14 Mart 2023

Date Night Pt. 01


We call it “date night”, but what it really means is fuck like we’re kid free.

We had just dropped the kids off with their aunt and were headed home for date night. My wife’s hand moved from its customary station on my mid-thigh to a point a bit higher, enough so to set my mind aflame with the possibilities of the evening. I gave her a quick glance before returning my attention to the road. That peek revealed a mischievous smile on her lips, and with a relationship that had matured during our years together, there was no mistaking the message in her smile. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t have to.

I was speeding, not enough to get pulled, I hoped, but clearly pushing the limit in my bid to get home. Her hand stroked my upper thigh, dancing near my fly, lightly tracing various patterns on the denim.

The teasing continued for the rest of the drive, which thankfully took only a few moments. We had made love several times since our last date night, but we both knew that tonight was going to be a full-on fuck fest, with all options on the table.

Entering the house, we raced straight to the bedroom. Falling on to the bed, our lips locked together, our tongues meeting in a passionate kiss. She rolled onto her back and kicked off her heels.

“You appear to be burdened by wicked thoughts, my lady,” I said, as my hands reached for the buttons on her blouse and went to work.

“Why, whatever do you mean,” she asked, her voice rising in mock protest.

“You know exactly what I mean,” I declared, as I successfully cleared the last button and moved to the undo the clasp on the front of her bra.

“I confess,” she said as she worked on undoing my fly. “I have been thinking impure thoughts. Please, sir, forgive me.”

I finished with the clasp and admired my prize. Her nipples were already hard, standing at attention. I ran my fingers lightly along the side of her breasts before moving to lightly pinch her nipples. She tossed her head back, reveling at my touch.

“Forgiveness? Ah, ’tis easy to grant, but what would you learn? No, I believe punishment is in order, so that you may learn alert missing persons unit izle to discipline your mind to hold nothing but pure thoughts.”

She moaned sexily at my words; knowing where this was headed. “Assume the position,” I ordered. We shrugged out of our remaining clothes and she took a submissive pose, resting on her hands and knees, back arched, rear raised, fully exposing her charms. Her head rested on the mattress, further amplifying the submissive nature of the position.

I reached for the nightstand and opened the discipline drawer, as we called it. Housing our favorite toys, the drawer contained such items as a blue double-headed dildo, a glass butt plug that she favored, a light bondage kit consisting of a collar and leash, some clamps for nipple play, a couple of basic vibrators, and a flash card that read simply, “Fun with Food”. We had collected some others over the years, but these were the toys we kept returning to.

I reached for the collar and leash then turned back to view my wife. She knelt, breasts just grazing the sheet, her head resting on the pillow, watching me, waiting expectantly. Her back rose in a gentle slope, low up front near her neck, rising at an angle toward her backside. I re-positioned myself on the bed, to take in the view from the rear. Here, I had the direct view of her bottom…two very nicely curved cheeks, slightly parted, the split between them revealing the puckered ring of her asshole. My gaze drifted lower as I viewed her pussy, the normally pink lips now darker, swollen with lust, and her clit just visible, peeking out from it’s regular hiding place.

I loved that view, and could take it in forever. But she was ready, so I moved up to attach the collar. I kissed the back of her neck, then nibbled her softly. “Mmmmm,” she cooed, rocking gently against my body. Moving her hair to the side, I attached the collar. It was black, with a Velcro fastener, and a silver chain of about 4-feet accompanied it. I ran the chain along her back, drifting it in lazy curls on either side of her spine, before alice in borderland izle letting the last bit of the smooth metal links rest in between her buttocks.

“Time to blush, baby,” I whispered as I slid my legs under her, effectively placing her across the mattress version of my lap. I could smell her arousal, the pungent scent of her pussy accentuating our excitement.

I took the handle of the leash and used it to lightly smack her ass, alternating between the left and right cheeks. With my free hand I played closer to her center, spreading her cheeks, then squeezing them together. I toyed with the chain tucked in her cleft, rolling it to either side of her back hole then pooling it right in the center.

She enjoyed it immensely, moaning with pleasure, hunching her butt up to me, her right hand moving to her pussy and frigging herself, increasing her speed as her excitement grew. I had to be careful with my cock, one to keep from giving in and just humping her body to climax, and two, to keep it from an awkward position during all the movement.

I spanked her for another moment, bringing her closer to her first orgasm. Submitting fully to her body’s desires, she rolled sideways on my legs, pushing her butt toward my face. The chain slipped off her body, giving me an unobstructed closeup of both her asshole and pussy, the latter gleaming with juice as her fingers hummed furiously on her clit.

I stretched an arm toward the nightstand. I had placed two toys there when I retrieved the leash; she was now ready. Grabbing the first one, a basic vibrator, I brought it to the hand that was working her pussy. She took it from me and let the toy take over the job her fingers had been doing. I reached for the the second toy and its accessory, a small bottle of lube, which we always kept at the ready. Taking her other hand, I placed it on her right cheek. “Spread ’em,” I ordered.

She complied, placing her fingers nearly to her anus then pulling her cheek to the side, slightly stretching her opening into sort of an off center “O”. My cock throbbed at the sight, americas got talent all stars izle desperate for final release. I dribbled some lube onto her, aiming right for the hole.

“Oooh,” she moaned at me, still fucking herself with the vibrator. She had moved it off her clit and was moving it in and out of her pussy, the wet sounds of her quim music to my ears. She knew it drove me crazy to both watch and listen to her pussy being fucked.

Her asshole glistening with lube, her pussy squelching with each thrust of the vibrator, and my cock setting records on the hardness scale, it was time for push us over the edge. I rubbed the second toy, the glass butt plug, on her back door.

She relaxed her body so that her hole yielded readily, and I slipped the tip of the plug inside her.

“That’s it baby, fill my ass,” she cried, pumping the vibrator in her pussy.

I pushed a little more and the plug went deeper. Comprised of three “rings”, the toy stretched her wider as each ring entered her.

“Ooooh, fuck me, stretch my my asshole!”

I plunged the last ring into her, entranced as her asshole stretched to take it, losing its normal pucker and becoming smooth, tightly wrapped around the glass toy. I fucked her with it briefly, sliding it out then pushing it deep, forcing her asshole to contract and expand. The strong smell of sex flooded the air, pungent, almost dizzying, and a light sweat covered her body.

“Fuck me, fuck me now, baby,” she insisted, drawing herself up onto all fours. I knelt behind her, leaving the butt plug inside and placing my hands on her hips. She dropped the vibrator and guided my cock to her pussy. She was so wet that I slipped in all the way easily, and I began fucking her in earnest.

In, out. In, out. I seesawed my hips, going as deep as I could before drawing all the way back and pushing back into her. Losing control, we pushed, bucked, and strained our bodies against each other, grunting our lust to the walls.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” I yelled out.

“Oh yeah, cum for me baby! Fill me up!” she cried back, using her pussy to milk my cock.

“Nnnnhhmm,” I grunted as I erupted inside her. I felt her body spasm as she reached her own orgasm and cried out with ecstasy.

We collapsed together in a heap, me on top of her, both panting with exertion.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“And I love you,” I returned, “And I plan to keep on loving you, staring in about 10 minutes…”

To be continued

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