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Subject: DOCTOR WHO, JESSE AND JEREMY 99 I know there are many hits to this story, I can see the counter. While I will keep writing this for myself, it is encouraging to get SOME good reviews such as the one that said, “This is the greatest fic known to man” and “this is keeping the Doctor like the Doctor from the Classic series but you’re not afraid to let him have sex” or something positive. While I don’t need reviews, with so many hits, I know there must some of those hits that actually like this story and have returned. If so, if you can, please let me know you like it. If you don’t like it, I don’t want to hear from you. But some kind comments help me to keep on writing faster and more motivated. 99 Jeremy found himself in the middle of a complete street that… just vanished all around him. The left over was just a desert. “Wow!” Buildings in the distance started to pop out of existence…or from this time back to their own time. He felt a rush of wind as the last of the areas vanished. Ten he heard Baja call him, “Jeremy! Jeremy Sumpter! We’re the only two left.” She was running with Ben, holding the younger boy’s hand. “Why haven’t we gone?” “I don’t…” Jeremy turned and saw a suburban street in the middle of the desert. “Let’s get to your area…” Baja asked, “My what?” “Orlando, the street from where you guys were when it all came here.” Parker appeared, bare ass sticking upward to the sky, on his driveway in Oakdale. He has his shorts down around his ankles. JJ, his sister Sage, and Liberty were all laughing. Sage turned to the adults, who were rushing out of the house. Carly, Brad, Jack, Janet, and Katie all came down the driveway. Carly gasped, “We’re back!” “Back side,” JJ laughed and pointed. Parker already pulled his shorts back up and rolled over, red faced. “Doctor!” The Master nodded toward a screen, “That area is outside the Death Zone Time Scoop. Somehow your friends have crossed over it…the Death Time Scoop area…” “That means I can’t send them home…” “And it’s Jesse and that irritating boy, Peter Beale…” Picking it up out of and off a console, the Master fiddled with a round ball device. “I can see that!” The Doctor gasped. “I’ll…” the Master started as if he knew the Doctor wouldn’t let him, “Finish this. Go to them or they’ll be killed…” “I KNOW!” The Doctor looked at him, “Can you send …” The Master threw him the small ball. “Press that button…” “Get them home.” The Master smiled, an almost evil smile, “You can count on me, Doctor. Father…” he waved as the Doctor pressed the device and vanished. The Master laughed, chuckled quietly… Peter Beale wandered near the cave entrance. He looked inside. “Wow. I wonder where this leads?” Peter looked inside and focused his eyes. He saw white things. Arrows. Ropes. “OH NO,” he heard Jesse say. “OH NO!” Jesse had walked into the area. He couldn’t move his mouth. But Peter, in his mind, heard this anyway, “Peter, don’t move. Not a muscle!” Jesse was face to face, after the lightning fast appearance, with a Raston Robot Warrior. The featureless face was as smooth as the body, silver, gray and white in different light, the body was lean, tight, and …to Jesse, hot. Jesse called out in his mind, “Doctor, I know you are somewhat telepathic. If you can hear me at all, I need your help…” From the corner of his eye, he saw another one appear behind Peter. He dared not move even his pupil to look further. “Doctor, I need your help. I think we’re at an entrance to the Tomb of Rassilon, you know the one I read about. Peter’s here and I can’t save him…” Adam Rickitt is DOCTOR WHO In A LITTLE OFF THE TOP “Is that you, Jesse?” “Peter, don’t talk. Don’t move anything. Not even your mouth…” “I can’t believe this. I’m…I’m not moving my mouth to talk to you. And I am not hearing your talk with my ears. I can hear you in my mind…” “And talk to me in my mine. You must be…telepathic…a Tomorrow…never mind how, now. Peter, don’t move a muscle or this thing near me and the one …don’t turn around, there’s one behind you,” Jesse telepathed slowly, “They detect any motion and they kill…” “I understand…” But Peter was sweating. He wondered if the sweat that dripped from his hair in front would constitute motion if it fell onto his chest. “Doctor, I think Peter Beale is breaking out into a Tomorrow Person…and there’s this…oh God, help us!” Jesse stood, face to face with a Raston Warrior Robot that seemed to puff up into his face and the chest at his own. It was inches from his. He recalled the one of the last times he saw one of these. This recollection made Jesse hard and he could feel his pants moving at the crotch. “Oh God, I’m ejaculating and that’s movement…a good kind of movement but it’s gonna kill me! Doctor, the Raston Warrior Robot’s gonna detect my dick engorging and it’s gonna kill me!” He couldn’t look down but felt his dick growing! The Raston Warrior Robot head slung downward in detection… The Doctor appeared outside his home in the Long Island section. “I wanted to go right to them…still, I think I could…so that’s your idea…” he ran into the house. Jesse thought. Think of something gross. Old ladies. Spiders. Vomit. Anything to keep my dick from growing. Cleaning a bath tub….bath tub….Jeremy…Doctor…in bathtub. Three way. Noooo, Jesse thought. Keep it down. Keep it down. “Peter, can