16 Mayıs 2023

Donna Next Door


I had considered putting this in the LW category, then decided Mature would be a better fit.


Sitting in my office writing I saw her walk toward the front door, by the time the door bell ding donged I was already looking through the glass smiling. As I opened the door, we greeted one another through the screen.

“Good morning Donna, lovely day isn’t it? I see you’re out and about with Lucy, your trusty four legged protector.”

We laughed at my comment. Lucy was about 15 inches long and stood 10 inches high at most.

“Yeah, she’s my guard dog. The reason I popped over is one of my washer hoses is dripping, I picked up new hoses, but I can’t get the old ones loose. Marti is off to his hunting cabin again, he told me to get ahold of you if I had an emergency. Would you mind helping me?”

“Sure, give me a minute to put my shoes on and grab some tools. Be there in about ten minutes.”

I hadn’t paid any attention to what she was wearing, as she turned to go I realized she was in her robe and probably whatever she slept in underneath it. She always took the dog out around seven, there had been a few times she opened the garage door and let the dog out while trying to stand in the shadows in just her nightie. My bedroom faced their driveway and if I happened to be coming out of the bathroom I could see into their garage. Two days ago I stood back from my window and watched as she lingered inside the door wearing a black silky looking nightie that ended a few inches below her butt. My dick jumped as I watched her scratch alongside her crotch, along a panty line I assumed. As soon as the dog was done with its business she turned to go inside, causing her flimsy nightie to lift enough that I could see red panties.

Though it was a bit after seven I was dressed and ready to take on the day. Donna had never given me any indication that she was interested in any extra curricular activity, I was going next door to help and nothing else. I moved to this quaint southern neighborhood fifteen months ago, a widower at 63. I left the cold and sorrowful memories of Northern Wisconsin and bought this place in a little township named Beulah. It was located approximately ten miles from Pensacola, FL, although with urban crawl the two places nearly met one another.

I am nothing more than average, 6′, still have my hair and I haven’t allowed my belly to hang over my belt. I have worn a beard for over 40 years, which now matches my grey hair in color, I drive a Toyota pickup and have a car I seldom use. The 42 years I’d been with my wife were good years, although we were never fortunate enough to have children. My fault, mumps as a young man had left me sterile, something we didn’t figure for many years, I had no little soldiers so to speak.

I was what you might say, on my own, a position I hated at times. I cook a meal for one and then don’t want to eat it, I begin to say something and realize there’s no one to hear me, I grocery shop for one which is a nearly impossible task, probably the worst is I lay in bed with the other side empty. Friends say I’ll find another, I’m not sure I want another. The thought of going through this twice makes me shudder. I’ve had a girlfriend or two since Anika died, they wanted forever after, it was too soon for me. We enjoyed the sex we’d had and the few weeks we were together provided much needed companionship, but I wasn’t sure I’d ever remarry, learning quickly if it’s only sex you want, there was pussy galore giving it away.

I’d found this property on a short dead end road, just before the new subdivisions started popping up, the properties were considered affluent when they were built in the mid 70’s, all on at least an acre, three of the homes were on multiple acre lots. To my left were two older lesbian gals who kept to themselves, if they were in their yard when I was in mine we might wave and converse, otherwise I didn’t see them. Across the road were two of the larger lots, both with solid wood fences across the front and electric gates. I would wave if they were leaving their compounds and I was in the yard or at the mail box, otherwise I never saw them.

To my right were Donna and Marti on a two acre lot. Fences are a big deal around here, my back yard and Marti’s were both enclosed with chain link fence with a gate between the two, all of it had been here when I purchased the house. I slipped on my shoes, grabbed a common and phillips screwdriver, a ¼ and 5/16 nut driver, some channel locks and went next door. The laundry faucets were obviously original, they were the old washer type and wouldn’t close completely, not to mention the stem seals were also leaking.

I told Donna they needed to be replaced, Home Depot would have what was needed and I could tell her what to get, or I could ride along, we chatted and got to know each other during our fifteen minute drive. Donna had on a pair of mom jeans that hugged her ass nicely and accentuated how long her legs were. She wore a loose cotton blouse with the top two buttons open, allowing one to gaze a bit of cleavage if looking from the side. Her breasts Escort Karaköy stuck out nicely and fit her body. I thought to myself, “now that is a pair of natural 38D’s instead of the push up bra variety”. There was no need to try enhancing what was already proportionally correct.

