14 Mart 2023

Discovering ‘Family Love’ Ch. 04


In the last letter I explained how Johnathan and Robert spent the first two weeks of their summer holidays with their sister. In this letter I review what happened in the last 2 months of that summer, which they spent with their aunt, Emilee. Needless to say, after her encounter with the boys, Emilee would never be the same woman again.


As Robert and Johnathan enjoyed their months together with the company of their more than accommodating sister, and as Robert taught Johnathan the finer points of training their sister to be a submissive and obedient sex toy, Robert asked Johnathan if Angela was his first sexual encounter. Rather reserved to discuss the matter, Johnathan eventually admitted that in fact while living with his aunt, Emilee, that she had seduced him and he had sexual relations with her. He explained however that these were something of the opposite of the sex they were having with Angela where she served their wishes. Johnathan explained how his aunt had trained him in fact to serve her own wishes. He reviewed how, quite the opposite of their slender sister, their aunt was large breasted, and had a voluptuous and curvy figure, and that she insisted on treating Johnathan as a boy, breast feeding him, having him lick her toes, eat her pussy at her whim, make him cum by strangling and torturing his balls.

As the original plan was for Johnathan to spend two months of the summer with Robert and their sister, and for Robert to spend the last two months with Johnathan and their aunt, Robert suggested to Johnathan that he introduces Robert to her as receptive to also being treated as her son, finding the ideas Johnathan reviewed as strangely titillating. However, though at first they would play innocent enough, his plan was to find her weaknesses and prey on these, and thus eventually to then turn the tables on their controlling aunt and see if they could turn her into their obedient sex toy. He explained that it would be nice to have a big titted round assed older slut to serve their wishes alongside their petite and slender young sister. They would make a good combination. Perhaps even convincing the two women to pleasure each other as the boys watched.

Curious, Johnathan agreed to the plan and informed his aunt that not only would himself and Robert be returning shortly, but that Robert was also very open to being treated as her son. For his part, Robert could think of nothing other than how he would convert his conniving controlling aunt into his own sex toy. He knew behind every dominatrix lied a submissive slut, he just had to figure out how, and Johnathan had given him the clues he needed to find her weakness points. He remember his aunt visiting when he was younger and admiring her curvy round ass and her big tits, and he always wanted to know what they looked like and would feel like. His brother knew. And soon, he would know too.

Emilee eagerly awaited for the boys to arrive. She couldn’t stop thinking of how now she would have two younger men to train to serve her wishes, two tall muscular twin boys with long beautiful cocks to force to obey her commands, to degrade and humiliate, to use as she pleased. Awaiting their arrival she dressed in a tight sweater and push-up bra to accentuate her ample cleavage, and a body hugging short skirt and heels to reveal her supple broad curves. Putting on make-up and styling her long hair in the fashion of a younger woman she jumped out of her chair when she heard the boys pulling into the driveway.

Standing in the doorway Emilee was an amazing site for the boys to behold as they exited the car. Johnathan popped an immediate hard-on upon spying her, while even Robert got a puggy when his eyes glanced over his aunt’s revealed figure, her classic broad curves, making the hormone’s of any young man race. As they approached, Emilee commenting on how she couldn’t even tell who was Johnathan and gave each a giant hug and sloppy kiss on the cheek. Johnathan said who he was and Emilee praised Robert for also being so handsome and charming. Grabbing their hands and leading them inside she sat them both down at the kitchen table and let them feast their eager eyes over the curves of her body as she prepared them a lunch, enjoying seeing their eyes never leaving her curves.

As the day progressed Robert enjoyed watching the dynamics between his aunt and brother. Their actions were subtle at first, but never too subtle, and grew bolder as the day progressed. Serving them their sandwiches Emilee stood guard over Johnathan while the brothers ate. Placing Johnathan’s hand under her skirt, Robert watched as Johnathan’s hand ran up and down the thick supple thigh of his aunt as he ate. Emilee repeatedly told him what a good boy he was and regularly leaned over to kiss Johnathan on the cheek or gave him a loving hug, pressing her bulging cleavage against his face. After lunch the boys helped Emilee unpack groceries she had bought and Robert noticed how Emilee continuously aydınlı escort groped Johnathan’s ass and crotch, his well pampered hard-on very noticeable beneath his jeans. While Robert put away the groceries Emilee slipped her hand down Johnathan’s jeans and rubbed his bare ass. He watched his brother squirm as Emilee asked if he had missed his toy, and new that she had her finger in his ass and was referring to his butt plug. Johnathan had told Robert how she made him wear one, and also how she had used a strap-on upon him. This was beyond Robert’s interest, and he decided to play along but to reverse the roles once such matters were approached.

