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Dakota’s Surprise: Part 4 – New Friends


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Dakota’s Surprise: Part 4 – New Friends

Take yourself a friend.

Keep ’em till the end.

Whether woman or man,

it makes you feel so good,

so good.

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, Take A Friend


“What was that?” Dakota almost spit out the water she was drinking.

“I’m so sorry….”

Dakota could feel her blood pressure rising. She breathed deeply a couple of times, clenching her jaw to keep from spewing the profanity that was going through her mind.

“I take it’s not mine,” Dakota muttered. Hailey shook her head no. “How could you, Hailey? I thought we had something special together?” Dakota’s voice was trembling with anger and despair.

“We did… we do…. I just…”

“You cheated on me. You lied to me.” Water sloshed from the glass as it thumped against the table.

“Dakota….” Hailey was pleading with her “… I’m so scared… I’m sorry…”

“I’m sorry too. I think I need to go now before I say something I am going to regret.” She didn’t bother to pick up the chair she’d knocked to the floor as she stood up. The sound of Hailey’s crying only served as fuel to the fire of anger and hurt. She swiped at her eyes as she passed the greeter’s station. Safely ensconced in her car, the tears flowed as she screamed and beat on the steering wheel. In a small, quiet part of her mind she hoped that Hailey never heard the things she was screaming into the void.


Dakota was glad that when classes started, she only had one class with Hailey. When Dakota entered the room, he sat as far from her as he could. Their classmates noticed and when asked, Dakota politely answered they were no longer together.

Two weeks later, Dakota failed to get out of class fast enough to avoid Hailey. He had been ignoring her texts and phone calls since “The Evening”.

“Can we talk, please?” Dakota saw a look on her face he had never seen on her before, but one he recognized from his own past of being so defeated all you can do is soldier on.

“Why, what is there to talk about?” Dakota growled to buttress the fortress of resentment he had built up towards Hailey in the last two weeks.

“Can we talk about us?”

“Thanks to you, there is no US anymore.” He was looking everywhere, except at Hailey.

“Please Dakota, can we at least have closure?”

“Fine, let’s go over to the student union and get a table.” Dakota put his backpack on and pulled out his phone. He tried to not look at Hailey while they walked across campus. They grabbed a table and Dakota slumped down, burning to ask the question that was etched in his mind.

“Ok, so what the hell happened?”

“It was all innocent at first, just a group from my office going out for drinks after work. After the fourth time, the others left, and it was just him and me. Before I knew it, I was in his car heading to his place and one thing led to another…. oh Dakota, I feel like such a fool. I have completely wrecked my life. I’m scared, I don’t know what to do, and my best friend hates me now.” Her hands were on her face and she was crying. Dakota felt just a little sorry for her. She slid around the table and sat next to her.

“I’m sorry you are going through this Hailey, really I am.” She put her arm around her ex-girlfriend.

“Thanks, Dakota. That means a lot to me right now.”

“So, what is going to happen to you?”

“Well, I don’t know. I am going to finish the fall and winter term, but spring quarter I don’t know. I will be so close to graduating. I will only have two capstone classes I need to take at that point, but the baby is due around midterms of spring quarter so I don’t know if I will finish or not.”

“Do you know what you are going to do after graduation?”

“Well, I am going to live at home until I get a job. My mom, once she got over the shock, said she would help me raise the baby. My dad wanted to grab his shotgun and go after the father, but mom talked him out of it. I told we needed him alive for the child support.”

“I see.”

“Thanks for listening, Dakota. I know I destroyed any chance of you and me together, but I hope we can still be friends.”

“Maybe, this still hurts Hailey. It is going to take some time to heal.”

Hailey stifled a bit of a sob. “I understand. I want you to know, I want us to continue to be friends when you are ready.”


The week after Thanksgiving Dakota sat in the library alone, nose in a textbook, when out of the corner of her eye she noticed another student putting up a flyer on a bulletin board, but didn’t pay much attention to her. The same student was at a bulletin board in the student union later in the day and this time, after the gal had left, Dakota went and looked at the poster. It was promoting the LGBTQ+ club and their weekly meeting. Dakota had thought about going at different times to check it out but never wanted to come to campus dressed as a female. She did her best never to be on campus other than when she had classes, or in moments like this, where she was between classes and it made little sense to head home just to return later in the day.

The following Saturday she headed to her favorite coffee shop near Leslie and Karen’s place with her schoolbag to spend a few hours studying before going and doing some babysitting for her prof. This day it was a little more packed than normal. She looked around and the only place was the other end of a table that was occupied by Poster Girl. Dakota asked if she could share the table and was warmly received.

“Do you go to CSU?” Poster Girl asked.

“Yes, I am in my last year. How did you know?”

“Well, the CSU sweatshirt was the first clue, and the big thick textbook was the second.”

“Ha, well, guilty as charged. You go to CSU as well; I think I saw you hanging posters around campus.”

“That was me. I haven’t seen you around before though.”

“I’m around, some. What is your major? What year are you?”

“Sophomore, going into political science and gender studies. You?”

“I am a fifth-year senior in Accounting and Finance, so I am mainly in the School of Business. Also, you might not have recognized me as when I am on campus I don’t look or dress like this.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s just say most of my classmates only know my male persona.”

“You’re trans? Wow, if you had said nothing, I wouldn’t have known.”

“Thanks.” Dakota paused, unsure how to respond. “I’m Dakota, nice to meet you.”

“Melissa. You should come to the LGBT group on Tuesday nights.”

“I’ve thought about it, but I would be uncomfortable being like this on campus. Only a couple people know about me and it would be… um… awkward.”

“I understand Dakota.”

The two returned to their studies. Dakota was trying to wrap her mind around her investment textbook and modern portfolio theory when Melissa spoke up.

“Dakota, what are you doing tomorrow night? A few of us from the club are going to get together and see a movie. Would you like to join us?”

Melissa explained that it would be off campus with two of her friends; and since she suspected that the other two were clicking with each other, she was looking to figure out a way not to be the third wheel. After pondering it a moment, she agreed and got Melissa’s phone number and agreed to meet them at the multiplex the following night.

The next night Dakota wore a green knee-length skirt and a thick sweater. She was thankful she had stockings on since her legs were getting cold. During a scary scene in the first part of the movie, Melissa jumped and then did her best to snuggle up with Dakota. She wrapped her arm around the younger girl and the two remained that way for the rest of the movie. They looked over at Melissa’s roommate and her friend and snickered to each other as the other two were in full make-out mode.

