25 Ocak 2023

Dominating Daddy Pt. 02


**Author Note: Hi everyone, here is part 2 in this series. I had a lot of fun writing it. I have one more part planned, so keep an eye out!

Andrew’s smirked as his phone lit up. Luckily, the movie theater was empty all around him. The film was loud, some action flick that had failed to interest him anyway. Swiping the screen open, he was greeted by a text message from his father.

A photo of his dad, completely naked with hard dick in hand greeted him.

‘As requested’

He wasted no time typing out his response.

‘Send another. And this time, stick that tongue out for me you slut’

He leaned his head back with a light groan, eyes drifting downward. His friend Corey’s head was firmly buried in his lap, moving quickly up and down. A few months ago when they’d met Corey was a self classified straight man, a college freshman who had made it onto the wrestling team. He had a fantastic body, heavy with muscle from weight lifting but enough fat to keep him curvy. No abs and a fat ass perfect for plowing.

You’d never know it with the way he milks my cock now, Andrew thought gleefully. He drifted a hand down and forcefully gripped Corey’s curly hair. He started yanking his head up and down forcefully, angling his cock just right so that the head battered his throat. Corey started groaning and whimpering deliciously, saliva dribbling down Andrew’s cock as he let himself be used.


Andrew flipped his phone open again with his free hand. He was honestly surprised. His father had been hesitant to send the first photo. Frequently, Jim would get nervous or abandon the conversation when Andrew came on too strong. Fortunately for Andrew, he’d had plenty of practice seducing straight men. He knew when to go slow, and when to overwhelm them. Jim was more resistant than most, which made the conquest all the more fun.

The photo was spectacular. Once again, his father had his hard cock gripped in his fist. Now, however, his tongue hung out of his mouth. Andrew could tell he was somewhat nervous about the action. He had a little crease in his brow that he always had when he was uncomfortable. Andrew knew this was the time to reinforce the behavior.

‘Such a good fucking slut for daddy. I bet you need those balls drained’

The reply was quick, faster than he expected. He must be jerking off, Andrew thought. His cock twitched in Corey’s throat, his orgasm approaching.

‘Fuck yes’

Hand shaking slightly, Andrew typed out his response.

‘Yes what, slut’

Mere seconds and the reply came

‘Yes daddy’

Andrew couldn’t hold it anymore. The rush he got when his own dad called him daddy was too much. Corey was letting out wet muffled moans as he choked on Andrew’s cock. He finally fell over the edge and slammed all the way in, cock jerking against Corey’s throat as he shot round after round of cum into him.

When he was finally done, he yanked Corey’s head back. Andrew looked at him. Corey’s eyes were glassy, pupils wide. His face was covered in spit, his mouth slightly open. He was still making swallowing noises. Andrew smirked at the messy scene, thumb pulling Corey’s bottom lip down. Corey sucked Andrew’s thumb into his mouth and began mindlessly sucking.

“Fucking cock whore” Andrew whispered in Corey’s ear, receiving no response. He pushed Corey’s head back. He sat back in his seat, catching his breath. Andrew zipped himself up and got up.

“See ya Corey. Hit me up sometime next week.”

As he left the theater, Andrew sent his father one last text.

‘Tomorrow night, slut. Same place, 10 PM’

He received no response, and he didn’t expect to. He knew his father would show.


Andrew didn’t think he would ever get over the squirmy anticipation he felt while sitting next to this gloryhole waiting on his father. They’d met several times at this point, Andrew getting progressively filthier and more verbal. But Andrew knew his need was growing. He needed his father to submit. He wanted to completely dominate the man who walked around with such masculine confidence, who still fucked Pam so loudly that Andrew could hear it down the hall. The fucking had become less frequent, to be sure, but it was still happening. Andrew felt an overwhelming sense of jealousy when he thought of it. It was time to push Jim further.

Jim came in, moving much more confidently to the gloryhole than the first time he’d met Andrew. He seemed much more comfortable now, and Andrew could even tell he was already hard in his jeans. Andrew’s mouth watered, but he reminded himself that he had to stay focused. Tonight wasn’t just about getting his rocks off or swallowing his dads load.

Without a word, Jim unzipped himself, ready to pull his hard cock out. Andrew smiled, and called out, voice deliberately deep. Over the last several weeks, he’d settled into a comfortable voice that he could use for his dad. Jim had failed to recognize his son so far. He probably thinks all gay guys sound similar, Andrew thought, trying not to laugh. Either that or he’s way too focused on getting bursa escort his nut.

“Already hard for me? Did you miss me that much, slut?”