Sitting to relax in the living room Robert watched as Johnathan cuddled in his aunt’s arms, leaning his head onto her chest. Her hand dropped and fell onto his groin, and she rubbed Johnathan through his jeans as he spoke to Robert, making her behaviour evident to him. Then patting the sofa on the free side beside her she suggested Robert also come closer. Sliding her arms around each boy’s shoulders she commented on what two large handsome boys she had. Robert watched as she then raised Johnathan’s head from relaxing on her chest and gave him a long wet kiss on this lips. Following this she placed his hand on her bare thigh and asked him to give her leg a rub as it was tense. Robert watched as she spread her legs to the point that her white panties could be seen and as Johnathan’s hand slipped up her bare thigh and came to the edge of her panties.

Kissing Robert gently and briefly upon the lips Emilee then placed his hand on her other thigh and asked him to help. Both boys explored her chubby soft thighs as Emilee leaned back and spreading her legs wider apart moaned from the sensation. As they explored her soft flesh she asked Johnathan “Is my little boy hungry after his long trip away, does he need to suckle?” And then to Robert’s startled chagrin he watches as his aunt pulled her sweater up over her bra and extracted a huge mound of flesh from beneath, plopped the biggest nipple he had ever seen into his brother’s mouth.

As he watched his brother suck her tit and enjoyed the feel of his aunt’s thigh, Robert felt Emilee press his face near hers and plant another kiss on his lips “I am so glad that you decided to join our little family.” She said and then drove her tongue into Robert’s mouth. Kissing his aunt and sucking her tongue he felt her hand slide onto his crotch and she began to rub his quickly hardening dick as they sucked face and as his fingers explored higher up her thigh, daring to slide his fingers under her panties. She offered no resistance and he slid his fingers along the slippery flesh he found there, occasionally bumping into his brothers fingers also excitedly exploring the same region.

With two sets of fingers exploring her wetness and a mouth latched onto her tit, Robert saw the passion in his aunt’s eyes. Between kisses he watched as she would glance down at the bulge in his pants that she was busy rubbing. Looking back up at him her eyes quivered as she moaned from the pleasure between her legs. Biting Robert hard upon the lower lip she silently slid her tongue back into his mouth.

Then suddenly she broke their kiss and pushed Jonathan from her tit as well as both the boy’s hands from her pussy. “Johnathan,” she commanded, “massage my aching feet, they are so tired.” Falling to the floor Johnathan immediately removed her shoes and began to rub her feet. Robert watched as Emilee sat there, one breast hanging out, admiring her control over Johnathan. When she ordered him to lick her toes, he obediently obeyed. Undoing her bra and releasing both her breasts she asked Robert if he also needed to feed and soon had him laying on her lap, sucking on one big tit and then the other. Cupping the soft flesh of both big breasts in his hand Robert enjoyed touching such truly massive breasts, only ever having before known the feeling of much smaller firmer breasts.

“OK, that’s enough boys for now.” Emilee announced, and pulling her nipple from Robert’s mouth and her toes from Johnathan’s mouth she stood and adjusted herself, pulling down her top and skirt, leaving the two boys tortured with stimulated hard-on’s. “I bought gifts for both of you!” She exclaimed. “Now each of my darling little boys you must be all grimy from your long trip, so run along and have your showers and I will leave your gifts for you on each of your beds.” Each boy got up and went to a separate washroom, Robert to the main bathroom, and Johnathan to Emilee’s on-suite. Emilee accompanied Johnathan and once in the bathroom stripped herself, then stripped Johnathan and joined him briefly in the shower. Exiting, she put on a transparent white lace teddy and only loosely applied the belt. She then placed the gifts on each of the boy’s beds and went to visit Robert as she heard him still in the shower. Drawing back the curtain she spied his naked bağdat caddesi escort body. Identical to Johnathan, except a bit more muscular, obviously visiting the gym from time to time. He stood there lathered in soap, eyes closed with shampoo on his head, his semi-rigid penis protruding toward her.

