25 Nisan 2023

Dr. Lovejoy’s Clinic Pt. 01


The sound of dainty five-inch Valentino heels echoed through the office hallway as Doctor Lora Lovejoy sashayed to the waiting room. “Billy & Tori? Hi, I’m Doctor Lovejoy,” the middle-aged brunette said. Tori, a blonde, big busted mother, stood and extended her hand for a handshake. “Nice to meet you,” she said, showing a perfect smile full of brilliant white teeth.

“If you wanna follow me down to my office, we’ll begin the session,” Lora said.

Billy followed the two women down the corridor, his eyes drifting from one thick swaying buttocks to the other. The women’s thin stiletto heels CLICKED delicately on the hard floor as Doctor Lovejoy led them to her office.

“Have a seat here on the sofa,” she said, sitting down across from them. She gazed at Billy and smiled, quickly looking him up and down. “Billy, I’m a licensed sex therapist who specializes in working with mothers and sons. Your mom arranged this appointment for the two of you because she felt you had some issues that you need to work on, is that correct Tori?” Lora asked.

“Yes,” the mother answered, taking her son’s hand and squeezing it tight. The doctor held a pen and clipboard, referring to her notes. “Billy, it says here that you just turned eighteen, is that correct?” Lora asked. “Yes ma’am, last week,” the soft spoken boy answered.

“And Tori you are…thirty-eight?”

“Correct,” Tori said.

“What’s your living arrangement? What other family members do you have in the home?” Lora inquired.

“There’s my husband Dan,” Tori said, “Also, I have a thirteen year old daughter, Heather and a newborn daughter, Claire.”

“So Billy is your oldest child and the only boy?”

“That’s correct,” the mother answered.

“So Tori, what type of behaviors are you seeing that you have concerns about?”

“Well, I’ve been catching Billy staring at my breasts or my legs, which I know is somewhat natural, however lately it seems a bit obsessive. I know he masturbates quite a lot and the other day I caught him trying to peek in on me while I was getting undressed,” Tori explained.

Lora jotted down a few notes. “Ok, and how often would you say he’s masturbating?”

“If I had to guess I would say…at least three to five times a day.”

The doctor looked at the boy. “Billy, does that sound accurate?”

He seemed a bit too embarrassed to answer and shrugged his shoulders. “Um…”

Tori squeezed his hand. “It’s ok, just relax and be honest with her, sweetheart.”

The doctor smiled sympathetically. “Billy, none of the information you share leaves this room. I follow a strict confidentiality policy, which means whatever we do or discuss in this office stays between, me, you and your mother. These questions are designed to get the information I need in order to help you, understand?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good. So, then back to my last question. Your mother suspects that you’re masturbating three to five times a day, does that sound accurate?” “Yes.” “What do you think about when you masturbate?” the doctor asked.

Billy shrugged his shoulders again. “I don’t know…sex stuff,” he answered. “Do you imagine that you’re having sex with your mother when you masturbate Billy?” The doctor asked.

Tori peeked over at her teen, eager to hear his answer.


Lora stared straight into his eyes. “What about the other times? Do you imagine that you’re doing OTHER sexual things with her? Kissing her? Squeezing and sucking her breasts maybe?” she asked.

Billy nodded timidly. “Yes, both those things,” he muttered.

“Anything else?”

“Well sometimes I imagine her, urn…sucking on me,” he confessed.

Tori let out a tiny gasp and looked across the room in a slightly embarrassed manner.

Lora’s eyes lit up a bit as she jotted this down his confession on her paper. “So sometimes you imagine that your mom is sucking on your penis?” she asked.


“I have a few other detailed questions regarding these fantasies. Remember, your answers are crucial to me helping you, so I want you to be as honest as you can, ok?” the doctor asked.

“Yes ma’am.”

“When you fantasize about having sex with your mom, do you picture yourself bringing HER to orgasm?” “You mean…does she…”

“Do you make her scream in pleasure?” Lora asked, staring straight at him. “Do you imagine her crying out in ecstasy…shaking and clawing her nails down your back, while your penis is inside of her?”

Just the mere question was getting Billy worked up to the point that he was having a difficult time answering.

Lora moved over and sat beside him, so he was now sandwiched between her and his Mom on the sofa. She placed her hand on his knee and patted it reassuringly. “Do your best to answer Billy. These are important questions.”

“I do imagine those things, or sometimes she’s on top of me or bent over in front of me.”

“Oh, so you also fantasize about having sex with her in different sexual positions?” Doctor Lovejoy asked.


“When you’re Lefkoşa Escort masturbating and you ejaculate, do you imagine that you’re cumming inside of her, or do you pull out and shoot your load on her face or tits?”

