…am…sorry, Daddy.”

“Will you,” SWAT, “be more careful,” SWAT, ” in the future, slut?” he asked, still flogging her hard.

“Yes Daddy!” she cried as she bit her lip to stop the sobs and hoping he would see that. She knew how much he loved her sensual lips, especially when they reddened with her arousal.

“Then make it up to your Daddy with your whore mouth.” he said, stepping back and tossing the flogger on the chair.

“Yes Daddy,” she said as she stood up and faced him. She could feel the heat radiating from her abused backside. Though it was painful, it was also powerfully arousing. She reached for the ties of his robe with her bound hands but stopped, and asked, “May I, Daddy?”

“Yes you Ankara escort bayan may but, no hands. Use your mouth and teeth. Now proceed.”

Jen took the belt of the robe in her teeth and tugged on it, slowly working the knot loose. When the knot finally relented and the belt fell free, she bit the lapel of the of robe at his shoulder and pulled it off his body, marveling at the sight of it. She never tired of looking at his naked body. He was every woman’s fantasy and she belonged to him. When she got on her knees, at the perfect height to reach his cock, she looked up at him with lust in her eyes and licked her lips slowly. She knew that drove him crazy. Returning her gaze to his hard, thick cock, she flicked her tongue across its head, capturing the pre-cum, and moaned at the taste. This was the seed that created her, it was sweet, salty and delicious, and she couldn’t get enough of it. She wrapped her mouth around the head and sucked gently as her tongue teased the slit. Then, slowly, she took more of him into her mouth, while flicking her tongue along the underside of his cock until, finally, her nose was buried in his pubic hair and his cock was pushed into her open throat.

“Fuck!” said her Dad, “You truly are a cock whore. You really know how to work Daddy’s cock.”

Pulling her lips momentarily off the cock with a soft ‘pop’, Jen said, “Thank you Daddy, only for you, though. No one else. I belong to you alone,” before engulfing his entire shaft once more and swallowing to massage his head in the back of her throat.

“If you keep that up too long, you’re gonna make Daddy cum,” he said.

Jen moaned around his cock. Letting it slip out for a moment, she giggled and said, “That’s the goal Daddy.” She wrapped her lips around him and continued to put more of him in her warm, wet mouth.

“That’s up to you. Just remember, that if I cum in your slut mouth, then your other holes don’t get fucked.”

Realizing that if he came now, she wouldn’t be able to cum until he was hard again, she let him slide out of her mouth again. “Which hole does Daddy want next?”

“Since you’ve been a bit of a bad girl, I think we’ll use that ass of yours. Back over the desk again, fucktoy.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said obediently as she quickly laid over the cold surface again. Her juices were already dripping down her thighs, “Fuck me Daddy.”

“Are you asking me or telling me, little girl?”

“Please Daddy. Fuck me,” Jen said as she looked over her shoulder and had her infamous pouting face on. “Daddy, please fuck my… I mean your tight asshole. Please Daddy. Look how wet I am.”

“It’s good you’re so wet,” he said, ” I can use your cunt as a lube dispenser.” With that, he shoved the full length of his cock into her pussy.

Without any warning of his cock entering her, she gasped as he filled her. The sudden shock was quickly replaced with pleasure, though, as he fucked her hard to get his cock lubed with her natural juices. He pumped her hard for about a minute, before withdrawing from her dripping pussy, his cock covered in her creamy fluids. Then, taking it in his hand, he pressed the head against the pucker of her ass.

Though this wasn’t the first time he fucked her ass, she still had to work to relax to accept his girth as it spread her open. She felt him press forward, but her asshole initially resisted, and she took a deep breath. Slowly her sphincter unclenched and he slid inside, inch by inch until he was buried in her backside. Then he began to fuck her, picking up speed until his balls were slapping against her wet pussy. She struggled to speak but finally managed to get out, “Daddy…Can I touch….my clit?…Please Daddy.”

“Yes you may.”

Without waiting another second, her bound hands quickly began to play with the swollen clit poking through her wet outer lips. “God…Yes Daddy!…. Thank you Daddy!” She moaned over and over again as he fucked her.

He was moaning too. His little girl’s ass was so tight. He was rushing headlong toward his orgasm and managed to gasp out, “You may cum when your Daddy does, little girl. I want to feel you squeezing my cock as I empty my sperm into your tight butt.”

“Daddy are you close? Please Daddy! I don’t think I can hold off anymore!” She moaned as she felt her insides tighten as she got closer to her release.

“Almost there…”, he gritted out, “Mmmm, sooo good… Now, slut! Cum on your Daddy’s cock!” he said as his contractions started and he jetted stream after stream of his spunk deep into her ass.

She came instantly when she felt him shoot inside her, her juices running over his balls and her hands as the worked her hard clit, “God Yes Daddy!!!” She shuddered on the hard surface of his desk as her orgasm passed through her in waves. When it subsided, she caught her breath, and whispered, “Thank you Daddy,” over and over again.

