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Subject: Dad’s Big Dick, Part 7 DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between men. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Author’s Note: This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to post them on your own site, please contact the author for permission. If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful, then please leave now. Copyright 2018, jaywizetoo, all rights reserved. Please contact me at ail if you like. I welcome all feedback. * * * I stared at the note, trying to figure out what the catch was. In fact, this was, as far as I could recall, the only time dad had ever hand-written me a note. SPORT, (I gritted my teeth) DINNER TONIGHT WITH GRANDPA JAKE AND I. MORETTI’S ON HIGH. WE NEED TO TALK. DON’T CARE HOW YOU GET THERE. JUST BE ON TIME. 10 PM SHARP. DAD Straight to the point. Something inside of me told me that he remembered at least part of the fun I had with him the other night when he surrendered, gagged and blindfolded, to my sick need to have him. The note reeked of dad’s typical cold, arrogant attitude, but this one was laced with something new and unfamiliar; anger. Perhaps I had gone too far after all, though if I had, Grandpa Jake had committed the same error, long before I had. But dinner? At a fairly nice steakhouse? With both of them? That just couldn’t be good. Still, if dad was mad, I imagined the best place to talk to him about it would be in a public place. If things got tense, I could always leave. I looked at my watch. I had a couple of hours before I was expected, and Mr. Hammond had texted me about ten minute ago. A few minutes later, I knocked on his back door. He opened it wearing the same pare of worn sweats I’d seen him in the night I rode him on his back porch. He was shirtless, and his belly and huge chest made my mouth water. He reached up and scratched one meaty pen idly as he turned, nodding for me to follow him. I spent the next hour between his massive thighs, lapping at his huge nuts, sucking the thick cock, and sliding my tongue in and out of his furry asshole while he watched straight porn on his 84-inch television. What a confused, jackass. But a fucking sexy one. His wife was apparently away visiting her sister, so Hammond had the place to himself. It was getting late before I left. I had swallowed two of his hulk-sized loads and taken a third up my ass before he was done with me. I ran home, showered, and got dressed for dinner. Whatever happened, at least I would show up satisfied. I could still feel his cum sloshing around inside me. I did experience a slight twinge of guilt over me behavior the other night. But then, fuck him if he couldn’t take what he had repeatedly dished out. I closed the door behind me and set out for the restaurant. The Uber car was waiting in front of my house. Why did anyone bother driving themselves anywhere, I wondered. The ride to Moretti’s took about fifteen minutes. It was located on the south side of town, in an area that wasn’t all that great after dark. As it was still Summer, however, there were a fair number of people milling about along the streets. I got out on High Street, and as the car drove off, I looked at the front of the place. Like most older restaurants, there were few windows. These old steakhouses were pretty dim insight and well-lit outside. Ambience, they called it. I called it a way to cover up dusty floors and dirty tablecloths. I walked in, noting that at 10 PM, we were nearing closing time, which I found odd. Still, it wouldn’t take past 11 to order and eat. Dad and Grandpa Jake were night-owls anyway. We rarely ate dinner before 8 or 9. The restaurant was cool and, as expected, darkly lit. The tables sported candles, and soft track-lighting lent the place an air of sophistication it probably didn’t deserve. I was on time, thank God. I hated being late to anything. And I imagine my dad didn’t like it either. Somehow, I saw dad and Grandpa Jake sitting all the way in the back of the place, talking with each other over a couple of tall glasses of amber beer. They had evidently arrived early. Maybe they wanted to talk before I got there. Dad saw me first. His blue eyes locked onto mine and I flushed red. God damn him. He stared as I weaved around tables filled with couples, friends, dates, birthday dinners and celebrations. He didn’t break his gaze until I slid into one side of the semi-circular booth in which the two sad; the side nearest dad. “Glad you made it,” dad said, in that tone only he could really manage. “Hope you’re happy, sport.” I rolled my eyes, looking out at the other tables, taking care not to get too close to him. The place wasn’t