9 Mart 2023

Daughters’ Revenge Ch. 04


Jewel looked up at me. “Feed me your cum, baby. Let … let mommy … eat your cum.”

Judy pushed Jewel’s head forward as Deb pushed me forward.

I wasn’t turned on by all of this, but I wanted what was now happening. I wanted this bitch that had given me nothing but trouble to suck me off.

It didn’t take my mother-in-law’s warm mouth long to get me rock hard.

Jeanne stood, kissed me and whispered. “Hold out as long as you can. Make mother work for it.”

Judy and Deb took turns pushing Jewel’s head on my dick. Forcing her to take me into her throat. She would gag and jerk back. They kept doing it, not giving her a break.

“Get used to it, mother.” Judy said.

“How’s it feel, huh?” Deb said, almost viciously. “This is what you did to me, the second time I had one in my mouth. … Relax and be a good girl. Remember that, mother.”

Deb pushed Jewel’s head until her nose mashed into my stomach and held her there. Jewel tried to push back but Deb held her. I thought she was going to suffocate. Finally, with a desperate push Jewel freed herself and sat gasping for air.

“Get him back in your mouth or face the straps.” Judy commanded.

Jewel looked at her, still trying to catch her breath. This time her daughters didn’t have to force her. She started sucking my dick, as before, on her own.

“Yeah, look at her.” Deb said with a chuckle. “I knew she’d be a good cock sucker.”

I noticed Judy was playing with her mother’s tits as she deep-throated me on her own.

Jeanne kissed me. “Do you like that, Honey.”

“Um, yeah.”

‘Good. I owed ya one, after what I did. Besides, I like watching her suck your cock. And, she’s going to be doing it a lot.”

Jewel’s eyes came open and she looked up at Jeanne in surprise.

“That’s right mother. You’re going to take care of my husband, a lot.”

“You’re going to be doing a lot of things, from now on mother.” Judy said chuckling.

“Oh Yeah! A whole lot a things.” Deb added.

Deb came around and said, “Take your panties off, sis.” To Jeanne.

Jeanne removed her panties and Deb freed one of Jewel’s hands to put up under Jeanne’s skirt. “OK, mother. Play with your daughter’s pussy while you suck her husband off.” Deb said.

I could tell by the way Jeanne kissed me, her mother’s hand felt good. I looked down and had to focus. Judy was playing with Jewel’s tits and pussy.

Deb moved and for the first time I saw a camera. Deb had the camera pointed at Jewel and was moving around to get the action from all directions.

Jeanne was moaning and squirming. My balls began churning and I knew there was no way I could hold it back. I kissed Jeanne pulling her tightly into me and shot off into her mother’s mouth.

I really didn’t think Jewel would do it, but she did. She locked on to the head of my dick and sucked it all down.

I felt a hand on my dick and thought it was Jeanne. When I looked, I discovered it was Judy, jerking me off into her mother’s mouth.

“Get it all, mother. Get every drop.” Judy said.

Just then, Jeanne caressed my neck and moaned loudly as she shook against me. Jewel had managed to get us both off.

Jewel sat back, licking her lips. Judy didn’t allow her time to think and quickly handcuffed her again.

Jeanne squatted and said, “Now I’m Ankara escort going to get him hard again. So he can fuck you.”

“No, Please! Wasn’t that good enough?”

Judy grabbed her mother’s face and jerked it toward her. “No It Wasn’t! You are going to do what we say!” Then she shoved her head back causing her to fall over.

Jewel lay on the floor helpless in her restraints. Deb put the ball gag back in place and slapped her mother’s ass making her jump and wince.

Jeanne wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. “You can do it, honey. I know you can. And, I know you want to, probably as much as we want you to.” She kissed me again. I heard Jewel’s protesting noises and looked to see her trying to get away from Judy. Judy was sticking something in her ass.

“What’s she doing?” I asked.

Jeanne chuckled. “Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. You get to fuck her in the ass, if you want to. So, Judy’s giving her an enema to make it clean for your cock.”

Jewel’s grunting protests got louder and Deb sat on her. “Shut up, and be still!” Deb commanded. “If he wants your ass, he gets your ass.”

