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Dark Desires (Hayley’s High Part 2)


Dark Desires (Hayley’s High Part 2)This story is part 2 to Hayley’s High. It’s a Hayley Williams story. M/F, MM/F, MMM/F, hardcore, etc Ten months. That’s how long it had been. Oh sure, touring could be exhausting. The late nights, long bus rides or flights could really take it out of her but at least Hayley had the stage. At least she had the fans. The fans.Hayley closed her eyes, thinking of that night. The night she had invited four fans backstage to her dressing room after the show. She was so horny even after being used that night that she couldn’t even wait a day to jump Chad. She called him to meet her at a hotel. The moment he entered the room she jumped him and didn’t give him a chance to recover, riding his cock like a whore in heat. With every thrust of his cock she felt the memory of the step father from the night before pounding her. She didn’t tell that to Chad of course. Not the whole truth anyway. Chad knew about her ‘appetite’ after shows but they’d agreed to a no touching, fans only jerked and came on her ass policy. She worried it would hurt him if she told him the truth but there was also another reason she hadn’t told him.It was her secret. A dirty little secret and secrets, especially dirty ones, are fun. Hayley smiled, opening her eyes just as the light in front of her turned green. She eased the car forward into the night. She was wearing a large coat but it wasn’t just because of the night chill. No, this was more about anonymity than anything else. While she loved grinding and shaking her hips for thousands of fans on stage, it was another matter entirely for someone to see her tonight. Not where she was going and not here in her home state where people might recognize her more easily than in a different city or country. Hayley found the street she was wanting and pulled over on the side of the road. She got out, carefully pulling the hood of her coat over her head, and eyed both sides of the street. There wasn’t much traffic in this type of neighborhood, especially this late at night. A couple of rough looking men stood near the far corner, just in front of the convenience store. Hayley looked both ways before crossing the street with her head down. She caught one of the men at the corner eyeing her and a part of her wondered what she would do if they followed into the dark alley behind the small store. They settled for whistling and cat calling her instead. Once she was in the alley and out of sight she pulled the hood down. She continued down the alley until she reached a door connected to an old building. The building use to be a theater that had closed when Hayley was a teenager. It had been vacant for years until recently when a new owner purchased it. At least that was the story her friend told her. Hayley hesitated, wondering if she should pull her hood back up before knocking. She was too late though as the door opened. The person standing in the doorway was huge and built like a truck. He looked down at the tiny singer. Hayley swallowed as she looked up at him, instantly wondering if this was a mistake. What if he recognized her? The man looked down the alley both ways before turning his attention back to her. His eyes roamed up and down her tiny figure. The smirk on his face was more of an acknowledgement of what she was here for than him recognizing her though. He reached out his hand and Hayley relaxed, handing over the card that her security man Jake had secured her. Discreetly of course. The man at the door took the card, scanned it and nodded. Then motioned for Hayley to follow him into the dimly lit building.There was music playing in the background, not obscenely loud but enough that she wondered how people didn’t hear it outside. Probably sound proof, she reasoned. There were other sounds too. Louder than the music. Slurping. Moaning. Hayley was so mesmerized by them she almost bumped into the guy when he stopped at a small corridor in front of her. The corridor led to several different doors. “Here you go. Enjoy,” he said, giving her another smirk before walking away. Hayley waited until he was around the corner and out of sight then she turned back towards the doors. There were four doors on each side, a total of eight in the corridor. Some of the doors had writing on them, the one to her right had ‘confession’ in what looked like dark red marker written on it. Her heart racing, she reached out, opened the door and entered. The room was tiny, so narrow in width she could reach out and touch both walls at the same time. There was a chair in the middle of the room. Hayley stood near the door for a moment, accessing the room and situation. That’s when she heard the voice, “Hello? Who’s there?”It was coming from the other side of the wall to her right. She didn’t response immediately, unsure of what