9 Mart 2023

Davis Twins Ch. 02

Big Dicks

The next morning, when Alex woke up, he thought everything had been a bad dream. But, as he cleared his head, he realized that it had actually happened. Those girls had really forced him to let them play with his dick. The boy wanted to just stay in bed, but there was no chance of that. Today was Monday and he had to go to school.

Alex came down to breakfast. His mom and sister were there. He just sat quietly and ate. Jenna said nothing and they both finished breakfast and left for school. The high school was only a couple of blocks from their house, so the two of them just walked there. Alex made sure to stay far enough behind Jenna that he didn’t have to talk to her.

The rest of the day passed without incident and Alex returned home. As he came in, he heard his sister talking to his mother. She was asking her if it would be okay for the girls to come over again. After all Amy had been sick yesterday, and today she was well enough to come. Alex wanted to scream as he heard his mother tell Jenna that certainly she could have her friends over.

Then things got a little better. Mom told Jenna that she’d have to be a little quieter tonight. Mom had to go out for a little while, but she’d be back by 10:30. After that she was going to want to get some sleep. Jenna promised their mother that she and her friends wouldn’t disturb her.

That evening, about 7:00, Jenna’s 4 friends arrived. Their mom was already gone. Alex made sure to stay in the living room watching TV. He didn’t know if the girls were planning something, and he wasn’t going to give them the opportunity. Right at 10:30, mom got home. Alex kissed her good night and went to bed. Finally, he was able to relax. With their mother in the house, nothing would happen.

Meanwhile, the girls were all in Jenna’s room. They were all telling Amy about last night. It was all so much fun, they said. The girls told Amy that Alex’s dick was so cute, and you could make it shoot like a little water gun. And his balls were fun to play with, too. You could hold them in your hand and they would just roll around there. Amy laughed and told them that that they were making it up, but all the girls assured her it had really happened.

It was Jenna who asked Amy if she wanted to play with Alex’s thing. Amy said sure, but with Jenna’s mom home there was no way. If Alex yelled, their mom would come running and they’d all get in terrible trouble. “Then, ” Jenna told her, “we’ll just have to see that he doesn’t yell.” With that, Jenna pulled out a roll of heavy packing tape.

The girls waited for another hour, to be sure that everyone was asleep. Then, they quietly crept into Alex’s room. Jenna took a long piece of tape, and tiptoed over to her brother’s bed. She leaned over him, and then slapped the tape over his mouth before he could react. Alex grabbed for the tape, but the other girls quickly grabbed his hands so he couldn’t get there.

Alex woke up with a start. He looked up and there was Jenna leaning over him. He tried to yell but something was over his mouth and he couldn’t make a sound. The boy tried to reach his mouth and see what it was, but other girls swarmed him and he couldn’t move.

When Alex was secure, Jenna asked him if he would yell. Alex violently nodded his head, “YES”. Jenna told him that unless he agreed not to scream, they would leave the tape over his mouth. Alex tried to struggle or yell, but he couldn’t. With the tape on his mouth he couldn’t make a sound, and the girls had his arms completely restrained. The boy gave up the struggle and Jenna asked him again if he would yell. Sadly, Alex shook his head no.

After he agreed not to shout, Jenna pulled the tape of Alex’s mouth. Alex begged the girls to leave him alone, but Jenna told him that they couldn’t. “Amy wasn’t here yesterday and she didn’t get a chance to play with your dick. She needs to Ankara escort get a turn making it shoot.”

Alex forgot his promise and drew in a breath to yell, but as he did Jenna just clamped her hand over his mouth. Alex relaxed and Jenna moved her hand. Then she told Alex he had better behave. “You promised you wouldn’t yell and you better not. We’ve been really careful with your balls because we know it would really hurt if we weren’t gentle with them. So, unless you want to see how hard we can squeeze them, you better not break your word. UNDERSTAND??”

Alex had no choice. He quietly told Jenna that he understood. Jenna told him that was great. Then she told him to, “get your pants down and tell Amy she can play with your dick.” God, this was worse than last night. Not only did he have to expose himself, but he was actually going to have to invite the girl to play with his penis.

Pulling the covers off himself, Alex reached down and lowered his pajama bottoms. When the pants were down to about his knees, he lay back down on his bed. Then he quietly told Amy that she could play with his dick if she wanted to.

Amy couldn’t believe it. It was really true. The girls had really made Alex let them fool around with his thing. And it was sooo! CUTE! Amy had never seen anything like it. It was just laying there, kind of curled up on his leg. This was so COOOOL!