you still hear my thoughts?” “Yes, and I can hear what you’re thinking.” Peter sent directly to Jesse’s mind. “Oh, ahhh….” “It’s so cool.” “It is?” “And…and I think I understand it. It’s like telepathy.” Jesse made no facial expression as he thought, “Yeah, tubs and telepathy.” “No, I get gay stuff. I mean I really get the gay stuff….that’s hot…and cool but…” Jesse telepathed, trying to ignore the Robot Warrior, which looked up at his face again, “I think you’re becoming a Tomorrow Person…the next step of human evolution on Earth. Are you feeling any pain?” “I do have just a slight headache…” Peter said, unaware of the sight of the Raston Robot behind him. “Doctor…where are you?” Jesse could feel sweat on his neck, his chin, his forehead. The Doctor ran through town. He headed for the outskirts and the Tomb area. Peter telepathed to Jesse’s mind, “I’m going to try to deactivate it with my powers.” “No, I don’t think that’s a good idea!” Jesse sent. “Peter, don’t turn around okay and relax but there’s also one behind you.” “I don’t care. I’ll try to take them both out.” Peter stared at the robot’s head. Suddenly, it turned its head all the way from Jesse to look at Peter. Jesse glanced sideways by moving just his eyes. He saw two sets of large rock walls that might have, at one time, been a kind of stone fence. Crumbled now. The Robot Warriors felt their own heads. Peter’s eyes showed signs of waving and closing but he forced them open some more. The one behind Peter wavered and moved back a few steps. “Doctor!” Jesse telepathed. He ran for the closer of the rock walls. The Raston Warrior in front of him detected movement. It started to turn and aimed its arm at Jesse’s fleeing form. “NO!” Peter snapped telepathically. The Raston Warrior turned back to Peter and moved its head quizzically like a canine hearing a strange sound. Then it turned back toward Jesse and fired. Jesse was almost at the rock when he heard the spear fire. He dove down and flipped his body as the spear hit the ground behind him, blowing up sparks. He rolled and moved behind the rock wall, panting. The Warrior turned back toward Peter and seemed ready to fire at the young boy. Jesse peeked out from behind the rock wall, both hands on it. He went wide eyed as he thought Peter was about to pass out from the strain of breaking out and trying to deactivate the Warrior. “Peter, wake up, don’t fall.” “I…I can’t help…” Jesse moved back behind the wall, leaned his back on it and shut his eyes. He had to do it. He moved away from the wall but still hidden from the Robot. He moved into a running stance and did a side somersault, hands down on the ground and body moving sideways. His spinning body moved between the rocks and the spear shot at him, moved between his spiraling legs and hit the ground sparking there. He was on the other side. This made the Robot Warrior turn its attention away from Peter again. A huff came from Peter and he started to pass out, causing the Robot to turn back toward him. Jesse yelled, “Over here, silver crotch!” He did another somersault but this time not a side somersault. This tricked the Robot Warrior into trying to fire at the same move from before. Jesse didn’t have time to notice but apparently it had never seen moves such as these and moved its head in that same strange motion. The Raston Warrior behind Peter had hit the rock cave wall but now recovered. Peter focused all his energy on the one attacking Jesse but he could see he wasn’t doing any damage to it. The one behind him advanced toward him, its vision sensors focused on his head, its computers trying to figure out how something from so primitive and from so far away could be using mental powers on it and its kind. It knew orders were to detect and kill but part of its programming was to find out about new enemies. It raised its arm to fire the spear from it. Jesse did several more gymnastic moves from rock to rock. He stopped to catch his breath, wondering how his luck might hold out. He bent down, hands on knees, puffing. He stared up from that position. There was the Raston Warrior Robot. It has moved so fast he hadn’t seen it appear. “I’ve had it. If you can hear me at all, Doctor. Goodbye.” “Hello!” The Doctor came running. “Get it between the rocks and hit the dirt!” He was yelling. He had another sonic screwdriver, a longer one and a more elaborate one. He was holding it out in front of him. Jesse couldn’t believe his luck but he didn’t hesitate. He tumbled from his position, sideways, rolling and then jumped up into a run, and rolled again and stayed on his stomach. At any point during this, he thought he’d feel a spear entering any number of places on his body. “Not the ass, not the ass! Please not the ass!” Several things happened at once. The Doctor had the screwdriver held out in front of him but he sort of side ran to in between the open area between the rocks as Jesse dove directly between the rocks. At the same time, Peter Beale was passing out…fully. His body started to fold in on itself as bodies do when they pass out sometimes. Peter was falling forward and crumpling. The Raston Warrior behind him, no longer affected by Peter’s powers, aimed at the falling youth. The Warrior near them aimed one arm at the Doctor and one at Jesse’s back as Jesse lay flat on his belly. “Damn things! This, too, don’t