1 Aralık 2022

Deal part 3


Deal part 3, All in- The slave’s story

Scott has been sharing my experience with giving myself over to his every wish and command, and now he’s got me writing down the rest of the story from John’s house. He left off where Sara’s wet cunt was above me, and she was eating me out as she took the other three guys in her ass, one at a time. I didn’t even know their names, but I sure got to know them that night. The first one to take Sara’s ass, I called Mr. Thick. His cock wasn’t very long, but it was the biggest width I’ve ever seen. He eased into Sara’s tight little butt hole (which I had been made to eat earlier in the evening…) and stretched her out farther than I thought she could take. She moaned in pain into my pussy and I tried to make her forget it by burying my tongue in her tasty crotch. After a while, Mr. Thick was ready to blow his wad, and I was ready to take him in my mouth, as I had been told to do. He decided to squirt in Sara’s ass so I thought I was spared an ass flavored treat from him. He pulled out and the cum oozed out of Sara’s ass onto my face. Mr. Thick shoved his cock into my mouth to be cleaned off and it was all I could do to take it in. He tasted like the rest of the dicks I’d had that night, salty and wet, but it wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be.

As I got him clean, he looked down and said “Bitch, lick my jizz up off of her asshole”.

I wasn’t really happy to be called bitch, or slave or cunt all night, but I had signed up for it and Scott would make me pay if I didn’t do as I was told. I slowly moved my tongue up to her gaping asshole and started to lick the sperm out of it. I had to push it in quite a ways, but as I did, Sara came back to life and started in on my dripping cunt. Her ass was wide open from the wide dick she’d just had, so my access was easy. We had a sort of unspoken pact that when one of us was being made to do something particularly disgusting, the other would try to make her cum. She was really working my clit over hard and I started to shudder with an orgasm. I had lost count of how many times I had cum that night, but this one was one of the best. I started to grind my pussy into her face and really stuck my tongue deep into her ass. Meanwhile, she was grinding her asshole on my face while she was starting to cum as well.

Mr. Thick said “Guys, look at this. This fuck slave is getting off on sticking her tongue in Sara’s asshole! And the other bitch is getting off too! She just came with a tongue in her ass!”
One of the other guys (soon to be known as Tiny Tim) replied “We need to fuck that bitch so much she can’t say no.”

I didn’t think Scott would let that happen, but after the last few weeks, I wasn’t sure anymore. I had taken his friend in my ass while I sucked him off, eaten my good friend’s pussy and asshole, exposed myself to any type of abuse these guys wanted and generally expanded my sexual horizons beyond anything I ever dreamed I’d be able to. The fact that I wasn’t mortified by the suggestion told me something.

Sara and I finished each other off and Tiny Tim stepped up to the plate. He was only about 4 inches long when he was hard and I didn’t think Sara would have too much trouble with him. He started off by smacking Sara on the ass three times very hard. She yelped and jumped a little which only seemed to piss him off more. He beat her ass four more times and I could see it was very red with a couple of welts on the right cheek. I dutifully kept lapping Ankara escort at her clit to try to get her through it. I was thinking he was suffering from LMS (little man syndrome) and was trying to assert his authority over Sara. He shoved his little dick in her ass and started slamming it home. His balls were pounding my face as he fucked her ass. He was still beating her ass with his left hand and his right hand was pulling her hair, which took her luscious lips off of my pussy. He was trying to hurt Sara and he was doing a pretty good job of it. Tiny Tim kept pounding and seemed ready to cum when he threw Sara to the side and stood over my face. He dropped down and stuffed his cock in my mouth. He was not pumping it in and out, he was just holding it there with his hands under my head holding it in position. I started to gag on his dick and he wasn’t taking it out. I finally reached up and squeezed his balls and he let me up. No sooner had I gotten my breath, than he was pinching my hard left nipple with one hand and slapping the tit it was attached to with the other hand. My left tit was on fire with him stretching it out by the nipple and slapping it silly with his hand. He finally blew his wad down my throat and I swallowed the whole thing scared that he would really mess me up if I didn’t. He let go of my tit and walked away, high fiving Scott and Mr. Thick. Sara looked worn out and I was feeling pretty used up too.

