1 Aralık 2022

Devil worship


You’ll recall from my earlier story, “Devilish Cruelty”, that my wife had discovered that she was something of a pain slut, and had found that abuse, both physical and verbal excited her tremendously.
You’ll also recall how we watched the movie on TV, and became inspired to have me talk about all sorts of Satanic and Devilish things for my wife. I know that I’d gone a bit overboard in advertising my wife along those lines on the net sex sites, but I’d been feeling so horny at the time and besides that, I got the impression that my wife was really excited when I told her what I’d done.

Well, it so happened, as it does with most of these sorts of postings, that there was an initial flurry of replies from people interested only in writing for a few cheap thrills, and then the message began to languish and slowly slide down the list of postings.

It was quite some weeks later, long after the posting had disappeared from the current pages of the personal columns, that a message came, asking for certain details about my wife, whether I was really serious about using her as a sacrifice to The Devil, and indeed, if I was, whether my wife would be a willing participant or would have to be forced.

I was thrilled and sent off a speedy reply, telling the guy all about how we’d come into this sort of thing, and how it excited my wife and I were when we spoke of such things. I told him how I’d advertised my wife without her knowledge, but that, although shocked when I told her, she had nevertheless been tremendously excited by what I’d done. I told him how I often, when we were fucking, told my wife how I would share her with other men, and how this talk excited her. I was quite honest with him in letting him know that I wasn’t sure whether Margie actually would do anything along those lines, but that I would be eager to try.

After quite a few messages back and forth, the guy suggested that the three of us meet. He suggested that if Marg agreed to meet up with him, even just at a cafe for a cup of coffee, it would show that she was willing to take things further and we could see if she really were prepared to do anything

It was with some nervous trepidation that I told my wife of this guy and his proposal. She gave a gasp and expressed shock that I’d taken things that far, but straight away began asking about this guy and wanting to know every detail of what had been said between us. She gasped and her eyes opened wide when I told her of the guy’s interest in what I had said about Satanism and using Margie as some sort of an offering, but she couldn’t hide her excitement and I knew that her expressions of shock and horror were just to cover her embarrassment and so that she didn’t appear as a complete slut by agreeing straight out.

My next message to the unknown guy, detailed all of my wife’s reactions to the proposal, and everything that she’d said. It was then decided between us when and where we should meet.

Margie was incredibly flustered when the time came, but I took note how she dressed carefully and spent time with her hair and her make up. I knew that she was certainly ready for this sexy exploit, but at that stage I was still unsure whether she’d actually be willing to take things any further than just meeting with this guy.

It wasn’t until we actually reached the cafe, that it occurred to me that this guy could turn out to be someone really sleazy that Margie, and perhaps even myself, wouldn’t want anything to do with, although from my own point of view, I was feeling so horny that I’d have been happy with just about anybody fucking my wife.
I glanced around at the few other patrons. They were all couples or women, apart from just one guy, and he’d taken no notice of us as we’d entered. We were in fact somewhat earlier than the agreed upon time, so we settled down to wait.
Margie was tremendously nervous, just a little flushed looking, and couldn’t stop fidgeting. I knew that it was a big step for her, and for both of us for that matter.

I glanced across at the doorway as a guy entered. He was perhaps in his fifties and looked very suave and well dressed. It never actually occurred to me that this was our man, until he hesitated, glancing about at the seated patrons and showed an uncertainty as to where to seat himself. Suddenly I realised that this must be David, and, catching his eye as he again glanced in our direction, I nodded to him and gave a look indicating to him that we were the ones he was looking for.
The guy immediately lost the look of indecision, and came quickly to our table. “David?” I asked questioningly as he came up. “Hello,” he said, Ankara escort offering his hand in a friendly manner. “And this will be the lovely Margaret?” he said smilingly turning his attention to my wife.
Margie blushed noticeably and looked coy and even more flustered, but the guy pretended not to notice and sat down between us.
We immediately began to relax as the guy, acting as if there was nothing more going on than just having coffee, chattered away calmly, and began talking of a funny experience he’d had on the way there.

After just a few minutes Margie had gained some composure and was joining in the casual talk, although, each time her eyes encountered those of David, she immediately lowered them in some lingering embarrassment.
Having made the meeting so easy, and having relaxed us all, David skillfully turned the talk in the direction that he wanted. We were talking of some frivolous thing when he then mentioned something along the same lines that he’d seen on the internet. “Isn’t the internet great for getting information on all sorts of things,” he casually continued, turning the conversation onto the news, general interest items, music, etc, that could be accessed.
The conversation now drifted in that direction and he added, “and you can meet such nice people like yourselves, and of course where else could you propose kinky sexual activities.” He said this with a laugh and a knowing look, and in such a way that it seemed that it was just the right thing to be said, so that Margie, even though she felt a shiver of excitement run through her body, didn’t completely succumb to embarrassment.