“Both,” he muttered and Lora made a note of that on paper.

The doctor then looked at his mother. “Tori, from what you’ve observed, what part of you would you say fascinates your son the most? “Definitely my breasts,” she said without hesitation.

“You mentioned that you have a newborn. Are you breastfeeding?”


“Do you allow Billy to watch the baby nurse?” Lora asked.

“Well, I don’t encourage it, but I have noticed he comes around quite often while his sister is breastfeeding.”

Doctor Lovejoy looked back at the teen. “I suspect this is because it gives him a chance to see your naked tits, isn’t that right Billy?”

“Yes ma’am,” he muttered bravely.

“Does seeing your Mom’s boobs while she nurses your sister make your penis become erect?”

“Yeah,” he muttered.

Lora quickly glanced at the Mother’s breasts, admiring their immense size. “Tori, I would imagine your boobs have grown tremendously over the past year?”

Tori giggled, “Yeah you could say that. I think this is probably the biggest they’ve ever been.”

“I would guess just based on what I’m seeing that you’re at least an F cup, am I right? the Doctor asked.

“At the moment, I’m a 38 H cup.”

“Wow, what tremendous breasts!” Lora exclaimed. “In order to form an accurate treatment plan, I’d like to see just how quickly Billy becomes aroused by them. Would you be willing to strip down to your bra?” “Of course. If you think it will help him, I’ll do whatever I can to contribute,” Tori said willingly.

“Excellent. Billy, before your mom removes her blouse, I’d like you to stand up and remove all your clothes,” Lora said.

“All of them? You mean get…naked?” he asked timidly.

“Yes, It’ll allow your mother and I to see just how your body is reacting to hers. I’ll also need to perform what’s call a ‘sexual functioning’ test and I can only do that accurately if you’re nude,” Lora explained.

“Oh, I see, the teen muttered.

She fed him a sexy reassuring smile,” There’s no shame in being naked, Billy. It’s just the three of us here and I’ve performed this test on hundreds of young men your age, right in front of their mothers. Now be a good boy, stand up and take off all your clothes.”

“Ok,” he said, standing up and removing his shirt first.

The women were watching him undress. “Mmm, quite the chest, Billy. Tori, you certainly have yourself one handsome teen here”

The blonde haired mother smiled with pride. “This is true. Seems like all the other moms talk about is how they wanna get their hands on him,” she said.

“I can see why,” the doctor said. “Now your briefs Billy. Don’t be shy.” Billy removed his briefs, exposing his naked cock. He heard a soft gasp come from both women. “Oh my! Well, I can tell right away that he’s well above average in penis size,” Doctor Lovejoy said.

“I would agree…it’s certainly not small,” Tori said in a blushing tone. “Ok, now if the two of you could stand in front of me facing each other, arms length apart….”

They complied, facing one another just in front of the doctor. “Perfect. Now that Billy’s naked, Tori if you’d like to slip out of your blouse.” “Sure,” the busty mother said, slowly unbuttoning her white polyester top. “Wow!” Billy muttered under his breath, watching her enormous, bra- encased knockers emerge from the parted top.

“Oh Tori, what a big beautiful white bra,” Lora said.

“Thank you,” Billy’s mom answered, shedding the blouse completely.

Billy’s eyes were wide with desire. His mom’s bra featured delicate floral lace detail on the cups and sheer mesh panels at the sides and back. It pushed her knockers up some, exposing an obscene amount of creamy tan cleavage.

Lora studied the boy’s reaction. “Isn’t it wonderful Billy. Look at all the delicate lace detail. And all that bulging breast meat just oozing out of the cups. Tori, how exactly are you keeping your boobs contained in that thing?” she joked.

Tori giggled. “It’s a struggle, trust me,” she said.

Doctor Lovejoy’s eyes zero’d in on Billy’s hardening prick. “Tori, now that you’re in just your bra, look at how fast his penis is rising.”

“Ohh wow!” the mother muttered, wide-eyed..

“And it looks like his erection has a slight upward curve…how wonderful,” Lora said.

Tori’s heart was beating a wild pitter-patter in her chest. “Ohh my God, look at how long it’s getting!” she exclaimed.

“And thick too. See how the veins are starting to bulge out. Are you alright Billy? You seem unsteady,” the doctor asked.

“Sorry, just felt light-headed for a second,” he answered.

“That’s understandable. You have a lot of blood rushing to your manhood right now, but look at that, in a matter of seconds you have a fully erect penis.”