you bursa escort bayan ever work the way…” The Doctor stopped hitting the screwdriver, “Is someone operating a hair dryer? It’s rubbish around hair driers. Never did work that problem out.” Jesse: “DOCTOR!” The Doctor hit the sonic screwdriver with his free hand and pointed again. The Warrior behind Peter turned its aiming hand from Peter toward its fellow Warrior, which did the same. The two Raston Robot Warriors shot two bolts into each other’s chest and head and both sparked from those body parts, exploded outward, and fell into six pieces, arms, legs, torso, and head, sparking flames. Jesse saw the Robots explode. The one nearest him landed in front of his face, he backed his body away a bit, crawling backward, as sparks nearly hit him. Peter was passed out in front of the other wrecked robot. Jesse realized it was over and remained on his stomach and put his face to the dirt and grass on the ground and huffed out his relief. “Oh…” The Doctor looked at Jesse, “You all right? No, don’t tell me, I can see you are,” then he jumped over Jesse’s body and ran to Peter and checked him. Peter rolled over, off his stomach, and sat up. “What happened?” The Doctor looked into his eyes and put his hands on the side of the boy’s head, fingers upward toward the ears, palms on the boy’s cheeks. “You’re a full Tomorrow Person. How do you feel?” “Better, headache gone,” Peter puffed, “I actually feel good.” “Doctor,” the Master called to him. “I have the boy’s telepathic field. I can send him home due to that.” “Who’s that helping us?” Jesse looked up, already having run to the Doctor’s side and crouching down with him. “The Master.” “Oh,” Jesse said, matter of factly, but then realized the moniker of the Doctor’s enemy, “WHAT?!!” He recovered, “Is he behind all this?” “It’s all right, I think he’s turned over a new leaf.” The Doctor called up, “Then do it. Send him home.” When the Doctor looked down, Peter was gone. “It’s all right now, Doctor, he’s back to his East End, London.” The voice was not the Master’s. “Uhm, I would like to know who you are.” “We, Time Lords have won the coup. That’s all you need to know for now.” “Yes, but, ahh,” the Doctor waved both arms and hands up and down, “I would rather like to know that the Master is safe. He did help us.” “And us.” The Time Lord voice said, “He seems to have disappeared. He’s not from around here.” “Well, that’s a bit complicated. Actually he is but not from around now.” The Doctor smiled, the wind blowing his blond hair. Jeremy, Baja, and Charlie came running to them. Jeremy had Nikki in his arms. Jeremy looked at the remains of the Raston Warriors, “Oh no, not those things again.” Jeremy had a backpack on. Jesse hugged Jeremy. “I thought I was gonna die.” “Jesse.” “Yeah.” “You’re squashing Nikki.” “Oh, shit, sorry.” Jesse retracted. “It’s good to see you.” “You, too.” “All of you.” Jesse tweaked Nikki’s nose. “What happened? I thought she was sent home?” The Doctor asked, taking Nikki from Jeremy’s arms. “A bounce back feedback. We can send her home again. Oh and Doctor, we can take a page from your book and bend time alittle.” “Meaning?” “Meaning I can return these two to you.” In front of them appeared two bodies, laying on their backs…Jake Tyler and Ryan McCarthy, nearly nude. They had been shirtless during the fight but now their pants were torn in many places as well. Baja ran to Jake with Charlie and they examined him. The Doctor smiled as the two teens revived. “Thank you.” He looked down and then up again, “And you know many people died. I would like all of them returned to life out of time, if you can.” “We cannot. These two will not affect the course of the timelines so much. Others that perished might. In fact, they will. Be happy we are able to give you these two.” “Ahh, yes,” the Doctor nodded. “We shall have to move into the range area…where the towns were…” “No need. We have increased the range of the Scoop. That meddler the Master didn’t know how to…” “Ahh, he was never too good at that sort of thing. You didn’t detect it as a lie on his part?” “No. He has helped us stop the games. Are they ready?” The Time Lord asked. “Yes, I think so,” the Doctor looked as Ryan and Jake stood up. He thought it strange as the two of them looked at each other as if for the first time. Baja was showing concern over both of them, but admittedly over Jake more. Charlie was just happy to see his brother again and Jake picked him up and kissed his cheek and smiled at him and then put him down. But it was the way Jake and Ryan looked at each other. The Doctor recognized it. “I think they’re more than ready…for a change…” Baja felt it, too but didn’t know what it was. She was perplexed. “It appears they shall have to walk toward the spot where the town was. The range is not that great after all…” “Just walk that way,” the Doctor pointed toward the area where the town was. He was about to put Nikki down but before he did, she said something to him that bothered him. Feeling his beard, Nikki said, “You have, ahh, shaved? Beard now…” “I have no beard, you rebellious girl, Susan, you. Susan, haven’t thought about her in ages…Miranda either…daughter Jenny…Louise…niece Barbara.” He looked at Nikki and smiled. “No, you had one when you arrived here, but it’s gone now…” “Ahh, you did notice. I didn’t want anyone to know that I shaved