To keep the conversation going on this topic, I made some light comment about all tastes being catered for. David seized on the opportunity and leaning forward and lowering his voice a little, even though our talk couldn’t have been heard by the other patrons, he said, “yes, I couldn’t believe my eyes the picture I saw the other day.” His leaning forward as if sharing something secret and confidential, along with the lowering of his voice, made us feel closer like some sort of conspirators. Margie and I eagerly awaited to hear just what it was he’d seen.
“Could not believe my eyes,” David again chuckled to emphasise the point. He then continued, “… a picture of several Roman soldiers sodomising Jesus.
I’d had my eyes on David as he said this, and I could see that he was watching Margie to see what her reaction would be. Her reaction was one of giving a little gasp, so unexpected this sort of thing was.
“Fucking Mother of God!” David said in exclamation, “it’s amazing isn’t it, the things that people come up with.”

David had taken not only Margie by surprise, but myself also, and I was a bit lost for words. “That’s incredible,” I said in some confusion of thought.
I quickly saw that this line of talk needed to continue or it would be hard to get back to it again. “I’ve never seen anything like that, but I’ve seen photos of girls fucking themselves with a crucifix,” I said in order to lead the talk in the same direction.
“Yes, that sort of thing looks so fabulous doesn’t it,” David commented, his face beaming as he looked at me and almost winked. He could in fact have winked and Margie wouldn’t have noticed as she had her gaze lowered in confused embarrassment.

“Have you and Margie ever fucked around with a crucifix?” David now asked with a devilish grin.
I answered that we hadn’t. I was wondering if this was going too far for Margie.
“You should try it, it’s so crude, so kinky, so sacrilegious,” David eagerly continued, then putting the pressure right on, he asked my wife direct, “would you be in something like that Margie?”

I saw my wife momentarily look at David before confusedly looking away. She then caught my eye, but even with me she showed great embarrassment. She had a high colour and her eyes had a look of wild excitement. Her lips were parted sensuously and I could see her breasts beneath her light blouse rising and falling as her breath came in excited gasps.
The next moment I was so thrilled and was filled with such pride in my wife as I heard her quietly answer with the single word “yes.”

David’s eyes met mine. He was grinning with an evil look of satisfaction. I couldn’t help but grin back and give a nod indicating that she was ready to be led further down this sinful, blasphemous path.

“You’d love it I know,” David continued, again directing his talk towards my wife. “The feel of that most Holy object entering your pussy, sliding further and further in until the body of Christ entered your cunt and fucked you.
Margie gave what Ankara escort bayan was half a gasp and half a moan of delight, but couldn’t bring herself to look at either of us.
“Of course I’ve got some specially designed ones at my apartment; they’ve got nice round cock heads on the end so they slot into you nicely – we could go and try them up you if you liked.”
“No,” Margie stammered as she shook her head.

Even though she had said “no” I knew that this was only out of sheer embarrassment. Now that the crunch had really come, she found it hard to be an outright slut and say yes.

“I’ll pay for the coffee,” I said, standing up and going to the counter. I glanced back and could see David still talking animatedly to my wife. I wondered what he was telling her now.

Having paid for the coffees, we all made ready to leave. All three of us knew that we were going to David’s apartment, though none of us had actually said so.
Out in the street, David hailed a cab and he gave the address to the driver as we all got in.
The journey took only a matter of minutes as our destination was just on the edge of the city blocks.
Minutes later we were entering David’s apartment and he was leading us into the bedroom. David and I noted that Margie had said nothing in opposition to going to the apartment, and it was obvious that she was ready for what ever we wanted to do with her.

David opened a drawer and took out a small crucifix some ten inches long. He handed it to me and I held it so that Margie could also look at it. The oblong section of the shaft gradually turned into a round section and then was fitted with a large cock-head at the end. The metal figure of Christ was exquisitely formed and at David’s pointing it out to us, we saw that the figure had in fact, not the usual loin cloth but a hard, erect penis. David also told us to take note of the sign that was traditionally attached to the top of the cross; we looked closely and saw that it was engraved with the words, “FOR SATAN’S SLUT.”

I was so incredibly horny at all of this, Margie and I had talked about these sorts of things, but now here it was for real.
“OK, let’s strip your wife off,” David suggested.
“Yes,” I eagerly agreed as I turned to Margie and began undressing her. She offered no resistance and in fact helped me in her undressing.

“You’re going to feel so incredibly crude and dirty, and bad and sinful sweetheart,” David said to my wife as he watched me stripping her naked, then as I slid down her panties, which were the last item of clothing to come off, David exclaimed appreciatively to Margie, “fucking whore of Satan! you’re fucking beautiful.” My wife beamed at such words.

“You say you’ve never done anything like this before?” David said with a grin, confirming what I’d already told him.
“No, only a bit of talk that’s all,” I replied as I helped Margie onto the bed and lifted her knees and spread her legs.
David took a tube of lubricant and squeezed a bit onto my wife’s already wet cunt, then massaged it around letting his fingers slide sensuously through her cunt lips. “You’re already nice and juicy and hardly need this,” he laughed as he played about with my wife’s cunt.
“OK baby,” David said with a grin as he took the crucifix and easily slipped the round cock-head into my wife’s sloppy cunt. “You’re going to love being dirty and filthy and sinful – a slut and a harlot for The Devil.” He slowly slid the shaft of the crucifix into Margie’s juicy cunt as he told her this. Margie was propped up on her elbows in order to watch this sacrileigious outrage of her body.
“See the body of Christ entering your whore’s cunt,” David told my wife as he eased the crucifix further forward and the sculpted figure on the cross began to disappear between her cunt lips and into her fuck-pit.