At the end of the movie, as they were in the lobby, Melissa was holding Dakota’s hand and the small group stood in a corner. The other two were rather clingy with each other, and it looked like they were not ready for the night to end and wanted some alone time.

“Melissa, if you like, I can take you home and we can leave these two lovebirds to do their thing.”

“I’d like that, Dakota.” Her friends thought that was a great idea, and they split up.

As they headed to the car, Melissa spoke up, “You don’t have to take me back yet if you don’t want to. We could go get a coffee or something and hang out for a bit.”

“Or we could go back to my place, I live alone.”

“I’d like that, Dakota.” As they head to the car, Dakota opened the door for Melissa and felt the younger girl brush her hand on her arm as she got in. During the short drive to her place, she saw that Melissa was checking her out the entire time. Dakota poured two glasses of chardonnay and they sat down on the couch. They chatted about some happenings on campus and Dakota got a bit of insight into dorm life, something she never experienced. Melissa, being 19, thought it was cool that Dakota was old enough to keep beer and wine around like it was no big deal.

“I like how you are playing with my hair, Dakota. That feels good.” Dakota looked at her hand and realized she was absent-mindedly playing with Melissa’s black hair. She felt a flutter in her chest. Their eyes locked on each other, and then Dakota leaned forward and placed her lips on the younger woman’s. Dakota saw Melissa’s eyes light up as she caressed her stocking clad legs. Dakota let out a small moan of pleasure at the sensation. Her hands went exploring and found their way up Melissa’s blouse. They broke their kiss when Dakota slipped her hand under the younger woman’s bra cup and rolled her nipple between her fingers. Melissa stood up and removed her blouse and bra, releasing a nice pair of ample tits. She was a bit on the plump side, but not what one would call thick or fat. Dakota suckled on her other breast and made her way down Melissa’s skirt. She felt a small patch of bush above her snatch, but her labia were smooth and moist.

Not able to take the awkwardness between her legs any longer, Dakota stood up, reached under her skirt, and whipped her panties off. The tent forming in Dakota’s skirt mesmerized Melissa while the older woman removed her sweater and bra.

“Someone was hoping for something tonight, your bra and panties match.” Melissa was holding up the discarded red panties in her hand. Dakota just smiled as Melissa pulled her black thong off and tossed it next to its companion on the floor.

“Looks like I was not the only one…” this time Melissa smiled. She reached out and put her hand on the tent in Dakota’s skirt. She explored its shape through the fabric when Dakota undid the buttons and dropped it to the floor. She then helped Melissa unzip hers. Both women now were down to their stocking and garter belts. Dakota lay down on the couch and pulled Melissa on top of her. Lips met lips and for a long while, the two reveled in the feeling of flesh on flesh. Melissa pressed her hands on Dakota’s chest and lifted herself up. Dakota gazed upon a pair of pert breasts, firm erect nipples standing in the middle of large areolas. Melissa was wet with anticipation and ground her pussy on the hard cock between her legs. Her black hair shook back and forth as her body approached her climax.

“Yes, that’s it, I’m cumming!” Dakota could feel her thighs clamp against her sides as her breathing intensified. Dakota’s cock twitched in the moist heat of her folds; her labia wrapped on either side of her shaft. Dakota helped Melissa off and led her to her bedroom. Melissa helped roll a condom onto Dakota.

“Fuck me, Dakota, I want to feel you in me.”

Dakota positioned her bent over her bed and got behind her. Opening a bottle of lube, she spread a little on the condom and rubbed the tip against her pussy. She pushed it in, and Melissa was so aroused that the cock entered her in one push. Her hands grasped Melissa’s hip, and she pounded away. Melissa’s soft booty cushioned each thrust of Dakota and she called out, begging for Dakota to give it to her. After edging herself for a couple of minutes, Dakota signaled for Melissa to roll onto her back and spread her legs. She leaned over and kissed her while her dick slid in and out. She worked the entire shaft in and down to the root of her cock. Melissa arched her back and took Dakota as deep as she could get it in. Dakota could feel her pussy tighten around the head of her cock and she exploded into the condom. The two laid intertwined for a few minutes, looking into each other’s eyes and enjoying the afterglow of sex. When Dakota’s erection had partially subsided, she pulled out and cleaned herself up with a wet washcloth and brought another to Melissa.

“I should probably get going, I have an early morning class.” Dakota pulled some sweats on while Melissa got dressed. As they pulled in front of Melissa’s dorm, she leaned over and gave Dakota a goodnight kiss. “Thanks for the wonderful evening.” Dakota watched as she entered the dorm and then drove home.

The next day, Dakota was sitting at a secluded table in the Student Union’s Garden Room. A lattice wall intertwined with fake ivy, part of the decoration of the room, gave the room a sense of privacy and intimacy. Dakota was deep in a textbook waiting for her next class when on the other side of the lattice wall, a group of girls sat down, including Melissa and her roommate. Dakota thought about going around the lattice wall and saying hi but held off as she heard Melissa’s friends inquiring about the date the night before. She talked about how they had cuddled during the movie and gone back to Dakota’s place and had sex. She said it was good, but also complained that she hadn’t gotten her pussy eaten. She said it was an enjoyable experience with a penis, but that would probably be her last time with one for a long time.

Dakota felt a bit crushed and as she packed her bag, she texted Melissa as she walked away. “Next time you want to have your pussy eaten, just ask. I enjoy giving a woman oral pleasures, but sometimes the rhythm and groove of love making directs the flow in a way that something just doesn’t happen. Don’t complain that you didn’t get something when you don’t ask for it.”

When Melissa read the text, she realized that Dakota must be nearby and had overheard her conversation. She looked around, but it was too late. The two never spoke again.


The date had been fun, the fallout not so much. Although they never spoke again, Melissa respected Dakota and didn’t out her or anything. Less can be said for some classmates who saw and recognized Dakota. Quietly, the halls of the school of business buzzed with the rumor that the girly Dakota was now dressing like a girl. It was stupid gossip, the type you would expect from high schoolers, but none the less it spread through the school. Like most gossip, the person being talked about has no clue about what is going on. A few days later, Dakota received an email from Ankara bayan escort Prof. Schulman asking Dakota to come to her office as soon as possible.

“Dakota, I think you have a problem. I have overheard a few things in the hallway about you being seen in a skirt. It sounds like the word is getting out about you.” She could see the panic set in on Dakota’s face. “I take it this didn’t come from you.”

“No. Why? Ugh…I just wanted to finish my last year and make my transition on my terms.”

“Dakota, I am here for you, and most, if not all, the faculty will understand. If you want to come out, I’ll be there for you and if you don’t, you have my support that way as well.” Dakota thanked her and said she needed time to think about this.