The Girne Escort two beautiful woman took a second to admire his large erection. It looked like it was carved in stone, jutting out from his crotch with a slight upward bend. Like a big fat mushroom, his knob topped his impressive baby-maker, a bead of clear precum already forming on his piss-slit.

His eyes were fixed on his Mom’s milk-swollen tits. “You look really amazing in that bra mom,” he bravely confessed.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Tori said with a sweet smile..

“Tori, why don’t you sit next to me here on the sofa and we’ll begin Billy’s ‘sexual functioning’ test,” the doctor suggested.

Tori sat down and her hefty jugs wobbled from side to side from the impact of her ass meeting the cushion.

“There, now Billy step up here in front of us, just like that…perfect,” Lora said as the teen turned towards them “Now let me put my glasses on and we’ll have a nice close up look.”

“Do I need to do anything?” Billy asked nervously.

“Not a thing. You just stand there and look handsome while your mother and I look you over.”

Tori’s heart was still racing. She could hardly believe the size of her boy’s manhood. Her little Billy. It seemed like yesterday she was changing his diapers, now here he was, a gorgeous young man with the biggest woman -pleaser she’d ever seen. “His dick looks so incredibly hard,” she muttered. “Actually, the first check we do is testing his rigidity. To do that, I clasp the knob with the tips of my fingers like this…” Lora explained, taking the bulbous tip in her long red fingernails.

“We’ll point his boner down towards the floor. A healthy erection should spring right back up…just like that,” the doctor said as they watched Billy’s sturdy penis spring back up and point skyward again.

Tori gasped excitedly. “Wow, that was amazing!”

“Billy has a nice strong erection. It’s shape is consistent with what women prefer. The upward curve means an advantage when it comes to stimulating certain areas of a woman’s vagina,” Lora said.

Billy’s mom’s eyes traveled the length of his prick. “You’re talking about G- spot stimulation right? she asked. “I’ve always heard that dicks with a slight curve like this are perfect for that.”

“Yes, the curve AND the length are sure to provide toe-curling, full-body orgasms.”

Just the thought of it, while staring at such a meaty cock made the women’s fat juicy clits throb beneath their panties.

Tori looked up at her boy and smiled. “Are you enjoying the view from up there son?” she asked.

“Yes,” Billy said with a slight blush.

The two Moms giggled. “No wonder he’s so hard,” Lora said, “he has a bird’s eye view of our cleavages. Now we’re going to test him for sensitivity. While I monitor his reaction, Tori, you’re going to get up close to his erection and blow hot breath right beneath his knob.”

“Oh, ok…right there,” Tori asked, sitting up and pointing one of her long hot-pink nails at his frenulum.

“Yes that’s just the spot. You can start when you’re ready.”

The mother lowered her pretty face and paused about three inches from his cock. She marveled at all the bulging veins that criss-crossed up the underside of his shaft. His boner looked so strong and powerful, it nearly took her breath away just looking at it. She blew hot breath across the tip as the doctor had asked her to do. “Fffffffffff… Fffffffffff… Ffffffff.” “Ohhh wow,” Billy sighed, feeling his dick flex in reaction..

“See how you’re making it throb Tori?” Lora asked.

“Yes,”the mother said, then blew again. “Fffffffffff…Fffffffffff…Ffffffff.” “Ohh dang mom!” her son whimpered, taking a step back.

“Don’t back away from it Billy. Never back away from pleasure, no matter how intense it is,” Doctor Lovejoy said. “Step back up and let her continue to blow on you.”

“Ok,” he muttered.

Fffffffffff… Lori watched in fascination as the knob throbbed and twitched as she blew on it. Fffffffffff…Ffffffff.

“Good, excellent job, Tori. Let’s move on to the next part of the test. Billy, your mom and I are gonna run the tips of our nails all along the flesh of your penis and testicles. You are not to back away, do you understand?” Lora said sternly.

“Yes, but what if I need to…you know…”

“If you get close to orgasm, you let us know. We Moms have special techniques that will stop you from cumming,” she explained.

The two women began to gingerly trace their long painted nails all over his cock and down around his balls. They were teasing the flesh with just enough contact to send pleasure coursing through his young body. It was enough to drive any guy insane.

“You like that, sweetheart?” Tori asked, smiling up at him as she grazed her nail-tips around his tender knob..

“Yess,” the boy sighed.

The Moms smiled, their eyes darting back and forth, from his cock to his face, gauging his level of pleasure.

The excited teen gasped and started to Magosa Escort step back, but Lora grasped on to his nuts and pulled him back. “Do you feel like you’re gonna cum, Billy?” “Yess, soon,” the boy muttered with a shaky voice.

“Tori, do you know how to apply the squeeze technique?” the doctor asked.

