14 Mart 2023

Dinner For Two Ch. 03


Denna woke up to a humming sound as she rolled over beneath the smooth satin sheets. She opened her lazy eyes to stare at her cell phone, as it danced across the bedside table. Wanting to ignore the phone, Denna shut her eyes and thought of the cab ride home last night.

“I still haven’t finished my original impulse.” John’s words had only been a breath away.

“Buzz, Buzz” Denna reopened her eyes and then reached for her cell phone. Looking at the screen, “Denna, what happened? Text me!” was Jen’s anxious message.

Denna tapped the touch screen on her cell phone. “It was ok, Brian’s a nice guy. We just didn’t click.” Denna pushed the send button passing the message along.

“Hmm, wonder if I should tell her about John.” Denna stared at her cell phone, thinking. “–Ah yea, Jen you just did me a big favor. I met this really hot guy and um, well I want him so bad, I can feel it in every nerve of my body.–” Denna laughed out loud, placing her phone back on the bedside table.

Denna rolled over again, sitting up at the edge of her bed as the sheet slipped down from her body. Her toes sank down into the soft carpet, as she stood and walked into the bathroom. Looking into the mirror, she followed the trail of creased lines with the tip of her finger that zigzagged across her soft breasts and stomach. Her make-up was slightly smeared as she leaned forward only inches away, wiping the black lines from her eyes.

Through the reflection in the mirror, her black evening dress still hung on its hanger. She turned, grasping it in her hands as she held it against her body, trying to turn back the clock to last night. Denna inhaled deeply, John’s scent was still clinging to her dress. She sighed remembering his touch, wishing his hands were still squeezing her flesh.

“Buzz, Buzz”

Denna hung her dress back up on the hook and walked back to the bedside table, picking up her cell.

“Going into work today?” said Jen’s message.

“No, playing sick today, I’ve got errands and food shopping to do. Ha, Ha.” Denna sent the message, setting the phone back down on the table as she walked back to the bathroom.

After a long hot bath, Denna dressed quickly. She dried her hair and then slipped into her baggy sweats and t-shirt, as her toes inched into her flip-flops. Grabbing the envelopes off the kitchen table, she then looped the strap of her purse onto her shoulder and closed the door behind her.

“Buzz, Buzz” Denna stared down at her cell phone.

“We’re all talking about drinks tonight. Can you go?” Jen’s message lit up the screen.

“I can’t. I have a date tonight at my favorite restaurant, 7:30pm.” Denna sat in the parking lot at the bank, sending Jen the message.

“With Brian?”

“No, you don’t know him. I’ll explain later.” Denna sent the text hoping she wouldn’t ask anymore questions.

Jen looked at her cell in disbelief. “I don’t know him? You tell me about every guy you’ve been out with. Hmm, what’s going on Denna, what are you up too?” Jen was baffled by the text but, she was going to get to the bottom of it.

Headed home now, it was now six o’ clock and Denna could feel her stomach began to growl.

“Dinner just for two, how long will you wait before you kiss me again?” Denna thought while walking in the door, dropping her grocery bags on the kitchen counter.

Denna picked up her cell phone, tapping the touch screen. “Yes, I need a cab to pick me up at 3911 Maple dr.” she said, after hearing a voice at the other end. “7 pm… Yes… Thank you.” she confirmed, and then hung up the phone.

With the food all put away, Denna stood in front of her closet, studying the colors of her clothes. “Oh John, I want to feel your touch again. Mmm… that velvet tongue of yours, licking at my lips.” Denna sighed heavily, pulling the string on her sweats as they dropped to the floor. Crossing her arms, she pulled her t-shirt off, standing nude in the center of her closet.

Denna’s ivory skin was untouched by the damaging rays of the sun. No tan lines to be seen, just a soft flow of continuous color which went all the way down to her frost-colored toenails. Her breasts were small but, shapely. She was shaved smooth, no dark brown curls hiding the stem of her excitement. Denna liked to see how and where she was going to be touched, even when it wasn’t her own hand.

“Hmm, I need something sexy underneath…” she said to herself, opening the lingerie drawer.

Denna pulled a pair of her black, silk stockings from the drawer. Her oil bathed skin slipped into one stocking and then the other with the laced tops resting snug against her thighs. She looked to her left at the long dresses, pants, skirts and various blouses.

Reaching her arm forward, she pulled a shiny red halter top from its hanger. Sliding it down over her shoulders, she then tied it around her neck. Denna looked down at the plunging neckline, as the closet light shined against the shape of her breasts.