But life has a way of forcing your cards at times. The next day after class, some classmates came up to her and asked her if the rumors were true that she was a cross dresser. “No, a cross dresser is fine with their gender but likes to wear the clothing of the other gender from time to time. I am transgendered, in my case a woman trapped in a man’s body.” The professor for the class caught most of the conversation and was impressed at how calm Dakota was, but could see that she was barely keeping things together.

That night an email went out to the entire department from the Dean. The email reminded students they are here to learn and both in university and when they graduate and join the workplace, gossip about a colleague, especially about their sexuality, is not appropriate and generally will be considered harassment. He reiterated Central State University’s policy which prohibits discrimination or harassment against a member of the University community because of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, or military status. He reminded the students that all are free to express who they are in a way they find fit, and it is no one else’s business but their own. Dakota’s name didn’t appear in the memo, but she felt the Dean putting the full weight of the department and university behind her. She replied to the Dean, copying Prof. Schulman and her class professor, thanking them for supporting her.

Dakota quit presenting herself as male the next day. A few people did a double-take when she showed up in a skirt, makeup, and hair done up. There were a few snide remarks, but, for the most part, people’s reactions were positive to her or they just said nothing.


The last year was a tough year for her. The classes were more difficult, and she felt all alone. She got out a bit, but that was mainly going over to Leslie and Karen’s place to babysit for them. At least she had a job offer post-graduation with the firm she interned with. Christmas had been rather difficult, and she wished to spend some time with Hailey. She picked up the phone several times to call her but just could not punch the button. She spent a few days with her mom and Linda. Linda’s boys were also home, and the three kids were rather awkward around each other. Not only were they unfamiliar with one another, but they had nothing in common other than their mothers were in love with each other. The older son, Roger, was in his fourth year at the Naval Academy and hoping to become a fighter pilot. The younger one, Dan, was a freshman at the big state university and played soccer and lacrosse. Dakota sensed their struggles to come to terms with having a sister who once was a boy.

When the spring term rolled Dakota felt sorry for Hailey. By now, her belly was enormous, and all their classmates figured out why the two had split. Dakota could see the realities of her situation weighing her down. They shared one class that term, andas a gesture of goodwill Dakota sat next to her the first day of class. She noticed how Hailey perked up after that. They resumed their habit of studying together in the library, but both understood that was the limit of their relationship.


It was one of these beautiful spring days with the sun shining and flowers starting to pop up from the ground. Dakota had a spring in her step, enjoying being able to finally wear a sundress and the freedom of not wearing pants. She was packing her school bag after class when she heard “Hey Dakota, do you have a minute?” It was Cody, who never spoke much in class, but was known all around the school since he had been the starting safety on the football team and team captain that year. Dakota looked up at the chiseled 6’1” black Adonis and smiled.

“Sure Cody, what’s on your mind?”

“Could we find a place to talk?” she could see his eyes nervously look around the room and then back at her.

“Um ok, I was just going to grab a coffee at the student union, want to join me?”

The two were quite a mismatch walking across campus, and Dakota caught a few glimpses of Cody checking her out as they walked. They found a small table after they got their drinks and sat down.

“Dakota, I have wanted to tell you for some time now about how impressed I am with you and how you handled yourself as you came out.” Dakota blushed at the compliment. She noticed that a couple of pretty female underclassmen walked by and tried to get Cody’s attention. He politely acknowledged them but kept his focus on Dakota the whole time. “I hope when it is my turn to come out, I can do so with as much grace as you did,” there was small hesitation in his voice as he said this.

“Come out?” Dakota asked inquisitively.

“I’m gay, Dakota, but as a football player, I could not come out. My frat brothers wouldn’t understand either. Now with my college life almost over, I am not so worried about it anymore.”

“Are you going to attempt a pro career? The entire school thinks you are an excellent player.”

“No, I’m good for Division II but I know I don’t have any future playing beyond this.”

“So why are you telling me this, Cody? You hardly know me.”

“Well, um…” she could see him bouncing his leg nervously under the table “I would like to get to know you better, and I was wondering if you would be my date at my frat’s spring bash. One of our alumni has a gigantic mansion that he opens up every year to the house members and their dates.” It amazed Dakota at how nervous he was talking to her. She had always thought of him as the quiet, confident type.

“Wow, this is a surprise, I never have had a boy, or should I say a man, ask me out before.”

“Dakota, I noticed you when you first came to campus and we had a class together. I have to admit it crushed me when I figured out that you and Hailey were an item, I wondered at first if you were gay, being so petite. Sorry if I wrongly stereotyped you. But when you came out as trans, I wondered again.”

“Truthfully, Cody, I don’t know what I am right now.” She wrinkled her nose and shook her head a bit. “I have kissed a couple of boys, but that was mainly just playing around. And you know about Hailey…”

“Yeah, how is she doing? You two looked like you patched things up a bit.”

“We did, but nothing romantic now. Her son is doing well, and she is adjusting to being a mom. It was hard watching someone I had fallen in love with struggling so much. Even if she did it to herself and hurt me, but I guess that is what friendship is about.”

Cody had a big grin on his face as he listened to Dakota. Wow, what a woman, he thought to himself. Normally, women didn’t do much for him. Maybe it was knowing that she had something else between her legs, but mostly it was the caring person who seemed to draw him in.

“So about the party. Are you interested in joining me? No pressure, I am not expecting anything more than just a socially good time.”

Dakota let out a big sigh. Cody could see something was going on in her mind and was bracing himself for rejection. “Cody, I need to think about it. I know you are a nice man, and from what I can tell you wouldn’t hurt someone, well off the football field that is.” Cody laughed at that, he had a reputation for placing big hits on receivers. “But I have been… scared of dating a man since… well, let’s just say my one evening with a man was not pleasant.” Dakota looked down and away from Cody, too embarrassed to look him in the eye.

“I don’t know what happened to you, Dakota. I can guess, but let me tell you I would never hurt a woman. In fact, I beat the crap out of my former stepdad when I found out he was abusing my mom and sister. I almost lost my scholarship over it, and I had a lot of ‘splaining to do during my interviews with the FBI about it. They were concerned about my emotional and mental fitness to be an agent. But it is one of the reasons I am going into law enforcement. I don’t do well with innocent people getting hurt.”

“You’re going to be an FBI agent?”

“That’s the plan, I want to use my business skills to focus on public corruption and white-collar crime. I head to the academy in a few weeks. I got in on a special program where they waive the work experience. That, and the fact I can run just about anybody down and put the smack down on them.” He flashed his pearly white teeth with that last remark. Dakota giggled at the thought of Cody, the former strong safety, tackling some idiot who tried to run away from him.