Shyly, Amy reached out to touch it. She pushed her finger against it. It was all soft and kind of squishy. She picked it up between two fingers and stared at it. She’d certainly never seen anything like it before. Amy wiggled the dick around a little, and giggled as she heard Alex let out a little moan.

Mary told her to look at the little head. It looked just like a mushroom and there was a little hole where the junk shot out of. Amy pointed the thing at her face. It did. It looked just like a little mushroom or maybe a toy helmet. And there was the little hole just like Mary said. Amy moved her fingers and held the little dickie by the helmet. That part felt really neat. Then she reached out and touched it right on the hole. Alex let out another soft moan as Amy’s finger made contact.

While she was playing with the dick, Renee told her to look at the balls, too. Amy looked back down, and with her holding the dick up, there was the little sack of balls just as they had described it. Amy put her hand under the bag and lifted it up just a little. Sure enough, she could feel two balls, like little marbles, rolling in her hand. Then, as she played with both the dick and the balls, Amy felt the dick start to stiffen.

Alex tried not to react. After all, he should be used to this by now. Amy was picking his dick up and examining all around it. He couldn’t help moaning a little as she touched right on the tip of it. Alex prayed that he wouldn’t shoot off again, but when Amy started jiggling his balls and he felt himself start to harden, he knew it was hopeless.

As the thing began to stiffen, Amy looked over at Renee for instructions. Renee told her to wrap her hand around it and start rubbing up and down. Amy grabbed it and did as she was told. As the girl pulled on the thing, it got harder and bigger. Very soon, it was completely rigid and pointing straight up. Amy just kept rubbing her hand up and down the shaft. She was dying to see what would happen next.

Amy jacked the shaft with one hand, and kept rolling the balls around with the other. It was great, but she didn’t know if she was supposed to do something else. Amy asked Jenna if the thing would really shoot stuff. Jenna just told her to keep rubbing it and it would fire real soon.

Then Amy asked Jenna where she should aim it. Jenna told her that once they had aimed it into a cup, so that they could see what the stuff looked like. Another time, they just fired it straight into the air to watch Ankara escort bayan it fly up and then splash down. Of course it landed all over Alex and left him all sticky. Amy said that firing it into the air sounded like fun, but she wanted to see the stuff. Could she please shoot it into a cup? Ginny said that she would get one, and quickly dashed into the bathroom and returned with a paper cup.

Amy kept pulling on Alex’s dick and pointed the helmet into the cup. It started getting stiffer and stiffer, and Alex started breathing funny. Then he let out a groan, and arched up at her. Amy was almost caught off guard as the first wad of cum shot into the cup. But she recovered quickly and kept the helmet inside the cup. Amy continued to jerk on the dick until it wouldn’t shoot any more and began to go soft again. After that, Amy let go and looked to see what she had.

The stuff in the cup was all white and sticky. Amy asked the girls what they did with it, and they told her that they just stared at it and then dumped it out. Amy was tempted to touch it, but it looked all gunky. She changed her mind and told the girls to go ahead and throw it out.

Alex hoped they were done. Amy had gotten her turn, and they had made him shoot into a cup again. Maybe now they would leave him alone. But then his hopes were dashed, as Jenna asked Amy if she would like to see the thing shoot into the air. Amy said she’d love it, but shouldn’t they get back to their room. What if they got caught? Jenna just said that if they were all quiet, her mom wouldn’t even wake up.

Well that sounded great, so Amy quickly headed back over to the bed. Jenna scooped the dick back up and began to play with it. Mary asked if she could pet the little head again, so Jenna pointed the limp little thing at her, and Mary began stroking the little mushroom. She just loved that part.

Then Renee reached over and asked Jenna for the dick. She had seen others, of course, but she was the only one who hadn’t played with this one, and she decided she wanted a turn. Jenna moved out of the way and let Renee grab Alex’s thing. She reached down and just fondled the balls while Renee played with the dick.

Alex couldn’t believe this. All those different girls were just playing with him at once. And with all those hands rubbing he began to get hard again, quickly. He groaned again as he tried not to respond to what was being done to him.

The girls just kept playing with the dick. It was like having a new toy and they didn’t want to put it away. Mary even let out a little squeal as she kept stroking the tip and had it jump in her hand. Jenna told her to be quiet, and Mary quickly put her hand over her mouth.