Another quick pull and a black, short çekiç ve gül bir behzat ç hikayesi izle skirt came free from its hanger. She turned walking back into the bathroom, admiring the bold red color of her top in the mirror. Looking at the skirt, it dangled from her fingers. Her uncovered soft folds glistened, shining in the soft light of the bathroom.

“Impulse… Hmm…” A clever grin at herself in the mirror, “Without” Her secret began adding to the excitement.

She slid into the skirt. Stretched nicely around her waist, it rested just below her hip bones. The halter top loosely hung down framing in her tight figure. She turned back to the closet, her toes now slipped into the shiny, black-pointed heels, lying in front of the closet door.

Denna stood at the mirror for the last time, looking up at the clock. “Are you wondering if I’m going to show up John? Is your anticipation building as much as mine?” she thought, brushing a piece of lint from her dress. With her purse in her hand, she walked through the front door, walking out to her cab.

Denna arrived at the restaurant, stepping out of the cab onto the curb. She pulled some money from her purse paying the cabby as she walked toward the front door. Standing at the front desk, she waited until the gentleman hung up the phone.

“Table for one?” he asked.

“No.” Denna looked at her cell phone, 7:40pm. “I have a guest but, I think he’s here already. His name is John.” Denna said, getting nervous by the minute.

“Oh yes. He’s been expecting you. Right this way.” The gentleman walked around the desk, looking back once to make sure Denna was at his heels, following closely behind.

Approaching the table, the gentleman stopped and turned with his hand held out. “Here you are.” He smiled, leaving Denna standing motionless at the edge of the table.

John dropped his eyes following the shape of her body. He stopped at the tables edge, not able to see any further as his eyes began to sparkle at the sight of her. His heavy stare rendered her body motionless and unable to speak, as she watched his eyes move back up along her body, almost feeling his touch.

“Are you going to sit down?” John teased, chuckling at her.

“I wasn’t sure I’d come.” Denna said, knowing it was a lie.

“I knew you’d come.” John said, confidently, watching her slide into the booth beside him.

Denna placed her black purse on the padded booth, remembering the soft, red crushed-velvet seats. She crossed her legs and then leaned toward him as she began too inhale the musky scent of his cologne. The junction between her thighs ached with need, feeling his strong presents next to her. She folded her hands in her lap, turning to give him a soft welcoming smile.

“And how did you know that?” she asked him, wondering how he could be so sure of himself.

“The same way I knew you’d let me kiss you…” He paused, as his hand dropped down behind her head, touching her bare back. Then he lightly grazed the soft material of her top as his hand drifted down further, coming to rest at her hip. “…Chemistry.”

Denna felt a sudden chill and then goose bumps as she looked down, her breasts were peppered with them and flushed red in color. John squeezed her hip slightly and then placed a soft open-mouthed kiss to her neck.

John paused suddenly as Denna looked up to see the waiter standing in front of them. “Would you like something from the bar, Sir?” the waiter said, smiling at their closeness.

“Yes, A bottle of your best red wine.” John said confidently.

“Very well” the waiter said, leaving them at the table.

“You can’t drink too much tonight, you have to stay on your toes.” Denna said to herself, giving John an accepting smile.

A few moments later, the waiter arrived putting two wine glasses on the table, as he pulled a bottle opener from his pocket. Filling John’s glass with enough wine for a sip, he waited for him to taste it. John lifted the glass, taking a sip as he rolled the wine around on his tongue. His lips moved out and back while his cheeks sucked in a little, swallowing the remaining amount of his wine.

“Ohh, this is going to be torture.” Denna sighed, intently watching, his tongue now coated with the taste of wine.

“Perfect” John approved, replacing the glass to the table as the waiter filled the glass half full. Then he tilted the neck of the bottle down toward the edge of Denna’s glass, filling it.

“Dinner will be here as you requested, Sir.” The waiter stood for a moment, then smiled as he turned to leave.

“Thank you.”

“Here’s to the sexiest woman sitting next to me.” John said, holding his glass up, giving way to his intoxicating smile.

Denna met John’s glass with that familiar clang. “And here’s to the impulsive but, clever man sitting next me.” Denna said, taking a sip of her wine, as her eyes began to shine with wonder.

“Not sexy huh, guess I’ll have chasing waves izle to work on that.” He chuckled and then winked at her.