to say. Even after the experiences she’d had with her fans last summer she’d never done anything like this before. Her heart was racing. Her knees shook a little, from fright or excitement she wasn’t sure. That’s when the voice spoke again, “Have you come to tell me your sins? The tone of the voice had changed. It was soothing. More calm. Relaxed.A second passed before Hayley responded, “Yes.” “Sit.” The tone didn’t change but it felt like a command. Hayley slipped off the large coat she had on as it fell to the floor at her feet. The man on the other side of the wall couldn’t see her outfit but she didn’t wear it for him anyway. No, this outfit was for herself. It was the same outfit she had on that night she invited the four fans backstage. A thin white top, and the same skirt. No bra. No panties.Hayley obeyed the voice and sat in the chair. There was a hole on each side of the wall, one to her left where the voice was at and one to her right. She ignored the urge to lean down and peak through them, especially the one where the voice was coming from. “Good,” the voice said, his tone and the situation all making Hayley’s heart race. “Now tell me your sins,” he paused, “Everything.”Hayley’s breath was shaky as she spoke, “I did something naughty… very naughty.””Do you believe you are a bad girl?” the man asked.Hayley whimpered, spreading her thighs. She slipped her hand between them and up her skirt. Her pussy was soaking wet, “Oh yes,” she breathed out. “Why do you believe you are a bad girl?”Hayley had been raised as a Christian and still considered herself one so this little game of confession was driving her insane. She slipped two fingers inside her wet little pussy, closed her eyes and moaned, “Because I fucked and sucked four strangers,” she said, her head leaning back as she fingered herself slowly. “And did you enjoy it?” the voice asked.Hayley gasped, her finger stroking her clit perfectly as she bit her lip, her breathing hard, “Yes…”Even though the guy couldn’t see her, there was no doubt he could hear how wet she was as she fucked herself, “Does that make me a bad girl… father?” Hayley asked. She was so turned on she didn’t know how much longer she could last.Apparently the guy couldn’t hold out any longer either though, as a thick cock slipped through the hole in the wall to her left. Hayley moaned, no hesitation as she slid out of the chair to the floor, wrapping her hand around his cock. The first cock other than Chad’s she had touched since that night with the fans. She didn’t waste any time playing either, one long lick from the base of the cock all the way to the tip before taking him entirely into her mouth. She slurped and sucked him like a thirsty person stranded in the desert getting their first taste in days. She played with his ball sack as she slurped and sucked his cock with her hungry mouth. After about sixty seconds of this the man pulled his cock out of her mouth, and back through the hole. Hayley groaned in disappointment, whimpering and finally begging, “Please… give me it.””Are you a bad girl?” he asked.”Yesssss,” Hayley growled, desperate as she pawed at the hole for her treat.”Tell me your deepest, darkest desires. Desires you can’t tell anyone else.”The image of being on stage flashed in her mind. The crowd watching her, all eyes on her as she slid up and down on the stage in front of the microphone only it wasn’t a microphone, it was a pole. And the breeze was cool against her wet bare pussy as she grinded her ass, shaking those hips on stage without a thing on. Tits out, legs spread. Men in the crowd yelling, calling her filthy things and what they wanted to do with her. Hayley whimpered and cooed, “I want to be fucked while others watch. I want to fuck myself while they watch,” she breathed, fingering herself.She was so wet. Knowing he could hear how wet she was along with the little game of confession put her over the edge. She shuddered, then came, her hips grinding near the floor. A small puddle forming below her as she squirted and rode out her orgasm. “Good girl,” the voice said, his cock sliding back between the hole and into her view. A low husky moan came from her, then Hayley took hold of him again, slurping and sucking his cock until he started to groan in warning. Taking the hint, she pulled his cock out, slapped it against her open mouth and tongue until he erupted. His cum splattering her tongue and mouth, covering a good portion of her face, Hayley Williams took the stranger’s load at the glory hole. When he was finished, she squeezed out the last bit of cum from his cock, her tongue and mouth finishing him off. Then she scooped up the parts on her face and sucked them off her finger. Every drop.His cock disappeared back through the hole, Haley groaned in satisfaction but also disappointment that it was over so quickly. A sound behind her caught her attention though. She turned