noisy, per se, but there were enough other talking tables that we weren’t likely to be overheard if we spoke normally. From across the booth, Grandpa Jake looked like he was caught between a glower and a grin. Something was definitely up. Dad looked over. There was a hardness in his eyes, despite his easy, practiced grin. Somehow that combination always managed to excite me. I looked back at him, my eyes wide with feigned innocence. “What,” I asked. “I’m on time…” “You are,” dad nodded. Grandpa Jake spoke up, then. “We need to talk, boy.” I searched his eyes, but they were, as usual, inscrutable. Dad reached over, sliding his phone screen-up in front of me. On the screen, plain as day, was a picture of me, lit by the dim lights of dad’s bedroom… …buried balls-deep in his ass as he lay there, bound and gagged. My blood froze within my veins. “Oh, fuck,” I uttered. Dad just watched me for a moment, and I could feel my heart pounding in my ears. He reached over again and tapped the phone’s screen. The image came to life, and I watched myself fuck my father’s upturned ass. My moans and heavy breathing blared from the phone’s speaker. It seemed impossible that the tables around us wouldn’t be able to hear the sounds. I snatched the phone from the table, trying to silence it. “Jesus Christ, dad! What the fuck,” I hissed, looking over at him. The look on his face was smug, vaguely amused, and angry. The prick had something on me now, and he knew it. He reached down to pick up his beer. “Pretty hot stuff, huh,” he said, staring into the dark alcohol and the frothy head upon it. “I imagine a lot of people out there would get a kick out of watching some perverted faggot boy raping his own unconscious father on hidden camera.” He glanced over at me. “Wouldn’t they?” I must have turned a brilliant shade of white. He laughed, and it wasn’t a kind sound. “I have e-mail addresses for, let’s see, your golf coach, your track coach, three of your buddies, and your mom, among others.” He shrugged. “Maybe the Sheriff’s department would be interested too. You think?” “Dad, please… I’m sorry. I…” He lifted a hand to stop me. “Just don’t, Eric. You’re pathetic enough as it is. Don’t make it worse by turning into an even bigger pussy in public.” He turned, then, and faced me fully. Grandpa watched, oddly silent for once. I wondered if dad even knew that his own father had been raping his ass before I had even gotten home that night. But at this point it didn’t matter. Anything I said would seem like a desperate lie, and I was the one on video. “There’s only one way this isn’t going to turn out very badly for you, sport,” dad continued. “You either do exactly as I say, in which case we delete this fucked-up video and you actually get some sleep later, or you disobey me in the tiniest regard, and end up the laughing stock of everyone you know, and very likely doing some time in jail.” I thought my heart would explode as I sat the phone back on the table, sliding it over to him. “Okay…what do you want me to do,” I asked. He smiled. It would have been charming to anyone else, but it made my cock jump even as it chilled me to the core. I had seen it many, many times before. He wasn’t bluffing. Dad reached into a pocket and slid an earbud over to me. “You’re going to put this in your right ear, then get under the table.” I looked at him, confused, then glanced around the room nervously. “Under the table, Eric. Did I stutter?” I looked around me again, panic slowly rising. At our high table, it seemed as though we were the center of attention. “Dad…please,” I started again, trying to reason with him. Dad picked up the phone. “All right. The first e-mail goes to your golf instructor.” He began typing an address. “Fuck,” I shook my head. “Fine.” I took one last look around the restaurant, took a breath, closed my eyes and sank down in the booth’s cushioned seat until I felt the white table cloth brush my forehead. I prayed that no one would notice. And then it was done. I was past the cloth. I braced myself for some alarm, some voice, some remonstration from a server or a manager, or from some overly curious patron who couldn’t leave well enough alone. Beneath the table, the world was different. The sounds of the restaurant faded into a dull hum, and I wondered how that was possible behind one linen tablecloth. I supposed that I was fortunate. The table was higher than one might normally see in a place like this, and the cloth that concealed me (thank the gods) was long enough that I wasn’t likely to be seen. The ear bud in my right ear buzzed. It was escort dad’s voice. “You getting this, sport?” “Yeah, I can hear you,” I admitted, whispering despite myself. “Good. Now