“Wow, that is cool. So the party, no expectations? No crazy frat shenanigans?” Dakota studied the big football player closely. He had always been a polite, well spoken, and a studious person in class, and by all reports, a gentleman. And well, those broad shoulders and ripped muscles from hours in the weight room weren’t bad either, she thought to herself. Maybe one date with a guy wouldn’t be so bad.

“Yep, there will be a lot of older alumni, so the party is more mellow than your typical frat party. There is an after-party back at the frat house, but I was not planning on doing much with that.”

“Ok then, I can do that.” Dakota and Cody traded phone numbers, and Dakota gave him her address so he could pick her up that Saturday afternoon.

That Saturday morning, she got a call from her mom to discuss the details of graduation weekend coming up in a few weeks. Rachel was surprised and a bit impress when Dakota told her she had a date later that day with the captain of the football team.

Her mom pestered her about coming home the weekend after graduation as Linda was throwing a party for Roger’s graduation from the Naval Academy and how both Rachel and Linda wanted to include Dakota. She was rather noncommittal, but did not close the door on the idea either.

She spent an hour going through her closet trying to decide what to wear. Finally, she settled on her first choice of denim shorts and a tight tee-shirt. Dakota put away the sundresses she had considered and spent the next while getting her hair ready and makeup on. Looking at herself in the mirror, she chuckled that how her old boy self would have gotten ready in two minutes flat. “Ah, the price you pay to be a woman,” she thought. Her phone chirped with a text from Cody letting her know he was on his way over. She glanced down at her crotch and felt herself to make sure she was well tucked into her pink boy short panties. They were small on her, just like most of her panties so they could keep Mr. Johnson in place. She was adjusting the strap on her wedge sandals when Cody arrived.

He led her out to his truck, and they headed to the party. On the ride over, Dakota asked Cody about his family. She learned that his dad was killed in a workplace accident when he was eight. His mom remarried when he was a senior in high school, but that relationship only lasted another eighteen months when he found out about the abuse his mom and sister were taking when he was gone. Dakota knew what growing up without a dad was like, since she really had no memory of the lout who ran away from her and her mother.

The mansion was a large brick house with a beautiful garden and pond out back. They could smell the BBQ smoke from the caterers as they got out and headed to the back where the action was. Cody introduced Dakota to his frat brothers, many of whom she recognized from campus but only knew a couple who were in the business school. They strapped a red wristband to their wrists indicating they had been carded and were over 21. Dakota saw his eyes glance down to her drink a couple of times as she kept a close eye on her drink and never let it out of her hand.

A pair of alumni made their way over to Cody and congratulated him on his football season and wished him luck with the Bureau. They also commented on how he was with the prettiest girl there. Dakota put her arm around Cody and blushed. She sure did like it when he reciprocated and squeezed her.

“Careful mister,” she teased “don’t squeeze the stuffing out of me. I ain’t built like you big football types.” Of course, banter like that got her squeezed even more, and she loved it. They made more chit chat with other alumni. One found out she was an accountant and was disappointed he hadn’t found her for his firm, but wished her luck in Springfield.

The whole time she marveled at his confidence around the alumni he didn’t, or barely knew. How he was polite to everyone and respected by his frat brothers. She realized he was a good man and had a bright future before him.

“Do you need another glass of wine, Dakota? Want me to get you a refill?”

“I’ll come with you,” Cody gave her a bit of a curious look and led her to the bar cart. After getting their refill, Cody led her away from the group and they walked towards the pond.

“I noticed you don’t let your drink out of your sight, that is a good practice to be in.”

Dakota looked at her drink and sighed. “Yeah, I learned the hard way on that in Chicago.”

“Did he…”

“Yeah,” a reflexive shudder flashed across her slight frame. She looked vacantly at some nearby trees.

Cody set his drink down on the ground, took hers and set it next to his, and wrapped his arms around her. He lowered his forehead down to hers.

“I’m sorry. Not all men are like that.”

“I know, I was one, but thanks.”

“You are a beautiful woman and don’t deserve to be treated that way. I want you to know I would never hurt you.”

“I know,” a small tear was forming in her right eye. He brushed it away and held her close. She could feel the bulge growing in his pants.

Looking her in the eyes again, he whispered, “Dakota, may I kiss you?” The smile on her face was obvious approval, and she moved her lips up to his. She could feel the electricity between the two of them as his tongue met hers. Her hands felt all the muscles up and down his back, while she felt him make his way down to her tight ass. She loved how he pulled her tight to him. She felt safe. It was probably only a couple of minutes, but it felt like they had been kissing for hours when they came up for air.

“Cody, how about we walk the long way around the pond before we go get some food? I think you have a problem in your shorts.”

Cody chuckled and look at her, “well you did this to me.”

Dakota also adjusted her shorts, “Well you ain’t the only one with a problem, mister. But we had better stop for now, or you are going to get me in trouble.” Fortunately for Cody, he softened up by the time they made it back to where dinner was being served. The BBQ was excellent, as was the live band playing. After they finished their meal, Dakota went and got them some more drinks, and sat on Cody’s lap when she returned. Cody was smiling from ear to ear as she wiggled her ass on his lap. She could feel him getting hard again.

“Cody, I had a wonderful day with you. Thank you, that was a lot of fun.” She placed her hand on his as he pulled into her driveway. “But just so you know, I don’t put out on the first date.” She leaned over to kiss him when he stopped her a moment. Codey lifted the center console between them, converting the front into a bench so Dakota could slide over next to him.

They kissed for a while; Dakota had never felt such strong hands caress Escort bayan Ankara her before. She could feel herself getting turned on and realized she had better put the brakes on things soon.

“Oh my Cody,” she said, fanning herself with her hand. “I think I had better stop for the evening, but I think I want me some more Cody, and soon.” She had a mischievous grin on her face.

“How about tomorrow night? Dinner?” Dakota said yes right way, and they made plans for the next night.

Cody watched Dakota come down her outside stairs the next night as he pulled into her driveway. She was so excited that she didn’t even give him a chance to come up to her door and ring the bell. Cody watched her tits jiggle a little under her green sweater and liked the look of her ass in her tight jeans as she got into his truck. She snuggled next to him as they drove to the pizza parlor for dinner.

“You went to the Springfield Comic Con as Batgirl?” Cody was impressed as he grabbed his third slice of pizza.

“Yeah, black cat suit, cowl, and long red hair. Here, let me show you a picture.” She pulled out her phone and showed him the pictures of her and Hailey. She thought back to that weekend and the fun they had.