to see a cock slide through the hole, canlı bahis skinnier than the other but long and hard. It had to be a good eight or nine inches. Maybe not the biggest but definitely one of the longest she’d ever seen. No hesitation, Hayley repositioned herself on her knees to face it. “Forgive me father, for I have sinned,” she whispered just loud enough for whoever was on the other side of the wall to hear, then without giving the guy a chance to respond she took his entire cock in her mouth, all the way down her throat. She took it so far that she choked, his cock so long it poked the back of her throat down her airway. Hayley pulled back coughing a little before jerking him off with her hand. The guy on the other side of the wall muttered, “You filthy little whore,” which made her just want to go faster but she resisted. An idea forming in her head. A bad idea. Hayley groaned, torn between acting on it and the consequences it could have or doing the responsible thing. She had run out of birth control pills weeks ago but Chad had left on tour so she hadn’t seen a reason to get more yet. “Fuck,” the guy groaned, obviously not going to last much longer. She slowed her hand down, jerking him slow, trying to fight the urge. That’s when she heard a commotion behind her. Back where the first cock had been. She looked to see see another cock slide through, this one different than the man who had been there earlier. A big black cock.All rational thought disappeared, replaced by hunger. Hunger to wrap her lips around that cock. But she couldn’t just leave the cock in front of her unfinished could she? Hayley stood up, took off her top, quickly shedding the skirt as well so she stood bare with two cocks on each side of her. Then slowly she leaned back against the wall with the long, thin white cock was. She knew it was a bad idea but she was so horny it didn’t matter. She slid her ass down until her wet pussy came in contact with the cock, sitting just on top of it. Hayley shuddered, unable to resist any longer what her body needed. She leaned forward just enough for the tip of his cock to line up with her cunt before sliding all the way back, taking him into her wet pussy. The moan that came from her was that of a whore getting her fix. She leaned forward to keep herself up more than anything, her hands on the wall in front of her while the cock began pummeling her pussy from behind. Hayley met his thrusts with her own. Hayley’s head leaned forward against the wall in front of her as she took a pounding, her eyes flickering open and close. The black cock just below her, ready. She leaned down and took the cock into her mouth. She’d dated a black friend her freshman year in high school but that was over a decade ago and it ended pretty quickly. She had never gotten a chance to fuck or even suck black cock before. Hayley moaned around the cock, partly because she was finally getting to suck a black cock and partly because of the pounding the cock behind her was giving her. She pulled the black cock out of her mouth with a pop, spitting on it once as she continued to jerk it while she looked over her shoulder, “Fuck me hard,” was all she said to the man pounding her pussy before wrapping her lips around the black cock in front of her again. “You fucking whore, you like this big black cock,” the man on the other side of the wall in front of her said, “Show me how much you want it.” He wasn’t as long as the guy fucking her but definitely a solid seven inches and he was thick. In response Hayley opened her mouth as far as she could and took him all the way in until her face was shoved up against the wall.”Good girl,” the guy muttered before grunting, shooting his warm load down Hayley’s throat. Hayley swallowed, moaning around his cock then pulled back slightly so she could take it all in, enjoying the taste of a stranger’s black cock and cum. Then she came, her ass thrusting back as hard as she could while still finishing off the black cock in front of her. So lost in her own orgasm and the cock in front of her she didn’t hear the groan behind her until it was too late, the man’s cum flooding her pussy with his warm seed. So much cum that she could feel part of it leaking out and down her thighs. Hayley whimpered, partly frightened, partly turned on. Then she came again, accepting her fate. —“You ready for this?” Taylor asked, giving Hayley a smile.”Ahhhh” she screamed, grabbing him into a hug just as the bus pulled out of the lot. Finally, after a year and a half Paramore was going on tour again. A new album done. Sure, it was tough losing a member of their group in Jeremy but Taylor and her had pulled through. A team. Now they were ready for the next journey. That was what this album was about. First stop was just a few hundred miles from home. Then a trip to Detroit before going to the west coast. Taylor smiled at her when they pulled away, then