while they were in jeopardy.” He lied, realizing it is possibly another degeneration coming… He puts Nikki down and points, “Just keep going that way…” As she walked, Nikki turned and waved, “You’re a brave girl.” As she smiled she began to vanish. The Doctor almost felt a tear come down. “Okay, who’s next?” Baja put her arm around Jake. Did he just cringe a bit? Jake looked at her and smiled, “Ba…can you take Charlie?” She stared at him. “Go on. I want to thank the Doctor properly. We’ll be right behind you.” Baja smiled and held Charlie’s hand. The two of them walked at the area and they, too, vanished, Baja looking back, worriedly. Jake put his hand out and shook the Doctor’s, “Thank you, Doctor.” He did the same to Jesse and Jeremy. “We made it.” Ryan nodded, “Thanks to you three.” “Not all of us did,” the Doctor said, sadly. “Make use of the time you were given back, boys.” Ryan smiled, shaking their hands, squeezing hard. Jesse looked at Jeremy, Jesse rubbing his hurt hand. Jeremy shrugged. His hand didn’t hurt. “You made me realize other things as well,” Ryan smiled, then averted his eyes. “Okay, time to go,” the Doctor put his hand on each of their bare tanned backs. They moved away from Jesse, Jeremy, and the Doctor. “Never back down, Jake.” Jake turned his head, “I never have, Doctor.” As they walked, Jake and Ryan put their arms around each other. Jesse’s eyebrows went up. The Doctor added, “Unless it’s from a Sontaran, Sycorax, or I tell you to back down or you have to back down from me, a manly man…” “Oh, brother,” Jeremy rolled his eyes. As they started to vanish, Jake moved his head sideways as Ryan looked at him. The two had their lips meet and they began to kiss. Jeremy’s eyebrows went up, too. “I…I think they’ve found each other…” Ryan looked back and winked. At the same time, Jake looked back, smiled, and waved. As they moved into the time hole, the two of them vanished. “Ummm,” Jesse coughed, “Don’t you think it’s time we found either Damon or the TARDIS or both?” The Doctor pointed, “If my estimations are correct, and invariably they are…” both listening boys rolled their eyes….as the Doctor went on, “That should be the way. If this is south Gallifrey, moving that way should take us to north Gallifrey. If the time is right, we should be able to cross the sea…” “What do you mean?” Jeremy asked. “The entire thing turns to ice in our winter,” The Doctor stated, “Oh, once every 5 years or so, give or take a few. “We can’t cross ice in these clothes,” Jesse put his hands on his shoulders to show the Doctor. The Doctor stared. “My norm body temp is 60 degrees.” “60? Well even that’s not…” Jeremy removed his backpack and started to take out some clothing, “Hang on, you two…here. Before everything managed to vanish, I managed to get some of these from your house, Doctor.” “Good lad!” The Doctor grabbed up a furry coat. He put it on, “My my my, this will do nicely.” Jesse puffed, “You are….” “Not real fur, of course, oh no, no, no, that would never do, real fur indeed,” the Doctor put it on but didn’t latch the buttons, instead letting it hang open so they could see his extremely smooth, muscled chest and abs. “This way, I should think!” He took off and didn’t wait for the boys to get their jackets and other gear. Jeremy shook his head and Jesse shrugged. They followed him. The trio soon began to walk. They walked for about a half hour. “I see the ice,” Jesse gasped, “Thing is, I don’t feel that cold.” “You’re getting used to it,” Jeremy smiled. “What the hell?” Jesse asked as the ice ahead of them shifted. The land changed. There was a huge mountain. “Oh, no, not another mountain!” “And it’s warm,” Jeremy noticed, “Warmer.” “You’re right about that,” the Doctor took off his heavy jacket and flung it to Jeremy, who nearly bent over backwards in catching it. He went wide eyed and then shook his head against the Doctor’s attitude. “Time’s still changing…” “And space, too,” Jesse declared. The Doctor came back to him, and patted his cheek, “Yes, we’re in the north now. No need for all that pesky ice crossing.” He turned his face to Jesse, “Space has changed. That’s very astute of you, Jesse. Very astute.” “Thank you, Doctor,” Jesse smiled at him and winked. “Entirely due to my influence, of course,” the Doctor turned from the boy and took his hand down from the smooth cheek, “And it’s not winter, any more. Summer.” He put his face close to the other’s, “Season of love,” he breathed on Jesse. Jesse blinked and went wide eyed. Those lips, not far from his own. “Time for romance.” Then, the Doctor took his hands away and turned away, “Let’s see if we can find out why.” “Do you see a place to try find out what’s going on?” Jeremy asked. “As a matter of fact, my beautiful love,” the Doctor turned to him, “I do.” He strode off, expecting them to follow again. Jeremy rushed to catch up to the hurrying Doctor. He marveled at how much taller the Doctor was to the first Doctor he had met…his first Doctor. As he hurried, Jesse did the same to him, hurrying to catch up. As he ran, he took off his jacket, too. “What do you see?” Jesse asked the Doctor before Jeremy could. “Some kind of building,” the Doctor said as he hurried. “Can we take it in stride?” Jesse asked, “I mean that area is…waitaminute…I nilüfer escort don’t see…” “Look closely,” Jeremy waited until Jesse caught