“Dang, girl, you had something going on your chest that day. They look a lot bigger than what you have currently.”

“For a gay guy, you do like your cleavage, huh?” Dakota playfully slapped his arm.

“Well, I like anything if there is some sausage to go with it.”

“Well judging by how much of this sausage pizza you’ve eaten, you must. Maybe I will have to get out some special sausage later, just for you.” Cody’s eyes lit up with delight.

“Do you still have your Batgirl costume?”

“Of course, do you want to see me in it?”

“Better yet, we have a superhero party in two weeks at…”

“I’m in.” Dakota didn’t even let him finish his sentence. “So, what will you come as? My Dark Knight?” she put her hand on his. Her finger began to stroke his arm. “You don’t even need to pad your chest like some people do.” She wished he was closer so she could rub it right then.

“Well, I had been planning to go as the John Stewart version of Green Lantern.” He puffed out his chest a bit.

“Well, a little black and green spandex on you wouldn’t be all that bad. And then, if I rub up against you just right during the party, I might activate your extraordinary powers.”

“Well, those extraordinary powers are made possible by imagination, and from those pictures of Batgirl, I won’t have to use much imagination.”

“Trust me, Cody, I’ll have your imagination going faster than a wide receiver. Do you want to come over to my place and get a special sneak peek at the upcoming feature?”

As soon as they could get the check paid, they bolted for his truck.

“I didn’t know you were a big superhero fan Cody, have you done any other cos play?”

“No, never had much time with football, but I would occasionally pick up a comic book or watch a movie as a kid. Maybe once I am out of the academy, I can do some. I hadn’t thought of it much until now, but becoming a G man does have a superhero element to it.”

“A Man in Black, ooohhhh that would be good for you. Agent C. Just don’t flashy-thing me ok, I want to remember you.”

“Oh, I’ll flash you my thing and I don’t think you are going to forget.”

“Promise?” Dakota was getting very uncomfortable in her tight jeans. Fortunately for her, Cody parked his truck, and she practically pulled him up to her apartment. Cody found himself being pushed onto the couch and attacked by a girl who was less than half his weight. She climbed on him and began to grind her hips on his cock while she wrapped her arms around him. He kissed her feverishly and felt her ass and breasts.

“Gaaahh! I can’t take this anymore” Dakota popped off Cody, unzipped her jeans and pulled her hardening cock free. Cody pulled her to him, and she stood on the couch and let Cody take her cock in his mouth. It felt like heaven to her. “Mmm you suck cock, mmmm, sooo good Cody. Yes, oh my don’t stop.”

She felt her jeans being tugged down further and his big hands on her ass. She felt a finger play with her asshole. Cody looked at her, his eyes asking her if he could stick a finger in. She nodded. Cody put his finger in her mouth to get it lubed a bit and placed it at her entrance. He pushed in, slowly at first, but then Dakota surprised herself and pushed her ass back onto his finger and took the whole thing in.

“FFFUUUUUUUUUCK! COOOOOODY” Dakota could barely stand now, it was only Cody keeping her from falling now; the sensations were so intense.

“Cummmm…..” she moaned. Cody was assaulted by a blast of cum from her tiny balls. He slurped it was able to keep most of it, just a little dribbled out. Dakota was drained, putty in his arms.

“Your turn,” she said, recovering her energy. “What do we have…. Oh, my…” She was staring at a large piece of really thick meat. “This thing is almost thicker than my wrist.”

Dakota’s eyes went from lust to fear. She wanted it, but fuck, that thing was big.

“I….I don’t know Cody, I don’t think I can get that in me.”

“You don’t have to, Dakota. You take things at your speed, ok.” Cody was a little disappointed, but not surprised. This wasn’t the first time a lover was shocked by the girth of his cock. A couple had walked away because of it, and Dakota was by far the tiniest partner he ever had. However, her ass had taken his finger so easily, so maybe with some stretching beforehand, they might be able to make it work, he thought.

“Whew, thanks, but let me not leave you hanging, I take care of my man ok?” Dakota was loving having a man to take care of. So different from what she had with Hailey.

Dakota was already reaching out and rubbing Cody’s cock. He moaned as she got on her knees between his legs and checked out the large member in her hand. Timidly, she kissed and stroked it. It took her a minute to build up the courage to put it in her mouth, but it did not take her long to get into a rhythm that had Cody in heaven. She knew what she liked and figured he would like the same. He was finding his bliss when Cody lifted her head off his cock.

She knocked his hands out of the way and resumed sucking on his dick, her hands pumping up and down the veiny shaft. He started to put his hands on the back of her head and she shook him off. She was going to do this her way and at her speed. That meant that Cody didn’t stand a chance of lasting long. In fact, he only lasted 30 seconds more until he gave Dakota a creamy drink that filled her mouth so much she gaged on it, trying to swallow it down. She caught the drips with her hand and then licked it clean.

“I never knew cum tasted so good. I should have tried my own years ago.”

A satisfied Cody pulled his Dakota onto the couch next to him, and they chilled for the rest of the evening with some Netflix and some tonsil hockey.

The next two weeks went be fast for Dakota. Cody was able to come over a couple of times for dinner and some oral action, but both had major projects to turn in for their capstone classes.

One afternoon, Dakota was over at Hailey’s house so they could review the lecture notes that Dakota had taken. Hailey put the notes down, rubbed her eyebrows, and looked at Dakota.

“So, I heard some news about you girlfriend,” she wagged her finger at Dakota. “Were you going to tell me?”

Dakota got a wry grin on her face. “Um, you sure you want me to?”

“Dakota, I love you, but I love you more like a sister now. And my sister is dating the fucking captain of the football team. So yeah, dish it sister!”

Dakota let out a sigh of relief. She had been worried about how Hailey would take the news. Not that she had really any leg to stand on here. She told her about their dates and the upcoming costume party. Hailey thought about seeing if there was a way she could also get invited to the party, but then someone else cried out and Hailey was reminded that her life followed a different path now.

“Ugh, I feel like a cow,” Hailey said a moment later while opening up her blouse to nurse. Dakota tried not to stare at her large tits, but she peaked a little. “I envy you, Dakota, never having to worry about having to watch what you eat. I would kill for your metabolism. I just hope the doctor is right and if I keep breast feeding the weight will come off.”

Dakota stuck around for a few more hours as the two hit the books until Hailey’s parents came home from work. The Andersons were nice people and were slowly coming around to their daughter’s ex-boyfriend becoming her best female friend and sister.