It was too late, though, Debbie Turner had been awakened some time earlier. Aside from the groans Alex was making, his bed was squeaking quite loudly from all the movement on it. None of the girls had noticed, but Debbie could hear it. Alex’s mom waited a few minutes to see if it quit, but it didn’t. Debbie put her robe on and made her way down the hall. She needed to see what was going on.

As Debbie walked down the hall, she saw a light coming from Alex’s room. The door was open just a bit and the light was shining out. What was her son doing up at this time of the morning? Quietly, Debbie peeked in the doorway. It took all her self-control not to scream as she saw what was going on.

Her son was laying on the bed, and all the girls were playing with his penis. One of the girls, she couldn’t see who, was jacking him off. Debbie could see her son’s penis sticking straight up in the air. Frankly, she was surprised at the size of it. It wasn’t remarkably big, but it certainly was adequate. Considering the size of the rest of him, it was quite remarkable. Then as she watched, Alex moaned and began to cum. Debbie watched her son’s dick shoot sperm straight Escort Ankara up in the air. All the girls were squealing, as the one holding the dick kept pumping it.

Debbie didn’t know what to do. If she barged in, she would embarrass all the girls terribly. Besides, they weren’t really having sex, they were just playing with Alex. At first, she thought Alex had asked them to do it, but then she saw Alex’s face and realized he wasn’t happy about this at all.

Well that was too bad. His dad was raising him to believe that all men should rule the house and women should just obey. Maybe this would be an object lesson to him. Anyway, nobody was getting hurt. Debbie turned around and quietly went back to bed.

Alex just sagged back down. Renee had fired his dick into the air and he was all sticky again. Then Jenna said that it was time to go. But she told Alex that they couldn’t leave his little dickie out in the cold. So Jenna pulled Alex’s pants up and carefully tucked the dick and balls back inside. Then she pulled the pants the rest of the way up. Of course this got all the sticky stuff on his pajamas. Alex just wanted to die, as the girls filed out of his room laughing quietly.

When they were back in their room, the girls all let out one last squeal. Amy couldn’t thank her friend Jenna enough. Alex’s dick was sooo! much fun. Could they come back tomorrow and play with it again? Jenna told her they couldn’t. Her dad would be back in town and she wasn’t allowed to have as much company when he was home. But he wouldn’t stay long. As soon as he left again, they could all come back over.

The next morning, Alex didn’t come down for breakfast. When his mom came to check on him, he told her he was sick and that he couldn’t go to school. Debbie asked him what was wrong, and Alex just told her that he was sick at his stomach. So, Debbie sent Jenna off to school and left Alex upstairs in his bed.

It was about 10:00 that morning when Alex’s dad arrived home. He came in and asked Debbie how the kids were. Debbie told him that Jenna was fine, but that Alex was home sick. Roger gave his wife a quick kiss, and then went upstairs to check on his son. Sure enough, Alex was just lying in his bed. When Roger asked him what was wrong, Alex just told him that he didn’t feel good.

Roger started to leave, but then something stopped him. He knew his son very well, and he knew there was something that Alex wasn’t telling him. Roger sat down on the bed, and asked his young son what was really wrong. Alex just growled that he didn’t want to talk about it.

The situation was starting to concern Roger. He and Alex had always been very close. Of course, Roger knew that there were a lot of things teenagers didn’t tell their fathers, but Alex had always been able to tell Roger what was going on when it was really important. Roger had no idea what was really wrong with Alex, but it had to be something that he was ashamed or afraid to tell his father.

Roger could have yelled at Alex and demanded that he tell him what was going on, but Roger and his son didn’t have that kind of relationship. Instead, Roger quietly told Alex that he could tell him anything and that his father would understand. Besides, he couldn’t fix what was wrong unless Alex told him the truth.

Alex didn’t really want to tell his dad what had happened, but he was just too upset to hold it in. Just thinking about what had happened brought tears to his eyes. So, since the only alternative was to just sit and cry in front of his dad, Alex told Roger everything that had happened for the last two nights.

Roger Davis’ eyes got wider and wider, as Alex told him what had happened. The man went from startled, to amazed, to furious by the time the story ended. When Alex had finished, Roger just hugged his son. Then he told him not to worry. When Jenna got home that afternoon, the tables were most definitely going to turn. Alex asked his dad what he meant, and Roger just told him not to worry about it. He just guaranteed his son that he would enjoy the afternoon far more than his sister was going to.

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