up to him, put his body next to his, side to side, almost head to head and leaned in on him. Jeremy also pointed. “In those mountains…” “Oh, no, not more mountains,” Jesse balked. “Red and blue clay,” Jeremy smiled, “Like Red Rock Canyon red.” “Will you two hurry up,” the Doctor said, “There might be people there that can help us. Maybe explain.” “But I thought the Master was causing all this time stuff?” Jesse asked as he left Jeremy’s side, handed him his jacket, putting it over his arm, with the Doctor’s fur jacket. Jeremy shut his eyes and smiled, shook his head and began to put the jackets into the backpack. He had to run even faster to catch up to them. “Possibly, but if things are still changing…” the Doctor turned to look at Jesse, “…then maybe there’s more going on besides all that Time Scoop stuff. That was always a part of Gallifrey’s past…” “Your people are more fucked up than Earthlings,” Jesse shrugged. At first, looking serious at that, staring at Jesse, who was ignorant of the stare, the Doctor smiled and huffed out a short laugh, “I love you, Jesse. You say exactly what’s on your mind.” After an hour and a half of walking… Jesse: “Can we fucking stop now?” They were at the foot of the building. Jeremy knelt down on his hind quarters, “Yeah, Doctor, even I’m tired.” The Doctor didn’t seem tired at all. “All right, all right. I used to be an old man, too, once, or twice, you know. Back when I was young.” He looked at the doors of the place. The building was built next to a craggy rock area. The rocks ran up the left side of the building as newcomers faced it. It was a bland building. But it was thick and seemed to go up for 8 stories, had a few windows in front on each level and two doors in the front, with five steps going up. It was red and blue. The Doctor bent down and knelt near Jeremy as Jesse sat on a red rock. He put his the fingers of his left hand in the dirt and lightly touched the first two fingers, the longest to his tongue. He tasted it and spit out. He than sat up, startling Jeremy, who almost fell over since he had leaned on the Doctor’s bare back to rest and put his head down on. The Doctor ran up to the building doors and touched the walls. He touched the walls with his right fingers and tasted it. “Same thing. Brilliant. They built the walls out of the clay.” He strode down to his two lovers and began talking, “Whoever they are…and I must say this area looks slightly familiar…they must be intelligent to do all this and perhaps…what’re you two staring at?” Jesse pointed upward. Jeremy was staring upward, wide eyed. Slowly, he began to stand up. The Doctor whirled and looked up. On the top of the roof, there was a figure. Jesse whispered while waving a friendly wave up, “He’s going to jump.” The teen seemed about 15. He wore only a white night gown, short and ending just under his hips. From this angle they could just make out that he was naked under the gown, that he had blond hair, short cropped and that he had a pale complexion. “Talk to him and keep him talking,” the Doctor whispered. “As I sometimes move so fast I don’t even exist, I’m going to make it to the top and…” suddenly the Doctor had an almost overwhelming sense of déj� vu. “I’ll stop him.” The Doctor ran. “Hello up there,” Jesse waved again, “You are really a nice looking guy. I can tell that from this angle.” Jeremy shut his eyes. Jesse smiled and shrugged, “My boyfriends are always telling me that I’m too forward with the sex thing but then again so are they…” Above, the boy barely seemed to notice them. The bright blue eyes blinked. “Boyfriends?” “Yeah…I’ve got two. I mean we have an open…” “Open?” “Yeah, open relationship. We are free to love whomever we want.” Jesse shrugged, keeping his eyes upward, “You, for instance.” The Doctor smashed through the doors into the building. Inside, he didn’t stop to notice there was no one there. As he ran up the steps, each step alternating between blue and red, a door opened to wooden office and out stepped two men dressed in monk robes. They seemed to detect some movement but thought nothing of it and moved past the steps to an adjacent hallway. The Doctor dashed past a floor and darted to another level, ran up that set of steps, past another door. A door opened on the next level and out stepped what looked like a very young, little boy, about 9 or 10. He had a mop of hair, jet black, bangs over his eyes, neatly cut, glasses on. He wore a white pair of short pants, ending at his knees, white socks, ending just below his knees, white trainers and a white button down shirt. The child felt glee at the idea that someone was running. The boy. IF it were a boy. The Doctor thought these might be aliens here. He started up the 5th landing when there was something…he stopped in his tracks and held onto the white banister. Behind him, walking upward and smiling, was the little child he had passed. He sat down without turning around but he felt his presence. The boy… As if the child heard the Doctor’s thoughts….”No, I’m a girl. I remind you of someone.” “Romana.” The Doctor sat down and realized he was now breathing hard but not from the running. “No,” the girl said slowly, coming up behind the Doctor and watching his head, still not moving past him, “Someone named Adric.” “Adric,” the Doctor had tears well up in his eyes. “Yes, Adric. My