strip,” he commanded. I almost laugh out loud. He had to be fucking crazy. “Fuck that, dad. You want to get us all arrested?” He chuckled in my ear. “If I have to tell you again, my next text is to your school principal, boy. Take your fucking clothes off. Now.” Something in his voice convinced me he was not kidding. I wondered if I really had crossed a line with him the other night. Maybe his whale-sized ego couldn’t take it. Oh sure, from his dad; from an authority figure. But from me? Not likely. I took a deep breath, then started to undress. I slipped out of my shirt, enjoying the cool air on my bare skin, even though I was petrified. My cock started to harden at the thought of what I was doing at the edge of a very crowded room. “Fuck, this is crazy,” I whispered. Above me, dad laughed again. “We haven’t even started, sport. Come on, get those clothes off.” I obeyed, sliding my jeans down and kicking them off over my sneakers, which I decided to leave on. After all, I might need to do some sprinting later on. There was no way I wasn’t going to be caught, or at least face suffocating humiliation down here. A quick escape, I thought, was definitely in my future. Finally, I slid my briefs off. Other than my shoes, I was now completely exposed. My cock throbbed between my legs, and I sat back on my haunches. I had a few seconds to admire my own lean thighs and rippling abs. “Ok, it’s done,” I informed him. “Dad, seriously, what the fuck? I’m sorry, ok? But you were already getting fucked. What difference did it make? I didn’t fucking tie you to that bed.” He didn’t respond to that. “Get to work,” he said. “Huh?” “Undo my zipper and get busy. I wanna cum before we the food comes.” I looked around myself. This was something a guy might fantasize about or read about in some erotic story (lol), but I couldn’t imagine it would ever happen in real life. What would I do? I got to work. Reaching up, I cupped dad’s crotch and squeezed. His legs spread further apart, allowing me to get closer. I massaged him for a few moments, feeling him thicken and grow under my fingers. I could hear him breathing through the ear bud. I unzipped his jeans and pulled the opening wide. Even in the low light, I could see that he wasn’t wearing underwear � and I was the slut? � I slid my hand inside and pulled him out before he became hard enough to make the maneuver impossible. The thick shaft bobbed in front of me, irresistible and meaty, as always. Fuck, I was so in love with that cock. Above me, I heard a baritone voice that did not belong to my dad, or to Grandpa Jake. The words were a bit muffled, but it was clearly our waiter. He asked if we were ready to order, and then asked if dad and Grandpa Jake would prefer to wait until I returned. “Actually, he had to run back home for something,” dad’s voice rang in my ear. “But my guess is, his boyfriend twitched his little finger. At this age, all he can think about is working out and getting laid.” The waiter laughed. I turned a brilliant scarlet under the table. That motherfucker. “I imagine he’ll be back as soon as he’s gotten fucked. His type’ll drop trou anytime, anyplace,” dad said. The server’s chuckle now was a bit more nervous. I knew that voice. I understood how my dad worked, by now. The colossal prick was actually flirting with the waiter! Flirting, like the fucking stud alpha he was. It always came so damned easy to him. I leaned forward and slid his big dick into my mouth, letting my tongue lap at the fat head as I sucked gently. I knew that was something he enjoyed. It worked, and I could hear him struggle as the men discussed various menu options above me. “Oh yeah,” dad half-moaned. “The ribeye sounds fuckin’ great, Mark. Mark? Oh, the waiter. I sucked more of him into my throat, my lips stretching around the thickening cock. “Medium rare?” the waiter suggested. “Yeah, just like that.” Dad’s legs widened beneath the table. “Excellent. And you, sir?” Grandpa Jake answered, and I could hear the grin in his voice. “I’ll have what he’s having.” Under the table, Grandpa’s foot pushed between my shoulder blades, driving me further onto dad’s heavy pole. I gagged as he hit bottom and my open mouth kissed the base of his dick. The waiter wandered off and dad spoke softly into my ear. “Good boy. Fuckkkk. Good boy. Hot, isn’t it, slut? You like bobbing on dad’s cock in public, don’t you?” I nodded, still stuff with throbbing meat. “Get me off, sport. Make dad cum.” Someone else approached the table. I heard the tinkling of ice as water glasses were filled. I sucked harder, pumping his massive dick while he tried to make polite conversation. The tension was building in his voice. Part of me wanted to make him lose control; to