Mr. Big was the last to take a turn with us and he was one of the most well hung guys I had ever seen. He had to be 9 inches long and at least as wide as Mr.Thick. He stepped up behind Sara and pushed his giant cock into her ass. Now her ass had really been used the last few hours, but she screamed out in real pain as he entered her. I really started working her clit over to help her get used to his dick. He was going slow with her and stroking all the way in and all the way out. Sara had stopped making pained sounds and was starting to moan in what sounded like a little more pleasure. Mr. Big started to pump hard and I knew he would be finishing soon. Sara screamed again, but this time she was shuddering in an intense orgasm. He made her cum harder than anyone had that night and just as she finished up, my face was soaked with her cum. Mr. Big pulled out that giant dick and held it up to my lips. I tried to take it into my mouth but had trouble getting past the head. Sara noticed this and started working me over again. She shoved her thumb in my ass while she lapped at my wet pussy. That really sent me over the edge and I opened my mouth and throat more to accommodate Mr. Big’s monster. He took full advantage of the situation and rammed it home. I couldn’t breathe and really didn’t care because my pussy was tingling with another amazing orgasm from Sara’s expert tonguing as my ass clenched around her thumb. Mr. Big shot his wad straight into my belly, I never even tasted him he was so deep. I gagged and coughed on it because he had let loose a huge load, but I took it all and thought we were done. Scott had told these guys that he wanted three dicks in Sara’s ass and three loads in my mouth. We had done that and I was ready to go home. Little did I know how much was left…

Sara and I got up and both sat on the bed next to each other. We were both sore, naked, humiliated and weirdly satisfied. Scott stood up and I noticed that John and he were both looking at us with longing and big hard-ons. The other three guys were resting after Ankara escort bayan their experiences. At that moment, I had a feeling we weren’t done and that we probably wouldn’t enjoy the next performance.

Scott said, “Baby, did you have fun?”
“Yes, Master” was my reply.
“Are you ready for more?”
“Um, Yes Sir”
“That’s a good fuck slave. Now lay back on the bed.”
“Yes Sir”

I laid back and spread my legs. I certainly wasn’t ashamed anymore and knew that this was what Scott wanted. He told Sara to get in position on her hands and knees to eat my pussy. She was signed up for being a sex slave tonight so she did as she was told as well. Now I had Sara’s tongue on my pussy and she was positioned with her tight little ass in the air. Scott pulled me back so my head was actually hanging off of the edge of the bed, upside down. Sara followed me with her tongue. Mr. Big came up in front of me and stuck his soft (but still very large) dick in my mouth. The way I was positioned had me looking up at his balls when his dick went in my mouth. It also gave him a great position to throat fuck me without much resistance. I took him until he started to grow again. After a little while, I noticed that I didn’t have a beautiful tongue on my clit anymore as Sara had been pulled off to help take care of some of the other guys. I only heard what happened from her later because my vision was of a big ball sack in my eyes. I found out that Sara was positioned on her hands and knees and Scott took the position at her mouth. Mr. Thick was under her fucking her pussy and Tiny Tim had her ass again. They worked her over for quite a while filling all of her holes at once. I only heard muffled screams, slaps to her ass, wet slurping sounds and the pounding of her body.

While this was taking place, I had this crazy big cock in my throat and Mr. Big was starting to get a little rough. He had both of my nipples in his hands and was twisting and pulling them harder than I’ve ever had them worked. I couldn’t scream, but only moaned in pain as he kept abusing my poor tits. Every time a nipple slipped out of his hand he would slap the offending tit. Each time I reached up to defend myself, my hands were slapped away roughly. My boobs were red, my nipples were tender and my throat was starting to hurt. Mr. Big was only concerned about his dick though and didn’t give me a break. I knew it would be a while before he could blow another wad, because he had only finished in me about 5 minutes earlier. I kept working him and his meat grew to as large as it was before. He pulled out, slapped my tits one more time and walked away. I took a big breath and relaxed a little thinking he was off to abuse Sara. I like Sara and everything, but at that moment, I wanted everyone to leave me alone. Not to be.