She was probably 5’8″, I guessed in the 140 pound range, nothing extra, no muffin top as they call it now, what we called chubby when I grew up. Hair was just past her shoulders and though it was obviously colored there were streaks of grey as well, she had a sweet face with a matching infectious personality. Internally I had asked myself several times waving at her as she left for work, ‘how do you leave that alone for a week or more at a time’? I knew that if she were my wife, she’d be on her back missionary or ankles on my shoulders, maybe hands and knees two or three times a week just as I had with my late wife Anika.

I found a pair of quarter turn ball valve laundry faucets and was ready to leave when she said she also needed furnace filters. Being a gentleman, I allowed her to walk ahead and to the side of me as we made our way to the filter section of the store. I enjoyed glancing at that fanny wiggle ever so slightly, flowing with ease as we chatted back and forth. It reminded me of the old Fats Domino song about Chantilly Lace. A wiggle when she walks and giggle when she talks, makes the world go round. I grabbed a four pack of 12×20 filters, we checked out and headed home.

“Listen Innis, I’m in no hurry to resume laundry, can I entice you to consider a cup of coffee, my treat?”

I was thinking you can entice me to do more than have a cup of coffee, I wouldn’t mind putting my hose in your sink. Of course that was one of those ‘you can think anything you want, you just can’t say it’ moments and I dismissed it immediately. She treated me to cup of average over priced coffee at a place called the Dead Poet, a very artsy fartsy kind of joint. Somewhere I’d have never found on my own. While we sat there she asked if my name was European.

“Well my folks would argue with you, they never considered Scotland to be a part of Europe.”

“Oh, so you’re from Scotland?”

“Nay lass, me mither and faither were from Sco-land. I were born in the states.”

“Oh, I’ll bet that accent has gotten you laid more than once. Where in Scotland did they live?”

“Me faither was a Glasgowian, me mither was from a town called FairHope on the Shetland islands. A place said to have half a million sheep and 70 people. As for the girls. Aye, ah wood puu on me eaviest Sco-ish brogue for the lasses. After a few pints I’d say ‘Le’s get oot of here ond ave soom fun of our own’ in no time at all I’d have them out of their knickers. Ah, those were the days.”

She smiled, “College days, I remember them well. I was born and raised in southern Alabama, met Marti in college, we married right after graduation, had our son Cody and here we are, living two different lives under the same roof. After his heart by-pass surgery he retired at 62, I’m only 58 so I have a few more years to go, we don’t need the money, but with him gone hunting or fishing 90% of the time, working at the bank keeps me out of the taverns.”

I wondered if she realized she’d inadvertently told me more than I ever needed to know. Back at the house I turned off the water supply, changed out the faucets and hoses, then turned it all back on. No leaks and a very happy lady. She asked if she could pay me, I suggested a home cooked meal in the future. I did okay in the cooking department, I obviously wasn’t emaciated, but as I said earlier, cooking for one sucks, and I could never match a woman’s touch in the kitchen. She promised we’d do that, walking home I was thinking to myself there was something about the glint in her eyes as we bid farewell, they looked hungry, longing, bordering on seductive.

Sitting on the front porch reading I waved to her the next few mornings as she left for work. She only worked part time and was generally home by three unless she visited her mom. Marti got home Friday late afternoon. I happened to be in the backyard tending to my chicken coop when I heard the gate close. It was Marti, thanking me for changing the faucets and hoses, he’d meant to do it for months but had put it off. I wondered what else he might be putting off. He shook my hand and thanked me for taking care of Donna while he was gone.

In my mind I was pondering his statement. Don’t you worry Marti, if you continue ignoring your wife someone will be taking care of her, and I’m hoping it’s me. Marti was gone more and more, over the next few weeks Donna and I had gone for coffee a few times, had a late breakfast one Saturday morning and I mowed their lawn. Something else Marti was ignoring.

I watched as Donna again came across the yard headed for the door. I was waiting for her and opened it before she rang the bell. We both laughed and she wondered if I’d like to come over for supper that night. Marti was gone again and wouldn’t be home for another week, she was tired of eating alone and remembered Kayaşehir escort her promise to make me dinner some evening. Without realizing it she had made one of my favorites, tenderloin tips in gravy with brown rice, I hadn’t made it since Anika had passed. Neither Donna nor I were wine drinkers, but we did have a beer after supper on her back patio.

