12 Mayıs 2023

Dirty old man !


So I’m 46 with a happy but not sexually full filling marriage. i thought my time for getting jiggy with a lady under the age of 40 had gone ………. My daughter of 22 and her friend Sam wanted to borrow my PC while I was at work on Saturday. We only want to MSN together they giggled and Sam hasn’t brought hers. Some jammy gits going to be flirting on messenger with her, I thought. Still she’s my daughters mate, behave ! I thought no more of it and toddled off to work. When I came home my laptop was on my desk and all seemed normal. After the soaps had started I sloped off to my office to work on my latest story. I’d been writing dirty stories for ages and had them stashed in a folder, in a folder, etc on my laptop. Of coarse the folders were only available to my profile and then they were stashed in an obscure folder somewhere. I thought I was safe. My latest effort was all about a guy watching a woman across the road flash him and I’d just got to the Beylikdüzü escort bayan bit where she was fucking herself with 3 fingers. I was just formulating the next paragraph in my mind, she hold’s up a sign saying look but don’t touch, as I scrolled to the bottom of the page. To my horror someone had been there before me YOU DIRTY OLD MAN ! IF YOU THINK YOU COULD COPE WITH ME CALL ………. Shit ! it must be my daughter and Sam ! But why the number ? I’ll die if they’ve read them ! Do I ring the nimber ? As I calm down a bit it all seems a bit odd. I can’t for a second imagine my daughter being up for that if she’d read my work. So it must be Sam but what does she want. Is it her number ?   I had to wait 2 nights until my daughter left her phone on charge in the kitchen and went to bed. I descended and looked up Sam’s number. No need to check, the number in my story was etched on my mind, it was different. Escort Beyoğlu Weird but now my mind’s racing. Nothing as simple as just being rumbled and if whoever left my number read my stories …… could this work to my advantage ? Next day at work while I was on my own i got out my mobile, By now the mystery is causing me to start growing. Fingers trembling I punch in the number. It rings and after a couple of moments Sam’s voice answered “hello” What to say ? Play it cool ? “You left a message to ring you” “You dirty old cunt !” replied Sam’s voice. As much as she might try for the dominatrix growl she couldn’t quite pull it off. “So you like watching ladies play with themselves, do you ?” “Errr no …. errr yes …. ” “I bet you’d love to ram your cock up me ….. you dirty old cunt !” She’s really getting into this I thought, dare I just “And you’d love it !” I heard myself reply. “The best you can hope for Bomonti escort is madam hand and her four daughters you dirty old cunt. I’m coming to see you after work, phone your wife and tell her you’ll be late.” With that the line went dead. I couldn’t help myself. I dared to hope that what I wanted to happen, would. I phoned my wife and told her I’d be late, nothing unusual. My cock was straining. It’d been hard since my call to Sam earlier. At five I locked up and turned off the lights and waited. Being the dirty sod I am I started flicking through some porn on the net. I waited 5 minutes and thought  fuck it, she’s not coming, I’ll have a wank, the doors are locked. I’m just approaching the point of no return, my helmet shining with pre-cum, my eyes drinking in a young lesbian grinding her cunt onto an older woman’s face, when I get a text. “I’m here you dirty old cunt. I know you want to look at girl’s cunts. Let me in !” Now my blood pressure’s through the roof, my heart pounding as I open the staff door. There stand’s Sam,  not only young enough but actually, my daughter’s friend. I’d always thought that she was fit but this is my daughter’s mate, the same age. She stood outside, under the glow of the security light, in a long mac, belted at the waist.

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