be busted by someone; be embarrassed and humiliated in public. I wanted others to see what a manipulative asshole he could be. I reached inside his pants and pulled out two huge balls, cupping them in my hand and squeezing with each downward plunge. He shuddered and his legs tightened. “Yeah, thanks. We’re doing fine,” dad said. I couldn’t believe whoever heard him wouldn’t know he was being pleasured under the table. “Are you ok, sir,” the voice replied. “You look a little flushed.” “Yeah, I’m fine. Was just laughing at my son.” He held up the phone in front of him as I blew him, inches below the table cloth. “Ah. Very good, sir.” “Fuck yeah, he is.” And with a dozen heavy throbs, dad came in my mouth as I sat there swallowing like the dutiful whore I was; I couldn’t believe the nerve of him. He was literally orgasming in front of our server and chuckling as if someone had just told a joke. Gradually his legs relaxed, and his cock oozed its last dregs of hot cum onto my tongue. “Man,” dad exhaled. “That was a good one.” “I’ll be back with your appetizers, guys,” the waiter announced, oblivious. The big cockhead popped free of my lips as I backed away from him. “Not bad, sport,” he murmured in my ear, “but we’re just getting started. I think your grandpa is owed a little something, too.” “Yeah, like a punch in the nuts,” I replied. “I’m thinking more of a suck and swallow; since we can’t leave the table, and dad’s been here drinking since two.” It took me just a minute to open Grandpa Jake’s fly and fish out his fireplug-sized cock with its huge, plum-sized head. Grandpa mumbled something above, and dad relayed it to me. “Put the head in your mouth, sport, and just sit there.” Of course, the head nearly filled my mouth, and made my cheeks bulge, lodged just inside my lips like the knot on a dog’s dick. Grandpa Jake grunted softly above me and a steady stream of piss filled the rest of my mouth, and my throat. By this time, I was used to this drill. Grandpa Jake rarely pissed anywhere but down my throat, anymore. I’d swallowed gallons of his urine over the past month. He didn’t even ask (or order) anymore. He’s just walk up, unzip, slip that big head between my lips and let loose. Once he did that while I was on the phone with my coach. Ever tried to manage a conversation on the phone with a mouthful of hot piss from a 60-year-old bear? Awkward. I drank and drank. He seemed to be trying to make it last. The waiter returned and the three men chatted amiably. I got the strange sense that this server might be into my dad. He was a waiter, after all. A lot of them are gay. And my dad does tend to have that effect; even on some straight men, I had found. Dad’s voice had that sexy, dominant, half-mocking tone to it, and it seemed like the waiter was spending more and more time at our table. Flirting or no, however, I didn’t imagine the server would suspect that a nude teen was under the table at this very moment, or that the two masculine bulls at the table had their mule-sized cocks out just inches from where he made nervous, flirty small talk. After a few moments, grandpa’s flow began to flag and I patted my swollen belly, stifling a belch. His taste filled my nose and throat as I pulled off him and swallowed the last remnants of his golden liquid. I shuddered to think of what might happen once dad made an ally of the server, if that was his intent. It would certainly broaden the scope of options for him. Grandpa Jake’s cock bobbed in front of me as dad’s silken voice spoke into my ear. “Okay, part one is over.” He reached into a pocket and pulled out a small bottle of lube, which he tossed to me. “We’re going to order dinner. You’re gonna fuck yourself on these cocks until you’ve gotten each of us off at least once. I don’t care how you manage it. Figure it out.” I heard the waiter’s voice again, and the two men started ordering. I squeezed a large dollop of the lube into my palm and slathered it onto dad’s thick shaft, making sure to be thorough. If there was one thing I had learned, it was that Dad’s cock (and Grandpa Jake’s, for that matter) wasn’t to be taken without liberal amounts of something that could ease the way. I could hear the tension in dad’s voice as I masturbated him with two hands, both fists sliding up and down, milking him. He ordered a New York strip, medium rare, a baked potato and a salad. Grandpa followed suit. I stared at the massive shaft bobbing in front of me, gleaming in the half-light coming through the tablecloth. I rose to my feet, bending over izmit escort bayan at the waist and turning to aim my ass at the powerful tool. I thanked god that the table was high enough that I didn’t have to squat. I couldn’t imagine