Dakota was putting on her red wig when Cody came over the afternoon of the party. He had a bag with him and planned to put his costume on at her place and then go back together to the frat house. His eyes began to pop out at the sight of Dakota in her cat suit, her giant titties sticking straight out.

When they walked into the frat house, there was a big whoop and holler for them. Cody knew it was really for his date, and he was very okay with that. By now, most of his frat brothers knew that Dakota was packing something extra and not their cup of tea, but with tits like that, none of them cared.

Dakota took in all the compliments and enjoyed being hit on by the guys. Cody stayed closed to his date, mindful of what had happened to her in the past, and also to make sure he defended his turf. He waved off some guys who tried to put an open cup drink in her hands and instead got a couple of unopened beers and wine coolers for her instead. They headed over to where a DJ had set up his gear and Cody busted out some moves that left Dakota speechless. She stood off to the side, watching him. She tried dancing a bit, but although she was comfortable in her regular heels, the platform boots were too much to dance in.

The nice thing about the boots, however, was they shrunk the height differential substantially. Now she was only two inches shorter than him instead of seven. Cody came up behind Dakota and wrapped his powerful arms around the dainty girl. She was soon shaking her latex clad booty into his crotch. She could feel his superpowers rising to the occasion. Dakota was looking around and caught two younger frat guys watching her. She took Cody’s hands and placed them on her twin peaks. At the same time, she pressed even harder against his cock and shook her red mane like a madwoman. She noticed one of the young bucks take off for the bathroom, his hands trying to hide the hard on in his pants.

“Dakota, what do you say we head out of here and find a more private place?” Dakota just grabbed his hand and led him back to his truck.

“Lets go, this place is already crazy and will be a zoo later, I bet.”

It wasn’t long before Dakota was unlocking the door to her apartment. It surprised Cody when a moment after she closed the door; she started to peel off her cat suit. “Ugh, I can’t take this any longer, Cody,” as she reached into her panties and freed her cock from his tuck. “Look what you did to me, big guy, you made me all unladylike.” Cody gazed at the bulge in her panties and in one quick move scooped her off her feet and carried her to her bed.

“Dakota, I think I know the answer, but may I make love to you?”

“Yes please, just be gentle ok, you’re the first one I am willingly giving my ass to. Just go slow and know I might bail out, ok.”

“You say stop anytime you need to.” With that, he kissed Dakota. She loved his powerful hands exploring all over her body. She lifted her arms as he slid her shirt off and he began to play with her breasts.

“Wait… stop” Dakota sat up. “Let me take these off,” she carefully removed her forms. Cody watched her as she set them down on her dresser and got out a wipe to clean her skin where they had been. “I want to feel you on me, not through some silicone.” She laid back down on the bed. Cody wrapped his arms around her and began kissing her again. This time she could feel his fingers play and tug at her nipples. Her cock twitched each time he gave one of them a gentle pull. “Oh Cody, that feels soooo good.” She felt his hands move lower down her body. His hand slipped under her panties and played with her cock.

She lifted her hips, and he slid the pink panties off and freed her boner. She felt his lips kiss the tip of her cock and lick the shaft. She twitched as he nibbled her sack.

“Cody…Cody oh yes, suck my dick” she moaned as he engulfed her cock and took her all in. She could feel his tongue dance around with her pole in his mouth. “I ain’t going to last much longer” Cody responded by pulling her hips closer to him and kept her in his mouth. “I’m cumming” she screamed as a blast of cum shot from her dick. She could hear him slurping to keep it all in. Her hands were caressing his head as she tried to buck her hips, but his powerful hands held her in place. She sat up as she finished and regained composure in time to watch him swallow her load. A smile was plastered on his face.

“Wow Dakota, that was a mouthful.” He slid behind her and spooned the tiny woman, and hand resting on the small bud that was her tit.

As Cody lay there, his cock was rock hard, but then he noticed something strange between her butt cheeks.

“Huh? What do we have here?”

“Surprise babe, I’ve been doing my own workouts the last two weeks.” Dakota got up and went over to her dresser and pulled out a couple of butt plugs. They were clearly part of a set, each one just a little bigger than the last one.

“I’ve had the big boy in me all day, so I am ready for my Biiiiig boy now,” her voice all syrupy and oozing sex. “Want to help me take it out?” She waggled her ass at him.

Dakota began to get tingly feelings in her butt as Cody slowly pulled and twisted it out. It was about 5 inches long and almost as thick as his dick. His face looked like a kids on Christmas morning.

“Stick that big cock in my ass Cody, I want you in me. Make me a woman.”

Cody sheathed himself from the supply set out on Dakota’s nightstand and lay back on the bed and helped her position herself on his cock.

“Lower yourself slowly, you’re in control.” His hands were underneath her, supporting her weight, one large hand on each butt cheek. Since he was constantly in the weight room, her tiny 110-pound frame was nothing to him.

Slowly she sank down on his cock, her pecker pointing straight out, erect again.

“Oh my god, Cody, you’re are going to split me in two. This thing is huge.”

“Go slow and relax.” Filled with his cock, finally, and she slowly lifted herself up and down on it. With each thrust, her cock would bob up and down.

“Oh yeah, you are so tight, girl”

“I love your cock Cody, I love your cock, I FUCKING LOVE YOUR COCK!”

“Ughhh, yeah, take that cock”

“I love your dick in my ass baby, fuck me Cody, cum for me. Shoot your load in my ass. Oh yeah, hit my P spot!”

“Not going to last much longer….uuuuuuuuugggggghhhh!”

“Don’t stop Cody, don’t stop, you’re going to make me cum again.” Dakota felt a new sensation build and then crash over her with her first prostrate orgasm of her life. She dribbled out a load all over Cody’s chest. She pulled herself off his cock and collapsed onto him, exhausted.

Cody pulled her body so her head was next to his, and he caressed her neck. Finally, she mustered some strength to get up and grab some washcloths to clean themselves up with.

“I had a wonderful time today with you, Dakota.”

“I did as well, Cody. I’m sad though, finals are coming up and then graduation. I don’t want to stop seeing you though. And I definitely want to see more of you” she said to Cody’s cock, which was starting to get hard again.

She watched Cody begin to stroke it hard again. She leaned over and began to blow him. She knew her bum was way too sore to take it a second time tonight. She would have to build up to that. Her mouth was soon full of its prize and she savored Bayan escort Ankara it like it was her last meal.

“So Cody, what are you doing for graduation?”

“My mom and sister are coming, but I don’t think we have any special plans. Maybe dinner or something. I am going to be here in town for three weeks until I have to report to training.”

