16 Mayıs 2023

Daughter’s Cravings Ch. 04


Special thanks to the editor-Hatsuda-

In this chapter Jennifer goes to her uncle in humiliation and desperation. His power and control become intoxicating.


Depression leads to Desperation.

I could not believe the change of events from me getting ready that night in a sexy outfit to drive my father crazy and to ultimately fuck him as we celebrated his successful business merger, but now all I felt was loathing for him for allowing this to happen.

For the next three weeks I was in shock, and deep depression. I was so depressed that I couldn’t get out of bed or barely eat because of how upset I was at the idea of losing my lavish apartment and my well-heeled lifestyle.

It was just too much to comprehend, and the more I thought about losing everything the deeper into the abyss of depression I sank. When my father left my apartment that night he put $420 cash on the table with a pile of change. He left a note saying he was sorry for everything and wrote that the cash was the last of what he could give me because of my uncle taking virtually everything he had.

After one week calls began coming in from bill collectors, including the cellphone company threating to shut off service because of father’s nonpayment. After the eleventh day in bed I received a call from the art gallery saying that I was replaced for failing to call in. I didn’t care about the job because it was only five hours a week, but the thought of never receiving another dime from my father again was devastating.

Next my phone started ringing from the credit card company asking for the minimum payment of $5600. Although I tried to explain my situation, losing my job and my father losing his company they gave me the usual false empathy, claiming they understood but needed the payment immediately before they were forced to discontinue service.

Property management left a notice on the door after my rent was one day past due. At that point anger took over and I stormed out to visit my uncle; the man solely responsible for my father losing everything, preventing me from receiving my very generous monthly allowance.

Don’t ask me why but when I left the apartment I was dressed in a black micro mini skirt with a skin-tight sheer white blouse and a sheer white lace strapless bra with lace trim across the tops. The blouse was so sheer you could easily see the flesh tone of my skin which still held its tan from my trip to Bermuda a week before the take-over. I had gone with a 74 year old art dealer who had called me numerous times to take me away. Although I admit that the fucking was very sexy I used the trip to work on my tan as I thought about my father and I being together constantly.

Because of the state I was in I didn’t even realize that I had put on a sheer pair of thigh high stockings and a pair of black pumps. In the past when I knew my uncle was going to be at a function with my father I purposely dressed sexy knowing I’d have rapt attention. Just knowing he was going to be there added to the thrill of him taking in the sight of me and coming on to me with sexual comments that would have me enjoying rebuffing his advances. Dressing sexy always got my father’s attention which I loved. He was the man in my life I admired and looked up to and up until losing everything to my uncle paid for everything for me.

When I went to the lobby I could see the people at the desk looking at me as if to say, “Here comes the dead-beat on her rent.” It was so humiliating to me to have to walk past them and when I saw the manager I darted out before he could say anything to me. Even more humiliating was there was no limousine waiting for me as there always would have been thanks to my father.

I was now forced to hail a cab. In the cab I was disgusted by the Middle Eastern driver who reeked of cigarette smoke and perspiration and looked to be dressed in clothes that he wore for a month. I was also repulsed to see him leer at me every few seconds in his rear-view mirror. This added an inner rage to me that I couldn’t wait to unleash on my Uncle for doing what he did to my father, and what it did for my entitled life-style.

Arriving at Uncles Office

Taking in the look of my uncle’s young staff I saw exactly what he meant by ‘professional and sexy.’ Every one of his young, female personnel was dressed almost as if they were going to a trendy mid-town night club. They were all dressed in very short, tight skirts with high heel pumps, and with blouses that were very sheer and tight that showed visible lace bras that were designed more for sex appeal rather than support. Some of the girls even wore the shortest, tightest mini dresses that barely covered their asses.

The shimmer of their legs told me that they were all wearing stockings. With their crossed legs I could see the lace tops of thigh high stockings and even saw a few of the girls who were sitting at their desks with a long garter Escort Güngören strap attached to them. I was sure those girls wore garters to add to their confident, sexy business attire, and to keep my uncle excited.