Pulling himself from his daughter’s tight ass, he sat down bonelessly in his chair. “Come sit in your Daddy’s lap, angel,” he said.

“Yes Daddy,” she said as she slid into place. She rested her head on his chest and closed her Escort Ankara eyes. She loved the steady sound of his heart beat.

“I think we’ll invite your friend to watch. How about tomorrow night?” he asked. “Talk to her and let me know what she says.”

Jen felt her pussy awaken again thinking about having Jane watching them. “Yes Daddy. I will talk with her tomorrow. She is going to be so happy!”

“Good girl,” he said, “Now lets go upstairs and you can snuggle with me in Daddy’s bed.


Jen got comfortable on her bed wearing her booty shorts and a baggy shirt. She looked down at her phone and was nervous about pressing “send” to call Jane. She was already so turned on thinking of how hot this threesome could be. She had always been curious about being with another woman but never had the courage to try anything. But now, her best friend wanted to experiment too. Taking a deep breath to build up her courage, she touched send.

After a couple of rings, Jen heard Jane saying, “Hello?”

“Hey Jane! It’s Jen. What’s up?”

“Not much. Just here,” Jane said with a pause, “….in my bed.”

Jen swallowed hard. She had talked with Jane while on her bed before, but now it was completely different. “Oh…. well me too.” There was a long pause. Jen couldn’t help but notice Jane’s breathing getting heavier. “So I talked with my Daddy….”

“Oh?” Jane answered a bit breathlessly, “What did he say?”

“Yeah… Well… He punished me… Hard”

“He did!?” she said sounding concerned, “I’m sorry that I made you get punished. I didn’t want him to be mad at you. I’m the one who was nosy.”

“No. No . Don’t worry about it,” Jen giggled. “Don’t tell him,but I love being punished. I don’t get in trouble often…. So I don’t get many opportunities to get punished…” Jen said the next part seductively, “Because I am a good girl that does whatever she is told.”

“Mmmm,” Jane moaned a bit. “I don’t have much experience with what makes a good submissive, but I know you’re a good girl in other ways. What did he do to punish you?”

Jen almost lost it when she heard Jane moan. She never heard that sound before. She couldn’t wait to hear more of it. “He took the flogger and punished my ass. Then, with his big, thick cock, he fucked my asshole hard until he came in me while I came rubbing my hand on my clit,” Jen paused for a second, hesitant to say the next words but she wanted Jane to realize how excited she was that they are taking their friendship to the next level. “When he let me play with my clit… I imagined it was your tongue, Jane…. I got even wetter at that thought.” Jane’s breathing get even harder and Jen heard her moan again. She knew what Jane was doing. “Does it turn you on knowing I am thinking of you Jane? Do you like knowing that my Daddy is fucking me, and that I am curious about your tongue in my pussy? I want to taste you Jane. I want you and Daddy to fuck me together. I want to be used like the whore I am….”

“Ohhh FUCK!” Jane moaned over the phone, “That makes me so hot. Jen… I’m rubbing my pussy right now. I can’t help it.”

“Oh God. I wish I was there helping you… I am so wet… but I’m not allowed to touch myself without Daddy’s permission. I want to so badly!”

“Jen…” her friend said breathlessly, “I’m going to cum. Can I cum for you?”

“Yes please Jane! Cum for me. Imagine you are cumming with my face between your legs..”

“Oh God yes!” she moaned out. “Mmmm…. Ummm… I’m cumming… FUCK!… Jen… Jen… I love you Jen.”

Jen’ pussy was so wet it soaked through her panties and puddled on her bed. She couldn’t believe she’d just heard her best friend since grade school cum and, on top of that, she came thinking about her. Jen couldn’t help but feel a sense a pride and accomplishment. If she could do this to Jane over the phone, what she could do to her in person? “Daddy said you can come over tomorrow. Can you?”

Without a second thought, Jane said “YES!”

Jen let out a giggle, “I can’t wait.”

“Me either, baby.” Jane said.

Jen was taken aback by Jane calling her baby but she liked it. “See you tomorrow then!”


“Oh and Jane?”


“Save some cum for me to taste,” Jen said with a huge smile on her face.

“Ohh, fuck. You’re getting me hot again… You got it baby.” Jane said seductively and then hung up.

Jen laid back on her bed. Her mind was swirling with thoughts of what tomorrow night would bring. Her hand was resting on her pelvic bone, and she had to ball it into a fist to avoid touching herself. She was beyond turned on but she knew the rules: No touching unless Daddy permitted it. As much as she would love to touch herself, she loved being submissive and her Daddy’s good girl more.

Meanwhile, her father was peeking through the slightly open door to Jen’s room. He smiled to himself at how much the thought of inviting her friend was turning Jen on. He had to admit the thought turned him on too. He was also proud that she obeyed him so well. It couldn’t have been easy not touching herself during that conversation, from the bit he’d been able to hear. He had an idea for tomorrow night that he thought would both play into Jen’s desire for submission, and her lust for her friend. He couldn’t wait to put his plan in motion.

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