15 Mayıs 2023

Discovering Ourselves (Chapter 5 Part 1)


Chapter 3: Solving a Problem, First Forays into BDSM, and Subtle Exhibitionism.Since our return from vacation, I regularly checked porn websites to ensure that I could find neither pictures nor a video of Belle’s strip-tease by the pool in Spain. I came back empty-handed each time, reassured that if the guys had taken pictures or filmed, then they kept it as their private masturbation materials. Or, at least, had posted it on such a little-known site that the risks of it ever being found by an acquaintance of ours was really low. I also searched using different combinations of Spanish search terms just to be sure, limiting the research to the additions since my last visit.And finally, one evening, I got a result on an obscure Spanish site for voyeurs. I knew from looking at the thumbnail that what I’d feared had happened… I opened the site and saw that the video had been added quite recently and merely had a handful of views. I clicked on play and was somewhat relieved to see Belle and I could hardly be recognized on it.If someone ever showed it to me, asking if we were the ones in the video, I would not have a hard time denying it. But I was not the only one involved, so I called Belle over to my computer and showed it to her.She agreed that it was far from easy to recognize us, except maybe at one point, when the guy filming had tried to zoom in on her boobs. Even though it was very blurry, it was possible to make out the general features of her face. I hadn’t noticed that moment on my first watch, probably because, being a guy, I had not looked at her face at that moment.”The problem is, if the more prominent porn sites remove such videos quite easily, this one looks seedy and probably does not care to remove videos even if someone complains,” I told her.”Have you checked their FAQ page? ” She pointed to a link at the bottom.We read both their FAQ and ToS pages, without finding anything about such issues. And, despite looking everywhere, we could not find a single way to contact the site’s admins.”The only thing I can try is contacting the poster of the video. Try asking him to remove it, or at the very least to use a pixelisation filter on our faces. But I don’t have high hopes he’ll agree, I have nothing to compel him to.””What about bribing him?” Belle suggested.”You want to pay the guy?””No. What about proposing that, if he removes the video as it is and replaces it with a version where our faces are pixelated, you’ll send him one of the close-ups of me fingering my pussy you took that day? Make sure to crop out anything that could allow anyone to recognize me of course.”I was baffled, “You’d be fine with me sending out such a pic to a stranger?”She shrugged, “I’d rather make sure no one we know will ever stumble on this video and become suspicious it’s us. And if a picture of my fingers inside my pussy makes its way there too, it’ll just be another pussy in a sea of pussies. It’ll get buried under the mountains of porn on the internet. No big deal to us. However, if that guy has been jerking off for weeks to this blurry video, the opportunity to add a good close-up shot to his jerking material will probably convince him!””That might work. But don’t underestimate yourself, babe. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if your sexy yummy pussy floated to the top of the ‘sea of pussies’ for all to see…”She chuckled, “You’d like that huh? For the whole world to lustfully desire this ‘mystery pussy’ while it’s yours all along? Stop dreaming, it won’t happen.”I made a sad face and grabbed my chest, pretending she’d broken my heart along with my dreams. She laughed, gave me a soft kiss and left me alone to deal with our issue.I clicked on the name of the poster and tried to send him a private message, but discovered you couldn’t do that without an account, which required an email. So I used a VPN to make sure my IP wasn’t tied to it and created a new email just for this. I messaged the guy asking him if he was the one who filmed it or if he’d found it somewhere else. There was no use in trying to bribe him if this came from another source. I didn’t have to wait for long, by chance he was online when I messaged him.He was indeed the one who filmed it and told me how it happened from his point of view. He was walking along a dirt road with a friend, just chatting and having a smoke, when they spotted a girl in sexy underwear in a backyard. She started to strip while her guy took pictures. They hid behind a telephone box, and he’d started filming. But at the end, just as it was about to get really interesting, the horny couple was about to start fucking, the guy caught them, so they ran away.His story checked out with what I knew, even though I couldn’t help but chuckle at how his own fantasies had twisted the narrative. He’d probably wanked imagining he’d not been caught and witnessed us fucking like animals on the sunbed. I would let him believe as much, unraveling his fantasies might hurt my chances to convince him to help us.I answered that I was the guy from the couple in the video, hence my special interest. And wanted to ask him a favor, with a reward if he complied. I picked his interest because he answered immediately that he’d consider taking it offline if my offer was right. I had never hoped for the video to completely be removed, and somehow the exhibitionist in me did not want that at all, but if he was ready to go that far, I would not argue.I told him that if he did remove it entirely, and swore never to post it again, my wife was willing to send him a close-up of her pussy from the end of his video when she was on all four fingering herself. His interest in this deal was flagrant in his answer, his eagerness to get