“I would love to continue hanging out with you, at least until I move myself. I was planning on moving a couple weeks after graduation when I can get into my apartment. I have to be at my new job right after that.”

“If you like, we can get most of your stuff in my truck and I can help you move.”

“Oh, please, will you? My mom was going to help me, but I am not sure her car or mine will do well pulling the trailer.”

“I should probably get going, Dakota. We both have a lot of studying to do for finals.”

“Yeah, you’re right, Cody. I wish I had a bigger bed than this little thing. Hailey and I could sort of fit on it, but you’re just too big and hunky. Otherwise, I would beg you to spend the night.”

“Yeah, my bed at the frat is the same deal. Maybe we can figure something out over the next couple of weeks.” The two made out for a bit before Cody pulled his clothes back on and headed home.

Dakota did her best to study, but Senioritis was setting in and she knew that unless she totally bombed her finals, she would graduate with honors. She did her best to give Cody the space he needed to get in the study time he needed, but both would rather spend the time with each other. When Cody was over Dakota was glad that her apartment was over the garage and her landlady’s bedroom was at the far other end of the house. There was something about Cody’s cock in her ass that made her scream like a banshee. She was much louder than with Hailey.

The morning of graduation she was giddy and bouncing around her apartment when her mom and Linda arrived. Cody had been over the night before and hadn’t left until 4 am. Her mom could sense something was up but said nothing. They headed to the stadium and bumped into Hailey with her son and her parents. The two girls hugged and cooed at Hailey’s wee one.

“Dakota,” Mrs. Anderson placed her arm on Dakota to get her attention. “Thank you for all you have done for Hailey, being there for her. Her father and I just want to say thank you and wish you good luck in your career.”

Dakota and Hailey waved goodbye to her family as they went off to the bleachers. Rachel Wallace and Linda soon followed, and the two girls headed to the marshaling area. The ceremony was a typical one, and Dakota was glad when it was over. She was looking around for Cody when Rachel and Linda found her. Linda was getting a picture of mother and daughter when Dakota heard her name being called.

She turned her head and took off in a full sprint in her heels and practically tackled Cody, leaping into his arms. She didn’t care that four sets of eyes were watching them kiss like a sailor coming home from a long voyage.

Cody set Dakota down. “Wow, you sure you never played football? You hit me pretty well there, girl.”

Dakota giggled. “So you big lug, you going to introduce me to your mom and sister?”

“Well, are you going to introduce me to your moms?” The four other women were now surrounding the two and smiling at them. They made introductions, then Rachel and Linda gushed over Cody.

Then Dakota realized that Cody had never told his mom about her. Typical boy she thought.

“Hey mister you got some explaining to do, I thought I would find you with a boyfriend, are you dating girls now too?” Said Cody’s mom to her son.

“Mrs. Gordon,” Dakota wrapped her arms around her man, “no, your son has not changed. You can say that I give him the best of both worlds.” It took her a minute to catch Dakota’s meaning, but then she smiled and gave her a big hug.

The two families chatted for a while and shortly before they went their separate ways to their evening activities, Dakota looked at Cody and then her mom. “Mom, would it be ok if I bring Cody with me to your shindig next weekend?”

“So, you want to come after all? Of course, you can bring Cody. That is if he wants to join you.”

“Sure I do, I would love to get to know your family.”


Cody and Dakota spent every day together the following week. Since school was done and they had some time before their jobs started, they could just relax and enjoy each other. Cody helped Dakota pack up some of her stuff for her move to Springfield, and her landlady was kind enough to make some space in her garage for some furniture Dakota found at an estate sale, including a king-size bed.

Dakota figured out Cody’s summer workout routine of heading to the school gym in the morning and then going for a run. She decided to surprise him, and after sneaking a glance at his phone and his running app, figured where she could find him with about a mile to go. Cody was absorbed in his thoughts, earbuds in, when he noticed someone running next to him.

“Dakota!” he slowed a bit and pulled his earbuds out. He checked out his petite girlfriend in her hot pink yoga pants and black sports bra; her wavy chestnut hair pulled back in a ponytail. “This is a surprise; I didn’t know you ran.”

“Not much, I did some in high school, but just on my own. I didn’t want anyone to see the girly guy run. I haven’t made time in the last few years for it, but getting to know you made me think about getting some exercise. At least so I can maybe keep up with you someday.”

Cody slowed his pace to match Dakota. They ran along the river, across campus, through the sprinklers running in the quad, and finally back to the gym where Dakota had parked her car next to his truck. She was slowly walking around in the parking lot trying to catch her breath and cool down a bit. They looked at each other and laughed at how wet they were. Cody stripped off his tank top and wrang it out. Dakota just enjoyed the sight of her shirtless man and how his wet shorts clung to his package. He nodded toward the locker rooms and gave her a questioning look. She shook her head.

“You go in and shower, I’ll meet you back at my place for lunch ok?”

Cody knocked on her door about an hour later. He was greeted with a big kiss as Dakota jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs around him. Her tight sun dress showed off her curves, and Cody could feel her untucked cock throbbing against his chest through the fabric. She loved how he could pick her up and carry her so easily. And he looked great in his shorts and tight tee shirt. It showed off all his muscles.

“So did you like running with me?” he asked.

“Yeah, but I have to build up my endurance to keep up with you. I don’t think I could have gone another block.”

Cody smiled as he set her down. Over lunch Cody suggested that he change his route so that he would pass by her place, and then they could run a mile or so long loop back and they he could continue on back to the gym.

She was stretching in the driveway the next morning when she saw him turn the corner onto her block, and she did her best to keep up with him on the loop run. The morning sun felt good on the back of her neck as her ponytail bobbed back and forth and even though no words were being spoken between the two of them, she felt like she was, in a small way, connecting to him in his element. Cody recognized and appreciated the effort she was putting in to do things he liked with him.


Dakota had four different sun dresses laid on her bed when Cody came to pick her up to head to her mom’s for the party. Cody watched as she held one up after another looking at herself in the mirror trying to decide, finally settling on the first one she tried, a green halter top dress. Dakota was about to put it on when she looked at Cody. She set the dress down and walked over to him and began to rub the bulge in his pants. “Looks like me standing here in my bra and panties have gotten you all hot and bothered.” She got on her knees and unzipped his pants. His cock poked out from his boxers and she engulfed his member in her mouth. Cody wrapped his hands behind her neck as he fucked her mouth. It didn’t take him long to shoot a load down her throat. “Now look what you have done to me,” she whined. “You’ve gone and messed up my hair and makeup.”

