14 Mart 2023

Dream Fantasy Come True

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As a kid I had always had the fantasy of my cousin Joy, that was a year older. Now, at fifty and having fantasized for all these years, was my cousin taking my cock down her throat. Looking down at her kneeling in front of me I could see her breasts and hard nipples..her mouth working the head of my cock and her fist moving faster and faster along the shaft. “Ohhhh…. damnnnn.. fuckkkKKK..” I felt it begin deep in my belly and travel through my balls.

Joy felt it moving up the shaft and leaned back. “Yes..that’s it put it all over my tits!”

“AHHHH….AHHHGGGG….” Three loads splashed over her breasts and ran down over them. I watched her fist and the cum erupt from my cock!

“Oh it’s so hot….feels so good…” Taking my balls in her hand she squeezed gently, her other hand continuing to jack me off.

“OHHHFUCKKK….” I watched as she leaned forward and took my still spasming cock between her lips. Her head bobbed up and down over the tip of my cock, her hand slapping against her lips as she continued jerking me. “ohhhgawddd… ohhhdamnnn…” My cock began to soften as I expelled the last of my load.

Still holding my cock Joy looked up at me. “You taste good!” Standing up she pressed her cum covered breasts against my bare chest. Putting her lips to mine, her tongue probed and entered my mouth. I could taste the remnants of my cum, it wasn’t bad tasting and only increased my lust. I returned the kiss and let my hands move slowly down her back and under the elastic waistband of her panties. I pushed them over her hips and turned her back towards her bed.

“Wha…what-t-t are you…” Joy looked at me wide-eyed as I knelt between her thighs.

My tongue circled her hard clit and traveled down the length of her slit. I felt the hairs tickle my lips as I moved lower, my tongue just barely within the outer lips. My mouth savored her juices. I pulled away, slightly, and using my thumb ran along the slit and lightly over the tip of her clit. “Joy, I’ve waited for so many years. You cannot even begin to understand how many nights I’ve masturbated thinking of providing you pleasure.” Again my tongue began dancing along her slit. Pressing her legs back my tongue traveled lower and pausing I looked at the tightly puckered tight hole before me. Tensing my tongue I pressed forward and felt it break the barrier of her ass. The taste was exquisite!

“Oh…ohhh…OHHH-H-H-H…” Joy tried to pull away at the intrusion but then her hips pressed back towards my darting tongue. Using her sweet juices I continued to tongue fuck her, then slowly I moved back up along her slit and sucked her hard clit between my lips. “Uggghhh…ohhh-h-h-h-H-H-H…” Taking my middle finger I pushed against her hole and felt the outer muscle expand and allow me entry. I pressed deeper and deeper until I was completely buried. “OHHHHHHAAAHHHH…” She began humping against my finger, her thighs clasped my head tightly as I sucked and flicked her clit. “Oh Gawd… OH GAWD… OH FUCKKKKK-K-K-K!!!!” She screamed as her orgasm overtook her.

As the reality hit me of my fantasy finally coming true, that as I was going down on her, I realized that I had my fist wrapped around my hard rod and pumping it. I didn’t want to cum this way…NOT NOW!…I wanted to bury myself in her hot flowing cunt! It was to late, I was past the point of return. “UGGGGGGGGgggg…” Cum blasted from my balls. The feeling was so intense I thought I would pass out.

“YES…Let it go! Shoot it! Empty your cum down my throat!”

“Huh? AHHH……Damn! What?!?!…” I opened my eyes, the bedcovers down around my ankles. Sandy, my wife on her knees, jerked my cock and was taking each load into her open waiting mouth. I knew then that I had just been dreaming, but what a way to wake up! “OHGAWD! I can’t stop-p-p-p…” Spurt after spurt went into her mouth and I watched her swallow until I was empty, as my cock began to soften she gently cleaned the head.

Looking up at me she smiled. “You were dreaming again about doing your cousin, weren’t you?”

“Yeh…I was…”

Holding my cock she slid up beside me and pressed her lips to mine. I could taste my seed on her lips, not unpleasant but rather erotic. She broke our kiss and laid her head on my shoulder. “Go back to sleep, it’s only 3am. We’ll talk in the morning.”

I only nodded I drifted off to sleep, thinking to myself how lucky I was to have a wife that was so understanding and enjoyed fantasy. When first married we had enjoyed the ‘company’ of friends, but then along came children and all those normal things that accompany marriage. Now with the kids being off and gone now for a few years, we hadn’t found any ‘new friends’ but our fantasies were a part of our lovemaking. I had shared my fantasy of my cousin with Sandy years earlier, and she always found it erotic. It was during this time that periodically she would ‘role play’ the part of Joy, or participate by telling me what I would do to Joy when I had the chance. All the while stroking ataşehir escort me with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other.