he went to the front of the bus to hang with the driver while Hayley retreated to the small bathroom in the back. Eyeing herself in the mirror she smiled, a new album and a new look. Her hair longer now, and blond. She loved the way it looked when she shook it, imagining how it would bounce on stage as she danced. Unfortunately Chad had been out on tour with his own band for a couple of months now so he hadn’t seen how long her hair had grown other than pics. Hayley felt the heat rise in her cheeks as she thought about some of those pics she had sent him. I hope the fans will like it she thought, her mind roaming for a minute before the smile faded, No, you can’t do that again. Too risky.The day after the glory hole Hayley had found the first after morning pill she could. From there she had a couple a health screenings over the next couple months to make sure nothing was wrong. What she did with those men, no birth control, no condom, was too risky even if it was enjoyable. Hayley sighed, reliving that moment of having her pussy pounded while she sucked that big black cock… it was so good. Especially when the man came inside her, the warmth. The release. Hayley shuddered, feeling hot. She slid her hand between her thighs, watching herself in front of the mirror as her mouth hung open. She slowly slid her pants down and fingered herself until she came, watching herself the entire time.———“Hello Detroit! We. Are. Paramore!” Hayley yelled to the crowd, all eyes on her.Every song. Every hip shake. She danced on stage, her blonde ponytail bouncing behind her as she eyed individual men in the crowd. Giving them all an eye full as she bent over during one of their new songs. The energy of the crowd, the shouts from the first row. It gave her a rush. The urge was strong to point out men in the crowd to her security for back stage passes. She resisted for almost the entire concert, until the last two songs. When Misery Business came on an idea formed in her head. It was a tradition that the band had made, a tradition of inviting a fan on stage to sing the last part of the song with them. When the time came, in the middle of the song, Hayley eyed the crowd until she found him. A tall, good looking guy standing near the front row next to a girl, obviously a girlfriend or a date by the way she hung on his arm. When Hayley told him to come on up, the crowd went crazy. Hayley licked her lips, motioning for the crowd to hype it up more. The band, the screaming, it was all so loud as the guy got on the stage and approached her. He said something to her but she could barely hear him because of the crowd. Once the crowd settled a bit she leaned into him and said, “How hard do you want to fuck me tonight?” her lips inches from his ear, giving him a squeeze through his pants with her right hand. The guy jerked in reaction, his mouth hanging open in response as he stared at her. She was so close to him that no one probably saw the motion.She pulled away and brought the mike back to her lips, giving him a dirty look, “You ready?” she asked, the crowd roared thinking the question was for them. The guy swallowed, nodding just as the band started playing again. Hayley watched him as he began to sing, slowly recovering from what just happened. At the end of the song Hayley gave him a hug, leaning into him and whispering into his ear “think of me when you fuck your girlfriend tonight.” She pulled back, thanking the stunned fan as he was ushered off stage. ———-Hayley took out her lipstick and applied a fresh layer. The bubble gum pink was always cute to her but with long blonde hair, tied into a ponytail, while wearing the tight, little fuck me shorts and pink top she had on it gave her a naughty school girl look. She eyed herself in the mirror, running her tongue over her lips and blowing herself a kiss. On the outside she may have looked relaxed but on the inside her heart was beating fast, her palms sweaty. The show had ended barely ten minutes ago and she could still feel the energy of the crowd. The flashes of cameras and phones snapping pics of her body. Men eyeing her in the crowd. So many wanting to do filthy things to her. Hayley sighed. The way she had taken that guy on stage to sing and played with him in front of everyone. The shocked look he gave her when she leaned in and whispered to him to fuck his girl as if it were her. It made Hayley wet just thinking about it. She had originally planned for that to be the extent of her ‘fun’ for the night but she was so turned on after the show she couldn’t resist. Once the show ended she immediately went to Jake and told him to bring her some presents. When he asked who she told him, “surprise me.”I deserve this she thought. Besides, this wouldn’t be like last time. She would follow the rules her and Chad had laid out bahis siteleri before. No touching. She’d strip, get on the floor and finger herself as