Margie gave a moan, but not one of anguish, rather it was one of lustful feeling. “Oh my ………..” she began, but then stopped in half sentence. She had been going to say “oh my God,” but held her tongue half way through.
David knew what she’d intended and he laughed at her sneeringly. “Oh my Satan,” might be more appropriate he chuckled. Margie smiled but said nothing more as she lifted her knees a little more and spread her thighs a little further.
She was panting with lustful excitement now, and pumped her cunt forward so that the crucifix disappeared up her sloppy cunt as far as the cross bar.

“You wicked, evil fucking whore,” David said grinning down on my wife. “Jesus is really up you now.” He turned to the drawer and took out a thick tipped, black ink marker. Taking off the cap, he scrawled Escort Ankara in thick black letters across my wife’s belly – “SATAN’S FUCK SLUT.” He then stripped his pants off and stood on the bed in front of Margie and held his huge, rigid cock for her to suck. She didn’t hesitate, grasping his cock and lovingly sucking it and licking it before then taking it right in to the back of her throat so that she gagged slightly.

I had taken over fucking her with the unholy crucifix as soon as David had relinquished it, and I now thrilled in sliding it in and out of Margie’s incredibly juicy cunt as she sucked on David’s rampant cock.

David was almost ready to cum, so proficiently did my wife suck on his huge organ. He wanted to hold off so pulled his pulsing cock from Margie’s mouth and slapped her several times across the face with its heavy weight. He then turned his attention to the painting that hung on the wall above the head of the bed. Tuning it over so that the obverse side was now facing outward, he hung it in that position. Margie and I had watched him doing this and now saw that the painting was of The Devil with hairy, goat like body cloven feet, and with spread thighs revealing massive sexual organs. Written across the top was the word “SATAN,” and across the bottom the words, “THE DEVIL.”

Pushing my wife into a kneeling position before this painting, he firmly grasped the back of her neck and forced her head downwards, then climbing behind her he inserted his cock into her ass-hole and began sodomising her.
“Look at the painting and beg your Lord Satan to make you his whore,” David told my wife. Margie did indeed look up to the painting of The Devil, but said nothing.
“Go on whore,” David prompted her, and began to lead her in the words to use – “oh my Lord Satan, take me and make me your whore,” he urged.
Margie lifted her head again to view the painting, “Oh my Lord Satan, help me to be your evil and wicked whore,” she said clearly.
“Yes, yes,” David exclaimed encouragingly, “you really are an evil, depraved, blasphemous, wicked harlot.”
I looked at my wife’s face and could see that she was thrilled to be so praised by David.

All three of us were incredibly excited and lustful. Margie was ready for anything that we might decide to do with her, and she gave as good as she received, sucking each of us in turn and pumping her cunt and ass to the rhythm of our fucking cocks.
As David pulled his cock from her mouth in order not to cum, so close did he get each time she sucked him, Margie would eagerly look for my cock to replace him. Then, after some minutes, as the rolls reversed and I had to stop her sucking, she turned lustfully to David once more. During the times when we weren’t fucking my wife’s mouth, David and I would take our choice of Margie’s ass or cunt, fucking each hole vigorously and lustfully.

David several times took up the ink marker to write more degrading filth on my wife’s body. Across her back, with an arrow pointing to her ass-hole, he had written, “THE DEVIL’S FUCK HOLE,” while across her forehead he had written the single word, “SLUT.”
The whole time that we were fucking Margie, she was subjected to a barrage of filthy and blasphemous adjectives from David. She showed no aversion whatsoever to this talk, and in fact I believe that it excited her as much as it did ourselves.

Some two hours we frantically kept this up but finally David could hold himself back no longer and let pent up cum burst forth into my wife’s mouth. Seeing this, I too let myself go and filled her ass, which was the hole that I happened to be fucking at the time, with my considerable outpouring of cum. Margie herself had already climaxed three times, but could have kept going as long as there were cocks ready for the fucking.

The three of us lay on the bed panting. “Did you tell her about The Cult,” David asked me.
“No, not yet,” I said grinning as I saw Margie’s eyes open wide. “What ….” she exclaimed wide eyed. “What’s The Cult?”
“The Cult my dear,” David said grinning at her, “is a group of twenty seven Satanists, of whom I am one. You are to become the property of The Cult, and will be initiated into the most evil and wicked acts imaginable, all of which I am sure that you’ll love. After that you will be offered as a sacrifice to Satan and will become his property.”

Margie’s mind was absolutely reeling in wonderment at this revelation. She knew not what all of this meant, but her lustful excitement surged to new heights.

I know that this will be voted down by all of those people with some religious feeling, so I am relying on those who enjoy this story to take the trouble to cast a positive vote to help keep it somewhere on the listings.

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