a close-up of what he could only imagine elvankent escort bayan till now sipping through his every word. The generosity of Belle’s offer even made him feel some sympathy for us because he was the one who mentioned that removing it would probably be useless. It would not ensure it wouldn’t pop up again later, since someone amongst the few who saw it so far might already have saved it.I suggested he at least took the time to pixelate our faces so our identities would be safe. If the video remained online, with the same title, albeit in a censored version, it would make it harder to locate the uncensored original. And, as long as it remained apparently untouched, those who may have saved a copy already might not feel the need to repost it. He agreed and told me it would be done in an hour or so. I gave him the email I had created to register on the site and told him to email me there once he was done, that I would email him the picture after checking the result.Before closing everything, I saved the uncensored video, copying it to the hard drive on which I kept all the sexy photos and videos I’ve made with Belle over the years. I also saved a copy of the thumbnail which had led me there, just to be able to use it in a reverse image search in the future… I thought about bringing the news to Belle at this point but decided to wait until the guy had fulfilled his side of the bargain.It took a little over three hours before I received an email from the guy, who apologized it took him so long but the hashing of the video had failed during his first attempt. I checked the new version of the video. He’d done very good work. There was no way anyone could know it was us anymore. I called Belle over again, showed her the new version, then the email from the guy. I wrote a simple ‘Gracias’ as an answer, attached the promised picture to the email, and let Belle press the send button.Even if she seemed unfazed by sending out such a lewd picture of herself to a complete stranger, Belle was clearly turned on by it. She kissed me hungrily and started massaging my dick through my pants. Suddenly, she stopped.”I hope you saved a copy of the uncensored video for yourself though!”I just grinned and pointed to the hard drive.She grabbed my PC’s mouse, clicked where needed to uncouple the USB safely, and unplugged the drive. She walked towards our living room with it in hand, beckoning me to follow her. She pointed to the couch, asked me to sit down, plugged the hard drive at the back of our TV, and, after stripping naked, she launched the video. She knelt between my legs and started to unbutton my pants. She grabbed my cock and looked me straight in the eyes.”Watch me strip through this guy’s eyes while I suck you dry!”She blew me hard. I immediately understood the unspoken rules of her little game, if she managed to make me stop watching the TV to look down at her or even closed my eyes, I lost. I watched it till the end, fighting my urge to look down even when I felt her tongue teasing my glans, or felt her swallow as much as she could of my shaft. When the screen turned black, she stood up turned around, and sat on my lap grinding against my erect dick.”I can’t believe you managed to hold on for so long… But I’m not out of ammo yet.”She lifted her butt a little, grabbed my cock, pointed it towards her apricot, and sat back down.She leaned forward, placing a hand on the coffee table and started to move her hips up and down, as fast as she could, while masturbating with the other. At some point the video started playing again, she must have restarted it. While she was watching this time, my eyes were stuck to her butt bouncing on my cock. With the way she moved her hips, each time she reached the top of her movement, I could catch a glimpse of her butthole.While my eyes remained focused on her splendid butt, my mind wandered a bit. She was fucking me while watching the same video a guy had used to jerk off to her. A guy who was very likely using the picture we’d just sent him for the same purpose, possibly right now. Then I remembered how, aroused by the incident, she’d let me fuck her ass that night, on her back, fingering herself.She picked up the pace, fucking me fast and hard. Faster and harder than she’d ever done. I was usually the one to set such a frantic pace, usually just before I came. And I would have come, had she moved her hips once or twice more. But she came right then, sitting back down and remaining still for a while.I felt my own orgasm subside slowly. I wanted to thrust into her, but my legs were extended straight forward. I had absolutely no purchase to fight against her weight as she sat on me, my dick deep in her vagina. I tried to move my hips by arching my back, but that didn’t work either. She stood up releasing my dick from its fleshy prison, told me to keep it up, and ran out of the room towards our bedroom. I stroked my dick but felt it soften uncontrollably in my hand.I was about to give up when Belle came back, a tube of lube in her hands. She must have read my mind, or was she thinking the same thing I was when she came? While I stroked harder, she made a show of lubricating her butthole standing bent over, barely a meter away from my face, sliding one finger inside, then two, while she was fingering her pussy with her other hand. The show she offered me had the intended effect, I was rock hard again.She stopped fingering herself, brushed my hand away, and grabbed my dick again, pointing its tip at her butthole this time. She sat down, slower than the first time, stopping as soon as my glans passed her sphincter. Then she slowly moved her hips back and forth, taking my cock a little Escort emek deeper each time, inch by inch, until finally, her buttcheeks rested on my hips. I had moved my legs