they came on her ass. She couldn’t take the chance of…Her dressing room door opened. She expected to see Jake but it was someone else. He was about six foot tall, decent build and black. Hayley eyed him up and down as he entered, a smile forming on her face. Two others followed. The other two bigger than the first. One had to weigh a good two fifty, most of it muscle. The other guy was a little bit chunkier but built as well. All three black. She caught the sight of Jake just as he shut the door, leaving her alone in the room with the three men. I’m going to need to give Jake a raise she thought wickedly. Before she could say anything the first guy walked towards her, and around her left, “God damn, I bet you taste good,” he said. Hayley’s heart was beating so fast, watching him circle her. The second guy approached her, walking around her on the right. The third guy stopped directly in front of her. He was wearing a black shirt and jeans. “You fine little bitch, you are.” he said. Hayley started to respond but was cut off by someone grabbing her ponytail from behind. She gasped as her head was pulled back, her back now against the man behind her, “Say thank you,” the guy said, his face inches from hers. She whimpered, partly because having her hair pulled hurt, and partly it turned her on. The only other person who had ever pulled her hair was Chad and that was only when he was mounting her. Had she put her hair in a ponytail for this reason, to have her hair yanked and pulled so easily? Her mouth hung slightly open as she stared up at the guy over her, “Thank you,” she said, a defiant tone.”Better,” he said, watching her mouth hang open as her breathing sped up. Having the singer by the ponytail, those luscious lips barely a foot away from him, she could tell what he wanted. He leaned down, his mouth covering hers. She gave in, her tongue meeting his as the other men in the room heard the tiny singer moan. Before she could really get into it though he broke the kiss. She could see the smugness on his face. He got what he wanted. Hayley tried to gather herself, a little shocked by her own response to the man. She tried to regain control of the situation, “Okay, we need to get something straight,” Hayley said, “First, no touching. Second…” The big guy in front of her chuckled, “No touching? Bitch please,” he said, unzipping his pants, “We didn’t come in here for a peep show and jerk. We got that when you were prancing that little tight ass on stage, eye fucking us. No, we came for the entire package.” He pulled out his cock and Hayley barely registered the rest of what he said after that. His black cock was a good seven inches and it wasn’t even hard. “Now Hank. Let’s not scare her. Not yet anyway,” the guy that had kissed her said, moving around her so that he was next to the guy with his cock out, directly in front of her. He tilted his head sideways, giving her a once over, “You saw the way she moved on stage, maybe she can put on a private show worth remembering.” Hank seemed to consider his friends words. A few seconds passed, “Okay,” he said, nodding, “Let’s see what you got blondie.” He grabbed a chair a few feet away and sat in it. His black cock hung out of his jeans.The other guy next to Hank found a seat as well. Thinking this was her chance to take back control of the situation Hayley closed her eyes, thinking back to the stage. The crowd. All those eyes on her as she grinded her hips and shook her ass. Hayley opened her eyes, then stepped towards the two men sitting in front of her. Each step slow as she moved, her legs and hips in perform motion to the internal beat inside her head. A trick she had learned at a very young age when she was training to be a singer. She stopped a couple feet from them, turning sideways and bending slowly at the waist as she blew them both a kiss. Then leaning back up as she turned around, giving them a perfect view of her ass in the tiny shorts she wore. Hayley gave them a look over her shoulder as she shook her hips in motion, like a beat to a song she’d played over and over again before. The men swore and cursed. Hank was stroking his cock, now fully erect, and the sight of it made Hayley’s heart speed up even faster. Driven by instinct, she reached down and unbuttoned her shorts. Giving both men a quick, little glance she slid the shorts down her thighs until they were past her ankles, then kicked them away. She stood with her back to them, giving them both a good look at her ass through the black lace panties she wore. Then turning around, she gave them a better view of her bare thighs, tats and all. “God damn, you fine little white bitch,” the guy who had kissed her muttered next to Hank said. Hayley gave him a smile, “Pull your cock out and prove it.” A few seconds later both men sat with cocks in their hands, stroking. Hank had the biggest cock she’d ever seen up close, but his