25 Ocak 2023

Dominated By Younger Sister

Giant Toy

Everyone in this story is over the age of 18


I’m 21 years old, my name is Chris and I live with my mum, dad and my younger sister Sophie. I never went to University and I work in a warehouse, just packing boxes but it makes enough for me to see my friends and go on the occasional night out.

Being quite geeky I have never had the opportunity to be with a woman, although every night I fantasise about it. I started by watching lesbian porn and then I started to read Literotica where my fantasies just grew and grew. I quickly learned that I was a submissive person and I am pretty sure that I am bi.

I have never done anything with a guy, but the stories of men being dominated by other men seemed to do something to me. Also, the stories of women dominating men hit the spot just as much.

I am only 5 foot 8 and fairly slim, not being confident just made my luck with women even harder. Although I had fantasies of men, deep down I knew I would never act on it.

This was my life. When I wasn’t working, I would play games with my friends. When I wasn’t with my friends, I usually spent my time wanking to Literotica, thinking of men and women dominating me.

Now my sister Sophie had turned 18 a few months ago, she was the polar opposite of me. I still don’t know how we are actually related! She is nearly 6 feet tall, long blonde hair and deep green eyes. I know she’s my sister but my sick mind still found her sexy, she was a beautiful woman and was out going. Truth be told, I was jealous of her. I wish I had an ounce of her confidence.

Sophie has been dating Terry, he is my age and we actually went school together, except he was on the rugby team and one of the most popular guys. He didn’t even know my name the first time she brought him home even though we went to the same school for years.

A lot of the time my mum and dad would try to encourage me to be more like Sophie, go out and get more friends and be more active but that just wasn’t me.

One night we were all sitting together having dinner when Sophie told our parents that she was going out this weekend with her friends and with Terry when my mum said, “Why don’t you take Chris?”

“No chance! He would just embarrass me!” Sophie argued back.

I just kept my head down, knowing she was probably right.

“Don’t be mean to your brother, take him with you.” My mum argued back.

“But we are going to a party, he won’t know anyone. He will hate it there!” Sophie moaned.

“Sophie, do as your mother says.” My dad chimed it.

“I don’t want to go.” I finally spoke up for myself.

“It will be good for you.” My mum said.

I didn’t look at her, there was a brief moment of silence before Sophie grunted in agreement.

After dinner, it was my turn to clean the dishes when Sophie came in.

“If I am having to take you with us this Saturday, just don’t do anything stupid okay?” She said.

“I don’t even want to go.” I told her.

“I know but mum doesn’t care. Just dress nice and try and act normal.” She said before storming off.

I turned around and got a glimpse of her leggings that hugged her curvy arse perfectly, before realising I had a hard cock.

Cleaning up quickly, I made it to my room and loaded up Literotica. My sick mind in full flow I read some incest stories and started wanking. Looking online I was pretty confident that my cock was a good size, at least 6inches. If only my confidence would show in real life! Within a few minutes I had covered my stomach in cum, cleaning it up I went online and started to play with my friends.


Here it is, Saturday night. I was getting dressed, putting on a black, buttoned shirt and my blue jeans and a pair of black trainers. I jelled my short brown hair to the side and went downstairs.

I met with Sophie, her blonde hair was straight down, she had on a short skirt and a black crop top that emphasised her big tits. I had to try and stop myself from getting a hard on by just looking at her.

Next to her was Jerry, a tall, muscular man. He was in a tight white t-shirt and blue jeans.

“You’re wearing that?” Sophie asked in a huff.

“What’s wrong with it?” I asked.

“You look like you’re going for a job interview.” She moaned, “Urgh, whatever let’s go.”

Walking outside, we got into Terry’s car and drove to the house party. I was sitting in the back and Sophie and Terry were chatting in the front.

Before arriving, Sophie turned around to me and said firmly, “Right, whatever you see in here does not get back to mum and dad! I don’t want you telling them anything about me drinking or anything that goes on. You got that?”

“Sure.” I moaned back already knowing I am going to hate this.

As we walked inside the room was dark and there was loud music blaring so I couldn’t hear a thing. The house was packed with people, the handful I recognised were Sophie’s friends that didn’t acknowledge me. Most of the girls were dressed in very little clothing and the guys bursa escort all looked like typical cool guys.

“I’m getting a drink, do you want one?” Sophie shouted over to me.