Jim’s hand froze, cock halfway out of his underwear. Andrew heard him sigh before continuing, hard cock bobbing out. Jim’s voice was quiet when he replied.

“Yes, daddy” Jim murmured. He slid up to the gloryhole, cock sliding through. Andrew leaned in and licked slowly up the length, swiping his tongue over the head. Jim’s groaned loudly, unable to contain himself.

“Good. Nobody else sucks this cock like me, huh?” Andrew punctuated this statement by licking his father’s balls, pulling one gently into his mouth.

“F-fuck. N-no, daddy. Nobody does it like you” Jim said, cock twitching as he said it. Andrew couldn’t help himself. He went for it.

“That’s what I thought. What about the girlfriend?”

A sharp intake of breath. “What did you say?” He whispered. He pulled back slightly, but Andrew wrapped his hand around Jim’s hard cock and slowly jerked him. He grunted.

“The girlfriend. Andrew told me about her. She suck your cock like this?” He said with a hard tug, his other hand massaging Jim’s balls expertly. Leaning in, he spit on Jim’s cock, making it twitch. Then he swallowed him whole.

“FUCK” Jim practically shouted, hips jerking forward in an attempt to get even deeper into Andrew’s throat. Andrew went as deep as possible, sucking hard and fast and filthy. He pulled back, Jim’s cock coming out of his mouth. As much as he wanted to drain his father, have him dump another unwitting load in his son, he was on a mission.

“So?” Andrew demanded forcefully, jerking Jim’s soaking wet cock.

“No. She doesn’t suck it as good as you, Daddy” Jim grunted out, sounding as if he said it with clenched teeth. He was clearly horny beyond belief.

“Doesn’t sound like a straight guy to me. Clearly you love burying your cock in a man’s throat and pumping him full of cum.”

“What? No, no I’m definitely-“

“You’re in a gay porn shop getting your cock sucked by a man through a hole. Stop fucking lying to yourself. Just admit it, admit you wanna fuck my throat. Admit you like fucking men’s throats.”

Jim was gasping, his cock dark red and painful looking. His hips were quivering. Andrew never stopped working his hand wetly over the large cock, stimulating him enough to get him out of his mind but never close enough to actually get off.

“Fuck, fine. Fine. I like fucking men’s throats. I like pumping you full of my cum” Jim said finally.

“Good fucking slut. Remember that. Remember how you come here every week and fuck a man’s throat. Just like your son.”

Andrew swallowed Jim’s cock again, practically ramming his face into Jim’s pelvis as he went back and forth. He added his hand, rotating and tugging as he sucked. He heard Jim scrabbling to find purchase on the wall, helpless as he was worked over.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Yes. Yes just please make me cum. Please let me cum daddy.” Jim chanted. Andrew had a fleeting thought that Jim was being way too loud, but he couldn’t find it in himself to care.

Jim’s cock was twitching in his throat, a telltale sign that he was close. Andrew pulled back, completely removing Jim’s cock again.

For a moment, Jim didn’t realize. Then his hips jerked pitifully and he whimpered.

“No, no please daddy. Where did you go? Please, let me cum. Please daddy.”

Andrew said nothing, watching his dad jerk into the air. He had been struck by inspiration, and the words were out of his mouth before he was even thinking about them.

“Next time you’re gonna fuck me. I’m gonna take this dick in my hole and ride you until you shoot your load. I’m gonna ride you until you’re empty and cumming completely fucking dry. Aren’t I?”

Jim let out a high pitched whine, hips stuttering even as they fucked nothing at all. His balls pulled tight and his cock flexed, spewing cum like a fire hose. It splattered on Andrew’s face and lips. It took him a moment to realize his father was saying something.

“Yes daddyyyyyyyyy” Jim cried out as he came completely untouched. As soon as he was finished he slumped, nearly dropping to the floor. Heavy gasps sounded as he pulled himself out of the glory hole. This time, he didn’t leave immediately, he needed time to recover. Andrew idly licked some of the cum on his face, reveling in the taste of his father. Smiling, he got up from his kneeling position.

“Break up with your girlfriend” he said gruffly before leaving.


Three weeks had passed and Andrew couldn’t help but think that he might have screwed up. His father had not dumped Pam.

Oh, Jim had texted him. Andrew’s phone was now full of pictures of his fathers cock. Jim had even sent him videos of himself jerking off, trying to entice him to meet. But he hadn’t broken up with Pam, so Andrew ignored him. It was hard, especially because Jim had started sending him rather filthy captions with the photos and videos.