friend was almost as big. The sight of them both made Hayley’s throat feel dry as she swallowed, fighting the urges and thoughts running through her head. The entire time she was playing with her black lace panties. Slowly edging her fingers around the sides of lace as she bit her lip, watching the men stroke. She still had her tight little pink top on as well. It showed just a hint of her toned tummy. She was about to slide down onto the floor and beg the men to jerk off on her ass when she heard steps behind her. Before she could turn around, the third man who she had forgotten about slid up against her. He kept her facing the two men sitting down, “You like watching them stroke their big black cocks don’t you,” he whispered, his voice soft but firm. It was the first time she’d heard him speak.Hayley moaned, “… yesssss,” her hand slid into her black lace panties. She played with her wet pussy lips, never taking her eyes off the two men jerking their cocks in front of her. She shuddered, her knees buckingly but the man behind her held her up, his hands on her bare waist. She desperately wanted him to slide them underneath her thin, pink top. She leaned back into him, hoping he’d take the hint. Finally he did, his hands sliding up and cupping her tiny breasts through the lace bra she wore. One of the men sitting down in front of them called her a ‘fucking whore.’ She moaned, then whimpered when the man behind her pulled her lace bra down a little to play with her nips. “You sexy little toy,” the man whispered in her ear, twisting her nips just enough to make her mouth hang open. All thoughts about having the men come on her were gone the moment he began playing with her nipples. That simply wasn’t enough now. Hayley reached behind her, hands searching until she found the bulge over his pants. The man pinched her nipples harder, making her gasp. The need was too strong to resist any longer. Hayley turned around to face him, her eyes looking up at his as she continued to rub the bulge in his pants. She stayed like that as if waiting for a command from him. When he nodded slightly she dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants and pulled out his black cock. He was thick and reminded her of the black cock she had sucked at the glory hole. Hayley looked up at him, slowly taking his cock head in her mouth then pulling it out with a loud pop sound. The stage wasn’t the only place Hayley Williams knew how to put on a show.”Fuck,” the guy muttered looking down at her, “You dirty little cock sucker.” As if it were a challenge Hayley engulfed his cock again, this time taking him as far down her throat as she could. She kept him there for a couple seconds before choking and pulling back, the cock free from her mouth with a trail of saliva as proof they had met. The guy leaned his head back uttering another curse as she took him back into her mouth. When he looked back down at her, the sight of those lips wrapped around his cock, working him over put him over the edge. He grabbed the back of her head, holding her in place, his knees buckled as he came. Hayley held on, her hands gripping his ass through his pants as she felt load after load being shot into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could but some still spilled out. Hayley coughed, cum running down her chin as he pulled out. Some of it fell on her top, but most of it on the floor. She had never seen that much cum from one cock.”Looks like you have a mess to clean up,” the guy standing over her said, his cock still hanging in front of her. Hayley wiped her mouth and chin with her hand, licking the cum off her fingers. She met his gaze, then leaned her face as close to the floor as she could. She gave him a slutty, almost defiant look, before running her tongue across the puddle of cum on the floor. One of the men behind her said, “Good girl,” as she continued to lap at the floor, cleaning it with her tongue. The act made her both disgusted and turned on at the same time. The man stood over her the entire time, telling her to ‘get it all.’ The smugness in his voice made her both turned on and angry. After one final lap of her tongue Hayley got back up to her knees and grabbed hold of his cock before he could react. She squeezed him, cum leaking out of the tip as she tongued it clean before taking him all down her mouth again. “God damn whore, can’t get enough,” Hayley heard one of the men say from behind her. The guy standing over her groaned, trying to pull back as Hayley drained everything he had and more. She gave one last hard suck before letting him go. She was pulled to her feet from behind, the guy named Hank lifted her pink top off. Hayley unsnapped her bra in a frenzy as he bahis şirketleri ripped her lace panties in half with one hard tug. The force of it made her gasp, her ass and thighs jiggled from the snap as the torn panties fell to the