staying in that position for long. My lower back rested flat against the bottom of the table. I could just about lock my legs. I backed up slowly, using my hands to steady myself on the floor. I felt the big, blunt head of dad’s greased-up cock brushing my ass cheeks and shivered. He groaned softly in my ear. “That’s it, boy. Get daddy’s cock inside your pussy.” His legs widened, and his hips slid forward a few inches in expectation. I could feel the head against my hole now, and I pushed, letting it spread my tight lips apart. An inch or two entered, and I gasped. “Fuck, dad. You’re bigger than usual.” He chuckled softly. “This isn’t exactly my bedroom. I like knowing I’m going to breed you here in public, where you deserve to be seen.” I grimaced and pushed harder. The big prong split my cheeks and slid several inches more inside me. The head slipped passed the flexing muscle of my sphincter and then he was in. I could feel my skin stretched around his throbbing donkey cock. I hissed. “Fuuuuuuck… Fuck you’re big, daddy.” I could hear him above me and through the ear bud, talking to Grandpa Jake. “I’m inside him right now, dad,” he said. “Fuck, he’s tight tonight. You were right.” He let out a long breath. “Yeah, sport. Ride dad’s big dick.” I wiped a bead of sweat from my forehead and backed up, sliding more and more of him into me. The insertion seemed to go on forever as inch after inch disappeared up my slick, hot hole. At last, the hair of his trimmed groin came to rest against my upturned ass as he bottomed out in me. “Fuck, Jesus…” I whimpered. “Does that feel good, dad?” “Yeah, sport. Feels amazing. Now shut the fuck up and get to work.” I took another few seconds to catch my breath and then leaned forward on my hands, looking upside down through my spread legs at dad’s massive balls against my own. Slowly, I moved away from his crotch, letting his huge cock emerge from my insides until I could feel the wide flare of his head pulling at the muscles of my anus. Then I slid back into him smoothly, letting that wide shaft sluice through my colon and back into my guts. Dad gasped again. “Fuck, boy. That’s so good.” I could feel him squirming in his seat, though I imagined he was trying not to be obvious about it. I started an easy rhythm, rocking back and forth on my hands and feet. I was lucky I had always been a flexible guy. Others would find this position extremely uncomfortable. I looked up and I could see Grandpa Jake’s hand underneath the table as he stroked himself, no doubt imagining what was going on under the table right now. In and out, in and out, the cadence of the fuck as regular and predictable as the tides, daddy’s huge cock impaled me. I had never experienced his penis this big or this hard. It was like a rod of heated iron slide over my prostate, teasing more and more precum from my downward facing, leaking cock. I reached up to stroke my own dick a few times, though I dared not touch it for long, lest I lose my own load too quickly. Above me, dad and Grandpa spoke with each other. Dad described in impressive detail how my ass felt wrapped around his cock; how good it felt to breed me with so many people around. It was like a dream come true for me. For all the fear and foreboding in me, there was something natural about this. I served the asshole at home whenever he demanded it; why not in public too? I felt dirty and slutty as I rode his huge piece, quickening my pace just a hair every few minutes as I felt his tension rise. I knew him well enough now to be able to predict what would bring him close to the edge. “I can feel it, dad. You gonna blow a load in your boy’s butt,” I asked. “Wanna fill me up with that incestual seed, you prick?” He was practically panting as I fucked myself on him. “Fuck…” he whispered again and again. And then the waiter was back with the food. I almost chuckled at the timing. The man asked dad something, and dad’s voice quivered slightly. “Yeah. Yes. I think that looks great. Don’t need anything else at the moment. I’m… yeah I’m ok. Just a little warm in here. I got a lot on my… fuck… on my mind. We’re good. Thanks, Caleb.” Caleb? He was on a first-name basis with our waiter? Under the table, Grandpa Jake’s fist ran up and down his monstrous cock as I drove myself back again and again, impaling myself on dad’s hot dick. “Are you sure I can’t get you something else, sir,” the waiter’s muffled baritone voice inquired. I can bring some water, or a towel, if that would help?” Dad’s balls tightened against his thighs as I squeezed my ass as hard as I could, milking him the way I knew he loved. “Oh god,” dad said, with the waiter standing there. “I’m cumming… ummm… I’m… coming down with something, I