‘My cock is so hard for you daddy’

‘Please milk bursa escort bayan me daddy I’m so close’

‘Daddy I’m going crazy, I need your mouth’

His fathers was becoming progressively more agitated at home. He was spending more time at the gym, working off his excess energy. He even started arguing with Pam more frequently, and Andrew didn’t hear them fucking loudly anymore. One night after dinner, they had disappeared into his fathers bedroom for an hour or so. Andrew heard them arguing again. Upstairs, the door slammed and a few seconds later Pam was storming out of the house. Andrew was sitting on the living room couch, idly watching as his father came downstairs. He was shirtless, and clearly sporting an erection through his pajama bottoms. Andrew’s mouth watered as he watched his dad, pajama bottoms hanging low on his hips. He was clearly going commando, his cock bobbing in his pants as he followed behind Pam. He returned to the living room a few seconds later, sighing heavily and rubbing his hands over his face.

“Trouble in paradise?” Andrew asked

Jim’s eyes snapped to him. He considered for a few seconds before he said “You could say that.”

“What’s the problem?” Andrew’s pulse had quickened.

“It’s a little awkward.” Jim said quietly. After a moment he said “There are some…compatibility issues with Pam.”

“That have anything to do with your dick being hard?” Andrew said before he could even think. His voice was commanding and clear. Jim’s eyes widened slightly for a moment before he remembered it was his son he was speaking to.

“Fuck, shit. Yes, that’s the uh-” Jim scrambled. “Um. I’m going to go back upstairs.”

“Yeah, you should take care of that. You still have my friends number? I’m sure he could help you out if you wanted. You know I was only joking about going to see him, right?” Andrew tried to say as innocently as possible. Different emotions flitted across Jim’s face before his eyes. He cleared his throat awkwardly before turning, cock still rock hard in his pants, and he went back toward the stairs. Andrew laughed openly, and his father froze for a moment.

Two months ago, Jim Bradley would have punished him harshly for daring to laugh at him. Tonight, he simply retreated up the stairs.

Jim’s footsteps had hardly receded when Andrew’s phone lit up with a text message.

‘I need to see you daddy. Please, I’ll do anything’

Andrew typed quickly, furiously.

‘About time slut. Break up with your girlfriend, and send me proof. You’re mine and mine only’

A minute passed. Two minutes. His phone dinged.


Five minutes later, his phone lit up again. Andrew opened it to see his father had sent a photo. A screenshot of his text messages with Pam.

‘Pam, I’m sorry but it’s not working out. Tonight was just proof of that. I’ll drop the clothes you have here at your place tomorrow. And don’t even think about showing up at the precinct. I will get a restraining order if you can’t stay away’

Andrew couldn’t stop smiling. Victory. He typed out another message.

‘You’re such a good boy for daddy. Now give me a show’

Andrew got up as quietly as possible, and tip toed toward the stairs. He ascended quickly, sending up a thankful prayer that his father had replaced the squeaky stairs last year. Once he reached the landing, he listened, heart beating quickly. He heard a soft moan float down the hall. His cock was instantly hard in his jeans. He crept toward his fathers bedroom door.

As he went, the noise was much more noticeable. Jim was clearly jerking off. And he’s taping it for me, Andrew thought. He arrived at the door and stopped for a moment, basking in the sounds his father was making on the other side.

Slowly, slower than he had ever done anything, he turned the knob. He silently cracked the door, peering inside.

The bedroom was the same as all those weeks ago when he had been sent to fetch his fathers iPad. Said iPad was still in the same place on the nightstand. Much more important was the scene on the bed.

Jim sat on his heels, pajama pants pulled down to his mid thighs. He was leaning back and jerking off quick and rough. His phone sat at the end of the bed, propped up. Recording.

Andrew had never seen his father fully naked in person before. Only in photos. At the gloryhole he couldn’t see about his dad’s belly button. He couldn’t resist the sight in front of him. He unzipped his pants silently and pulled his cock out.

Jim was really putting on a show. He tweaked his own nipple and moaned loudly, precum dripping from his cock.

“Daddyyyy” Jim whisper moaned, and for a moment Andrew thought he might have seen him. But Jim’s eyes were screwed closed, lost in pleasure.

“Daddy please, I need it so bad. I need your mouth. And-” Jim hesitated. “And I wanna fuck your hole. I wanna f-feel it on my cock. Fuck”

Jim’s balls were pulling up, the twitching was starting. His hand shot out and knocked over a photo on his nightstand, slamming down as his head went back.

