12 Mayıs 2023

Dance With Me : Chapter 3


I gave him my hand and he kissed it softly making my heart beat faster. “I love you Clark Brooks, with all of my heart and soul. Will you marry me and make me the happiest I have ever been in my life?” Bradley asked me as his tears rolled down his cheeks.  “God a million times yes. I love you so much sweetheart, with all of my soul,” I answered as my own tears fell. He picked up a big velvet black box and opened it. “Pick the ring you want Honey, for our engagement,” he said smiling. There were three shiny rings in the box. All with different stones but in white gold. They were all amazing. The first was a carrot Diamond, the second a carrot Ruby and the third a carrot Emerald. They all had smaller Diamonds on either side and I knew they were all very, very expensive. “Sweetheart, these are too much all I need is a band. A simple gold band,” I said wiping away my tears. “That comes at the wedding. These are for our engagement. Honey, Please pick the one that you like the most so I can call you my own and slide it on your finger,” he said, tears still dripping on his stunning face. I put my finger on the emerald, because it reminded me of his beautiful green eyes. He smiled and slid it on my quivering finger. “God I love you Honey, my fiancé. We need a toast and a big sloppy kiss to seal the deal. Let’s take our glasses to the bed so we can kiss good and deep,” he said laughing and standing with his glass. I followed him to the bed saying, “I want to make the toast. It’s my turn Love.” “Yes it is Honey, lay it on me,” he said smiling. God he was beautiful when he smiled. “To my one true Love, I cannot live without you Sweetheart,” I said raising my glass in the air. “Here, here. Me neither Honey,” he said as we tapped glasses and emptied them. All of a sudden, I was in his hairy arms and rolling around on the bed with his lips on mine. We kissed deep and sloppy, loving every second of it. I ended up on top of him, smiling down at my prize. I could feel Escort Avrupa yakası his hard cock under me and I wanted it in my ass. I sat up and squirmed around on his monster cock, “I need you to seal the deal Sweetheart. I need you to let me ride my big cock and make you cum hard,” I said smiling down at him. “Yes, take me, I’m all yours Clark, no one else’s,” Bradley said laughing softly. I got off of him and ripped off his boxers. God, his thick long hard cock flopped out and I could not resist it. I swallowed it half way down and gagged. Damn he was big, I tried again and was able to suck it a little deeper. My spit had it slick and ready for my ass, so I pulled off my boxers and climbed on Bradley and his hard wet cock cowboy style. I slammed down on his cock and he screamed, “Fuck yes. Do me, hard and rough Honey, give that sweet pussy to me.” I rode him like a bucking bronco, hard down and slow up. Hard down and slow up. Over and over as my hard cock bounced around leaking cum. “Bradley, cum in my pussy and make me yours forever,” I screamed. “Yyes cuming,” Bradley yelled as I felt his hot cum in my ass. My cock shot off over and over, on his face, on his chest and on his hard abs. I collapsed on his cum drenched chest, my ass still quivering around his softening cock. Bradley rubbed my back and kissed my face, “Damn Honey that was fantastic, the best anyone has ever ridden my cock.” I smiled and kissed him softly, “I will do anything for you, my fiancé.” “God I love you Clark,” he whispered. “I love you more,” I whispered back. He laughed, “How many times are we going to bathe tonight?” I snickered, “As many times as we fuck tonight, I guess Sweetheart.” “Okay, that’s three times. I think we should stay cum covered until after dinner,” he said as we heard a knock on the door. Bradley called out, “Who is it?” “Room service Sir, with your dinner,” the man on the other side of the door said. “Hold Ataköy escort on please,” Bradley said while getting out of bed and sliding on his boxers and a t-shirt. I covered up this time as Bradley opened the door and took the covered platers of food to the small table. He went back and got a large pitcher of Ice Tea for us to drink with dinner. “Come Honey, I’m starving and I know you must be too,” he said pulling the lids off the platters. I got up naked, cum dripping from my ass and smiling. Well fucked and happy as hell. I sat as he poured the tea and saw we had prime rib, baked potatoes with lots of sour cream and butter. As well as a side of fresh steamed Broccoli with more butter. “Damn Sweetheart, you trying to make me fat?” I said laughing hungry as hell. “I’ll work it off of you Honey, in the bedroom,” he said shoving a big bite of Prime-rib in his mouth. “Damn, this is great Honey dig in,” he said. It smelled divine and watching Bradley enjoy it so much, made me even hungrier. I took a big bite of the steak and he was right, it was delicious. I loved the broccoli and potato too. By the time we cleaned our platters we were both stuffed. “Sweetheart, I’m ready to sleep. That meal was fantastic, thank you. I just want to go to sleep, is that okay?” I asked standing and lying in the bed. “Yes honey, right behind you. Let me snuggle up behind you so I can sleep,” he said. “Of course Sweetie, close and tight to me, I want to feel you,” I said starting to doze off, feeling Bradley behind me. I woke at noon, well rested and still in Bradley’s arms. I untangled myself from him and started the coffee pot. Then I went and took a quick shower and came out just as the coffee was done. I sat with my cup of steaming coffee in a bath robe and watched Bradley sleep. He was so damn handsome and I was so damn lucky. I loved him with every fiber of my being and I knew he loved me deep in his soul too. I admired my engagement Şirinevler escort bayan ring thinking about last night and our love making. I decided to wake him up for coffee, well after the sex. I tossed off my robe and climbed on the bed, at his feet. I licked my way up his body, moving the covers as I went. I saw him smile when I heard a soft moan. I slide off his boxers, with his help and when I swallowed his cock he was awake and talking, “Good morning Honey, you’re spoiling me. I love waking up like this but I love you more. Umm don’t stop.” I wanted and needed his cum so I had no plans to stop until I got a big creamy mouth full. I gently played with his balls as my tongue ran along the underside of his pulsing cock up to the frenulum that indentation on the underside of the cock where the head meets the shaft. As Bradley’s sexual arousal and stimulation continued his head swelled wider and as it become further engorged with blood, their color deepened and the balls grow larger. Then circled around his swollen cock head on the up stroke. He tasted so good and musky from our fuck session last night. My own cock was hard and leaking on the bed covers from his taste and strong unwashed smell. “Damn Honey, umm that fells amazing,” he whispered as he stroked my brown hair softly. I continued worshiping his fantastic cock working a little faster and sucking a little harder to get my much wanted reward. As my watering mouth leaked its spit, his balls and ass crack were soon soaked. I moved my hand to his sweet hole and rubbed it in circles as I continued to suck him. “Yes, slip that finger in my ass,” he said softly. One finger quickly became two as I rubbed his sweet spot as I sucked, “Fuck yes Honey, harder. Fuck that ass, you have me so close,” he moaned. He grabbed handfuls of my hair and grunted loudly, “Ugh,” as he released two, no four, huge squirts of creamy salty cum down my throat and on my tongue. I saved some of his cum as I crawled up his lushes body for a cum kiss. Our mouths met and Bradley slide in his wet tongue between my lips. I released my prize into his mouth and he moaned in mine, “Uum.” Our kiss deepened as we shared the last taste of his cum. We made out for a while as he came down from his eruption. “Damn Honey that was a great blow job.

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