9 Mart 2023

Daughter in Law Ch. 02


Cheri had her arms wrapped around Dan, her lips pressed to his. She held him to her as his cock was buried deep inside of her. Over the past months she had tried to get together with her father in law at least once a week, unfortunately it didn’t always work out. Since their first time, she had found out quite a few of the things that he liked doing. His just holding his hard cock deep in her and not moving for a few seconds was one of them.

It felt so incredible being in her young body. “I still can’t believe that someone as special as you would want me anywhere near her.” He started a slow rhythm sliding his cock in and out of the warmth of her body.

Cheri knew that Dan didn’t understand and it was okay that he didn’t. Feeling him sliding in and out, she moaned softly as his speed picked up. Dan knew how to please a woman and right now her pussy was sending out something she hungered for. She didn’t come here to fuck; she could get that from Adair. She came to her father in law because she liked the way he made her feel, whether they did anything or not.

Dan was hypnotized by her bouncing breasts. Each time he shoved himself in hard it would make them jiggle. He saw her notice at him staring and looked away.

Cheri had grown used to having men stare at her breasts, even her husband. She really didn’t mind her father in law looking and always got a kick out of being able to make him feel so guilty with nothing more than a look. “I don’t seem to feel your lips on my nipples.”

Dan continued to slide his hard cock in her hot tight pussy. He lowered his mouth and his lips closed around her already hard nipples and he gently sucked.

“Mm, that’s better.” She went to work out twice a week; Cheri told her husband that she went three times a week. As his cock made her pussy even hotter she matched him stroke for stroke. She giggled; well this was sort of a work out.

At first he had felt guilty, but as his relationship with his daughter in law developed those feelings had been replaced with a craving to just be with her. She was delicate and giving and he desperately needed that. Especially now that Marsha was bed ridden and he had to practically wait on her hand and foot. Cheri needed him in a different way and he needed that.

Dan’s undemanding way made everything they did together feel so damn good. She knew that he enjoyed it, he was a man. But what made it different with him was that he needed her to enjoy it. He actually got pleasure from the pleasure he gave to her, and that was something she had never known. Even those times that she had come over and all they could do was sit and talk, had been special for her.

Cheri kept moaning as the warmth spread through her. Her breathing was becoming erratic. Her body was going to explode and she wanted to scream but that was impossible with Marsh being upstairs.

Dan could tell she was close to a climax. He shoved his cock in deep and in a steady rhythm he also rubbed his pelvis against her clit. He knew doing that always made her moan a long stream of almost words. He pressed his lips to hers as she kept up her moaning. There was nothing he loved more than to have her reacting to him while he kissed her.

Cheri felt spikes of pleasure radiating out from the cock that still pushed in and out of her pussy. As he continued to grind against her clit, her body climaxed in an intense orgasm.

Dan continued to ram his cock in her. His daughter in law never realized how much this meant to him. He thought sex was a part of his life that was over. “I’m going to cum.”

Cheri was experiencing a part of having an orgasm that she only had with Dan. After the intense sensual stimulation or her orgasm reached a peak, her body would relax but he would continue to push himself in and out. She would just stare off into space and sort of detach from reality and just focus on the stimulation.

Dan’s rhythm had become erratic. He could feel her pussy tighten around his cock; it almost seemed as if she was milking him.

Having a physical relationship with her father in law was the only time she ever felt a man get off in her. She would sometimes feel additional wetness but that was all. Cheri had experienced a variety of different sexual pleasures depending on who she was with, but this was a singular sensation for her. His hot cum shot out from his hard cock and she could almost share the experience with him.

Dan was spent and totally exhausted and laid his head on her chest. The room was filled with the sounds of their breathing.

Cheri absently ran her fingers in his gray hair. What made this so fulfilling to her was that if she could only stay for a few minutes and they couldn’t do anything, she knew that he would have been just as happy having some time together. Unfortunately the dream was ending and she had to face reality and go back home.

Dan felt her stirring. He kissed her, “Thank you,” and moved off. He saw her grab her clothes and leave to go to the bathroom to get cleaned up. He was dressed Ankara escort when she returned. Seeing her to the front door, they kissed some more and he closed the door after she was gone.