“Around the base of the head, right?” the mother asked.

“Correct. Let’s go ahead and use it.”

Billy watched his mom place her thumb on the frenulum of his dick and her forefinger up around his knob. She applied a tight, but tender squeeze. “Perfect. Billy, your mom has closed off the tube of your urethra, so your ejaculate won’t be able to escape,” Lora explained, “Doing this will allow us to continue to touch and squeeze your dick without you cumming.” “Ok,” the boy gasped.

Tori cupped one of his large smooth nuts with the fingers of her free hand. “I can’t imagine how big these would be if he didn’t masturbate as much as he does,” she said.

“Let’s massage them,” Doctor Lovejoy said, reaching under and grasping the other testicle.

Billy gasped as they squeezed and pulled at his nuts, their long nails digging in to the tender meat of his sperm-filled balls.

Both women watched his face grimacing in pleasure as they worked their magic with their hands.

They brought his nuts back together, cupping his scrotum between their hands and rolling his balls back and forth to each-other through his sack. Billy sighed and smiled in delight.

“Ohh my God,” the lucky teen muttered. If his mom didn’t have a snug clasp around the tip, he’d be pouring out cum right now.

“You’re doing fine Billy. Most young men are unable to make it through the first time without cumming, you have nothing to be ashamed of,” Lora

said, then popped the cap off her bottle of lube with her thumb. “Now your mother and I are going to apply heated lubrication to your boner.” “With your hands?” he asked.

“Yes, your mom and I will work together to masturbate your erect dick to orgasm. Don’t worry about how quickly you cum. Your mom and I have had lots of experience giving handjobs, so you probably won’t last more than a minute. Just go as long as you can,” she said.


“Here you go, Tori,” the doctor said, squeezing some lube onto the mother’s hand, then applied some to her own. “You can release the squeeze technique. Let’s coat him really good, then we’ll figure out how we wanna position our hands to milk him.”

Their pretty hands made lewd creamy sounds as they slicked up his cock by stroking all over it.

Tori was in absolute awe. “Oh my God I don’t think I’ve ever felt a dick this hard,” she confessed.

“Mmm, IT IS quite an erection,” Lora said, squeezing her fist tightly around the base. “They say that a boy’s hardon is like a building. The real strength and power of the overall structure is in a strong foundation. Tori, bring your hand down and feel all the bulging muscle down here at the base.” Tori slipped her fist down to the root of Billy’s fat prick. “Jesus, I can’t even get my hand around it,” she said blushingly.

“The foundation of his erection is incredibly strong. It’ll be able to sustain the force of some very intense and very deep intercourse,” Doctor Lovejoy said.

Billy looked down, watching their pretty hands squeeze up and down his meat, their big wedding rings sparkling. The women took turns on the knob, squeezing and pulling wetly on it’s shiny purple surface.

His mom peered up at him and fed him that big warm motherly smile that could have mad him cum in a second.

“Have you ever measured your prick Billy, while it’s fully hard like this?” Lora asked.

“Yes, once,” he muttered.


“A little over nine inches,” he said.

Tori’s nipples stiffened beneath her bra. “Good Lord, that is like…three inches bigger than my husband,” she said, absolutely awestruck. “Well just a friendly warning, Billy. A dick this big is gonna get you laid,” Lora said, then peered up at him lustfully, “a lot.”

“You really think so?”

Tori smiled up at him, eager to confirm the doctor’s warning. “Oh sweetie, trust us, we know so.”

Doctor Lovejoy adjusted her positioning, preparing for some serious dickmilking. “Ok, mom why don’t you pump at the base and I’ll milk the upper half.”

“Ok..um…” Tori said, starting to stroke, “how’s that?”

“I don’t know. Billy, how Is that?” the doctor asked, smiling up at him. “Amazing,” the teen gasped.

“Mmmm, look how our hands are working you in unison, pulling and squeezing with perfect corkscrew strokes,” Lora said, pumping the tophalf of his cock with her slippery fist.

“Ohhh man yeah,” he sighed, then looked at his Mom’s monster cleavage. The plunge-fitting bra was giving him a look at more jiggling tit-meat than he’d ever seen in real life.

Tori gazed in his eyes and smiled. “Does that feel good sweetheart? Do you like the way we’re stroking your big dick?

“Ohhh yess!” he muttered, feeling his knob tingle.

“Isn’t this amazing Billy?” Lora asked, “Being jerked off by two sexy Moms while you stare down at our cleavages?”

“Yesss, I’m feeling really good.”

“I want you to close your eyes. We’re going to do a visualization exercise that will make you cum harder that you ever have,” Lora said.

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