think. That towel sounds like a… ungh… good idea.” Inside my hole, the wide piss slit gushed hot, potent cum up inside me. The big cock bucked and jerked, unloading the contents of dad’s huge balls inside his own son’s gulping anus. The waiter hurried off to fetch the water and a towel. The moment he left, dad’s voice crackled in my ear. “Fucking hell, Eric. You want the whole fucking restaurant to know? At least wait till the staff aren’t standing at the goddamned table. Mmmmph… Fuck… oh fuck, yes… milk it, sport. Just like that…” It was a big load. I could feel it, sense it. A good ten inches inside of me, the bloated head continued pumping out that thick flow of white-hot sperm, fertilizing my insides with dad’s essence. I kept him there for a few minutes, letting the tremors of his orgasm subside, feeling his thickness soften until I could slide forward, releasing him from the tight hole and collapsing to my knees. I had to clench my ass to keep his massive load from leaking out and down my bare thighs. I could hear dad’s voice returning to normal as the waiter returned a moment later with a glass of ice water and a towel. Dad thanked him, and I could hear the tinkling of ice as he wet the towel. “I appreciate it, Caleb. Already feeling better. I think I just had to get something out of my system. Better out than in, right?” He chuckled weakly. Grandpa Jake guffawed at the joke. “Glad you’ll get over it, son. Be a shame to miss the rest of the meal, eh? It’s a sin to waste good meat.” I could hear him slide his plate closer to himself. “Now it’s my term. This meat’s going down the chute one way or another.” I could hear shuffling through the earbud. Then Grandpa Jake’s throaty, low voice filled my ear. “Looks like you did a good job, boy.” Something inside of switched on as I watched Grandpa fisting his big cock. A hunger rose within me, growing in a filthy, snarling heat. I was no longer anyone’s son; anyone’s grandson; I was a piece of ass; a willing, slutty hole for huge cocks and hot cum. Grandpa’s voice was a lot deeper than Dad’s. Just hearing it brought back the feeling and rush of a few nights ago. I could still feel the older man’s big beefy body behind me, pressing into me as I had bred my dad’s ass in his own bed. “Yes sir,” I responded. “He fucked me good.” “All without even moving,” Grandpa added. “Impressive, isn’t he? We’ll see if I can do the same. I thought his head was gonna pop off there for a few minutes.” I took a deep breath, backing my ass up to Grandpa’s throbbing pole with the same determination as I had with dad’s. Grandpa wasn’t quite as long, but he was thick. Hell, his weapon was probably almost twice the thickness of Dad’s. The apple-sized head made contact with my hole, the huge piss slit kissing and slobbering over my ass lips. I pushed back, just as Grandpa slid his hips forward a few inches, and my hole widened impossibly. I felt stretched, open, as if some surgical instrument were prying me apart. When the head popped passed my tight anal ring, I almost cried out in alarm. I’d forgotten to lube his cock. Jesus Christ, I had completely forgotten. Cold sweat broke out on my forehead. I could only hope that what remained of the lube I had used with dad, and the remains of his huge load would be enough to ease the passage of Grandpa Jake’s colossal prick. I closed my eyes and tried to relax. I couldn’t help but let out a long, slow, grunt as I slide him inside of me. “Oh, Jesus fuck…” I whispered. Grandpa chuckled in my ear. “Nice and easy, boy. Don’t want you blowing out an O-ring here in the restaurant. That’s it. Push back now. A little more…” I opened my eyes and saw dad stroking his cock, which had hardened as he listened to Grandpa Jake directing me. “Fuck, son. His ass is still so tight. How’s that possible? We’ve probably done him a hundred times each by now.” Dad said something muffled, and Grandpa snorted. “Definitely. Mmmmm. Oh yeah, kid. Ride grandpa’s big horse cock. All the way. That’s it. That’s the way.” I was lost to the rhythm I had created, and the sensations his huge organ created in me. I felt like all the world was inside me as the cum-slick flesh pushed again and again into the deep recesses of my belly. The thought of it was so lewd and taboo. The old man was fucking his own flesh and blood, the passage of his massive manhood eased by the slippery cumload of his son. Three generations of incestuous lust in about as public a place izmit sınırsız escort as could be imagined. A part of me wanted to throw the tablecloth up over the flat surface so that the whole world could watch me impaling myself on the two men’s throbbing, monstrous organs. I wanted everyone to see me, hear my soft moans