14 Mart 2023

Denver Ski Trip


We were up at 4AM to catch a 7AM flight from Detroit to Denver via Salt Lake. After rushing through lines and finally making it on board the airplane, both of us took just a few moments to kiss and snuggle, then get comfortable for the trip West. We were both very tired as the night before was one of our pretty typical late ones.

We both fell sound asleep in each other’s arms not awakening until we were a half-hour out from Salt Lake. It was a very restful sleep…we felt so comfortable in each other’s arms! On our way out the plane and to the next gate, something caught my attention. I asked you to go ahead…you of course said no. I laughed a little and said okay, but that you’d need to turn the other way. You looked at me with the strange look, but complied. A few minutes later I walked up, reached around in front of you to present you with a long stemmed red rose. Your face gleamed with joy and your eyes lit up with happiness. Off to a great start today I thought to myself, and nothing like putting a smile on my Dani’s face along with some warmth in her heart!

We proceeded to our next flight which was only about an hour tops. So before we knew it, we were arriving at Denver International. It was a very bright sunny day, and very warm for February. About 60 degrees. The people at the car rental counter indicated the weather would hold out all week, and that the skiing was fabulous. We just looked at each other and smiled. You see, we knew we would get some skiing in. But this was our chance to be alone, to be at peace, to be in love. Skiing was not at the top of our agenda.

So Dani and I drove up into the mountains West of Denver. It was gorgeous, and a ton of snow. The road winded around the mountains and increased in elevation dramatically. We were going to make our base in Frisco Colorado, at a Condo I was acquainted with. Soon we were approaching the condo and pulled in. After checking in it was about 2 PM. Only 2 hours left of skiing, so we decided to stay in. I went on the balcony to gather some firewood so we could snuggle up next to the fireplace. I doubt we would leave the Condo this afternoon or this evening…

As we relaxed on the sofa in front of the roaring fire, we clicked on the TV to catch a movie that both of us liked. Our afternoon was caught up in each other in front of the fire, watching a movie, cuddled close, kissing, holding each other, whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

The evening soon set upon us. As the movie ended you reached up to plant a long, firm, wet kiss on my lips. This was nothing like the other gentle kisses we shared all afternoon. I knew you meant something by that. I responded with a very firm, wet, passionate kiss as I ran my hands up and down your back. You breathed heavily into my mouth, as I captured your every breath and you shared yours with me. I continued with my hands down the back of your jeans to feel the firm curves of your buns. You felt so sexy, and so wonderful. I continued with my explorations of your body, reaching underneath you to find you very warm. I was becoming very excited at this point, and you could sense that.

It ben bu boşluğu nasıl izle was now dark outside but the moonlight shown through the east window of our condo. The snow outside glittered as though millions of tiny diamonds danced in the moonlight. It was cold now, only about 10 degrees. I reached over to the table and grabbed the remote to shut the TV off, and in another motion I twisted the switch to the lamp overhead.

There we sat, entangled in each other’s arms, wanting each other desperately as the world turned around us. I could feel the softness of your breath on my neck, and near my ear. Your breathing grew deeper as I felt your hand moved seductively down my chest to my jeans. You slipped your hand inside my jeans and as you came upon my rock hard dick I heard you moan softly, and breath even deeper. My head went back as I felt your hand clutch my dick and squeeze it gently. You continued kissing my neck, my lips, whispering softly in my ear how much you lusted for me, how badly you wanted me, and how your pussy ached to feel my dick inside it.

It didn’t take me long to react to that. You knew a little dirty talk between the two of us could get me going, along with the kisses on my neck.

I pulled you on top of me, and placed my hands over your buttocks. We continued to kiss as I pulled your groin close to mine. You could feel my hardness through your jeans and our rubbing excited both of us. Then you pulled up and went right for my trousers, undoing them and pulling them down and off. As you came back up you caressed my legs and thighs with your hands, and I watched as you took me in your mouth and started sucking me wildly. It drove me crazy to see you so excited over me, and how you loved to please me. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. I’d soon cum in your mouth. I wanted that oh so badly, but I wanted to please you even more I cupped your face in my hands as you were sucking on me, and guided you up to my face, where I kissed you. My tongue entered your mouth and began its frolics with your tongue. We loved to kiss each other, and we were damn good at it. Every kiss between us shared passion, and demonstrated our intense love for each other, just that special Dani and Shawn thing that out of anyone we’d ever been with, only we shared.

I reached down to undo your jeans and pull them off. You were wearing the string binki (VERY low cut) panties that I had bought for you that one day in VS. They looked so very sexy on you! I next removed your blouse, and your bra. I caressed your breasts and played with your nipples which were very hard even before we started lovemaking. My two hands made their way down your side as we continued kissing. I felt your thighs with my hands, and caressed gently all around your hips. I moved my one hand underneath to your pussy, on top of your panties, to find you very wet and hot. It was all over now. My heart raced wildly and my breathing was unabated. I quickly reached inside your panties to find you so, so wet. I pulled your panties off and quickly exclaimed how badly I wanted to fuck biz kimden kaçıyorduk anne izle you, and in a split second I found you on top of me with me dick thrusting deeply inside your hot wetness. It slid inside and out so easily, yet there was a pleasant tightness as your pussy tugged at me every time I was on the outstroke. Each thrust inside you moaned slightly and inhaled to try and catch your breath. Every time we made love seemed like the first, as we both felt the excitement and anticipation of how wonderful it felt, how close we were and had become in such a short time.