floor. He was so much stronger, so much bigger than her it was a little scary. It also turned her on though, knowing he could do whatever he wanted to her and there was nothing she could do to stop him. Any of them really. Hayley watched the third guy pull the couch away from the wall towards the middle of the room.Hank leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Does your pussy taste as good as it looks?”Hayley groaned, a deep throaty moan, peaking over her shoulder at him, “Only one way to find out.” The words were barely out of her mouth when he lifted her off her feet, drawing a yelp from her. He pushed her onto the couch face first, spread her thighs apart, ass up. His tongue ran rough over her wet cunt, making her bite into the pillow case of the couch. Hayley Williams, lead singer of paramore, came as Hank tongue fucked her wet snatch over and over. The orgasm resulted in her squirting a little. He didn’t stop though, in fact the action seemed to make him want to tongue fuck her harder. Once she jerked a second time and rode it out he pulled away, letting the singer catch her breath. Chad had ate her out before and he was great at it but she could tell this guy had experience. He knew just what to do and how hard or soft to do it. “You want a taste brother?” Hayley heard Hank ask behind her. She looked over her shoulder at the guy, his hard cock erect in front of him. It had to be almost ten inches if not more. “My tastes run a little different than yours my friend,” he said. In response he stepped forward and grabbed Hayley’s ass, “I always thought you were a dirty little slut,” he said, then spanked her ass. Hayley yelped, genuine surprise on her face. It changed in a heartbeat though. She looked over her shoulder, “Again,” she commanded, “Spank me like the dirty girl I am.” He obliged, making her flinch each time until she buried her head into the pillow by the seventh or eighth time. When he finally stopped she looked back at him just in time to see him spit onto his own cock, and step forward as his cock slide just over the top of her ass and let it sit there. He reached down, fingering Hayley clit to make her jerk and listen to her gasp. Then he spat once more onto his cock, some of it sliding onto Hayley’s back. Without any other warning he pulled back and slid the head of his cock into Hayley’s ass hole. In response the singer held onto the couch with both hands, mouth hanging open, eyes wide as her ass hole was taken, one inch at a time. She’d never fucked a guy with a cock this big much less had one in her ass. “Jesus fuck,” he groaned, sliding it in a little further. Not giving a shit about the whimpering Hayley was doing as her ass was stretched out. Hayley mumbled something and when no one responded she lifted her head and nearly screamed, “Phone, my phone!” pointing towards the table on the other side of the room. The man who she had sucked off grabbed the phone.”I want to see… I want to see how far. Take a pic,” she begged, her eyes watering.”Password,” the man with the phone said. She gave it just as the guy in her ass gave a small thrust making her whimper and cry out, “Fuck!” before burying her head into the couch again.Hayley heard the sound of her camera snap pics, multiple pics.”Let me see,” she moaned, her voice deep and slutty. Hayley groaned as he showed her the pic, “You like seeing that big black cock in your ass?” he asked.”God yes,” she said, uttering a curse then grinding her ass back despite the pain. “Just imagine what it would feel like to have a second black cock inside you right now,” the guy said.”Oh shit,” she muttered, shaking her hips as another inch of cock slid inside her making the singer squeal before her mouth hung open, eyes rolling in the back of her head. The guy held up her phone, snapping pics of her face as the tiny singer was mounted by big black cock. She begged, “Please… please yes.”Hayley felt the cock in her ass slide out and she exhaled, then whimpered, trying to get her breathing under control. Someone sat on the couch beside her and she felt herself be picked up and rolled into his lap. The men were so big, so strong. She felt his big cock beneath her bare legs. The guy picked her up by the waist putting her back to him so that she was sitting in the cowgirl position. He lifted her up again and she felt his cock slide past her ass, up the side of her back. Just missing her ass hole. Taking the initiative Hayley lifted herself up, reaching underneath her and took his cock into her left hand. A whorish sound came from the singer’s lips as her hand wrapped around the big cock. Then she repositioned, lining it up her with her ass hole before slowly sinking onto it. The head of the cock pushing into her ass as she muttered a curse. She could barely sit still, the cock up her ass so big as she slowly tried to ride it. The guy beneath wasn’t having the slow shit