“Hello darling, how are you coming along, can I help you in any way?” She teasingly inquired. A little shocked by the voice Robert opened his eyes to see his aunt peeking at him. She stood there is a thin gown that showed her heavy cleavage and through which could be seen her dark large nipples. It was so short than when she raised her arms it slid up over her bum and revealed her thick black bush. The sight gave Robert an immediate hard-on. Taking notice Emilee reached out and began to rub his balls and cock. “Let me clean this beautiful penis for you darling.” Using both her hands to rub his balls and cock with soap and caressing his flesh back and forth she continued “Such a long and thick nice cock you have darling boy, the girls must just love going down on this lovely piece of meat!”

Letting his dick go she giggled and left the room. When the boys returned to their own rooms they found on their bed short silk housecoats. Putting them on they met outside their rooms, noticing how the material barely covered their butts and dicks, and proceeded downstairs to find their aunt. They found her sitting on the couch, her plump legs bare beneath her teddy, slightly spread, revealing her thick black hairy bush. Her tits were only slightly covered by the transparent material, the heavy flesh sagging down on her chest with her dark huge nipples hard and erect hanging at the end of her pendulous boobs. She motioned the boys to stand beside her and on so doing she released each of their housecoat belts, exposing their chests, stomachs, bare legs, and hard cocks.

“Oh my two lovely twin boys,” she cooed, “what beautiful men you are, and what perfect specimens of manhood you each have between your legs!” She exclaimed, as she clasped each set of balls in her hands. “I am so happy that I have two boys now to please, and to please me.” She gushed, as she squeezed hard on the testicles in her hands, causing the hard pricks to each bounce and twitch in response to the shock. Robert cringed, not use to having his balls played with so roughly, while Johnathan just enjoyed the discomfort. “Let’s make sure you cleaned these nice big pricks properly in your showers and removed all the soap.” She said and continuing to hold each boy tight by his ball sack placed first Johnathan’s cock in her mouth, taking her time to enjoy sucking at the beautiful long hard cock she had at her disposal, and then depositing Robert’s cock between her lips, enjoying this new but identical cock. Lingering with Robert’s dick, she looked up at him as she sucked to watch the expression on his face. With the full length of his prick in her throat she gave his balls a good hard squeeze and watched his eyes tear up while the lines of his mouth betrayed his pleasure at the sensation. Enjoying the new cock at her control she ordered Johnathan to get on his knees before her and to clean her vagina with his mouth. Robert watched as his brother obediently serviced his aunt, thrusting his tongue in and out of her big wide cunt.

Trying to establish the control over Robert that she had accomplished with Johnathan she ordered Robert to kneel beside her on the couch and show her how he rubbed his dick when he needed to masturbate and had him stroke himself in front of her. She watched intently as her one man stroked himself for her and the other obediently ate her pussy. This is heaven, she thought. Seeking her weaknesses and to take some control, Robert pleaded “Can I see your breasts, auntie? They will make my cock get harder.” Wanting her boys as hard as they could get she opened her top to fully expose her breasts and invited Robert to rub his cock against them. Enjoying to watch Robert explore the flesh of her breasts with his dick, Emilee ordered Johnathan to kneel before her and to stroke his cock over her wet pussy. She then laid back and enjoyed watching as each boy rubbed his cock over her body. Rubbing her clit, she told each boy to stroke himself until they came, and then to shoot their loads over her pussy and tits.

Robert looked into her eyes and could see the pleasure she had from controlling the situation, but also knew that it was time to start the process of converting her to being their slut. He recalled how Johnathan said she seemed more open to suggestion when on the rare occasion she let him have intercourse with her. He had to try. Stroking his aunt hair Robert said “Auntie, I always thought you were so beautiful growing up, you are the prettiest and sexiest woman I have ever known. I always fantasized of what your breasts would look like, your bum, your pussy. You exceed all my dreams. Thank-you for bahçelievler escort accepting me as your boy and letting me jerk off over you. My cock and balls belong to you now, as with Johnathan, you control me, I love your body, and my cock serves you.”