friend and I traveled, for a time, with a boy named Adric.” He put his hands over his face and began to cry. “I can’t…I didn’t…I think I did but still. Sometimes there are images. Of a boy named Adric. The one who didn’t make it. I mean most of him…them. Did.” “I don’t understand.” The Doctor began to sob, “Neither did I. Shouldn’t have happened.” He sobbed some more. The boy called down, “You can’t be interested in someone like me.” “Yeah, I am.” Jesse called up loudly. “Look at me.” “Yeah. I am.” Jesse said, “You’ve gotta big…” “I wouldn’t know what to do with it.” “Yeah, you would. I mean I would. With your wood.” “Good,” Jeremy whispered, “Keep that up.” Jesse blinked, “Up? He’s as up as he’s going to be.” “Yeah, he looks like he’s turned on by …I don’t want to think about it.” “What are you saying down there?” The boy snapped. “We’re like arguing about ya.” Jesse yelled, “Over you. We both want you.” “Don’t pour that on too thick.” “I do,” Jesse whispered, “I mean look at the size of that thang.” “Yeah, I am.” Jeremy whispered. “Question is: did the Doctor get stopped or something? Where IS he?” Jeremy inched away, “Keep em talkin’. I’m gonna try to get up there, too.” Jesse smiled upward, “I want to come up there and meet you.” “NO!” The boy yelled and moved forward, which scared Jesse because the boy was close to the edge already. “Don’t you move.” Jeremy managed to get closer to the rock face. He looked at it and started to climb upward. Jesse put his hands out, “Okay, okay, okay. I just thought….” “And where’s your friend going?” The boy looked. Jeremy stopped on the rocks. He was already up the building by two stories. He looked up at the boy. Jesse shrugged, “It’s a fet of his.” “Fet?” Jesse nodded, “Hell, yeah. You’ve heard of fetishes right?” The boy seemed not to and flustered, eyes blinking, nervously. “I…well, hell…yeah.” He sounded stifled. “Ole Jer, there, short for Jeremy. He gets, you know aroused. By me, by my other…by others…and he just has to…must climb up craggy rocks, knobs of stone…that swim upon the firmament…” Jesse shrugged, “You know, he’s like…turned on by you so he has to…climb…yeah, he’s like so climb baby climb…” Jeremy started to climb again, with renewed effort. He was almost at the third story now when… The teen yelled, “ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF ME?!!!” He moved forward, a bare foot over the edge. Jesse put his hands up and out, “No, no, no, don’t do that. I’m not making fun of you! Fuck my friend and I’m sure you’ll want to, but I’M …I’m turned on by you. Honestly.” “Of course, you’re probably turned on by the wind blowing the wrong way.” Jesse laughed, “Hey, you don’t even know me, you shouldn’t say that.” The teen’s bare foot moved back, off the edge. Jeremy was at the fourth story now and then higher up he saw in a side window which gave him a view of the stairwell where… The Doctor was crying. “I can’t save anyone….not Adric. Romana…” The boyish looking girl named Man said, with some new disappointment , “I was so excited that someone was running.” “Running?” The Doctor opened his hands up and they were wet. The girl looked at him and could see he had been crying but then again, she heard him sobbing this whole time. “Yes, when you came in and ran up the steps. I was so excited that you were running. No one around here runs much anymore.” She smiled a fake smile and then added, “I’m Man.” “Man?” The Doctor half laughed. “Short for Mana.” The girl smiled again. She took off her glasses and rubbed them on his shirt collar. “I don’t like Mana.” “No, neither do I. I like Man much better.” “Yeah,” Man shrugged, “You look as though you might.” He realized what he must look like. Shirt off, muscles bulging, denim shorts, open at the top, boots. “What did you say about…about running?” The Doctor steadied himself on the banister as he stood up. “You were. Heading to the roof…were you?” “Yyyaaahhh,” the Doctor nodded and said slowly. “I wonder why…oh my…” he just remembered, “The boy. I’m after a boy.” “Aren’t we all?” “Alonsey!” The Doctor jumped up a few steps and sped back toward the roof and ran and didn’t stop. The little girl smiled and shrugged. She ran after him with renewed interest. “Alonsey? That’s so delightfully gay!” She ran but lost her breath soon. Jeremy reached up his hands, stretching out his arms. He grabbed the top of the roof, not daring to look down. He pulled himself up and over and sprang onto the roof, crouched down. At the same time, the roof doors, nestled in a metallic shed-like hut, opened up. The blast of the two doors opening up on either side startled the boy. Jeremy yelled, “Where the hell have you been?” “Crying,” Man said, behind him. The boy, startled, turned and almost fell back….off the roof. The Doctor was already sprinting for him. “NOOOOOO!” The boy yelled, “Stay back!” Jesse, below, looked up, “I am back.” This made the boy turn back to look down at Jesse. “Not you, him!” The boy turned from Jesse back to the Doctor. Jesse yelled, “What’s going on?” The Doctor came near the boy, “What’s your name?” “Konm.” “Well Konm,” the Doctor started, “That’s an interesting name.” Jeremy türbanlı escort stood up and started to walk slowly. “All of you just stay back!” They could see the teen was about 15 or so. He had blue eyes, blond hair, a slight build under the gown…and under