John had walked up to the same position that Mr. Big had just vacated and shoved his dick in my mouth. Same story, different cock. I was looking up at his balls and asshole while I sucked him off. He was getting a little rough as well because he started gripping his hands around my throat, not really choking me, but it was a little scary. He would squeeze my neck, I would start to see stars from lack of air along with his dick being buried in my mouth and then he would let up. Once I realized he didn’t mean to hurt me, it got pretty erotic. I could feel my pussy pulsing and dripping. Mr. Big then put himself in between my legs and I was sure I was going Escort Ankara to be able to ‘scratch my itch’ with his big dick. He had no intentions of using my pussy though. He pushed my legs up in the air toward John and lined up that monster on my anus. I started to scream as much as I could then. I did NOT want that thing in my ass, I thought it would rip me apart. My screams were muffled by the cock in my throat and the hands squeezing around it. Big stuck his dick in my ass in one fast motion. I think I passed out for a few seconds but when I came to my senses, all I knew was that my ass was on fire, my body felt like it was tearing and my belly was full of dick. Then they started to pound me hard. I think they were trying to touch dicks inside me from both ends. It felt like John’s cock was in my belly by way of my throat and I know Mr. Big’s dick was in my belly by way of my ass. They were beating me up inside with cock and I started to enjoy it. My pussy was convulsing with a mini orgasm, which in turn made my asshole start milking Big’s dick. I was swallowing everything John could give me at the same time. I could feel my big orgasm building and all I wanted to do was please them strange men who had total control of me and my body. I felt Big cum first and his hot jizz burned my bowels and asshole with a fire that sent me to a total body orgasm. John felt me going through this and pumped his load into my mouth and throat. He was squeezing my neck as he did it and I loved it! I had no idea what I was turning into, but I liked it and wanted dick in me every conceivable way.

When I was done milking those two wonderful cocks, they were ready to leave. Big pulled out with a ‘pop’ and I felt the cum running down my ass onto my pussy. John pulled out too and I sat up to watch the other three screw Sara like a tramp. One in her pussy, one in her ass and one up her throat. I watched as they all pulled out of her and lined up in front of me. They started stroking themselves and John pushed my head back and opened my mouth to give them a target. I was back to having my head hanging over the edge of the bed upside down. Tiny Tim was first and I took his load in my mouth and over my nose and eyes. I had my eyes closed now as cum irritated my eyes when it got in them. I felt him step over my face and sit down over my mouth. He had his asshole right over my mouth and I got the hint. I had never stuck my tongue in a guy’s ass before (I hadn’t ever done it to a girl until about 2 hours before…), but I really didn’t care, I just wanted to be done. I gave him a rim job like a pro and he must have liked it because he worked my tits over again by slapping them and twisting my nipples until I finished.

I’m not sure who was next but they came more than I’d ever felt. My face was covered, and cum was running into my nostrils from what I hadn’t caught on my tongue. I was not happy at this point because it’s quite a dirty feeling to have jizz up your nose and not be able to open your eyes. I gagged a couple of times, but this crowd had no sympathy. I had one left standing over me and within a couple of seconds he was shooting his load on my face too. Now all three of Sara’s assailants had finished and I was done. Sara came over to me as Tiny Tim led her on by her nipples and was forced to lick me clean. She started with a wonderful French kiss and licked my face off completely. When she finished and had swallowed all the loads left on me, I kissed her back. She started stroking my pussy as we made out and I whispered to her “Everyone went all in, but I came out with the best hand. I can’t wait to do you all by myself…”

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