“Yes.” I shouted back over the music and watched as she went to get a beer from the table that was filled with bottles and cans.

For the next hour, Sophie and Terry actually stayed with me and I appreciated them not just leaving me on my own. Until I looked at the clock and saw it was midnight and I realised that they weren’t here.

Sitting on my own on a sofa in the living room I just looked around at everyone having a great time.

I did question, why am I not like this? I could be fun and enjoy myself, but I just don’t enjoy this.

Standing up, I made the decision to go to the bathroom before getting a taxi home. It was difficult to get through the crowd of people, the room stank of smoke and alcohol but eventually I managed to get upstairs, except I had no idea which room was the bathroom.

So, I tapped a stranger on the shoulder and shouted in his ear.

“Where’s the toilet?”

“Through that door, it has an ensuite!” He shouted back and nodded towards a door.

“Thanks!” I shouted back and headed over.

Opening the door, the room was pitch black and all I could hear was the blaring music coming from downstairs.

As I ran my hand up the wall, I eventually found the light switch and turned it on. That’s when I was met with utter shock.

Looking up, on the bed I saw Sophie, completely naked and riding Terry who was naked below her. They were either too drunk to notice me at first or just didn’t care.

For a brief few seconds, I saw my younger sister, her big tits bouncing in the air as she moaned extremely loud as her face was in pure extasy. It was an incredible sight, she was so hot and my cock immediately got hard.

Then she realised it was me.

“Chris what the fuck?!” She shouted jumping off of Terry and then I saw his cock, the only other cock I have seen in real life. I couldn’t properly see it but from here it looked about the same size as mine, with a slight glisten of Sophie’s pussy juices on it.

“Get out you fucking perv!!” She shouted.

I turned and saw she had covered herself in a duvet.

“S-sorry!” I stuttered out, “I’m just looking for the bathroom.” Yet I still stood there looking at them both.

Terry was just giving me a smile and said, “It’s in there.” And pointed to the door to the ensuite.

Rushing in, I closed the door and pressed my back against it. I can’t believe what I just saw, my sister completely naked having sex. She was so hot!

Going to the toilet, I tried to get my cock soft again but it was no use.

Eventually, I had to leave. Opening the door, Sophie was sitting on the bed next to Terry and they were both covered.

“Right, get out.” She shouted.

“I’m going to get a taxi home.” I told her.

“Okay, bye.” She said.

After that I quickly left the room and got a taxi home.

Getting into bed my mind couldn’t help but think of my sister and Terry. Undressing I got onto my bed and started wanking furiously. Picturing Sophie’s tits, Terry’s cock. Her moans as she rode him. It took a few minutes for me to eventually cum and I was too tired to clean it up and fell asleep in a pool of my own cum.



I was suddenly awoken, having no idea what time it was but when I opened my eyes it was still dark.

“What?” I groggily said, looking around I saw my sister stood inside my room with the door closed.

“Is that cum?!” She whisperingly grilled at me.

Looking down, I saw the dry pool of cum over my stomach. Why didn’t I clean it up?!

“I…I…I…” But I couldn’t find any words.

“You are a sick pervert!” She whispered back, “I came to tell you not to say anything to mum or dad about what you saw! But if you do then I will tell them about their disgusting son that wanks after seeing his sister having sex!”

With that she left my room.

Fuuuckk! I can’t believe she just caught me like this! I’m so stupid!

Cleaning myself up, I went back to bed but struggled to sleep. I was too afraid with what Sophie will do or say! She will think I am some freak now!

After a few torturous hours, I managed to drift back to sleep for a couple of hours.

When I woke up, I cautiously went downstairs where I saw my mum and dad in the living room.

“Good morning! How was last night?” My mum asked.

“It was… alright.” I told her, assuming that Sophie hasn’t mentioned anything to her.

“Chris, how’s your head?” Sophie shouted behind me making me jump.

Her tone was a lot friendlier than last night when she was in my room, which only made me more afraid.

“Erm, fine.” I told her, staring at her whilst she just smiled back at me.

“Good.” She said brushing past me.

She was in her short, silk pyjamas and I couldn’t stop myself from watching her arse as she walked past. Imagining what I saw last bursa escort bayan night.

“What are both of your plans today?” Our dad asked.

“I’m going shopping with Terry.” Sophie replied.