I thought to myself, if I was working for my handsome uncle I’d dress the same way as his staff in hopes to be alone in his office with him. There was no doubt that he was what every teenage girl in his office wanted in a man. Power, wealth and extreme confidence.

After half an hour of waiting his door opened and a very sexy girl with red hair walked out dressed in a skin-tight mini dress with black pumps. Walking out right behind her was my uncle. I could not believe when I saw her turn and let her tongue out to meet his. They kissed hotly for a few seconds before she went to her desk and sat down. Looking over at me I saw him hungrily scan my body the way I saw a hundred times before. It was as if he knew I’d be coming to his office.

“Jennifer, what a pleasant surprise,” he said in a smug tone of voice as his piercing eyes scanned my crossed legs to my pumps then across my shear bra which only seemed to accent my aching nipples, in his deliberate way.

Showing me to his office he shut the door behind me as I felt his eyes scan all over my body as I did every time he was in a room with me. I was annoyed with myself for suddenly feeling excited in the same way I always did when my uncle glared at me.

Walking past me he sat on a plush sofa in the room as I took in his spacious office. His office was very expensive looking with original art that I knew came from very famous artists. One picture that stood out was the one I sold him which he paid 34 million dollars for.

He had come to my gallery the day of the takeover, right after the documents were signed. At that point I did not know it was him that ruined my father’s life, but I did know he came to the gallery purposely to see me. I knew he had no interest in buying or collecting any art, but that he used it as an excuse just to see me. Inside I was flattered and thrilled that he came to see me, but I didn’t let on or give him that satisfaction. I remember how I got butterflies in my stomach when he came into the gallery.

He looked so distinguished with his grayish, white hair combed back and dressed in an expensive black Italian suit that had to cost thousands of dollars which seemed molded to his tight, slender build. When he came into the gallery every woman including the Vivian, owner who is a stylish woman that I even fucked had their eyes glued to him.

That day I wore a tight pencil skirt that was almost mini in length with a sheer white silk blouse and a black lace bra that was very visible through the transparent white blouse. To accent my tapered legs I wore a pair of nude thigh high stockings and classic black pumps.

That morning when I got up I called my father to wish him luck on the merger and told him I couldn’t wait to see him that night. He told me it was all he could think about and couldn’t wait to celebrate alone with me. When I asked him about my mother he said he told her that he was going to spend the night in the city and meet with some of the new management people from China.

“I can’t wait to finally have your body Jennifer,” he said with an almost trembling voice.

“Oh god, I can’t wait for you to fuck me,” I said in my hottest voice as I was so turned on from the thought of how much money he was going to make and in turn what it would do for me.

“Oh god, it’s all I can think about,” he said with a trembling voice.

“Just focus on the merger then come to me baby…I’ll be sooo waiting for you,” I said in a throaty voice, then kissed the phone and hung up before my father could say another word.

As I put on my thong, rolled up my stockings then stepped into my pumps I felt so sexy, knowing that my father and I would be celebrating the merger at my penthouse that night; which I knew was going to lead to us fucking for the first time. I remember how turned on I was seeing myself in the mirror before I put on my skirt in my sexy stockings, thong and pumps, as I imagined him and I kissing hotly before we worked our way onto my bed.

Seeing my uncle take in my sexy look then seeing him strip me with his eyes as he did a hundred times before had me so excited I dressed the way I did that day.

Acting in a composed and professional manner I gave my uncle a quick hug then began showing him different art collections from private estates we brokered. Even though the hug was brief I felt my heart begin to race from the feel of his tight body against mine.

“You look incredible,” he said as he hugged me.

“Thank you, I said almost cordially then told him he looked very handsome.

As we strolled through the gallery I could feel his eyes all over me which absolutely thrilled me. I was already so aroused from thinking about the night my father and I were going to İnnovia Escort have, and could actually feel my body sending out sexual messages to him. At times he would stand very close to me which had the fine wispy hairs on the back of my neck flare up. There was no doubt that my uncle was a confident man who exuded sex appeal, and no doubt, by his conceitedness that he knew it.