of pleasure, imagine what I must be experiencing at the end of my elders’ steel-hard poles. I reached back between my legs to explore the huge shaft as it disappeared inside me. At one point, I left the big cock buried in me to the hilt and wrapped my fingers around the huge, swaying ball sack, capturing those big nuts and squeezing them. Grandpa moaned loudly, forgetting himself. I grinned, imagining someone at a table next to us raising an eyebrow at the sound. Grandpa Jake was loud in bed. He never bothered trying to be quiet, so he was a little out of practice, I imagined. “Fuck, son� he’s gonna make me cum soon. I know, I know… I’ll keep it down. Just feels so fuckin’ good. So hot and tight.” The waiter approached, asking the table if everything was ok and I heard Grandpa swear in my ear quietly. “Slow down, boy. Now ain’t the time.” I ignored him, using my ass muscles to milk that monster as I forced him to deep-dick me, slamming my ass back. There was nowhere for him to go. He was flat against the back of his seat with his legs spread, and he was too big to twist and get his cock out of me. I had him, and I was going to make him cum. The rush of power was a potent one. Fortunately for Grandpa Jake, dad did most of the talking. But the voices were different. The two were definitely not talking about dinner. I heard the waiter gasp, then laugh. `No shit?’ I think he said. Grandpa came. To this day, I’m not sure how he did it without making a sound, other than a slight heaviness of his breath in my ear. Clearly the old man had skills I hadn’t realized. I could feel his cock expand inside me, those big bull nuts drawing up to his crotch as he exploded. The gushes of cum were so powerful, I could literally feel each one of them. They must have been huge. I’d been bred by him many times, but I had never experienced this. He must have been edging for hours before this. I grinned with satisfaction. I’d gotten both men off. I hoped that they would hold up their end of the bargain. I prayed. The sounds outside of the table were growing fainter. I imagined it was close to closing time, and the crowd had dissipated. Dad and the waiter kept talking as I slid Grandpa Jake’s slowly deflating monster out of me. It flopped straight downward like a huge horse’s dong, swaying back and forth as a few more drops of cream fell to the carpeted floor. Dad still stroked himself as I settled to the floor, my legs quivering with the strain of holding myself in such an awkward position for so long. I reached over to take Grandpa’s cock in one hand, sucking the remaining cum off the bloated head. He twitched as I cleaned him of his own juices, and dad’s. My earbud crackled as Grandpa took his own off and passed it across the table. Dad’s voice faded in, mid-sentence. “..ck yeah, I’m serious. Right now. Under the table.” I froze. What in the holy fuck was he doing? “Uh, dad,” I asked “Should we…” “Here. I’ll make it easy for you,” I heard dad say to the man. “No one’s looking.” I heard the snick of a knife opening. Dad’s Swiss Army knife. He took it everywhere he went. It wasn’t exactly tiny, but it had been used for years and had a distinctive sound. I’d explain where I’d heard it before, but that would be a tail for another night. Beside me, the tablecloth lifted a few inches off the floor. I moved away from it instinctively, my heart pounding. The tablecloth ripped as dad cut a hole in it. “C’mon, man. Just do it. We’ll keep an eye out for you. No one’s looking. You can just stand there and let him do you.” I heard the earbud crackle again, and this time a voice that was neither that of my father, nor of my grandfather, buzzed in my ear. “He.. Hello?” I hesitated. “Uh…hi,” I answered lamely. “Fuck.. you’re really down there. I thought they were joking.” “Nah, I’m for real,” I said. “They’re trying to teach me a lesson.” A few inches from my head, the tablecloth billowed, then pushed inward, and I was face to face with the waiter’s cock. It was smaller than dad’s or Grandpa Jake’s, but beautiful. He was cut, with a nice helmet head and a thick shaft behind it that was rapidly hardening. “Can’t fucking believe I’m doing this. You’re really related to them,” he whispered. “Yeah. That’s my dad and Grandpa.” “Fuck…” he moaned. “Goddamn, that’s so hot. Suck my cock, kid.” I wrapped my lips around him and he sucked air through his teeth in my ear. “Oh…oh yeah. Yeah, man. Suck my cock. I need to cum bad. Fucking boyfriend is being a bitch this last week and won’t do it.” He moaned. “You feel so good. Use your tongue, man. Suck harder. Oh fuckin’ yeah, babe. That’s the way.” I blew him slowly, using my mouth to milk him. His hips remained stationary, though I knew he was