6 Mayıs 2023

Dani’s Dilemma


I watched his plane lift off and disappear into the eastern sky. As I slowly walked across the airport terminal to the parking lot, I tried to compose myself as I wiped the last few tears from my cheeks. I could still feel his lips on my lips and the lingering scent of his shaving soap was still with me, but both sensations were rapidly vanishing. As I climbed into the car, I leaned back one last time saying good-bye to the man I loved. The feeling of the strength of his arms around me in our last hug vanished as I started the car to head home to our empty house. You would think that I would be used to this. This was the third deployment in the last two years for my husband. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, he had signed up for the Air National Guard. A few weeks in the summer and a few weekends, he had said. Think of the money and the benefits, he had said. Who would ever have expected multiple deployments year after year? As I pulled into the driveway and started up the walk to the front door, I heard a voice scream, “Hey, Dani!” “Hi Joe, how are you doing this morning?” I asked, as I walked across the street to the front porch of our neighbor. “Oh, about as good as an old fart can be,” he mumbled over his coffee mug. “Did Gary get off okay?” “Ya, off to the sandbox for another six months,” I tried to cheerfully respond. “Well, sweetie, you know if there is anything I can do to help you while Gary is gone,” Joe earnestly offered, “you know where to find me.” “That’s one of the last things Gary told me Joe,” I said and repeated, “See Joe if you need anything.” “Damn straight girl!” Joe saluted. “Talk to you soon, Joe,” as I waved and turned back to my house. Gary and I had a very interesting relationship with this neighbor. He was sixty-three, a Vietnam vet, who was in a wheelchair now most of the time suffering with the effects of exposure to Agent Orange. Joe’s wife had passed away from cancer two years ago Acıbadem Escort and he had soured on life after that. He had lost many of his friends who viewed him now as an unlikeable old curmudgeon. Gary and I, on the other hand, viewed him as the best neighbor in the world, real salt of the earth. The loneliness of the house struck me as I threw the keys on the counter. I started to clean up the kitchen after our hurried breakfast earlier this morning. As I put the cups back in the cupboard, I discovered a card and a gift-wrapped package. I sat down and opened the package. It was a new Sony HD Camcorder. I opened the card and it read: “Sweetest Dani, I will never survive without seeing you for six months. Any chance this camera could replace me in some of your sexy shows? Pretend it is me enjoying watching you. A quick download to me and oh, how happy I will be! Love you always, GaryBear. P.S. If you set it on the dresser, next to the lamp, I could see Joe’s window too…just saying.” I blushed remembering how this all started. Gary enjoyed watching me undress for him before we went to bed. This had become more and more of a ritual as I developed it into a strip/masturbation show while Gary sat in his chair masturbating. One night, about a year ago, we noticed Joe watching the whole thing from his bedroom. That excited both of us tremendously and led to the best sex we’d ever had. From that night on, Joe’s voyeurism was added to the ritual. We all acted innocent around each, but we all knew that this was our sexy little secret. I put the camcorder away, cleared my head, and decided to finish off the last cup of coffee with the morning paper. “Oh no,” I thought as I read the local section. Joe and the Mayor were at it again. Joe owned a piece of property up by the mall and was refusing to sell it to a developer because it was a buffer between parking lots and a little trout stream. The Mayor, who was a hypocritical Acıbadem Escort Bayan S.O.B, was accusing Joe of blocking progress and being a job killer. This battle between them had been going on for months. Disgusted, I threw the paper in the recycle box and went back to housework. ****** At dinner, I ate my salad consoling myself with a glass of chardonnay and the Sony instruction manual. I discovered I had charged it correctly and after dinner, I went upstairs to set things up for Gary. I set the camcorder next to the lamp on the dresser and pressed the record button. After a few minutes, I stopped recording and hit the play button. I was very impressed by the high definition picture on the little screen. I had set it correctly with a large depth of field and wide-angle shot. I clearly could see inside Joe’s bedroom and the things on his nightstand. I could zoom in and easily read the license plates on the cars parked along our street and I was in focus as I stood by the large floor to ceiling windows in our bedroom. I turned on some music, started filling the bathtub, and poured myself a third glass of chardonnay. When the tub was half full of water, at the perfect temperature, I added my favorite Aura Cacia Bath Foam. I watched myself in the bathroom mirror as I slowly lowered myself into the foamy bubbles. I felt pretty sexy. I was still in my prime at thirty years old. My small breasts still had their perfect shape and all the curves still looked pretty dang good. Poor Gary, at least he did know what he was missing. As I sipped my wine and relaxed to the music I made my plans for my first solo show of the deployment. I loved how the water line and the soapy foam felt on my breasts as they fell through the foam and water as I breathed. I found myself tugging on my hard nipples with increasing frequency as my bath progressed. As the bath began to cool, I started a warm stream of water into Escort Acıbadem the tub to maintain the perfect temperature. The currents of warm water began to tease my labia as I opened my legs to allow greater circulation. I so wished Gary were here leaning back into my chest. I loved how that position gave me easy access to stroke and play with his hard cock. God, I was horny now. I rose from the tub, slipped on a sheer robe over my soapy wet body, and slowly walked into the lit bedroom. As I entered the room, I pushed the record button on the camcorder, barely touching the machine. I continued over to the window and looked over to Joe’s room, just catching him turning off his lights. I laughed to myself, thinking the old boy was waiting up for this, even though it was now past 2:00 a.m. The streetlights and the moon brightly lit the deserted street below. I turned the music up loud. I leaned against the window glass, pressing my body against it. I was sure that with the wetness of my body and the sheerness of the material, Joe easily had a great view of whatever he wanted to see. I pushed back a little bit from the window and slowly started to run my hands over my body. I began squeezing my breasts and pulling my nipples through the material. My hands fell through the opening in my robe to my pussy. It was already swollen and slippery from a combination of the bath foam and my own natural juices. I worked slowly up and down my lips, gently teasing my little clit with my thumb. I pulled the wet robe off my shoulders and helped peel it down my body. I continued running my hands over my breasts, tugging on my hard nipples, and stroking my pussy. I was getting close and started working my fingers inside my body as my thumb pressured my hard clit. I turned my back to the window, focusing on the red light of the camcorder, pretending it was Gary watching me. I pictured Gary, sitting naked with his hand rubbing up and down the shaft of his penis. I was so close. I turned around with my fingers still frantically pleasing me and saw Joe. He had turned on his light and I clearly saw his naked body leaning against the window, his hand furiously pumping his hard cock.

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