I saw that look on your face, in your eyes. The magical moment was approaching which would send us both into ecstasy. We would cum at the same instant…I could come right now but I was trying desperately to hold back. It was so difficult as you felt so wonderful. You pumped harder on me, and I could feel that any second you would cum, then it happened. I felt you stiffen slightly and the look of sheer ecstasy came over your face. I immediately spoke “I’m cumming Dani!!!” And it was over. We fucked so hard now, our waves of excitement peaked. You rushed to kiss me as our orgasms climaxed and we shared the most special moment a couple can have together simultaneously.

We came down and just lay there, holding each other closely for such a long time.

It was about 8PM, and both us of were quite hungry after our “exercise”. I took you into Breckenridge, which was quite a beautiful village at the base of the ski slope. It was Austrian in design, and had all kinds of little shops and restaurants. In one Christmas shop your eyes glowed. You had found an ornament for Christmas 2005, and thought to yourself how nice it would be to purchase our first gift to ourselves. Marking our first holiday to be spent together. Watching you overcome with sentiment, I saw how your face with lit with joy, as you brought it up to be purchased.

We continued to walk the brightly-lit village hand-in-hand. Looking at all the sights and watching the people. We came upon a restaurant that looked nice, and continued inside for our late dinner. We sat across from each other at this dimly lit table next to a fireplace. We could see outside and continued to watch the bustle of activity before us. I felt your leg rug up against mine…and the feeling strike that this evening would be filled with excitement. The excitement of being alone, with my sweetheart. We had a small dinner as our hunger was more for each other, than the food on our plates. The entire time our legs intertwined and caressed each other’s. We gazed into each other’s eyes and smiled.

We pulled into the parking lot at the condo and I led you on a detour to the pool. It was late, about 10:30 and we were all alone. I let my trousers down and took off my shirt, to reveal I was in my briefs, and I stepped into the hot tub requesting you to join me. It was dark in there, and very silent except for the gurgling of the hot tub. You undressed before me to reveal your very sexy panties and bra, and quickly let yourself down into the hot bizi ayıran çizgi izle tub where you snuggled next to me. I felt your hand on my leg, and I felt it caress my leg up and down. I was getting hard from anticipation and as every so often you would brush your hand over me teasingly. The hot tub would have to wait, I got out and grabbed a couple of towels. You stepped up out of the hot tub to have me wrap you in the towel, we both headed back to our room running in the cold and snow half naked and barefoot. On the way I grabbed some snow to form a snow ball and lobbed it at you, watching it strike your back. You stopped instantly and returned the throw, hitting my leg. Our towels dropped and soon like two crazy kids we were having a snowball fight in our sopping wet underwear!!

After the fun and laughs we entered our room, shivering cold. I stoked up the fire again and we laid in front of it, wrapped in thick comforter. You reached over and pulled off my wet briefs, to reveal a very hard dick. This excited both of us and before I knew it you were down on me. You spread my legs apart and positioned both hands on the insides of my legs. Both hands went up and encircle my balls and dick, and you gently pulled up to bring all of me into your mouth. I felt your hand push me back against a chair, and I positioned a pillow under my butt to tilt my pelvis up, which pushed my dick out even further. I was so excited and you were coming up and down on me so fast. My hands were behind your head feeling the rhythm you had started. You then place your hands under my butt and pulled me into your mouth. I felt your lips slide up and down my shaft, and your mouth was getting me so wet that I was wet all over and my balls were soaked from your mouth. This turned me on so much and the sheer thought of it caused me to blast off in your mouth. The first squirt shot into the back of your mouth and you moaned when that happened. I continued to cum and you let me cum on your tongue and over your tits as you finished milking me with your hand. My cum was all over your breasts and you dropped down to slide up my body, my cum between us and spreading all over our bodies. You looked at me with your mouth open to reveal my cum in your mouth, and you spared no time in kissing me madly your tongue inside my mouth, sharing our juices.

I quickly turned this around to a 69 position as I wanted you to cum while I licked you. As you realized what I was doing you became very excited and again started sucking on me, bringing me hard again. I licked your clit and sucked on it listening to you in ecstasy. My tongued ran up and down your pussy darting in and out to tease you. I reached over you to place my hand on your clit, and got it wet from my tongued and your pussy and started rubbing it fast. My tongue was now fucking your pussy…and you were going nuts. I could feel you going down on me harder and harder and faster. I wasn’t sure if I could cum again so soon, but I would try as it was driving me so crazy. Soon you began cumming. Oh Dani…you were going out of your mind. Your hands were all over my dick and my balls and my ass as you pulled my dick hard into your mouth. I felt your pussy contract in convulsions as you came like you never had.

We lay there, sprawled over each other…panting from our climaxes…our hearts beating fast, our bodies sweating with pleasure. We fell asleep, in each other’s arms, as the fire roared, and the sun peaked over the horizon. Skiing today? I don’t think so…

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