Reaching up she cupped his balls and gave them a firm squeeze, enjoying watching him cringe as Robert continued to stroke his cock in front of her. She loved having these you men and their bodies at her control and disposal. “And such a beautiful cock you have darling for Auntie to watch you stroke off. Now be a good boy, and show me how you can cum on aunties tits.”

Now that he had buttered her up and earned her trust, Robert executed his plan.

“Your pussy is so gorgeous auntie. Can I please eat your pretty pussy? I want to be on my knees before you, kiss your feet, suck your toes, lick your pussy. Please auntie. I will serve you as your obedient slave.” He pleaded.

How could she resist. This is everything she lived for. “Johnathan, kneel beside me on the couch, give your brother your spot.” She commanded. Switching places, Robert kisses and idolized Emilee’s feet to prove his submissiveness and working his way up her thigh ate out her big cunt. With his face dripping of pussy he kneeled before her and stroked his dick over her big wet twat while Johnathan stroked his cock as he rubbed it against one of her tits.

Pulling Emilee into his trap, Robert then begged “Auntie, can I rub my cock on your pussy to jerk myself off?” Emilee in a moment of weakness, agreed. Rubbing his cock on her cunt, from time to time, he let his dick slide against her vagina and even into it an inch or to. He could see the desire on her face, and how she began to succumb to her lust and lose some of her control each time he did so. “I love your pussy auntie, I want inside your beautiful pussy auntie, can I please go inside?” He begged. She hesitated but he kept tempting her with little prods and began sticking it in inches at a time, withdrawing soon after to tease her on.

Soon he was sticking himself fully into her and pulling out waited for her to open her eyes, and when her eyes begged for more, thrust it back in. Grabbing his aunt’s chubby thighs he began to fuck her horny cunt.

“Do you like me fucking you auntie?” Robert teased.

She could feel her power slipping away but could not resist. She wanted this, needed this. “Oh yes, darling yes. I need this so badly. Miss this so much. Your brother fucks me sometimes, but he is a pathetic pansy. But you fuck like a man, you fuck so good.”

Pulling out he teased “You want more auntie?”

“Yes, please, fuck me more!” She begged and sticking it back in he watched his new bitch in the making gyrate on his cock.

“I love pleasuring your pussy with my cock auntie. My cock exists to serve you, to please you. Let me know if I am pleasing you.” Robert said, suggesting that it was she who was actually in control rather than him.

“Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, Christ, fuck me, you are amazing, yes! Cum on my pussy darling.”

“I want to cum inside your auntie, my cock wants to serve your pussy and cum inside her.” He teased, knowing he was stripping control from her.

Emilee felt her control slipping away quickly, but she could not resist. “Oh baby, anything you want, fuck me as you want darling.”

Unloading in his aunt he came deep in her cunt as he felt her orgasm pulsating on his cock. Robert knew he had control now, if only temporarily. But his plan was coming together perfectly, and we would day by day continue to grow his control until Emilee was his slut.

Pulling his dick out of her sopping pussy Robert saw as his aunts eyes rolled back and knew that she was weak and that now was the time to strike again. Kneeling beside her he said “Johnathan, she needs more, get between her and fuck her.” Johnathan had agreed to follow Robert’s lead and did as he said, and entering his aunt as she lay there helpless he was glad now he was in control.

Opening her eyes she saw Johnathan fucking her now and Robert’s semi-rigid dick before her face. “What the…” She uttered.

“Auntie, it was so good fucking you.” Robert said. “We both love you. So Johnathan wanted to please you also.”

“Ohhh, ok.” Is all that she found herself able to say.

Holding his dick before her face Robert said “My dick is all dirty now auntie, please clean it auntie.” She looked at the cock fresh from her pussy and covered in cum and pussy juice and knew that if she did as he said that she was surrendering her control, but the cock in her pussy felt so good and as Robert seized her head and forced his cock into her mouth her power to resist waned and she did not resist.

Robert forced his cock back and forth into his aunts mouth, making her clean the sex off of him, his dick getting hard again as he watched his controlling aunt become his submissive bitch with each thrust of his dick into her face and his brothers dick into her cunt. With one hand her held her long hair and controlled her head back and forth on his cock while with his other hand he groped at her big fat tits. “Pinch your nipples and make them hard for us so we can suck them later.” He begged his aunt, his voice beginning to transition from a soft tone to a commanding tone.

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