while I was jerking off, my feet were now planted firmly on the ground. She lifted her legs, placed her feet on top of my knees, and, leaning back, placed her hands on my shoulders.She began to move her hips much faster, fucking me with her ass almost as hard and fast as she’d done with her pussy a few minutes ago. She was giving herself an ass pounding harder than any I ever dared to. She moaned each time she made my shaft slide deeper into her butt. She was relentless, fucking me as hard as she could. She was out of control. She was an animal.I’d never seen her let go this completely during anal before. As I enjoyed the feeling of her tight hole sliding up and down my cock, it dawned on me… She was not doing it just for me this time. She wanted it as much as I did, maybe even more than I did. Having been so close to coming before, this realization was just too much. I came. I was lost in bliss, my whole world was suddenly limited to the feeling of my dick pulsing with each strand it sent up her ass. I felt her shudder, and she screamed in pleasure.”Oh yes! I’m cumming too!”I checked left and right to see if she’d removed a hand from one of my shoulders without me noticing, but no, they both were still there. She’d just come from anal for the second time in her life, barely two months apart. She picked up the t-shirt she’d dropped earlier and while lifting her butt up, used it to avoid spilling semen on the sofa or the living room’s wooden floor. Still panting, she sat beside me.”I think I’m really starting to enjoy anal sex.”I snickered, “What makes you think so? Just because you came from it twice in as many months?”She let her head rest on my shoulder and whispered, “Don’t you dare poke fun at me because I’m starting to enjoy something you’ve always wanted more of… Be happy that it might mean I’ll do it more willingly and more often.”I rested my head on top of hers and answered, “I think that’s the whole point, you’re doing it willingly… Instead of doing it just to please me, you wanted me up your ass, and you enjoyed it. I’m sorry if you ever felt obligated to do it. I just hope you’ll always take pleasure from it now.”I meant it. Even though I doubted she would come from anal on a regular basis without any clitoridal stimulation. After all, she often needed such stimulation even with vaginal sex…”I never felt obligated, no. But the only pleasure I expected from it was making you happy. I know I can get more than that now.””Well, after what you just did, I can’t help but wonder if I was not going too easy on you…”She burst out laughing, “If you’d dared to try to fuck me up the ass so roughly, I think I would never have let you do it ever again. And to be honest, if you want to know if it’s okay for you to do so now, I’ll reserve my verdict until tomorrow. If I’m still able to walk, I may give you the green light.”We stayed there for a while recovering from this intense intercourse, then, after a hot shower, we went to bed.I continued checking the web regularly for a while after that, using various search engines. Although I stumbled upon a few duplicates of the censored video in the months that followed, once on one of the major porn websites, I never found the uncensored version again. I could not refrain from reading the comments each time.Though most of them boiled down to ‘too blurry!’, some of them were much more interesting. I laughed out loud when I read one from a guy who called me a ‘wuss’ for not jumping on her and ‘ravaging her pussy’ straight away. Belle came to see what was making me laugh. I showed her. We read the comments together, some of them made us laugh, others turned us on, and others yet just made us cringe. Belle suggested I copied them all to a file, just for the memories.I also reverse-searched for the picture I’d sent the guy, somehow both hoping not to find it, and to find it just to read the comments of strangers on my wife’s pussy. But it seemed the guy had kept his word and had not uploaded it, at least not anywhere I could find it.A couple of weeks later, we had a boring work meeting on cyber-security where the speaker told us how most people use the same email for everything, including social media, and how it allowed hackers to easily learn lots about them. When I came back home, I searched for more info on the email address the Spanish guy had sent me his messages from. He’d used the same one with which he’d opened his Facebook page. I’d just discovered his identity. I showed what I found to Belle.”Your ingenuity scares me sometimes, my love. But at least now you’ve got something to make sure he’ll never think about ever reposting the uncensored version!””And you call ME scary? I just thought about learning who we had dealt with, I never thought about blackmail!”Regardless of my initial reluctance, I ended up letting the guy know I knew who he was. He immediately swore he would never repost the original video, nor the picture we sent, that I did not have to go that far. I felt bad doing this, but at least we could feel safer the video would never resurface unless someone had copied it in the first few hours after it had been posted of course. But, for now, at least, it was a problem solved.The weekend after our trip to the factory shops, as I was playing some game on my PS4, Belle came out of our bedroom wearing nothing but the four leather manacles.”Can you stop playing for a while? I need your help with something.”I saved the game and threw the controller on the sofa, “Would you happen to have problems of the slutty eryaman escort kind?”She immediately switched to her feigned shy behavior, “Yes Master, my naughty pussy’s itching. It needs to be punished.”I pointed towards our room, and she walked that way, slowly, sensually swaying her hips. I slapped her