14 Mart 2023

Dark Beauty


You’re laying down, naked, on your bed, your light dark skin sending heat waves as you cup your B-cup breasts the espouse your beautifully shaped body with a flat stomach and a round behind.

I’m sitting on the side of the bed, I look at you with a devilish smile, playing with yourself.

I spread your legs gently with my hands and ask you to slide your finger slowly on the surface of your vagina, after wetting your finger in your mouth, looking deep into my eyes.

After a few strokes of your finger, I put my hands behind your knees pushing them up and to the side to reveal and expose your vagina to me.

I tease you by kissing around your vagina and stick out my tongue, barely running it over your pussy lips.

Then I dip my nose to the bottom of your lips and run it up your vagina, splitting your lips apart with the tip of my nose and follow with my tongue, deeper inside your lips this time, then I slide my tongue deep inside your vagina and lick up to your clit I slide my finger in you slowly, playing with you while sucking on your clit.

I a private affair izle keep fingering you and I increase the pace gradually while twirling my finger inside you, matched with my sucking, you arch your back, close your eyes in pleasure.

Once my finger would be well wet, I start running my tongue inside your vagina again, using my finger to wet your anus, going in circle, dilating it slowly, listening to you moan.

You run your hands in my hair and squeeze gently my head between your thighs.

I go back to sucking your clit, while inserting slowly my middle finger in your anus, as your anus accommodate my finger more and more.

Once my middle finger is be entirely inside, I start going back and forth slowly, then move the rest of my body to your side, keeping my finger in your behind.

As I accelerate the pace of my middle finger in your butt, I grab your head with my other hand and kiss you hard, moving down to your neck and shoulders and back to kissing you, twirling my tongue against accused izle yours.

With my hand between your legs, I keep fingering your anus, and massage your pussy and clit with my thumb, trying to bring you to the edge of cumin.

I suck and bite your breasts, stomach hips, as you would use your hand to grab my hard on to stroke it lightly.

With my finger still in you, I pull your head towards my dick for you to take it in your mouth.

You put it in your mouth, sucking it slowly, getting it as wet as possible.

After a few minutes of you sucking me and me fingering you, I pull you to the edge of the bed.

I spread your legs and take hold of your hips, standing between your legs with my hard on pointing up.

I watch you drip with anticipation as I bring my dick to the edge of your vagina lips without inserting it and just rub the tip on your lips.

I ask you to beg for it and to be convincing if you really wanted it.

I bend over your body, sliding my dick against your slit, and kiss you hard alef izle while holding your head from behind.

Then suddenly I insert it all in one shot in your wet pussy.

Holding your body down I start going back and forth inside you, harder with each thrust.

I move back up.

Standing between your legs, still going back forth hard between your legs, while holding your feet to keep your legs as wide as possible in a V shape.

I turn your legs around and your entire body at the same time, putting you face down on the bed with your ass on the edge, pointing up.

While putting my dick back inside your pussy, I start fingering your ass again to get it loose as you feel my finger and my dick in you you’re moaning as loud as ever. Then I pull out my dick from your vagina and start pushing against your anus, slowly, one centimetre at a time until it’s all in.

I hold your arms behind you at this point with your elbows touching then I accelerate the pace, in and out of your anus.

My hips now slamming hard against your ass make a lot of noise while my dick is pounding you.

You feel my dick get even bigger as I’M about to cum and moan louder than ever as I’m driving you with it.

At the last second, I grab your hair and pull you towards me biting your neck from behind as I cum hard and deep in your ass.

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