though, grabbing her waist with both hands as he pushed her down further making the singer squeal and scream curses. Her legs planted, her thighs gave a jiggle as she wrestled for control while the guy pumped his cock into her ass. He was so big Hayley whimpered, eyes watering. Tears rolling down her cheek as she begged, and grunted.Hank leaned over her, grabbing hold of her legs and lifting her off the cock in her ass so that he could reposition her. Then he spread her thighs, wrapping them around his waist. The guy beneath her repositioned himself as well. Hayley was so wet, so ready that she whimpered like a little whore, “Please. Oh shit. Yes. Do it.” Hank slid his cock into her pussy, the head pushing through and his cock sinking all the way in the singer’s wet cunt. Balls deep. Hayley wrapped her legs around his waist tighter, her thighs trembling. The man beneath her lined his cock up with her ass and pushed the head in. For the first time in her life Hayley Williams was being double penetrated and it was by two black cocks. They were so big she felt like she was being split in two. Hayley’s head hung, mouth open as she was pounded by both men.”You filthy little whore,” Hank said, speeding up his thrusts and making sure each one was harder than the last. Hayley’s ass and cunt was being fucked so hard she just let her legs hang in the air as the two men did the work, pumping her in perfect unison. Her eyes fluttered open every few seconds and she caught sight of the third guy standing next to the couch, her phone in his hand. Obviously recording it all. Hayley’s tiny little tits shaking with each thrust of cock. The site of the guy recording her with her own phone along with the cocks pounding her pushed her over. She jerked, coming hard. Hank uttered a curse, pulling out as the singer squirted hard. This seemed to just make Hank more turned on as he slipped his cock back in her and pounded her harder. The guy beneath her groaned and she felt his load splatter into her ass and spill out. She shuddered again, finally coming down from her own orgasm. She open her eyes to see Hank leaning over her, his head inches from her face as he continued to pound her pussy. “Just so you know,” he said, giving her a hard thrust between sentences, “My wife is pregnant with our fifth c***d and she’s about to pop.” He smiled at the look on her face. Confusion mixed with horror. “I haven’t came in a month and you’re about to get it all.” Hank groaned, giving one final thrust then flooded her pussy with his warm seed. Despite her own horror Hayley came hard, toes curling as her body betrayed her. Her cunt tightening around his cock, knowing that she was squeezing out every drop of him into her pussy.She was so lost in the moment she barely noticed until it was too late that the guy who had her phone stood over her chest, jerking his cock and grunted. A thick rope of warm cum hit her chest, a second rope her face. Hayley jerked in surprise but quickly recovered, opening her mouth as a third rope landed partly on her lips and in her mouth. Two more shots landed on her face or around her mouth before he finished with three final ropes on her chest. Hayley’s chest glistened in cum as she moaned, scooping it up off her chest and taking it into her mouth with a finger to suck it off. All while Hank continued to slowly pound her soaked pussy. Getting every last thrust in he could. Muttering what a good whore she was and that he hoped he had just bred her.Finally he pulled out, the man beneath her slipping out of her under her as well. They left her on her back, on the couch. The sound of her phone snapping pics caught her attention. She looked up at the man holding the phone, and slowly scooped a trail of his cum from her chest with her fingers. The man continued to snap pics as she slid the fingers into her mouth, sucking them clean while never taking her eyes off him or the phone. “Your fans are going to love these tweets,” he said, tapping a few buttons on the phone, then tossing it on the couch beside her when finished. All three men walked out, leaving the tiny singer on the couch bare naked, cum leaking out of her ass, and pussy. She scooped up the last bit of cum from her chest, sucking it down with a whorish moan. Still turned on she picked up the phone and snapped a pic of her cum soaked pussy and ass on snapchat, pushing the send button. ———Chad’s phone buzzed. He opened it to see a snap from HayleyHe smiled, seeing the private snapchat from Hayley as she panned from her face to her pussy and ass soaked in cum. Finally, she was admitting to him what she did. Of course, he had known all along. Most of it was his plan after all. “Now the fun can really begin,” he muttered, jerking his own cock as he watched the short clip on Hayley’s twitter feed of her being double penetrated by two black men.

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