Cheri drove slowly, her mind full of so many things. Her father in law meant so much to her. She finally got home and went in. “Hey babe, I’m home.” She didn’t get an answer but heard him at his computer. She wanted to run away, even as she made herself take steps toward where he was. Nervously she softly pleaded, “Please don’t let him be watching porn again.” She kept saying it over and over.

Adair looked up from his screen as he heard her come in the room. “Hey babe, I want to do porn.”

Her heart sank. Cheri had been treated like a princess by her father in law and now she would be treated like a whore by her husband. It was a long way to fall. She swallowed hard, “What do you want to do?” Unlike what she had experienced with Dan, this had nothing to do with her enjoying anything, it was all about him.

Adair walked over to her, “I want a porn star blowjob.”

Cheri liked to watch porn herself and had even experimented with trying to do some of the things the girls in the movies did. So she was wondering what all he meant by porn star blowjob. She felt herself being made to get on her knees, and then watched as he took his cock out. He pushed it in her mouth and she just concentrated on being able to breathe as he got hard. Luckily she could get him to take it out as it grew.

Adair liked to watch her lips around his cock, seeing that added to it for him. He started to fuck her in the mouth. He never liked people. Oh he had a few friends that he hung out with but for the most part he no use for other men and only a few uses for women. As far as he was concerned he only had a friend so he could try to fuck their wife or girlfriend. Of Couse he would always be on his best behavior for his mom, he liked money and didn’t like to have to work to get it.

He had to give it to Cheri; his wife had a nice mouth. Somewhere in his head a little voice sometimes told him that he should treat his wife better. Fuck that little voice, he was hard and wanted to cum in her mouth.

Doing her best not to gag, she started using her hands to help get him off. All she got for her effort was his batting her hands away. He started fucking her mouth and throat. “Ag — Ag — Ag,” he shoved his hard cock down her throat, and then he would take it out far enough to let her take a deep breath. He kept doing it over and over.

Adair took his cock all of the way out, “I want to see myself cum in your mouth.”

Cheri saw him use one hand to stroke himself. She refused to play his stupid game anymore and clamped her mouth shut. Then she felt a sharp pain as he used his other hand to jerk her hair. This made her open her mouth.

He felt himself start to cum and aimed for her mouth but the first spurt squirted past her mouth and landed on her face. He got his cock closer to her mouth for the rest of it.

Cheri was surprised as his cum landed on her face instead of her mouth. Then she felt a burning sensation as some of his cum got into her eye.

Adair watched cum shoot from his cock and go right in her mouth. It really turned him on and he pushed his still cumming cock deep in her throat.

Thinking that he would just finish watching himself cum in her mouth, she was totally unprepared for him to start fucking her mouth again. “Ag — Ag — Ag,” she felt his hot cum as it landed in her throat. When he was done, he took his cock out of her. Watching out of one eye, she saw him go back to his computer. Feeling herself start to get sick she ran to the bathroom. Luckily she made it just in time to throw up in the sink.

Cheri held her head over the sink basin until certain she was finished. Raising her head, she looked at her reflection from her good eye. His cum fell in strings from her face and her other eye. Snot ran from her nose and her mouth was covered with slime from where she had thrown up. Tears started running down her face and she put her head back down and cried.

Finally, she ran water in the sink and washed her face. Cheri only put up with Adair because she wanted to be with Dan. She honestly didn’t know how much more she could stand.

She left the bathroom as the phone was ringing. “Hello?”

“Cheri, I had to call an ambulance. They are taking Marsha to the county hospital. This has been coming for months. Tell Adair I want Marsha to see him before — a — she a…” She didn’t hear him finish but she did hear him crying. “Please come, I need you.” She hung up with a new energy. She would tell her fucking husband and wouldn’t give a damn what he did. The one person in her life that cared about her just told her that he needed her and nothing was going to keep her away.

Adair and Cheri both raced to the hospital, they found Dan just sitting. He had a vacant look on his face as he stared at them, “The doctors say there isn’t anything else they can do. She has Ankara escort bayan a do not resuscitate order. You need to go see her before they remove her life support.