fighting the urge to thrust forward. It was an instinct all men possessed, hard-wired into our primal need to breed. I reached up with both hands and slide two fingers into the hole, pulling it apart with a short, sharp rip. The hole expanded a few inches, allowing me to reach through and pull his balls through. Now the tablecloth was flat against the front of his black pants and he groaned. “Goddamn, guys. You weren’t kidding. His mouth is fucking amazing.” I let the head pop out of my mouth, shining with my saliva, and sucked both of his balls into my mouth, letting the heat from my tongue soak into them. “Oh, mother fuck,” he moaned in my ear. “Won’t last long, dude. Yeah, that’s it. Suck on `em. You like those big nuts, kid?” I nodded. Maybe he could feel me do it, maybe not. I didn’t care. After a few minutes tonguing the fat testicles and stretching them in their loose sack, I went back to sucking his cock in long, deep plunges, letting the head pass the curve of my throat and lodge between my mouth and my stomach. His seven-inch cock fit perfectly in my mouth. As much as I enjoyed dad’s big dick, it was a pleasure to make love to something smaller, I concluded. “Oh Jesus� I’m gonna cum, kid. You’re gonna get my nut… fuck… fuck…” his breath came in small, soft pants in my ear. I tightened my lips around the base of the waiter’s manhood and prepared for the rush. “Ooooooooh, fuck…” he let out in a slow, sub-vocal rush. “I’m doin’ it, guys. I’m nutting in your son’s mouth. Oh Jesus, I’m filling him up. God damn…” Dad’s hand was a blur on his own cock as it spewed another load of hot white cream all over my left thigh, a fair amount of it splattering upon the floor. I swallowed as my mouth and throat filled with the waiter’s hot cum. Jesus, he must have been telling the truth. Seemed like he hadn’t cum in a month. Almost choked on it, there was so much. But I’d learned to swallow big loads with a cock in my mouth from dad. The first time I’d gagged and lost some of his cum through my nose and all over the floor, I’d regretted it. The guy in my ear whimpered and tried to control his breathing. It didn’t take long before he was spent, and his cock started to soften. I sucked one last time, hard, as he pulled out. The cock disappeared through the hole and I heard him zip up. “Thanks, dude. I needed that.” The earbud was passed back to dad. “Not bad, Eric. Thought you’d freak on that one. Put us away, now. Time to go.” I started to stuff dad’s big dick back into his jeans; no easy feat, given that he was still shrinking from his last orgasm. “So,” I asked timidly, “you’re not gonna share the video?” Dad chuckled. “Not tonight, no. You mind your manners and keep Grandpa Jake and I happy, no one’ll ever need to know.” “You said you’d delete it.” “Yeah, I did,” he admitted. “I guess I can do that. Not like you won’t do me in my sleep again sometime in the future. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to catch you being the faggot whore you are. You’re obviously into it. In fact, something tells me you don’t even want me to delete this, you fucking teen rapist.” I flushed. “Thanks, dad.” What else could I say? “Get dressed. We’re leaving.” I packed Grandpa’s cock back into his pants as well, zipping him up before reaching over to grab my clothes and sliding them on. Taking a last look through the hole in the tablecloth, I waited for a moment I thought no one would be looking, then slid up the seat between the two men, emerging from beneath the table as if I’d just reached down for a dropped fork or something. I blushed furiously as I looked at them, one by one, in the eye. I saw lust there, but something else… something resembling respect? It occurred to me that this could have gone sideways in so many different ways. That I had toughed it out with no one being the wiser appeared to impress them, though they weren’t about to admit anything like that to me. As we got up from the table and walked across the dim dining room, a server passed us; a handsome young man with jet black hair and swarthy, Mediterranean features. He smirked at me, and I knew instantly that I’d just had his cock in my mouth. I nodded to him, flushing a deep scarlet, and his white grin widened. “Thanks, guys. Come back again soon.” He winked, and I fought the urge to break into a trot. Outside the restaurant, I sucked in the cool air, breathing deeply. “You can ride home with us, Sport,” dad said. “You’ve probably earned it.” The two men laughed at my surprise. Something told me I’d better rest on the ride home, because the evening wasn’t even close to being over. And that, I realized, was a good fucking thing. * * *

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