it. The Doctor put his hands out, “We will, won’t we, Jeremy?” Jeremy nodded. “Why do you want to kill yourself? “They make us do it. They make us do it.” “Kill yourself?” The Doctor stuck a finger into his mouth and put it in the air. Then he jumped…in place. “Gravity…hmmm.” “Making you? I don’t see anyone makin…” Jeremy started. “Shut up!” Below, Jesse heard that, “Well, glad someone’s telling him to shut up for a change.” “If I don’t. I’ll have to go back out there and…” Konm started to break down and cry. “And I can’t! I can’t! I just can’t! I can’t go back there! I can’t!” The Doctor stepped toward Konm, “Oh come on, it’s can’t be all that…” As he moved, the girl, Man, put her hand out to stop the Doctor but she couldn’t. It was a futile gesture. Konm looked at the Doctor, tears streaming down his face. He turned and jumped! The Doctor sprinted at him! “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Jeremy and the Doctor both yelled, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” The Doctor jumped off the roof and he and the boy, the boy ahead of him, fell down the front of the building! “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Jesse screamed as he watched the Doctor and the teen sail off the roof –headed for death! To BE CONTINUED…. Adam Rickitt in ube/watch?v=YAN4yCKwA2U PROMOS DOCTOR WHO WILL RETURN AGAIN REALLY REALLY SOON! You won’t have to wait until November 15th 2008! At an ancient phone exhibit, Jeremy and Jesse sit in Time Lord robes. Jesse picks up the phone, “It works. Hey ever crank call a Time Lord?” Jesse: (on phone): Hey, is Myassamacallitallpurplezitsthere?” Old Time Lord: Hang on I’ll check for Myass…” Jeremy and Jesse laugh. Jeremy: How did you regenerate? Mr Finch and the Doctor battling in the TARDIS console room, exploding console. The doors open and they both fall out into space as asteroids pass by and ignite! In the past: Jeremy: “You’re Galahad?!” Galahad: “You can call me Kid Galahad, for I’m just a kid.” Jesse: “Doctor!” Jeremy: “It’s a Black Knight!” Doctor: “Not just that, it’s a Black Knight with a black hole in it! A Black Hole Knight or a Black Knight Hole!” Jesse is pulled into a black hole on the Black Knight’s chest. Lancelot holds onto him but his feet go up and Lancelot is pulled with Jesse toward the black hole. “Oh yeah, you wanna see moves, I’ll show you moves!” The Doctor pilots the TARDIS with open doors in front of the pulled Lance and Jesse and the two fly into the TARDIS but…as doors close… The TARDIS is pulled into a black hole. A cow passes by it. At the scanner, the Dragon from Eragon snaps open it’s jaws at them. Jesse flinches and backs away, puts an arm up to protect himself. Doctor: “Allow me to introduce King Arthur.” Jesse: “Sir Lancelot, I presume!” Jesse: “Doctor, dragon!” Doctor: “Run!” (a dragon comes flying and the pair run from it and from Knights of the Round Table) “Draw!” (in the Old West) Doctor: “I will not draw.” Young gun slinger: “You killed my father!” Jeremy looks at the Doctor. Businessman and ranger: That thing has all the weapons in it we need. (points to the TARDIS which is on a wagon). Jeremy: “Jesse’s inside the TARDIS and time’s moving differently for him?” Doctor: “Yeah, don’t worry. He’s safe.” TARDIS on the wagon is being hauled off by two fast moving horses. Jeremy jumps between the horses from the platform. Jeremy: “Doctor!” The wagon is running straight at a covered wagon. Long haired blond Robin of Loxley: “I’m Robin of the Hood.” Jeremy: “Robin Hood!” Long haired brunette Robin: “I’m Robin of the Hood!” Doctor: “Hoods!” Jeremy says, “Gosh, two Robin Hoods. Will you help us rescue Jesse from King John?” Blond Robin: “Only if he shoots an apple off your head…” Brunette Robin: I want you to shoot an apple off your friend’s head… Doctor: Posh, that’s easy… “Blindfolded…” The Doctor pulls the arrow across the bow. He’s blindfolded by Little John. Jeremy blinks, looks scared. “William Tell taught me how to do this, but not for a few good number of years yet…” King John (to Jesse): Robin has his Maid Marion and all his men, I want my own Maid Marion. Jesse: What’s that to do with me? King John: You will be my Maid Marion… Jesse: Why it is always me? Jeremy: You’re just too pretty. Jeremy: What’s that?” Doctor: I think it’s Godzilla! C’mon run! Jesse: So we’re in a parallel Earth in the same time where Godzilla, Gamera and Gorgo and all the rest are real? Doctor: Now you’ve got it. Come on help me with this! I don’t think I can do it. I don’t think I can recalibrate all the UNIT trucks without help… Jesse: Help from whom?” Doctor: Me. I think I need all of my other selves, hey if the Time Lords could do it, and they’re not around any more so why can’t I? Jesse: You sound like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Doctor: Nice girl, she was. TARDIS appears. A Chinese Doctor walks out (Jackie Chan): I am the Doctor, I will help you. Another Doctor comes to them (Jet Li). “It’s my old enemy, Rodak!” He’s on the UFO fighter SID where Rodak has set up a secret base. Rodak: The giant monsters I have control of this time will destroy the entire Earth! Bessie drives up to a UNIT truck. The Brigadier comes out. The Third Doctor jumps out of the car, “Hello, Lethbridge Steward! Say hello the Brigadier, Jo.” Jo Grant: Hi! Brig: Doctor! Is there anything I can