Cheri’s heart was breaking as she saw the pain Dan was in. She took his arm and all three went in to see Marsha. She was pleased that Adair realized that he was going to lose his mom, but she couldn’t bring herself to feel for him, not anymore. Marsha’s eyes were open but no one was certain if she was seeing anything. Cheri, Dan and Adair watched as the nurses removed her breathing tube and turned off all of the machines except the heart monitor.

“Beep — beep — beep, the tone of Marsha’s heart beating seemed to fill the room. Each beat was getting less intense. Cheri watched Dan kiss his wife good bye and tell her that he loved her. He then laid his head on her chest and cried. Cheri cried for him and for herself.


It had been a couple of months since Marsha had died. At first, Dan just went through the motions of everyday life but slowly, very slowly, he was coming back to his old self. He heard a knock on the door and went to answer it.

Cheri hadn’t let Adair touch her since that night but they did have several arguments about it. She also hadn’t done anything with Dan, he wasn’t ready and she knew it. Her father in law answered the door. He’d had it rough, but with time he was going to be all right. The one spot of joy she had was seeing her father in law’s face. As soon as Dan saw that it was her, he would instantly smile. When he opened the door, his reaction was to cheer up and it meant a lot to her that she could give that to him.

Cheri sat on the sofa with him and gave him a kiss, “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Do you just want me for sex?” she saw the look of disappointment on his face almost before she got the question out.

He reached for her hand, “No. I enjoy just being with you.”

Cheri took her hand away. “Would you like to see yourself cum in my mouth?” The truth was that she was still pissed off at her husband.

“I’d be lying if I said that the idea of something like that wasn’t a turn on. I’m not really sure why. But it is also something I would never have you do.”

“What does that mean?”

“I want to enjoy something like that only if the woman wants to do it. I think that a man and woman should make love. Both giving as well as getting. That doesn’t mean you can’t get wild every now and then. But that also carries over to their life afterwards, each person doing because they want to, not because they have to.”

Cheri nodded — that was pretty much the answer she had expected from him or something similar. She told him of what Adair had made her do that night and what she saw in the mirror.

Dan felt like throwing up. “Honey, I am so sorry you had to experience that. What are you going to do?”

“I’ve only stayed with him so that I can come and see you.” She smiled at the look on his face. “I — I — a — I can’t do it anymore.”

“I understand; you need to do what is right for you.”

She shook he head, “No you don’t understand. I want to be here with you.” She saw Dan bend to kiss her and she turned her face up.

Dan took his hands, turned her head, and kissed her forehead. “You always make me feel like I want to be a better man. You are young and should have someone your own age that will appreciate you.”

The tears flowed down her face, “You don’t want me?”

“Of course I do, but I also want what is best for you. I will miss you but I want you to be happy, you deserve that.”

Cheri left. She had two men in her life. One had her and treated her like crap. One was willing to be lonely just to make her happy. She filed for divorce the next day.


Six months later, her former father in law answered the door and immediately got a huge smile as soon as he saw her. She waited there for a few seconds, “Can I come in?”

Dan was so surprised at seeing her that he had just stood there. “Of course, I’m sorry.”

Cheri came in and hugged him, “It’s good to see you.” She led him to the sofa, “Sit and I’ll get us something to drink.”

Dan chuckled, “Coffee’s made.”

As they sipped their coffee she started right in, “I went to see Adair but he’s moved out.”

Dan nodded, “I was so mad at him for what he put you through. After you left, I told him that his freeloading days were over. I couldn’t afford to pay for his rent and all of the things he wanted. I told him he would have to move into the basement here and get a job.”

“So he’s living here.” She felt apprehensive because she really knew where Adair was.

“No. He took off and I haven’t seen or heard of him since.” He gave her the once over, “You look good.”

Cheri started laughing. “Thank you. I took your advice and after he and I split up I tried to find a guy my own age.”

“How did it go?”

“Oh I found plenty of guys that wanted me but no one that needed Escort Ankara me. Even that was sort of okay. I was getting a divorce and didn’t want a serious relationship. It’s easy for a girl to find a guy that wants a physical relationship but I was searching for a friend –,” she took his hand in hers, “You see, I’ve only had one man that was a friend.”

