12 Mayıs 2023

Doctor Prescribes Semen For My Mother


My mother went to the psychiatrist last month because she had been feeling quite depressed. I couldn’t blame her for feeling that way. My father passed away last year and it’s been really difficult for my mom ever since. I’m only 18 and my job is part-time but I still try to help out with the bills. My mother is 42 and has a beautiful body. After dad died however, I noticed a change in her. She became a shadow of her former self. She never stopped grieving, it seemed. My mother used to be healthy and vibrant. She used to fill her jeans, skirts, and dresses with her ample ass and hips. Sadly, her body had started to lack that hint of fertility and lusciousness it once had. It pained me to admit it but even her breasts seemed to have lost some of their size and perkiness. You may think it odd that I look at my own mother like that, but you must understand, that at 18, it’s quite hard to ignore a neglected shapely woman like my mother. The psychiatrist taught my mother some techniques and gave her some advice on how to help her depression. Most of it consisted of commonsense things: “try new things”, “meet new people”, “take time to relax during the day”. She couldn’t believe how much she had paid for such useless and pointless advice. Fed up with her depression she went to a Doctor who in turn prescribed her some medication. Her mood did change but it wasn’t what she expected. Her moods would go from joyful and serene to bat-shit crazy in a matter of moments. It wasn’t long before she had tried at least 4 different antidepressants before giving that up as well. In her last visit to the doctor however, a new and experimental treatment was suggested. This is how the conversation went… “Well, Lisa, we are really running out of options here. I wish I had the exact answer to your depression but it seems its a little more complicated then I had previously thought,” the doctor said. “I guess it’s only normal that I feel so miserable all the time. With all that’s going on in Ataşehir escort my life right now, I’m surprised I have made it this far. Just the other day my sister called me telling me her husband hit her. I suppose this is my body’s way of reacting to such a stressful life,” my mother suggested sadly. “Exactly what I thought,” the doctor said suddenly. “That’s why I have come up with a new treatment,” he told my mother. My mother’s eyes lit up in eager anticipation to what this treatment might be. “I have to warn you though. This treatment may seem ridiculous and even outright insane but the studies are out there and the science has been right so far,” the doctor said seriously. “Well what is it?” she asked. “As you may already know, there has been a lot of research done into the reasons of why depression occurs and on how to treat it. So far, most medications do a decent job at dealing with normal spells of depression but more sever depression, such as the one you have, are harder to deal with altogether. However, some progress has been made in this respect. In the last few years there have been discoveries into some chemical imbalances that may exist in the female body.” The doctor stood up from his stool and walked around the room before continuing. “There was a study done in New York with women who had severe cases of depression. These women were given a “drug” of sorts…” he raised his hands and quoted the word to emphasize its importance. “This “drug” was a rich chemical brine of sorts. It contained some traces of estrogen, testosterone and other hormones including prostaglandins and luteinizing,” he paused for a moment, letting it sink in. “After having received a regular dose of this chemical cocktail the women found that they felt a lot happier after a few weeks. There is still some more work to be done into what else is in this substance but all we know is that works.” The doctor smiled at her reaction. To say that my Ümraniye escort bayan mother was excited to find out where she could get this medication would be an understatement. “Great! Where do I get?” she asked eagerly. “Well that’s the thing. I understand you recently lost your husband,” the doctor paused for her response. “Well yes… but what does that have to do with anything?” my mom asked confused. “Well, Lisa, this medication I have been describing can’t be found at your local Walgreen or at any other over the counter pharmacy. This medication you can only find in one place.” He paused again. “Where?” she asked impatiently. “This medication can only be found in the male testes,” he said in a very professional voice. “What?” she replied thoroughly confused. “That’s right, Lisa. I know it sounds crazy but that’s what the research has shown. Women who absorb male semen are generally happier. Women who are depressed have been found to feel a lot better after having some semen injected into their bodies regularly,” he informed her. My mother left the doctor’s office shell shocked and somewhat disheartened. Her husband had died from cancer and here she was in need of something only he could have provided…or so she thought. On the way home, the thought of finding a stranger or a boyfriend crossed her mind but quickly this idea was dismissed. She was in no mood to go out looking for a partner, not at her age. When she arrived at the house I had already been hard at work making spaghetti and meatballs. “So what did the doctor say?” I asked her hoping that she had good news. “You are not going to believe this,” she said as she set her purse down. “He said that there’s a “chemical imbalance” in my body because I haven’t had sex. More accurately, I’m depressed because I haven’t absorbed male semen in along time,” she said while she pushed her dark black hair behind her ear. “Really?” I asked incredulously. “Yeah really,” she Escort Bostancı said looking up at me. “That’s crazy. I remember reading an article about that. Who would have thought you would be one of those women.” I thought quietly about her predicament. “You mean you know about this?” she asked somewhat amazed. “Yeah, I read it in a science journal. Pretty crazy huh?” She shook her head at the idea that this was an actual option for her depression. “So… what are you going to do? I asked curiously. “I don’t know. I don’t really know what to do next?” She sounded frustrated and sad. She sat quietly, more then likely thinking about my father. It made me sad seeing her like that. So I hatched a plan. A plan that would change our lives forever. “Mom, what if… what if I gave you some,” I said it in a child like voice, knowing how crazy the idea sounded. “Oh, sweetie, that’s very thoughtful of you but I don’t think we could do that. Besides, I could never ask something like that from you, ” she said. “Why not ?” I asked a little hurt. “Well… because your my son and it would be inappropriate,” she replied. “I don’t see how. If you needed a blood transfusion, you wouldn’t stop me from giving you some of mine. This isn’t that different,” I said confidently. I didn’t really buy my own argument but I wanted to see how she would respond. “You have always been too smart for your own good,” she said as she wiped some spaghetti sauce from her upper lip. “Besides mom, its not like it’s a limited resource,” I grinned. “Duly noted,” she replied. Mom considered my suggestion for about 3 hours before finally accepting it. “Alright then young man,” she said as she strode into the backyard to meet me. “How should we do this?” she asked while rubbing her hands together. “I guess I could just cum in your mouth right? ” I half stated half asked. “There’s only one problem though,” I told her. “What’s that?” she asked. “Well after dad died I decided to straighten myself out and threw away everything that was holding me back. I threw away all my porn mags and deleted everything from my computer. I vowed not to masturbate constantly like I had been and decided instead to just concentrate on my studies and work. So to make a long story short, I don’t have the necessary materials to …well…

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