“Remember mother? Remember how you made us take it in the ass? Now it’s your turn.” Judy said as she tried again to give the enema.

“Wait a minute.” Jeanne said. “Get one of your weight bars. I know how to make her take it.” I got one and Jeanne put it between her mother’s arms and stomach. “Now, tie something to the ends and we can pull her ass toward the beam. That way it’ll stay in’r till we let’r down.”

Jewel tried to struggle harder, but there was no way she could stop them.

Jeanne looked around. “You guys forgot something.”

“What?” Her sisters chimed in.

“There’s no bathroom down here.”

“Shit!” “Damn!” “Hell!” We each said.

I damn sure wasn’t going to carry her upstairs and back down again. They ended up getting a bunch of old towels and I got an empty five gallon bucket.

“I’m hungry.” Deb said.

Jeanne took my hand. “C’mon, let’s fix something, while they do their thing.”

We put together a bunch of finger food and Jeanne called out, “Let’s eat.”

“What abou …” “She can wait.” Jeanne yelled cutting Judy off. We quickly ate and went back downstairs.

Jewel had been holding the enema the whole time. If she hadn’t, the way she was hanging, it would have ran down onto her face. And she knew it.

When they flipped her over onto the bucket, Jewel sighed in blissful relief, as the mixture flooded out. They gave her another quick rinse and then cleaned her up. I had the presence to bring baby-wipes downstairs and handed them to Judy.

As Judy cleaned Jewel’s ass she said in that low-life black talk, “Now mum-ee, we gon git yo ass red-i fo fuckin.”

Jewel began to protest and Deb said, “Shut up already. We’re going to be nicer to you than you were to me. Remember, Mother! ‘You can do it baby.’ You said as he shoved his cock in my virgin ass. God, it felt like I was being ripped apart! But you had to have the shot! Remember!?”

Jewel settled down and started crying.

Judy said, “Hey! I just thought of something. Why don’t you two go out for a while. Judging from the look on Stephen’s face, you need to talk some more. While you’re gone, I’ll see if I can get a breeding table.”

I knew what a breeding bench Ankara escort bayan was. I’d seen one in a porn film once. But, I didn’t know what a breeding table was. I’d find out, if Judy could get one.

Jeanne and I went driving and talking. She was wanting to explore this new world of sexuality, especially since she found out about it and talked to the mystery person.

“I Love You. And want, You. Bear with me and you’ll know everything. I Promise.”

I wanted to know why they were doing what they were to their mother.

“It’s simple. She has abused us all for years. Totally deceived our father and used his daughters. Taken advantage of Judy’s desires. Used Deb as her puppet slave. And tried to destroy my marriage and get me under her control. Now we get revenge and stop her.”

I wanted to know about her sudden attitude change regarding sex.

“I wanted a change in our sex life for a while. It hurt that you would fuck my sister.”

“But, I didn’t.”

“Will you let me try and explain?”

“Sorry. Go on.”

“What I saw, hurt me inside. I didn’t know it was a lie. Mother played on that hurt and encouraged me to do it myself. I don’t like Bob, but, I knew him and went for the moment Mother pushed for. I had a powerful orgasm from this forbidden act of infidelity.”

She paused and kissed me.

“You showed me the lie and didn’t condemn me as I did you. I still don’t understand why you didn’t go off on me.”

“Because I knew you were manipulated.”

“I had to make it up to you. And …”

“I know, our second honeymoon.”

“Then as we watched the videos, you made me admit and face using fantasies. And … and, you were thinking about Judy as I sat on your cock, weren’t you?”

“Yeah, just like you were pretending I was the guy in the video.”

“I started putting things together after talking with the others. I don’t want to lose you. And now I know, I don’t have to. I want what we agree to as a couple. If we do that, it isn’t wrong.”

We pulled into a fastfood place and got something to drink.

“After we finish with mother, you and I have to talk about things. I know what I’m wanting and you have to be part of it. If you aren’t, I won’t do it. It must be US and what WE decide.”