“You’re such a girl, Dakota,” he teased. She used to take offence at comments like that, but now it just made her feel comfortable being a woman. Dakota headed to the bathroom after getting her dress on and redid herself. Soon they were on the road with their overnight bags in the back of the truck cab. Rachel came out to greet them as they pulled up. She gave them both a hug. Cody’s firm muscles rather impressed Rachel.

Dakota noticed her mom checking out Cody. “I got me a man, huh mom?” Cody puffed his chest out a bit at the compliment.

“Yeah honey, you got yourself a hunk. Do you two have bags to bring in the house? Are you going to spend the night?”

“No mom, we just checked into a hotel close to here.”

“Dakota, you didn’t need to do that, you can stay here,” said Rachel as they entered the house.

Dakota sheepishly replied, “Uh, mom, I really don’t think you want us keeping you up all night.” She heard a loud snort of laughter coming from down the hall. Just then Linda popped her head into the kitchen where they had stopped.

“Like mother like daughter then I guess.” Cody laughed at that.

“Linda!” Rachel exclaimed, her eyes wide open.

“Whatever dear, you are rather passionate and vocal in bed. Don’t be surprised if your daughter takes after you like that.”

“Come on mom, give me a good reason I shouldn’t get excited by this,” she lifted his shirt and rubbed her hands over his six-pack.

“Ok ladies, I didn’t come here to be a slab of beef in a butcher’s shop.”

Dakota gave him a playful slap. “Oh, hush you, you like it and you know it.” Cody grabbed her and kissed her.

“Well, I guess he shut me up,” she fanned her face with her hand.

“Cody, can you take these coolers with drinks out to the patio?”

“Sure, Mrs. Wallace.” He stacked them one on top of the other and carried them outside. Dakota followed him. Her stepbrothers, she didn’t know what else to call them, were tossing a football back and forth. Dakota introduced Roger and Dan to Cody, and Dan tossed Cody the ball. Both were rather astonished when he casually caught it in midair one-handed and zipped it to Roger. Dakota smiled to herself as she headed back inside to help her moms. Years ago, she would have been sitting nearby scared to be drug into a game of catch, but now, she was comfortable being a girl and doing “girly” things while the boys played. Later, when Roger’s girlfriend came over, the two girls hit it off and rolled their eyes at the boys when they caught them in a deep conversation over who was the best quarterback of all time.

Later that evening, as the guests were leaving, Dakota found Cody sitting in a ring of chairs with Roger, his girlfriend Gloria, and Rachael and Linda. Since there was no other seat available, she hopped into Cody’s lap and felt his arms wrap around her. Roger looked at the two, paused and shook his head. “Sorry, I’m still getting adjusted to who you are and calling you my stepsister. Hell, don’t take this the wrong way mom, I’m still coming to terms with my mom having a girlfriend. But Rachel, you make my mom smile, so I’m happy.”

Cody looked at Roger, “That took guts saying that man. I remember when I told my old coach I was gay, he told me that we might be attracted to a gender, but we fall in love with the person. I know that is true for me. I first noticed Dakota when she was male, but have fallen in love with whom she is.”

Dakota started to tear up. “You love me?” Cody nodded his head and kissed his girl.

As Dakota and Cody were getting ready to leave, Roger came over and put his arm around Dakota, giving her a side hug. “You got a good man there, Sis, don’t let him go.” He reached his hand out to Cody, “Good luck at the academy, and watch out for the Jarheads.”

That night when they got back to their hotel room, Cody stood behind Dakota and wrapped his arms around the petite woman. She leaned her head back so he could kiss her and moaned as his hand reached down and freed her cock from his tuck. He began to play with it through her dress and panties. Finally, she could wait no longer and leaned herself over the bed and pulled her panties down and flipped her dress up. “Take me, you big stud. Give me your fucking cock now!” It didn’t take Cody long to shuck his clothes and fuck her asshole. The two fucked long into the night, each one cumming three times. They did get a call around midnight from the front desk, asking them to keep their passion a little quieter.


The last couple of days before Dakota moved were rather hectic. She spent some time with Hailey and her son and also with Leslie and Karen, thanking them for all the guidance they had given her. She was thankful that Cody had offered to help her move. It was so much easier to have him pull the rental trailer behind his truck than doing it with her mom as she had originally planned. Cody spent four days with Dakota in Springfield helping her get moved in and making love to her each night. He headed back the night before she started her new job to get his stuff packed and heading to Quantico, VA.

She had found a small one-bedroom apartment that was a 10-minute walk from work, so on nice days it was a great commute. She settled in. As a first-year associate, they gave her all the grunt work. Checking the work papers, going on inventory counts, and whatever unpleasant task no one else wanted to do.

She tried to call or text Cody each night, and he typically found a few minutes each night during his training to call her. They would chat about her work, his course work, and life in general. She told him how she was getting to be a better runner and looked forward to when he could get away and they could spend a weekend together.

She didn’t think much of it one Tuesday that fall when he didn’t answer or respond to any text messages. She figured he was studying, but got worried the next day when he still didn’t respond, even with a brief text like he had a few other times when cramming for a test.

She was moping around her desk trying to focus on a spreadsheet Thursday morning when the partner she reported to and the HR manager came to her cube.

“Dakota,” the HR manager said nervously, “can you please come with us to the conference room?”

Dakota’s mind immediately went into overdrive. Why was she meeting with HR? She’d just had a progress meeting with her direct manager a couple of days ago, and he had said her work was exemplary. There were a couple of girls in the secretary pool that she went to lunch with occasionally. She tried to remember everything she’d ever said to them. There was the guy from legal that had asked her out, but he had seemed to be okay once he found out she had a boyfriend. She tried to remember if she had ever said or done anything to indicate that she wasn’t born the woman she presented herself as every day.

“Is, is everything okay?” She hoped she didn’t sound as nervous as she thought she did.

The manager’s expression flashed through shock, then relief, then understanding. “Sorry, Dakota. Everything between you and the firm is fine. There’s somebody important asking to speak with you.” She carefully controlled her breathing so as to not let them see the relief she felt. She looked up to the manager and noticed he was looking at her forehead, and not in her eyes. The manager and partner turned away and Dakota followed. Nothing more was said as they walked down the hall to a small room near the front desk. Inside was a middle-aged gentleman in a suit with a bulge on his right hip. He stood as she walked in and asked her to sit down. The partner and HR manager stood near the back of the room.

“Ms. Wallace, I’m Special Agent Thorton of the FBI Springfield Office. Please have a seat.” He maintained his gaze on her as she sat in the chair offered. “I’m sorry but your friend, Mr. Gordon, was in an accident…”

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