do? Third Doctor: Reverse the polarity of the Neutron Flow. Second Doctor: “Now Jamie! When I say run run!” Fifth Doctor: Focus, we have to focus. Brave heart! Fourth Doctor: That’s a great big whomping lizard! Sarah: Doctor, stop acting childish. Fourth Doctor: What’s the point of being 479 if I can’t act childish! Besides, I wasn’t acting childish, was I? Me? Jeremy whispers something in Adric’s ear. Doctor: No, Jeremy, you can’t do that! Jeremy: Already done. Sixth Doctor looking at himself in the reflection of a truck gun set up, “Oh, this is still the best face…me ever had.” Jesse: Doctor, we’re black and white, what’s with that?” “Run!” A rhedosaur destroys a lighthouse. Doctor: We’re in some black and white universe where the monsters or Ray Harryhausen movies are alive! An octopus pulls down San Franciso bridge. UFO flying saucers attack Washington DC’s monuments. TARDIS leaves but when they exit on a beach, a giant Cyclops and blue dragon fight each other close by. Doctor: We’re still in the same universe…RUN! “I’m Sinbad.” Jesse: And a fucking hunk too. “My name’s Jason. I have found the Golden Fleece but need your help in getting it back to Greece.” Doctor “We’re in another universe. In this universe, particles allow you Earthlings to be like superheroes!” Jesse is in a yellow cape, yellow speedo, yellow boots and a yellow eye mask, nothing more. “I get my energy from the sunlight. I am Dayoman!” Jeremy: More like Gay-o-man.” Jesse: Huh? Doctor: “17th Century Japan…I have some loose ends to take care of here…” The trio run from Samurai warriors only to run into some more. They are caught between the two warring parties. Aoi: (look of evil on face and raising sword above Jeremy and Jesse) your new friends, Doctor, will you care for them as well as you did for me?” Doctor: NO! Doctor: “I have to find out if he’s possessed by the energy or not and there’s only one way for me to to that.” Jesse: “To make love to him?” Doctor: Yes. Jeremy: You can’t! He’ll kill you! Aoi: Prepare to die, Doctor! Doctor: Love kills… Doctor: Tiny aliens on the Titanic are trying to find their miniature ship inside a safe…if they don’t find it, the whole world could end in your time… Doctor: This thing, this separatist Auton, is at a wedding… Jeremy: My cousin’s… Doctor: I don’t do weddings… Jesse: Tough, you’re going… Jeremy: Doctor, it seems assimilated into our culture…do you have to kill it? Doctor points a laser rifle at the human Auton, “I must…” Auton: Doctor, I beg you, spare my life! In alternate Ancient Greece: Doctor: May I introduce Xena, Warrior Princess… Xena: My son’s back, or rather returned or rather come here from another universe to take revenge on what he thinks is his bad mother… Solan: Fight or die… Jeremy: Then I will fight… Solan: And kill… In Ancient Rome: Dressed in flimsy gladiator gear with spikes on neck collar, Jeremy: “Jesse, be careful, that’s Caligula…” Jesse: Yeah and we’re gladiators … (Jeremy jumps between gladiator boys and Jesse, who’s been knocked down) Jeremy is outnumbered. Adam comes jumping into the arena. Jeremy: Adam, you’re back! Adam: Hello, Jeremy…nice outfit… Caligula: (to a nude Jesse): I want you to have me… Doctor: He’s mad..or is he? Possessed by some alien force that got to him when he prayed to it… Jeremy: He thinks he’s a god… Doctor: If what I think is going on…he’s right, he is… Caligula: I shall kill the Doctor before you all and bring him back to life… (in a theatre) Present day Grand Canyon, Doctor: This is 2008 and this is my old friend Kiko McGree Redwing. He’s a doctor… Jesse: Oh no, not another one… Kiko: No, I’m a former traveling companion of the Doctor, not a Doctor. A medical doctor… Doctor, I think those bat things are back… Doctor: Oh no, not the Roptera…maybe the Menoptera can help us again! Maine: Butterfly beings fly by–the Doctor waves at them and smiles. Bat monster men attack Jesse and Jeremy at a wooden cabin in the woods. The Sixth Doctor comes out and uses a device to make them leave, a sonic sound gun. “I knew you’d need my help.” Jeremy: Sure did. Doctor: Did not. Jesse: Did too, now thank the man in the Throw Up coat… Doctor: We have to leave, right now! Jesse: Why? I like it here. Doctor: We’re in Sodom of Sodom and Gomarrah… Jesse: oh. Jeremy: Don’t forget to not look back… Huge explosion! TARDIS seems to turn to salt. Doctor: we’re on a planet of giants… Valerie: Really? Why didn’t you tell us that? Doctor: And my TARDIS has been driven away on the back of a truck…not that that hasn’t happened before…only not as garbage… Jesse: Well, shoulda nicked a new one while we were on Gallifrey… Jeremy: You’re gonna leave those seven people and their dog stuck on that land of giants? Doctor: I have to. I can’t interfere with history and it’s vital that they remain there. A cat and dog fight over Jeremy, Jesse, and the Doctor. Doctor: I have a mission for you two. Jesse: What is it? Doctor: Get the two girls, Bodicca’s daughters to leave with you. Jeremy and Jesse: Yuck. Jesse: And what’re you gonna do? Doctor: try to stop their mom from killing herself… Bodicca attacks the Doctor with a sword. The Doctor points the sonic screwdriver at the sword. It melts. “Let me die honorably!” “No such thing!” “Where are we?” “Another planet!” “And without the Doctor…”

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