Denna laughed along with him, his humor just fueled the sexy stare he was giving her from beyond his wine glass. Denna couldn’t take her eyes away, completely consumed by him. He reached forward leaving his glass on the table. His hand came to her cheek with his thumb grazing the edge of her bottom lip. Folding it down once again, he stared into her open mouth, looking at her tongue. Denna sucked in a breath and began to squeeze her wine glass, waiting, and wanting him to taste her again.

“Would you like me to kiss you again…” he breathed in a low heated voice. “…To taste the wine on your tongue…” as his tongue slipped out, wetting his lips. “… Make your lips swell like our last kiss.”

“Yes, kiss me please.” Denna said, as her wine glass began to shake.

John moved his hand from her lip. He reached for her wine glass with an unbroken stare, releasing it from her hand, setting it down on the table. His lips made contact, lightly touching hers as she began to feel light headed. John returned his hand, sinking it into her hair as his thumb stroked her jaw line. Gripping her neck at the edge of his finger tips, she held her breath for a moment, waiting for his hot mouth to engulf hers.

The pad of his thumb moved forward as he pressed down at the edge of her jaw, opening her mouth a little. He smiled from her response, tilted his head as his lips began to nibble at hers.

* * *

Jen jumped out of the cab and rushed to the front door of the restaurant. Arriving at the front desk, the gentleman began to speak.

“Dinner for one?” he asked.

“No. I’m just here to have a drink at the bar.” Jen replied, looking out into the restaurant, hoping to spot Denna. “Who’s this guy Denna, how come I don’t know him.” Jen said under her breath.

“Pardon me?”

“Where’s the bar?” Jen asked the gentleman, appearing to be in a hurry.

The gentleman walked around the desk, pointing in the right direction. “Go to the end of this isle, its a couple feet on your left.”

“Thank you” and with that Jen walked to the edge of the carpet, looking both ways, hoping that Denna wouldn’t spot her.

Jen walked casually down the isle, carefully looking into each booth. She climbed a few steps, reaching the bar and then hopped up onto a bar stool. The view from the bar left everyone dining in full view. Jen scanned each face looking down into the tall booths, hoping to spot Denna and her date.

Stopping suddenly, Denna appeared. Her head was tilted, lips pressed against his with her back arched. His hand pressed against the flesh of her back, pulling her tightly up against him. They were consumed by each other, completely unaware of Jens presents.

“Oh, Denna, why didn’t you tell me?” Jen muffled in a shocked breath, watching them together.

Their kiss ended as Jen watched Denna take a sip from her glass and then set it down on the table. Unable to hear them talking, Jen watched intently. Denna began to slide from the booth, as she walked toward the bar. Jen quickly turned in her seat, facing the bartender. With her back toward Denna, Jen held her hand against her temple, trying to hide the side of her face.

“Can I get you something?” the bartender spoke, looking at her suspiciously.

“Um, I… I… just want a glass of water please…” as Denna finally passed Jen sitting at the bar. “… I’m not sure if my date is coming.” Jen lied, as she dropped her hand and smiled casually at the bartender.

“Okay, this is the perfect time. Women take forever in the bathroom, now I can find out what’s going on.” Jen said, looking back at the table where Denna’s date was.

“Here ya are.” the bartender said, setting the glass of ice water down in front of her, breaking Jen’s train of thought.

“Thank you.” Jen said taking a fake sip, as she looked back at the table.

“He’s gone! Where did he go?” Jen said under her breath, puzzled.

* * *

Denna turned her lips away from John as she took a breath. Looking into his eyes, the hot moisture began to pool inside her. Uncrossing her legs, she felt the cool air slipping between her parted legs as she reached for her wine glass.

“Are you going to feed me?” she teased, her lips curling at the edges.

“Oh yes, definitely. You won’t be hungry when you leave this time.” John replied with a seductive grin, studying her lips as they parted at the edge of her wine glass.

“Can you excuse me for a minute?” she said, setting her glass down.

“Of course, don’t be to long.” John winked, watching her slide from the booth.

Denna walked briskly to the ladies room. The door pushed open, she walked up to the sink looking into the mirror. Her breasts were a shade lighter than her red halter top.

The hinge to the door was heard and she hesitated for a moment. “John!” her heart raced but, christina in the country izle she didn’t look.

“You don’t need to cool off on my account.” His voice cut through the quiet bathroom like a knife. “I couldn’t wait for you any longer…” he paused, as his hand appeared in the mirror touching her shoulder. “… I want to feel you…” his dark hair appeared now, as his eyes shined at the edge of her ear. “… And taste more of you.” he whispered, heatedly.