naked ass, she walked faster.Once in the room, I saw she’d prepared the bed, removing the duvet and passing the ropes under it, ready for me to tie her down. The nipple clamps were on the nightstand. The Magic Wand was on the bed, plugged in the wall socket. The leather mask to blindfold her was by the pillows. But something was missing.”Where’s the duster, slave?”She looked down and sheepishly answered, “But… but… Master! You know I’m ticklish!”I grabbed her by the chin forcing her to look me right in the eyes, “The earlier you understand that once we play this game unless you use the safeword we agreed upon, I’ll do whatever I want with your body, the better!”She opened the wardrobe and fished the duster from behind some shoe boxes where she’d hidden it and handed it to me.”Be happy that I don’t ask you to take out the cat o’nine tails too, to punish you from disrespecting the will of your Master! Now get in place!”She laid down on the bed, arms and legs spread, I passed the ends of each rope into the manacle’s hoops, making sure the rope had very little slack. She checked herself if her movements were as restricted as she’d hoped, and was quite satisfied. Then I placed the mask on her face and put a finger across her lips. Not understanding my meaning, she kissed it.”I don’t want to hear a word, only moans.”She nodded.I spent the next half-minute merely checking her body all over from a close range, making sure not to touch her with anything but my breath. Even though I’d already seen her from every angle over the years, it felt different this time, maybe because she was at my mercy. As I came close to her pussy I could see it glistening with her juices. Just before my eyes, a drop of her juices ran out of it, and down to her butthole. I moved back up breathing heavily against her skin and brought my mouth close to her ear.”If your naughty pussy keeps overflowing like this, lubing your other hole for me, I’ll have to fuck your ass raw.”She opened her mouth but remembered I’d told her not to talk and closed it back. She slowly, purposefully, nodded. She was not merely acknowledging what I said but giving me the permission to fuck her ass without using lube if I so chose…I grabbed the duster and started to play with it around her nipples. I expected her to wiggle to try to escape it but instead, a moan escaped her lips. I then moved it very slowly down her belly, past her belly button and reached her mound, bringing it agonizingly slowly closer and closer to the top of her slit. She moaned in anticipation of feeling the feathers caressing the hood of her clit.But, just before reaching it, I took it off her and moved it to the inside of her right leg. Starting just above her knee, I slowly moved it up her inner thigh, until it was centimeters away from her apricot. I could see her juices flowing out of her vagina even more than earlier, her anus was glistening too by now. As I kept moving the duster closer to her labia, her body shuddered. She couldn’t wait to finally know how it would feel against her pussy.Playing with her expectations, I moved it to the other leg and repeated the same move. She remained still through it all but her breathing accelerated, and I could see her vagina twitch open as I came close to it. I brought it even closer to her slit than the first time. As close as I could without actually touching her pussy with it, then discarded it. I’d had my fun with the duster for today. And frustrating her was part of the game, if she really wanted to know how it felt, she’d have to wait.Just as she felt the light contact with her skin decrease, Belle moved her hips, arching her back to try and force the duster to caress her more. But it was gone far beyond her reach. Seeing her opened pussy offered to me like that I couldn’t resist and gave her a small peck on her clit. She let out a yelp of surprise which immediately turned into a moan. I wondered if I’d really need the stronger settings of the Magic Wand if she became so sensitive once blindfolded.I decided I should keep a reminder of that day, just in case she ended up not wanting to play like this again. So I grabbed her smartphone from the nightstand, opened the photo app, and took a picture. She shuddered at the shutter sound her phone emitted, then immediately giggled at her own reaction. I took a few other pictures from different angles and finished with a close-up of her pussy and butthole drenched with her juices.I put the phone away. I softly kissed her on the clit again, feeling her heartbeat pulse through it. She let out a loud moan at this soft contact. I licked her once along the whole length of her lips, just to taste her. I then slowly crawled over her, caressing her body with mine and french-kissed her, letting her taste herself on my tongue. She sucked on my tongue hungrily.I pondered what to do next. When we’d talked about it earlier, she’d said she wanted me to inflict some pain on her, but specified she didn’t feel comfortable using the whip, to begin with, so my options were limited. I grabbed the nipple clamps on the nightstand, and the small bells attached to them jingled. Belle smiled.I kissed her nipples, licked them, and then softly bit on them, eliciting moans from her each time. While kissing one, I grabbed the other between two fingers and tugged quite hard on it, enough to lift part of the weight of her boob. She took a sharp breath between her teeth but nodded right after to let me know she liked that pain. I tugged again and put the clamp in place. We’d taken the time one evening to set them so they wouldn’t pinch too hard but still hold on tight, so I knew I couldn’t really hurt her with them. I immediately repeated the same move on the other nipple.

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