26 Mart 2022

Discovering My Love For Milfs


Discovering My Love For MilfsNew to this and not exactly a journalist so excuse any poor grammar.The following is a true story and still makes me horny to this day.My love for MILFS all started when a new neighbour moved into my neighbourhood. 5 ft 2 blonde hair slightly curvy and gigantic tits. At first being 13 I didn’t pay much attention. She had a hubby and 2 young k**s.Over time she got pally with my mother. I remember one day in the house she was bending over petting my dog and I could see she was wearing a g string- A GSTRING!!! This made me interest in her increase 10 fold. Being 14 I was raging hormones and watching quite a lot of porn. After this incident I instantly became obsessed with MILFS. Months passed and she became excellent friends with my mom. One day she rang my mam and asked her to babysit her son who was 6. She said she was going out with her hubby and the sitter cancelled last min. My mom was also going out so overhearing the convo I said I would. I needed the cash truth be told and I wanted to stare at her. So I get to the house and she is dressed up looking hot as hell. Her tits are out and I am trying not to stare. She tells me all the usual crap about there being food and to help myself. Her k** was asleep within half an hour of them leaving. So I put him to develi escort bed and went back to watch tele. My mind started to think about how hot my neighbour looked. I then did what I should not have done and went to her room. I dont know what came over me but I rummaged through her panty drawer hoping to find something sexy. Thong after thong and lacy bras dominated it. I sniffed all hoping that there would be worn ones. None were worn and getting scared I put them back in the drawer. They came home shortly after and her hubby had to go to work. She was very drunk whilst paying me and when I told her I tucked her son in bed she thought I was amazing. She paid me very well and we chatted for a while. She said she would use me again. As I was leaving she was walking me out and she stumbled in her heels. I picked her up by the waist and brushed off her tits. She blushed and ushered me out. A week later she called me to say she needed a sitter. This time she was out by herself. Her hubby was abroad on business. This time she came back at 2 in the morning even more drunk than the last time. She fell in the door and I waved the taxi man away. She was wearing jeans that were too tight on her ass and she instantly went to get changed. Not knowing what to do I sat in the sitting room waiting to be paid. She returned with a white vest on and pyjamas and a glass of vine in her hand. She sat down downed her wine and began to cry. Sensing vulnerability I asked her what is wrong? She told me that her hubby doesn’t appreciate her anymore. After hearing her out she thanked me for listening and said she wishes her hubby listened like that. Her nipples were noticably hard. I gave her a hug but she leant in and started to snog me. I pulled her in close to me and began to feel those gigantic tits. For a woman of 35 years they were so perky. Her nipples hard and sensitive to my touch. I began to kiss her neck and this sent her into ecstasy. She reached down my pants to feel but average (was only young) but rock hard cock. She started to expertly stroke it up and down without even taking off my trousers. Then we heard someone creeping down the stairs. It was her fucking son so we both jumped up and after she ushered him back to bed the mood had gone. She was upset that she had kissed another man. She creid and I listened then left. However this was to not be the last time. Texts ensued and I really started to listening to her. She confided personal things in me. She said her and the hubby were to break up. She had tried everything but he was no longer interested in her. She told me how she bought sexy underwear from him. She described it to me and after hearing about the stockings and thong I had to wank. I made her feel good saying I would cum within seconds if you wore that near me and other things like that.This led to another babysitting night. Her hubby was again away and she was said but decided to drown her sorrows. Again she came back drunk but this time happy. She told me that if I was 10 years older she would fuck my brains out. As she was walking up the stairs I could see up her dress and her shapely ass. Her thong was almost swallowed and all I wanted to do was to rip her clothes off. Seeing me eyeing her up she bent off and pretended to pick up something. I immediately raced up the stairs and pulled up her dress. She seemed shocked but the whore loved it. I turned her around and began to kiss her. I pulled her heavy tits out of her bra and began to suck them. She was moaning like she hadnt made love in years. Still on her top step I ran my hands down to her pussy. I pulled the light material of her thong to one side and felt her swollen clit. She moaned in delight but she begged me to stop saying it was wrong. I tried to keep going but she was serious.So as I left her house horny and hard I still hadnt fucked this amazing woman.However this wasnt to be the case for long.Follow for more stories and to continue the journey

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