At times he would look away from a print and tell me that I was so sexy, and that I had an incredible body. I had to admit, even though I didn’t let on, that I loved hearing him say it. Acting as professional as I could I brushed-off his advances and kept-up my professional composure. I could tell I was trying his patience which totally excited me. My uncle wasn’t used to any female not wanting to be in his bed. I also knew that this was the night I was going to celebrate with my father. It was the celebration that I knew was going to end in my bedroom.

“Uncle Peter you have to stay on task if you’re really interested in buying an artist’s work,” I said in a calm, professional voice.

“The only piece of art I care about buying is you Jennifer,” he said in a strong tone as he scanned my body slowly, and deliberately.

I looked over and saw the owner of the gallery look at me questionably.

Wanting to make a sale, because it had been a few very slow months, because of the bad economy, and to see if I could just how far my uncle would go to get me, I teased him by saying,

“Well maybe if you bought a painting I might consider changing my opinion about you Uncle Peter,” I said looking into his eyes seductively. Raising the bar I added in a smoky voice, “I might even consider taking you up on a few of those tempting offers you made me about going away with you,” I said teasingly, but with a hint of sincerity to it.

“What’s the most expensive painting you have?” he asked with a serious look.

The painting we had in the gallery that was the most expensive was by a famous Japanese artist. Suddenly, my uncle turned very business-like. It was a look that I had never seen before on him. At that moment he was all business, and the thing I knew about him from what my father and others had told me was that when it came to business he always got what he wanted, at any cost.

Trying to act calm, my throat immediately went dry and my voice became choked as I said slowly and deliberately, “It’s…ahhh 34 million dollars Uncle R…”

“I’ll take it,” he said without any hesitation, in a hot breath that had my eyes wide open as I stood speechless.

As I stood in stunned surprise he took out his cell-phone and made a call to have the money routed into our gallery account. At that point I was so drawn to his power and wealth that I saw him in a whole new light. Even though he was married to my aunt at that point all I wanted was to be in his bed. I wanted to experience that kind of power. It was such a powerful statement he made, by buying the painting without a second’s hesitation. Even the wealthiest of people negotiate with us on pricing, but my uncle didn’t. It was as if the painting was 34 dollars to him instead of 34 million.

“Now do we have a date Jennifer?” he said with a sly grin on his face.

Wanting to say yes in the worst way I told him that I had plans with my father that night that I just couldn’t cancel.

“Once again it’s Daddy, he said in a deep voice that had a hint of bitterness to it.

“When are you finally going give yourself to a real man Jennifer?” he said with a smug look.

Suddenly his look of reprimanding me turned to a sly grin.

“Actually, I think it’s a very good idea that you keep your date with your precious Daddy tonight Jennifer. See him for the weak, pathetic man he is,” he said in an almost sinister way as he smirked at me in a way I saw a hundred times when I brushed-off his advances, then walked away from me.

Leaving me standing there speechless he told me to call him when I finally came to my senses, then turned his back on me and walked away, before I could say anything.

The way my uncle said, ‘come to my senses,” told me he was confident I’d be calling him soon. He knew that once I heard about the takeover and that I was going to lose everything I’d be crawling to him.

In the past I would have berated him for talking about my father like that, but this time I didn’t have any words, because I knew he was right. It wasn’t even the fact that he was married to my aunt that held me back from wanting him. In reality the fact that he wanted me and that he was married to her absolutely turned me on. It was what I had planned with my father. The fact that we were going to celebrate the merger and that I knew we were going to end up in my bed.

When my uncle left the gallery the owner and the staff commended me for the big sale. Of course they were all asking me who the incredibly handsome man was, especially the owner who I knew would have surely Kağıthane escort bayan been in his bed that very second if he wanted her. After he left I wanted to reach for my cell to tell him I would cancel the plans with my father, but I couldn’t, because I couldn’t wait to hear about the merger and what my father was going to give me from it.