“Nothing.” I said taking a seat.

For a little while, I ate cereal in the living room with my family until my mum and dad went upstairs. That was when Sophie looked at me and began to speak. “So. After last night, you know that I own you right?”

“W-what?” I stuttered nearly chocking on my cereal.

“I can do whatever I want around here and you aren’t going to say a thing. Or everyone will know that you wank over your little sister.” She said.

“I wasn’t…” I tried to argue before she interrupted me.

“You saw me riding Terry and then you came home and wanked. From now on, I am the boss around here and you can’t run to mum and dad ever.” She said, and then stood up and walked off.

I knew I was fucked.

Later in the evening, my mum and dad went out for dinner and I was in my room playing games. When I came downstairs to get a drink, I didn’t realise that Sophie and Terry had come home but I was in for a shock with what I saw.

Before I reached the stairs, I could hear the faint sound of moaning and skin slapping skin. Stopping dead in my tracks, I thought to myself, is that Sophie?

Just from the moaning, I instantly got hard and knew I had to see.

Slowly, I walked downstairs trying to be careful. When I poked my head around the corner, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Sophie was completely naked, bent over the arm of the sofa so her tits were hanging, while Terry was also naked, behind her fucking her hard. His body was amazingly chiselled. I just stared in awe for a few minutes, watching this erotic scene when Sophie’s moaning got louder and louder.

“Oh yeah, fuck me just like that.” She moaned out.

“You going to cum over my cock again?” Terry moaned back whilst spanking her arse.

Oooohh I had to fight with my own urge to touch my cock and moan myself, this was so hot and I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

“Fuck yeah.” Sophie moaned and I watched as she moved her hand and I assumed she was rubbing her clit.

God how I wanted to go and get a better look, but I didn’t want them to see me so I remained still. Watching something that was better than any porn I had ever seen.

“I’m cuuumiinnngggg!” Sophie shouted out loudly, one hand rubbing her clit as the other held her up as her body shook.

In a few seconds Terry grunted. “Turn around I’m about to cum!”

I couldn’t believe it when Sophie pulled away from his cock, got onto her hands and knees and took Terry’s beautiful cock into her mouth. I almost came right there when I heard Terry grunting and filled my sister’s mouth with his load of cum.

I don’t know who I am more jealous of, Terry for getting my sisters plump lips around his cock or Sophie getting to swallow his load.

I rushed back upstairs and instantly wanked myself to my own orgasm.

A few minutes later my phone buzzed and I saw it was a text from Sophie.

“Hope you enjoyed the show, have fun wanking thinking about us.”

What the fuck? She knew I was there! This is so fucked!

It wasn’t until an hour later when my mum and dad returned, that I came out of my room, for fear of seeing Sophie or Terry.

The next morning, mum and dad were both at work and I was sitting on the sofa. Then I heard Sophie coming downstairs and she sat on the sofa next to me.

“Get me a drink.” She suddenly said.

“What?” I asked, not taking my eyes off of the TV, not sure if I could look her in the eye.

“I said get me drink. I told you that I am in charge around here now.” She said firmly.

“You can’t just boss me around like this!” I argued, still keeping my eyes fixed to the TV.

“I think after I let you watch Terry fucking me last night that I can do whatever I want.” She said in a blunt tone, although it was enough to turn me on. When I didn’t reply she suddenly said, in the most seductive tone I can think of, “I know you liked watching Terry fuck me with his big cock and cumming in my mouth.”

She leaned in to me and I could feel her warmth breath in my ear.

“Oooohh.” I accidentally let out a little moan.

“See, now go and get me a drink.” She said sitting back.

Standing up, I heard Sophie laughing and I looked down to see a clear erection in my pants. Still not wanting to look at her I rushed to the kitchen and made Sophie a cup of tea.

When I brought it back, she was sitting on the sofa in her small silk pyjamas, as though she was teasing me because her buttons were slightly undone and was showing some of her cleavage.

Putting the mug on the table, I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her tits.

“You know you’re staring at your own sisters’ tits, right?” She said with a laugh.

Trying to ignore her, I went to grab my phone from where I was sat but she grabbed it before I could.

“Give me that!” I said.

“Now escort bursa big brother, you know you have no say here. Why don’t you go upstairs and have another wank.” She said laughing at me.