I bid her goodnight about 10 and made my way home through the dark. There’s only one street light on our short road and it’s at the very end, which affords nothing half way down the street where we live. I looked back as I rounded the corner of my house and noticed she was watching, we waved one more time. Through the dim glow of her security light I was sure she was smiling when she waved. The next morning as I glanced out the bedroom window there stood Donna in the doorway, not as far back in the shadows as previously, in that little black nightie. This morning she rubbed under her breasts, as if to scratch them after a nights sleep. As she turned to go in, she deliberately looked at my window and grinned.

She was making it very hard to ignore her. Not that I wanted to, but I also didn’t want to assume anything and screw up an otherwise congenial friendship between neighbors. The more I watched and listened the more I noticed Marti was either hunting or fishing almost all the time. Soon Donna was stopping in three or four times a week after work for a beer on the front porch or to ask me for help with something. Many a Saturday we’d have breakfast together then venture off to shop for this or that.

There was more than once we’d done our grocery shopping together. She wore lots of skirts and dresses, (my kind of girl) with those she always had nylons or stockings of some sort. There were days when they were transparent, days when they were patterned, and days when she wore the old fashioned type with the seam up the back. Always perfectly aligned. I had to assume she wore garter belts as well, how else would you keep them up unless they were thigh highs? I only knew that because I’d watched Anika dress for years.

Most days sitting on the porch sipping a beer after work she’d make sure I got a nice view of her legs, never in a slutty way, just enough to let me know they went all the way to her ass. If the sides had ridden up she’d smile and tug it down a little, knowing it would ride up again in a few minutes. I read in her eyes and flirtatious behavior she was preparing herself for something she had never considered before. Allowing a man other than Marti to enjoy her body. And you know what, I had no intention of stopping her, I was ready if she was.

I would take eggs to her every other week, I had more than I could consume, and I didn’t want to see them go to waste. I had a couple of “organic” nut case wives who bought most of my extra eggs, but I still had an overflow most weeks. I’m all for organic, but there is a limit. I generally took them late morning but today I had doctor appointments and didn’t get there until after she came home. I walked to the back and knocked on the patio door. I heard the dog bark and then Donna dash for the bedroom, clad only in panties and bra. She returned in a robe and invited me in.

I apologized for being so late, I’d had a doctor appointment and had only been home a short while. She asked if I was okay. I explained it was my yearly visit to the cardiologist, which caused a look of concern to flood her face.

“Oh, I’m okay. My dad had a degenerative heart disease, as does my older brother and a younger sister, so I go once a year for a thorough check up. I have another brother and sister whom it hasn’t affected at all. To this point I’m healthy as a horse, no symptoms to be alarmed about. Gravity is making itself well known, otherwise I’m fine.”

Donna then surprised me by laughing, putting her hands under her breasts, lifting them and saying, “Aint that the truth. These girls once stood high and proud, now they just exist.”

She had opened the door, I made the decision to walk in boldly.

“I think they look fine Donna, these younger girls got nuthin on you. While they need to scrunch theirs up to make them stand out, you have naturally what they try to do with a push up bra.”

She was quiet as I was thinking I’ve put my foot in it now, she’s going to chuck my ass out the door. To my surprise she asked how long Anika had been dead. I told her four years, massive coronary right after we had made love. She asked if I was ever lonely.

“Every single day. There isn’t a day I don’t think of her and wish there was a way to turn back the clock. There was so much I missed, so much I never did, so many ways I could have loved her and didn’t.”

“Do you miss the physical aspect? I know I do.”

I gave her a ‘what are you talking about’ look. “After Marti had his heart attack the meds he took killed his sex drive. He tried the blue pills once, got an erection but didn’t climax, he called it quits and I’ve been without physical attention for almost three years. His meds have changed, I thought that might Küçükçekmece escort bayan change his desire to try again, but it didn’t. Do you ever think about the physical part Innis?”

“Every day Donna, every day.”

“Do you have a girlfriend to take care of your needs?”

My mind said now or never, in for a penny, in for a pound.

“Only girl I hang out with is you Donna.”

She stared into my eyes for what seemed an eternity, emotionless, perfect poker face. Then spoke.