Standing in front of my uncle in his office I began unloading my rage, accusing him of fraudulently taking my father’s company and everything he built in his life away from him. As I called him every possible degrading name I could think of he kept leering at me from head to toe as if I was on display for him. Irritated that he didn’t seem to hear a word I said or that it really didn’t matter to him what I was saying, I felt my body betray me and get excited by his penetrating gaze. I had to admit that I was thrilled by the way he deliberately looked at me.

As I continued to berate him for his devious way of ruining my father’s life I saw a dark hunger in his penetrating eyes as they continued to roam over my body, from my black pumps to my long stocking covered legs, then linger on my ass before going to my sheer blouse. I hated to admit it, but it was exciting me beyond words.

Don’t try to kid me or yourself Jennifer,” he said smugly. “What you really mean is that I ruined your advantaged life, that Daddy paid everything for. The only reason you’re here is because I just shattered your privileged little life Jennifer.” “No more cushy apartment on the Upper East Side, and no more shopping sprees and nice get-away vacations to fancy resorts, and especially no more hob- knobbing with society’s elite and most trendy people,” he said in a condescending voice that hit right at the core of why I came to him.

Right then he knew he had me, and that I couldn’t argue with him for a second because he was absolutely right about me being Daddy’s little Princess. I then asked him in a frail voice as I hung my head why he took my father’s business and all of his assets away from him. When he answered why he did it excited me and surprised me at the same time.

“The reason I took your father’s company was because of you Jennifer.”

“Me? Why me?” I asked skeptically as his eyes scanned freely over me.

“Yes Jennifer, because of you,” he said in a deep, dark almost sinister voice.

“What are you talking about, because of me?” I asked harshly. “You have everything in the world, money, power and from the looks of things here I’d say you have all these young teenage girls dropping at their knees for you,” I lashed-out sarcastically, but with a hint of jealously that I knew he picked-up on.

“You know Jennifer, no one has ever put me off the way you did,” he said with a hint of irritation in his voice, as he continued to glare at me, which continued to thrill me. “Yes billions of dollars and a lot of young females, but none as sexy and as haunting as you,” he said, which really thrilled me, and made my body ache.

He went on to say, “I knew you had strong connection to your father Jennifer and I even imagined it could be a sexual connection, but I also knew that your father was weak. Especially weak in business, and I knew that he wasn’t the type of man you want,” he said arrogantly.

“Really,” I said sharply, “And you think you know the type of man I want,” I said with abruptness in my voice.

“Yes Jennifer, without question I absolutely do,” he said with arrogance in his voice, as he stood and walked towards me then stood right behind me.

Suddenly there was a sexy tension that filled the air as I felt him behind me. Taking me by my narrow waist and pulling me against his tight body he said in a hot breath against my exposed neck,

“Yes Jennifer. What you need is a confident man that can take you the way he wants, any time, and any place he wants. A man that will use your incredible body for his own pleasure, any way he wants, and in turn keep you in a lavish, lifestyle of wealth beyond anything you were accustomed to,” he said which caused me to groan softly as I felt my pussy get wet and my nipples push out of my bra and turn rock-hard.

“Well then tell me Uncle Peter,” I said in a hot breath, anxious to hear his description.

“What I know you like is a confident older man who commands power and success. A man that is ruthless in business, with zero regard for others, but who knows how to spoil a sexy young girl such as yourself,” he said brazenly, which had my heart racing because I knew he was right.

“So you think that’s what I like in a man,” I said smugly with a hint of irritation in my voice, not wanting give him the satisfaction of knowing he was right.

As my uncle held me against his tight frame I felt that same enormously hard object against the center of my ass and rundown to the back of my knee. I gasped at the enormity of it, as my mind tried desperately to comprehend the true size of it. Feeling it up against my ass caused me to instantly begin spiraling my ass against it. It was as if my ass had a mind of its own. ‘God he’s really huge,’ I thought to myself as my ass began massaging it.

“Oh god,” I groaned in a throaty voice as my ass was making slow and deliberate circles against his massive shaft almost against my will.

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