“I’m sorry to have added to what Adair put you through. I was only trying to help.”

“I know. I was wondering if I could spend the night.” She tried to kiss him on the lips, “Really, I’ll do whatever you want.”

Dan kissed her on the forehead, just like the last time. “You can sleep in the guest room, and there are no strings attached.” Hand in hand, he led her up the stairs, “I’m a little disappointed that you would think that I would demand that you do something just for the privilege of being nice to you.”

Actually Cheri hadn’t expected him to take her up on her offer. She had told a white lie and one that she wanted explain. She stopped him as they were going in the room, “I found Adair and made that very offer. I had hoped that he had changed, he hasn’t. I knew you wouldn’t think of doing anything like that.”

She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her lips to his. “I’ve been miserable. I don’t need a guy my age, I need you. You make an ordinary girl feel like a queen.” She kept on kissing him over and over.

Dan whispered between kisses, “I’ve missed you so much. I was so happy to see you when I answered the door.” He swallowed hard because she was still kissing him. “A — Your Majesty — you should probably stop doing that.”

Cheri grinned at him. She saw the look he had just from her kissing him. It was a look that said ‘I want you so bad I can hardly stand it’. Every girl knew that look on a man’s face, but a few girls were able to see the love that was behind it. She knew how lucky she was to be one of the few. “I don’t want to stop.”

She let Dan lead her to his bedroom but was a little apprehensive about doing anything with him on the same bed as Marsha was in. She was pleasantly surprised when she got there, “You have new bedroom furniture.”

“Yes, I had to have a change.”

They fell onto the bed, arm in arm, mouth to mouth. They were both starting to breathe hard just from kissing, “Do you want to see yourself cum in my mouth?”

Dan just shook his head, “When that happens in a porn movie, I never could figure out why the guy would get himself off that way. A girl making a guy cum that way is one thing, but for a guy to get himself off with his own hand when there is a girl right there that is willing to do anything is pretty stupid.”

Cheri started laughing and it was the first time she had done that in months. She started to take her shirt off and he stopped her with a kiss.

Dan drank in light subtle perfume she wore. “I know you have had sex, I want to make love to you.”

She sighed and took her hands away. Lying back on the bed, she let him do whatever he wanted. He was right, she’d had sex. But every time she and Dan had done anything, she’d also made love. The difference was obvious to her even from that first time.

Dan slowly kissed her face. He traveled to her ears and nibbled. He delicately licked at her eye long lashes then across her nose. Then he gently pressed of his lips to hers. “What I’m feeling right now for you, is — a — oh my.”

Cheri was feeling her own ‘oh my’ as she returned his kisses. She moved around to help him as he took her clothes off, watching his face as he did it. He had a look of passion and she had seen that look but his look was mixed with more emotion and more compassion. She had only experienced that part with him.

Dan cupped her breasts but made sure he didn’t touch her nipples. He slid his hands all over, playing with the bottoms and sides. Every now and then he would let his fingers graze across her nipples. He like seeing her nipples react to his touch and he enjoyed the soft sounds she made when he did it.

His eyes said it all for her. Dan was getting pleasure as he gave her pleasure. She was experienced at fucking and could find a guy to have sex with and it could be really good. But it took an emotional connection to make love. Cheri moaned as his finger rubbed across her pubic hair and lower.

Dan had touched her pussy and moved his hand away quickly. He liked seeing her big eyes watching him and moved to kiss her lips. “I wanted to go slow but I simply couldn’t resist.”

Cheri found it hard to smile and kiss at the same time. Whatever it was, she preferred this special connection between them. She closed her eyes as he made a wet trail down her with his tongue. “Mm,” I love having my nipples sucked and held him to her.

He teased hear, softly caressing and exploring her entire body with his mouth, tongue and teeth being careful not to bite. Finally he got back to her pussy. She was wet and her pussy lips glistened with moisture.

Cheri liked the look he was giving her. “What are you thinking?”

Dan was panting and he couldn’t take his eyes away from her pink pussy. “I want to put my mouth on you right here –” he took his finger and gently moved her delicate sensitive lips apart and rubbed her clit, “– so bad.”

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