14 Mart 2023

Double Whammy


Gary was a happy guy because he had the best of both worlds – although it was never planned. And indeed never could have been planned, This is his story from his own lips…

The day I met Anthea my whole world changed and when she took me home to meet her recently divorced mum, I guessed it was serious and she wanted more than just a casual relationship. And when she, with the agreement of her mum, asked me to move in with her I was over the moon.

The fact too that Anthea said it would not cost a penny because the house belonged to Mum, and it was large enough for us all, and we would have our own space too.

I was in heaven sure enough and being with a girl who I really loved and cherished made it all great.

I hadn’t accounted for what was going to happen though when Anthea was at work.

I worked nights so had to take my sleep during daytime but this worked out well because Anthea and I both had weekends off when we could make up for loss time and spend some real quality time together.

But occasionally, if Anthea did not sleep in we usually had an overlap of an hour, with me arriving home from work an hour or so before she left, so – just how the mood took us we were able to enjoy a quickie before she had her breakfast cereal.

Crunchy nuts were her favourite!

And that was always a bit of a joke between us because she always made a point of telling me just how much she enjoyed her crunchy nuts!

But it did come as a surprise when, one morning when I was just aboutto slumber her mum joined me in bed. I assumed it was Anthea who’d somehow got the day off and returned home.

But then I realised the scent was different, the touch and the style was different as I felt her lips brush my neck.. I sat up with a jerk and discovered it was Anthea’s mum.

She just put her fingers to her lips and said to hush, that no one ever need know – and anyway why shouldn’t a mum have some of the glory.

I couldn’t believe it, it was all foreign to me, and what if Anthea found out! At the same time I didn’t want to upset Jennifer (that was her mums name) being as she had been so good with in taking me in.

“I duran izle don’t want to come between you” I said.

But her reply was daunting and quite unexpected:

“Just cum on me then and I will be happy!” she whispered with a wicked smile, her fingers walking down the middle of my chest.

“Look Jennifer, I happen to love your daughter and this just wouldn’t be ethical.”

But that didn’t stop her, she was some hungry woman that’s for sure and it seemed her passion was running away with her.

“Just a little Gary” she plead. I like you so much and feel a certain wanting with you. It doesn’t have to be the whole business” she whispered, ” I will be happy just to enjoy you just like this?”

In a moment her fingers were where she wanted and it was like heaven. She had a beautiful touch and for a woman twenty years my senior she had everything, just like her daughter.

“It is just I have missed a man so very much since Eric left me for a younger bit of stuff, I shall never forgive him for that, never.

Then she squeezed me down there. Like it was a natural thing to do, and it felt that way.

“No” I said firmly, I cannot do this.

“Look, all I want is just some soothing, Gary. It wont be like we are cheating on Anthea because all I want is oral.”

My mind was saying no but my body was writhing, the way she was touching me, feeling me.

She slowly peeled down the duvet, I was wearing my boxer shorts, the ones I wear for bed.

“Mm! Lovely” Jennifer said looking down and smoothing me through my boxers.

“That feel nice Gary?”

I just could not move, my body felt like it wanted what she was doing, and when she altered her position and bent down to me I knew what she was about as I closed my eyes and felt the smoothness and heat of her mouth surround me.

She quietly moaned as she did the business and it felt so nice I was happy to relax and put aside any concerns I had.

“It is lovely, simply lovely” she breathed when coming up for air Anthea is a lucky girl indeed and I think it is only right I share some of the spoils -and from what I observe Freddy is eli roth presents my possessed pet izle not objecting one iota” she chuckled before taking another mouthful of my now very well erect and throbbing cock.

I wondered how she knew the name we called it, she must have been listening at keyholes, but anyway what she was doing to ‘Freddy’ was magic and all the time the deep feeling started to build into an inferno and I felt I had to tell her that if she didn’t stop I would…

Coming up for a quick breather she just whispered for me to let go and she would go all the way, the feel of her fingers gently squeeze my balls as she began to suck me hard signified that she wanted just that, and I realised I was about to do something I had never yet done with her daughter.

But as she seemed to be enjoying it so much, like she was an animal deep sucking me I at last submitted and felt the energy rise up from my groin and I felt the sudden release of everything exploding and even then Jenner didn’t stop, She was still sucking away, I could see my cream spilling from the corners of her mouth and she lapping it up like a cat at its milk.

After that I felt so very soothed and good that I just fell to sleep and when, in the afternoon, before her daughter returned there was Jennifer happily standing there with a cup of tea and thanking me for earlier!

“You don’t know what that did for me” she smiled. It was so wonderful.”

“But what about Angela?” I asked concerned.

“Shush, there is nothing to tell is there?, It is something I so very much enjoy and don’t tell me you didn’t! You are beautifully equipped and I love to spoil you.”

And so started an ongoing double whammy so to speak. Occasionally, when Angela and I had fucked before she left for work I guessed I was in for a break because, sure enough, her mother knew we’d just fucked and I assumed she would not want her morning ‘dose’ as she put it.

Who was I kidding!

“You don’t know much about this woman do you, Gary? because if you did, you’d know that to taste you fresh fucked is a real elite izle turn on for me, and a double bonus too, you take longer to cum which gives this hungry woman a longer dose of quality cock.

“You are so very naughty Jennifer” I said as she quite blatantly helped herself, this time perched on the carpet beside the bed, her head in line with what she wanted and I was treated to the most magnificent prolonged cock sucking of a lifetime, it must have been a good hour before I reached anything and sure enough, it was true what she said, that she could enjoy her habit much longer and that went both ways.

And do you know something, I never touched her, she didn’t want that, she was absolutely content and gratified to spoil me so that we could enjoy our little quality time together and honestly declare that we never fucked.

I knew I would not have found it difficult to fuck her, she looked so enticing the way she looked for me, her lovely shaped legs, just like her daughter’s wrapped in very sexy black stockings with the very sexy red frilled panty girdle and how of white thigh above stocking tops. Yes I could have fucked her and no mistake, but she took me to where she wanted to go by which time I was so truly spent, there would have been nothing more to give.

“When I am sucking you, I feel the fuck you give my daughter” she said “and it is truly divine. Your cock is beautiful and I love to taste it so much, love to feel it respond in my mouth and against my tongue, love to suck and nibble the wonderful p-hole so warm and red and lovely until the delivery is made and I feel the hot spurt of that seed I hope will produce a grandchild for me soon.”

Jennifer was truly bizarre and yet I feel at ease with her. And when I go to bed, and have managed to be with Angela before she left for work, and she has been on top of me having a wonderful time, I lay there with a sort of expectancy now when she has left. Like it is a second round coming up, but with her next of kin.

And now the way she does it, it feels like a fuck if I close my eyes, and those forever exploring gentle fingers of hers running up and down my thighs, around my balls and sometimes over my hind, and watching her bob up and down, eyes closed, moaning her pleasure; I feel so good in knowing I am pleasing both mother and daughter.

So it is our little secret.

And yet I know one day, it is just a question of time, Angela will come in unexpected and find her mum doing it to me,,, what then?

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