We became silent as I circled around toward the house. When we got close, Jeanne wondered if we had been gone long enough and called. Judy told her to give them another hour and bring pizza.

We went for the pizza and it didn’t take an hour. We found Judy and Deb in the kitchen.

“Mother chained in the basement?”

“No.” Judy said calmly

“Why not! Where is she!?”

“Oh, she’s in the basement.” Deb said smiling. “She just doesn’t need to be chained, anymore.”

“I don’t understand.”

“She’s compliant now.” Deb said laughing.

“I’ll tell ya while we eat.” Judy said.

We sat down and Judy started. “Well, Deb was working her over with various dildos and got to one in her ass and one in her cunt. She was moaning and fucking back. I took off the ball gag and told her to eat my pussy. She enthusiastically got me off and fainted.” “Yeah,” Deb said, “We thought she was pulling something.”

Judy began again. “We waited until she moved and I told her to eat pussy or get whipped. She said we didn’t have to whip her, Escort Ankara unless we wanted to. That she would do as we say.”

Deb almost yelled. “She said, she surrendered. That this is what she always wanted. Can you believe that shit?”

“About that time, you called.” Judy continued. “I asked you to give us more time so I could see what was going on. Deb kept using her ass and pussy, while I talked to her. Then I called …” Jeanne shot her a look. “I made a call. I was told to ask her about something and when I did, she broke down.”

“Yeah, she begged me not to stop and use her any way I wanted.” Deb said.

“I got her to tell us why she did what she did.”

Deb interrupted again. “She was using us to live her desire, without doing it.”

Judy began again, sounding irritated. “Our taking control of her started everything boiling in her mind. Living it through us wasn’t good enough anymore. It was happening to her and she loved it. This is what she’s always wanted and she surrendered to it.”

“Yeah!” Deb started in. “She told us about her secret bank account. We verified it. Where the movies are. Her distributor. The men list. Everything. She’s our slave, now.”

“I gotta see this.” Jeanne said and headed to the basement.

I started to follow but Judy touched my arm and whispered, “Stay here.”

I tried to hear what was happening downstairs but couldn’t make anything out.

“This is all a bit much, isn’t it?” Judy asked.

“Uh, yeah.” I said absentmindedly.

“You seem to know our secrets. What might yours be?”

“Huh, what?”

“Secrets. What are your secrets, Stephen?” She softly asked as she lightly traced her fingertips back and forth on my hand.

I stared in her eyes trying to figure out what she was up to and didn’t notice Deb moving behind me. Debs hands slid down my chest as Judy said, “I bet you’ve been thinking about fucking your wife’s sisters.”

That thought immediately raced through my mind. And Deb whispered in my ear, “You will, if things go right.” It made me shiver.

Jeanne came back up stairs, her eyes wide. “I don’t fucking believe it! She’s completely submissive.”

“It’s something, isn’t it. Like her mind just snapped.” Judy said.

“Well. I don’t care.” Jeanne said. “I still want Stephen to fuck her before we hold court.”

“So he can see someone else’s cum running down her legs?” Deb said sarcastically.

‘He.’ The unknown vote was beginning to come together in my mind.

“Yes! So he can see someone else’s cum running down her legs.” Jeanne snapped back.

“In the ass?” Judy asked.

“Damn right, in the ass.” Jeanne said loudly.

“Me too.” Deb said softly. Looking at Judy she added. “Ya know sis, it’s always been us. With her making empty promises. She owes us.”

“Shouldn’t we ask Stephen if he’s ready to fuck his wife’s mother in the ass?” Judy said condescendingly.

The three of them looked at me. Putting me on the spot. I wanted to fuck all of them and will admit to thinking about it from time to time. This had me thinking, I was being manipulated.

I looked at each of them stopping at Jeanne. “I’ll do it, only if you’ll ask me.”

Jeanne came over, put her arms around my neck and kissed me. “Will you please help us punish mother, and fuck her virgin ass for us?”

“I just needed you to look me in the eyes and ask.”

Jeanne kissed me and I thought she was going to suck my tongue down her throat.

“It’s agreed. Let’s punish our new slave.” Judy said as she headed for the basement.

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