“Please give it to me.” I moaned, standing back and trying to subtly readjust my boner without her seeing. Except, whilst I was doing this, I didn’t realise she was flicking through my phone.

“Oh my!” She suddenly shouted. Looking at her I saw she was on my internet history and I could see all of the titles of the Literotica stories I have been reading.

Titles like:

Straight boy gets turned

Brother dominated by sister

Boy fucked by older woman

That was just to name a few.

“You really are a perv.” She said laughing and handing me the phone.

Not wanting to stay, I grabbed it and ran upstairs in embarrassment.


Luckily for me, the next two days Sophie was out with Terry all the time so our paths didn’t cross. Not that that didn’t stop me from wanking over the image of her constantly.

Then when I was alone watching a film in the living room when Sophie came in.

“What are you watching?” She said sitting down next to me, I tried to move a little away but there wasn’t any room.

I could feel her thigh touching mine and my head was going wild.

“J-just a movie.” I said, “But I can turn it off.”

“No, leave it on.” She said.

For half an hour, we just sat there. Every now and again her leg would move and the physical contact was sending me crazy, which I am sure the Sophie picked up on. When she eventually said. “Wanked over me recently?”

“What?!” I said almost having a heart attack at what she said.

“Or is it over Terry?” She asked.

“I- I don’t…” I said before she interrupted.

“Oh please, I read those stories that you have been reading. You love to be dominated by men and women.” She said as if it was a normal thing.

“Sophie please.” I said, my face burning with embarrassment.

Suddenly, her hand gripped onto my hard cock beneath my loose trousers.

“That’s what I thought.” She said with a grin. Gripping my cock a little harder I couldn’t stop myself letting out a little moan.

“Hmmm.” She said with her hand still on my cock, “Bigger than I expected.” She said and then her hand was gone.

How I wished it was still there, what I would do to have her please me.

Then she stood up and went into the kitchen for a few minutes. I could hear her rummaging around the cupboards and I was trying to control myself, to do anything that would make my hard cock go away.

When she returned, she was just in her silk shorts and a black bra, her top gone.

“What are you doing?!” I said in shock.

“Just getting comfortable.” She said with a laugh.

Walking over to me I could see her big tits bouncing until she sat next to me. I was practically drooling at the sight.

“You’re a virgin, right?” She asked, not even looking at me.

Awkwardly, I stuttered, “Y-yes.”

“Take your clothes off.” She said bluntly.

“What?!” I asked.

“You know I’m the boss here, take them off now.” She ordered me.

Something about her dominant tone forced me to obey. So, nervously I rose from the sofa. I wasn’t confident with my body so I slowly took my top off, then followed by my trousers until I was completely naked, facing away from her.

“Your arse is nearly as nice as mine.” She said, “Turn around.”

Following her order, I slowly turned so that my hard cock was aiming at my sister sitting below.

“Wow, you’re as big as Terry,” she said, and suddenly I felt her hand gripping around my cock.

The only other person to ever touch my cock, I almost came right there just from her touch.

“You should be more confident, if girls knew you were this big you could fuck whoever you want.” She said, slightly squeezing me harder.

Then, if things couldn’t get worse, my cock erupted.

“Ooooohhhh.” I moaned out as shot after shot of cum fired out of my cock all over my sister’s chest and bra.

“Fucking hell Chris!” She said taking her hand away but it was too late to stop me from cumming over her. “I can’t believe you just came from that!”

She stood up and was laughing, the humiliation of it was for some weird reason turning me on more. Having my younger, sexy sister laughing at me for cumming so quickly, my cock was already going back to being rock hard.

“Get some tissue and clean this cum off me!” She ordered although I was lost in trance staring at her tits. “Now!” She shouted.

I quickly did as she said, and running to the bathroom I grabbed some tissue and came back, holding them out to her she laughed and said, “No, you clean it off me.”

“O-okay.” I stuttered.

Pushing the tissue against the top of her chest, I loved how close I was to her big tits. I also couldn’t believe just how much I had cum.

Sophie sat back and let me wipe all of my cum off of her, I could feel the softness of her tits as I did so until she finally said.

“You’ve got it all over my bra!” Then suddenly her hands went behind her back and her bra was unhooked and fell to her lap.

Here I was, staring at my sisters big, perfect tits with my hard cock in front of her. What is going on?!

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