John squeezed her shoulders and then traced inward. Slowly along her shoulders, his fingers disappeared behind her neck. Denna felt the bow of her tie loosen, laying flat to her bare back. Gripping her shoulders, he turned Denna toward him.

“This was my impulse…” he breathed low against her open lips. “…To have you.” John embraced her jaw in his hands, pulling her lips into his.

“Mmm” Denna moaned into his mouth, feeling too weak to stop it as she braced herself against the sink.

John bent down sinking into his knees, as his lips overlapped hers with his teeth lightly biting at them. Scooping up Denna into his strong hands, she wrapped her arms around his neck as he carted her off into one of the open stalls. His hot melting kisses swelled her lips, making them tingle as he kicked the stall door open, struggling to get inside. Aggressively he braced Denna’s back up against the wall of the bathroom stall, closing the door behind them.

* * * Jen turned toward the edge of the bar as she briefly saw Denna’s date pass by. “Hmm, you both are in the bathroom, what timing.” Jen laughed, as she took another sip of her water and then jumped down off the bar stool, heading toward the bathroom.

She pushed the bathroom door open to the ladies room and walked inside. Standing quietly, soft muffled sounds were heard coming from one of the stalls. Jen began to tip-toe across the tile floor, shutting the door behind her in the next stall. She turned and leaned against the false wall. Listening, she tried to make out Denna’s voice in the stall next to her.

“I want you inside me” Denna moaned in his mouth, locking her ankles around his thighs as she gripped the top of the stall with her hands.

Jen looked above her head to see Denna’s fingers clutched, bleached white, holding on tightly to the stall. Jen sucked in a breath, listening to the passion spill from Denna’s lips. Jen covered her mouth, muffling her sounds, quietly hiding in the stall next to them.

John’s hands came forward as Denna gripped onto his hips, tightening her thighs around his waist. He pulled up Denna’s skirt revealing her uncover lips, glistening with excitement.

“Mmm, so delicious, so hungry for me.” John growled under his breath as he cupped her cheeks tightly, pulling her up a little higher. Aggressively he pushed her back into the stall, pressing his chest against hers.

The stall bucked against Jen’s back as she listened to him wrestle with Denna’s clothes. Jen closed her eyes feeling the tormented heat between them as she began to ache. The wicked words spoken by him made her skin vibrate as her nipples began to throb.

John pulled the ties on Denna’s top, cupping her breast with one hand. He lean forward and licked the taut nipple, now exposed to his waiting mouth. Denna swore she could feel everything —the tiny bumps of his taste buds as he licked her, his breath blowing against her like a hot wind. She felt his cock nudged against the fabric of his slacks, as she clenched at the thought, welcoming the invitation.

“Ohh, you’re so hard.” Denna began to pant roughly, grabbed at his chest, wrinkling his shirt beneath her fingers.

John reached underneath them, pulling the button to his slacks, tugging down on the zipper. He then sliced his free hand down inside his pants, pulling his erection free from his slacks. Pressing it against Denna’s hot entrance, her liquid heat seared his crown, as she waited for him to sink into her heated tunnel.

John embraced her back, gripping at her flesh as he entered her with a slow, grinding thrust. “Uhh, yes! Take me, take all of me!” John moaned against her nipple, pulling against the bud with his teeth.

Denna squeezed against him, rocking her hips upward, inviting more of him inside her. “Uhh, harder, don’t stop.” Denna whimpered, her blissful plea, echoing in the bathroom.

John’s hand came up grasping the stall. Denna’s cheek clinched in his other hand, he surged forward. His hips bucked Denna up against the flexing wall, as his mouth came forward, her mouth held open waiting for his tongue.

Jen felt weak, her knees wanting to buckle as her back bumped up against the stall, feeling him take Denna. Over and over Denna’s breath panted the soft cries of pleasure. Jen turn her body pressing her breasts against the cold wall, as she laid her cheek against it, wanting to feel his touch.

Denna squeeze against him once again, feeling her soft-padded core tingle, at the edge of release. Her breath now held with her back arched, trapped in the grip of waiting as John leaned forward, sinking his teeth into her neck.

“Oh yes, cum for me. Spill it all over me.” John breathed with a raspy, deep growl.

Denna release her hands from the wall, grasping a handful of John’s hair in her hand. His gyrating thrusts striking the same slick spot. “Ooo, Uhh” were the last sounds Denna made, jerking in his arms.

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