26 Mart 2022

Dont tell my boyfriend


Dont tell my boyfriendIt was my boyfriends 24th and he had a big house party with about 40 or so people, it was getting late and I was bored of his drunk ramblings and decided to go up stairs and lay down for half hour and in case you don’t know me yet my name is Vanity, im white, 22, long reddish hair, average build, 5ft4 and 36d cup size, I decided to dress all up for his birthday with a very low cut vest top on and a tiny mini skirt so I could give him a present he would love, no underwear and slutty sex just how he liked it but I knew he was to drunk for it now, so as I walked up the stairs and down the hallway the bathroom door was open a little and one of his friends was just putting away a very chunky looking cock after a piss, he looked at me and smiled as he caught me looking, he left his cock just hanging there as I was staring at it feeling myself get all warm, ataşehir escort he walked over to me and I instantly grabbed it with both hands, it had to be 9inchs long and 2 inches thick and throbbing as I stroked it up and down as he was now kissing me and pulling my tits out my top, he then pushed me into the bathroom still leaving the door open abit, I was now on my knees about to swallow this big white cock as I felt my juices flow, I fucked my face with his dick as I gagged and got drool all over my face, he moaned loud as I took every inch I could inside my mouth and down my throat, I could hear my boyfriend laughing drunk down stairs and it just made me more wet as his friend lifted me up and bent me over the bath and slipped his cock inside my drenched pussy, it was deep and I couldn’t help but yelp out as he slammed it all the way in hard as he pulled pendik escort my hair, he spent the next 2 minutes slamming my pussy hard that I could hear my wet juices gushing out of me and all over him as I moaned with passion to how good his cock felt.He then laid on the floor and I sat down on top of him and started to ride him slowly and deep, my tits bouncing around then the bathroom door opened up and someone stood there, I nearly cum all over this cock as I thought it might be my boyfriend but it was not, it was just a friend of this guy, who now closed the door and walked in front of me pulling out his cock as I ride his friends, it was about 8inchs and thin but was straight in my mouth as I tried to moan from the cock deep in me why this cock was in my throat.He pulled out of my mouth and walked behind me, “what are you doing” I asked as he pushed me down so kadıköy escort my back arched up, I knew what he was doing but was powerless to stop it, “not even my boyfriend has fucked my arse so your no…” I began to say as I felt a lubrication dripping onto my arse hole and a cock squeeze its self in, there was a sharp pain but also a uncontrollable pleasure from the cock in my pussy, as I tried to force the cock out my arse but he just rammed it in as he friend did the same to my pussy and I was yelling with pain and delight from the top of my voice.As they both fucked my holes my body liked it in a way I have never been satisfied before as I sarcoma to the bliss and had a orgasm with such force I could feel it squirt out of me as I hear the guy with his cock in my arse say he is Cumming too and shoots his load up me and pulls out, I fill it dripping out as his friend gets me off him and shoots his load in my face covering me with hot sticky cum as I sat there breathless and shaking covered in cum and it dripping from my sore bum, they left and joined my boyfriend down stairs as I cleaned up.

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