“Do you think of me that way Innis, physically?”

“Every day Donna, every day.”

There it was, would my comment be accepted or rejected. I’d soon know.

“I think of you that way as well. I even tried taunting you in the morning when I’d let Lucy out, hoping you’d be at the window, but you never were.”

“Oh, I was, I stood back enough you couldn’t see me.”

“If you liked what you saw I wouldn’t mind showing you more if we can be discreet about it.”

She stood, opened the robe and let it fall, then lay back on the couch with her arms out stretched. I walked over, dropped my pants, got rid of the t-shirt and knelt in front of her. I put my hands on the waistband of her bikini panties, she lifted and I slid them down, wasting no time I opened her legs and buryed my face into her mossy mound. It was curly, but loose, trimmed along the panty line but wild everywhere else. Ah, a woman, with pubic hair, not a cunt that looks like a ten year old.

I smelled her essence then parted the labia for a snaky lick. The hair was wet, her vulva was engorged with blood, the lips pronounced and protruding through the scant bit of hair surrounding the labia. I opened her legs wide, then used my fingers to open the labia, exposing the love button that stood out about half an inch, waiting to be licked. She wiggled and giggled softly telling me my beard tickled her thighs.

I slathered along the vulva for a while, tonguing the entrance to her vagina before slowly sliding my tongue upward to her clit. When I made contact her hips raised and she hissed “yeeess”. I lightly sucked on the clit and she jumped, I then circled it with my tongue, finding another spot that made her twitch I concentrated on that area. Soon her hips were in that see saw motion, back and forth, lifting and lowering, her hands were in my hair playing as she mumbled.

‘Mmmm, so good. Right there. Oh my. Uh, uh.” The breaths were staggered and choppy. Her body began to stiffen and then she let loose a scream followed by her body shaking, legs trembling and her hands damn near ripping my hair out. I moved my mouth over her clit sucking it in and tonguing at the same time. Her hips continued to vibrate as she moaned incoherently, in between moans she was saying “oh my, oh my, oh my.” Loudly. She finally pushed me away, closing her legs tight together and shaking as she bent over.

I was on my haunches watching her, when her eyes opened she smiled and told me to get up there, her mouth instantly open and her tongue dancing in my mine. She pushed her bra up and put my

hands on her tits. I was right, they were a natural 38, not much sag, still nice pointy nipples and the bulk of tit flesh was firm to the touch. I lowered my head and sucked a nipple in, she gasp and arched her back, pulling my head in tighter. I lifted and sucked the other, she pushed me back and said, “In my bed.”

Marti was up and down so much that they slept in separate rooms. She’d gotten a new bed when they did that, a bed she’d never been screwed in. Taking off the bra and laying down she pulled me with her.

“Innis, Marti can never know. I love him and I’m not trying to humiliate him, I just can’t go without some sort of attention any longer. Are you willing to be my lover without anyone ever knowing, or are you a kiss and tell guy?”

“Tell what?”

As we laughed she took off my underwear.

“Nice dick, not too long, certainly not short, wide enough to fill a vagina completely, I’m not sure what all the hubbub is about long cocks? The average vagina is about six to seven inches deep, after that you’re battering the cervix which hurts like hell. I know the uterus will adjust if necessary, but not three or four inches. I’ll take a nice fat six incher like this any day of the week.”

She bent down and swallowed as much of my cock as she could, slowly pulling back, making sure her lips were pursed outward and stimulating every nerve ending on my cock. Slowly and meticulously she sucked my cock, none of this rapid fire back and forth with a hand jacking you off. Not Donna, this gal knew how to suck cock, slow, deep into her mouth, hands on my thighs or playing with my balls.

“Donna I’m close.”

She pulled off, with a smile on her face she said another time, right now she needed it inside her. She swung her leg over me and positioned the blood engorged head of my dick against her vulva, pushing down and drawing in a breath. At the half way point she remarked how full she felt, lifted up and lowered two more times before we were ass against pelvis. Sitting straight up she wiggled her hips, working her cunt onto my dick, penetrating deeper. Leaning forward with hands on my chest she began a steady rhythmic motion, in, out, again and again. I felt her stiffen like before and as she moaned her fingernails dug into my chest, it wouldn’t have hurt as much if she didn’t have a handful of hair.

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