“Fuck. escort bursa I-I’m yours. I’m yours daddyyy”

Jim’s cum rocketed upward, arcing back down and splattering on his legs and comforter. He shook as he spasmed. Andrew tumbled over the edge, biting into his own shoulder as he shot his load into his fist. By the time he finished he was dizzy, his fist full to the brim.

Jim was still spaced out, head thrown back while he recovered. His cock was still hard, wet and pointing upward as he panted. Andrew slipped away as quietly as possible.

In his room, he cleaned up quickly, heart still beating fast. He laid back in bed, mind racing.


Andrew opened his phone with a swipe to see the video his father had just sent him. He wondered if he had another round in him tonight.


‘Tonight. Midnight. Be naked and blindfolded when I walk in.’

Andrew stared at his message to his father, sent this morning. Everything was ready. He had told his dad earlier that he would be going to a friends house and staying the night. Jim had tried not to look too gleeful at that.

Andrew was sitting in his car down the street from the house. It was a few minutes until midnight. Time to go. His phone lit up.

‘I’m putting the blindfold on. The back door is unlocked daddy’

Andrew shook his head in amazement at the change in his father. A police officer, willingly making himself helpless and letting someone into his home. And all the neighbors would see is Andrew Bradley returning home, nothing out of the ordinary.

He drove down the street, parking in his usual spot in the driveway. He grabbed the materials he bought, two pairs of cuffs and some lube, from the passenger seat.

The kitchen door closed quietly behind him. The house was completely silent, only the hall light on. He tried to walk quietly but not silently as he went up the stairs.

At the end of the hall, he could see his fathers door ajar. The light was off, but the room was illuminated by a soft blue-white glow. He came and stood in the doorway, and his breath caught in his throat.

Jim Bradley sat, completely nude, on his king sized bed. A black silk tie was wrapped tightly around his eyes. He sat upright on his knees, cock hard between his legs. The glow was from the tv, muted and set to a white noise channel.

Andrew paused to take it in. Then, he said.

“Sit back slut. Hands on the headboard.”

A shiver ran through Jim. He hadn’t realized Andrew was there. He sat back, reaching up and grasping the posts at either end of the headboard. Andrew walked forward, wasting no time and slapping the first set of cuffs on. Jim whimpered “fuck” but was otherwise quiet.

Crossing to the other side of the bed, Andrew put the other set of cuffs on, securing Jim to the headboard. Then he stood at the end of the bed, staring at his dad naked and splayed before him.

“God you’re such a good boy.” He whispered hoarsely. Jim outright moaned, wrists tight against his restraints. Encouraged, Andrew continued.

“You like being praised don’t you? You like being a good boy for your daddy. You know daddy makes you feel good, better than anyone else.” Jim’s hips flexed, mewling with pleasure as he was praised.

“Yes daddy” he whimpered.

Andrew slowly removed his clothes. He made as much noise as possible with his zipper, to make sure Jim knew they were both naked. That he was naked with another man. Jim listened intently, cock hard as he waited.

Andrew climbed onto the bed and made his way toward his dad, shifting the mattress below him. Jim instinctively opened his legs wider, allowing Andrew to crawl between them as he approached. He leaned in until he’s nose was almost touching his fathers. He could feel his breath, his heat. He leaned in and darted his tongue out, touching his fathers upper lip.

Jim groaned as he was licked, opening his mouth slightly and letting out a sigh. Andrew took advantage of this and leaned in fully to the kiss, his tongue invading his fathers mouth. Jim didn’t put up a fight, just sucked on the tongue that thrashed against his. Andrew pulled away, sighing in satisfaction. Fuck, this was going to be amazing.

“Such a pretty cock.” He whispered in his dad’s ear, reaching down and getting his hand on him. Jim twitched in his sons grip. “Such a big pretty cock all for me.”

“It’s all for you daddy. All yours.” Jim said. He leaned his head back and moaned as Andrew licked along his neck. Andrew paused and sucked harshly, wanting to cover his father in hickeys. His skin tasted amazing.

“Good, because I don’t think I can wait anymore. I need this cock inside me.” Jim nodded fervently, desperately.

Andrew grabbed the lube from the end of the bed and popped the cap. Warming it on his fingers, he started opening himself up. He moaned as he was stretched, leaning forward and sucking on Jim’s neck again. For several minutes, he peppered his father in hickeys while he fingered himself open.

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. He drizzled some lube on his fathers dick, causing him to hiss. Andrew threw one leg over his father, coming to rest Jim’s cock in the crack of his ass. Jim’s cock, his skin, was hot against him. Lifting himself up Andrew reached down and positioned his father at his entrance.

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