14 Mart 2023

Dirty On Your Desk


Surprise! I’ve stopped by your office so we can play, act out some of the fantasy fucks we’ve had. I close the door behind me, so we can have some privacy, and worry for a second about the lack of a lock.

I turn to look at you, and your eyes are already on my cleavage and I know you want to see more. In fact, I sent you picture just a few minutes ago to give you a preview of my tits bursting out of my low-cut sweater. “I know you want to suck on them,” I said. And I know you can’t refuse the invitation.

I come around to the other side of your desk, where you sit – in thrall to our fantasies, to the thoughts of my sensitive, suckable nipples, my gorgeous pussy. I stand in front your chair, with my back to your desk, and immediately your mouth is on my skin, exploring my neck, your traveling tongue leaving marks. You whisper dirty things in my ear as your hand sneaks under my skirt, where you can feel the soft skin of my thigh, smell my juices. You nibble at my earlobe and down my neck and continue to tell me how hard you are, how horny I make you, how much you want to see me undress for you. I reach to feel and you press your crotch your hand against my hand so I can feel how hard and hot you are underneath your jeans.

I slip my sweater over my head, exposing the sheer material of my cami, my nipples poking holes in the fabric, begging for your attention. Wet tongue and hard teeth and the soft abrasion of the material drive me crazy and I start to squirm. I hitch my skirt up and sit on the desk in front of you. My cami is soaked now and it looks like a wet t-shirt contest. I pull it off and bring your head back to my tits, so you can suck me longer, harder. They bounce as they are freed, swinging in front of your mouth, the slight chill hardening my nipples impossibly. You devour one of my nipples, sucking it deep into your mouth, while your hand keeps the other warm. I lift my foot to your chair and rub my toes up and down the length of your cock.

You switch from one nipple to the other, your mouth ciplak izle and teeth getting progressively rougher, leaving red marks and I arch my back, pushing myself deeper into your mouth. Breathing short and sharp, with small moans.

I lay back on the desk, putting my feet on the arms of your chair, offering my body to you, pulling my skirt up even more, spreading my legs for your eager mouth. Starting at my ankle, you nibble a slow trail up to where my panties are drenched for you. I lean back further, my head off the back of the desk, my hands working my tits while your mouth gets even closer to my pussy.

Suddenly, you move, leaving my pussy aching and begging for more. You move around and offer your crotch to me. Moaning in anticipation, I feverishly work the zipper to free your cock. Your balls are heavy with cum and hit my chin before I suck them into my mouth, my hand working your rock-hard cock. I release your balls and lick up the length of your shaft. You taste so good, I moan a little too loud. You slide your cock into my mouth to muffle the noise. Your balls slap against my nose as you fill my mouth with your cock. With my hands on your ass, I pull you as deep as I can, and your hands work my tits – pulling them roughly, squeezing and pinching the nipples as you fuck my face.

My hot mouth and tight throat and muffled moans are too good. You would love to spray cum deep in my throat, but you have other plans. You move back to my pussy and rip away my panties, spread my legs wide and suck hard on my cunt. My lips part easily to allow your tongue access and you alternate between taking them in your mouth and sucking and the parting them with your fingers and tongue, thrusting one or the other deep into me. My hands return to my tits while you seek out my clit, bursting for attention. You suck my clit and roll it between your lips, barely pausing to stuff my cami in my mouth because my moans of pleasure are getting too loud. My hips thrust and I grind my pussy in your face and you commander fort izle work it, squeezing my ass and pulling me deeper onto your tongue.

I taste so good, you could eat my pussy all day long. But you need to fuck it, need to feel it wrapping around your cock, sucking at you, covering you in my juices. You need to see my cunt swallow your cock.

I ask you to do something for me – Thrust your cock into me and then bring it back to my mouth so I can taste it. You do, you thrust, and I growl with pleasure. Coated in my juices, you bring your cock back to my mouth and I take it deep, savoring the taste, working it with my tongue. I release it slowly. “Fuck me, fuck me hard. Let’s make a mess all over this desk.” I dip my fingers in my pussy and give them to you to suck as you place your cock against my pussy lips. After a moment’s hesitation, I open easily and accept your hard cock – it’s like I’m sucking your cock inside me. I wrap my legs around your ass to pull you deeper and I hold on the edge of the desk, ready for a good hard fucking.

You slowly withdraw and then work back inside me, and the anticipation is making me moan – your cock feels so good, I want you to give it all to me. Lifting my legs up, one over each shoulder to get even deeper, you start to move in and out. Slow, so slow at first, but building with each stroke. Deeper. Harder. Faster. Making me so fucking crazy! Varying thrusts, but each one deep and hard . My hips are trying to thrust against you, I can’t seem to get enough cock, unable to feel it deep enough or hard enough. My sweet tight pussy, so wet, so soft and inviting and so hungry for that fat, hard cock.

I take the cami out of my mouth – “Oh, fuck me, baby, fuck me, fuck me.” I can’t believe how wide open and wet I am, how I can feel you almost to my throat. It feels so good, each thrust taking us closer to the edge, each one making me hotter and hornier

You stuff the cami back in my mouth to cover my screams and moans as copenhagen cowboy izle the first orgasm hits me, starting at my core and ripping through me like an explosion, every fiber of my body aching for touch, alive with tingling and feeling, cumming hard. So hard, you can feel my juices coating your cock, so much almost squirting out between your cock and my pussy lips, coating and pooling on your desk, each thrust continuing through my orgasm. Your cock is still so hot and hard, I just keep cumming. Thrashing about on the desk, losing myself in wave after wave, not quite sure if they are separate or just a long drawn out orgasm. It’s all you can do to keep from cumming inside me right now, but you want to enjoy this as long as you can.

I reach down to my drenched, dripping cunt and scoop up juice and rub it into my tits. And take your head down to taste, and you’re trying to maintain a thrusting as you taste my juices on my tits. Working your hips, staying buried inside me, our bodies grinding together, your teeth and lips working magic on my nipples. You can feel my pussy squeezing and working on your cock, trying to make you cum, and you’re trying to fight it. I grab your ass and grind harder, squeeze tighter.

“You want it baby, you want my cum? “

” I want it, I want it in me, all over me, everywhere. “

You feel your cock swelling as your start to lose the control. My sweet pussy feels too good. Breathing heavier now, you can feel your cum bubbling, you can feel the first jet as it hits me deep inside. And between the combination of the fucking, my nipples and the anticipation of your cumming, it sets me off again, another orgasm rolls over me.

Pulling out, you direct your cock towards my tits as the second string shoots hard. Splashing across my stomach and pussy, reaching my nipple, and I bend my head to taste the salty musky liquid . You quickly move to my head, I open my mouth to take the rest of your sticky cum, sticking my tongue out eagerly to catch it, pulling your ass towards me to close my lips around the jerking head. Sucking hard and deep as each new jerk spills a little more cum onto my tongue. I hum and moan around your cock, it tastes to good, feels so good.

I suck you dry and you praise me: “That’s it baby, keep me hard, clean off your favorite treat .”

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