“So did you sleep well for the rest of the night?” Sandy stood at the kitchen sink in her old robe pouring coffee while I sat at the table sipping mine.

I smiled. “Yes, I slept like a baby.” I felt my cock begin to stir as I thought back to the dream and opening my eyes to see Sandy stroking and sucking my hard cock. I moved slightly in the chair and the tip poked out the opening as it continued to grow hard.

“I didn’t know for sure what you were dreaming. That is until you moaned and mentioned Joy’s name.” Sandy had turned and was leaning against the kitchen counter as she spoke. Her robe had opened slightly and it was open exposing just the area between her full breasts, down past her belly button and then onto the thick patch of dark hair between her thighs. “It really excited me to see you cum like that, and I was able to enjoy your full load. After you went to sleep I had to get myself off. I was really fucking horny!” She smiled knowing that I loved watching her masturbate. “Now that’s something that should keep you going until you get to your motel tonight.” She giggled.

I own a small construction company with a crew of ten guys, while Sandy has her own little computer-programming firm that consisted of herself and two other women. I was leaving that morning to bid a project in a city about 100 miles from us so was going to be gone a few days.

We were in our bedroom getting dressed, and I had just finished getting my bag packed when Sandy stepped out of the bathroom. “You know what you should do? Since Joy lives there you should stop and visit her.” She got a twinkle in her eye. “Maybe your fantasy will come true.”

I laughed. “I doubt that, but maybe I will give her a call and take her out to dinner or something.” Then I looked at her seriously. “Besides if my fantasy did come true I worry about how you would feel about it.”

She walked over to me and kissed me on the lips. “I’d probably jack myself off into oblivion!” She went back to her vanity and finished putting her jewelry on. “You should invite her to dinner though Jon, after all she is your cousin.”

I didn’t talk much with Joy, as it was Sandy who was really closer to her. They would get on the phone and talk usually every week or two. I never paid much attention to their conversations, but Sandy would share them with me from time to time. Joy would relate to Sandy her relationships with other guys, who were mostly losers, and she always seemed to end up getting hurt. From what she would tell Sandy though gave great stories for our fantasy life. Joy would share, in detail, everything that went on with her various boyfriends. Sandy would relay them on to me, and if only a part of what she told was partially true, Joy was very uninhibited!

I stopped and picked up the updated blueprints and then checked into my motel. Setting up my laptop and rolling out the prints on the bed I started refiguring costs. My mind kept going back to what Sandy had said and my cock would begin to rise in my pants. I forced myself to concentrate on this bid as it was a moneymaker if I got it. I would allow myself the fantasy of Joy later, and maybe call Sandy and have some phone sex.

I finally decided to take a break, and as I had noticed there was a lounge decided to go down and have a drink. As I sat sipping my drink I thought ‘why not’ give Joy a call. If nothing else having some company for dinner would be enjoyable. Taking my cell phone I punched in Joy’s phone number.


“Hey Joy, this is Jon..”

“Well hey stranger! What you up too?”

“Actually I’m right here in town for a few days. I have to bid a project, so got a room here at the Courtyard. Sandy told me to give you a call…so here’s my call.” I laughed. “Wondered if maybe you would like to go to dinner?”

“Sandy called me this morning and said you were going to be in town.” I could hear the smile on her face. “I’m glad you called. Sure I’d love to have dinner, I don’t have anything going on the rest of the week. I just got back from my vacation in Florida yesterday and don’t have to go to work until next Monday!”

“Florida! Damn, that’s great! They say the food is pretty good here, so you want to meet me here about 7? I have a little more work to do, but I’ll make a reservation and meet you then.” It was true that I still had a few things to do, but glancing at my watch it was already 5 and I wanted to shave and get cleaned up.

“Hey! That’s sounds like a deal!” She actually sounded excited about having dinner. “Your not all that far from me so I’ll see you at seven.”

We chatted for a few minutes and I motioned to the bartender for another drink, then asked if he could get me a reservation. He nodded and picked up the house phone while Joy and I talked. He came back a few minutes later and said avcılar escort the only table available would be here in the lounge. I told Joy what was going on, and she didn’t have any problem with that, so we hung up and agreed to meet around seven.

I went back up to my room and shaved then hopped in the shower. I found a nice pair of slacks and button shirt, but bypassed a tie. It was only a little after six, but I went ahead to the lounge, had a couple drinks and BS’d with the bartender until I saw Joy walking in.

I turned and watched her come into the lounge, and there was no doubt she had been vacationing, even in a blouse and slacks you could tell she was tanned! She was still the same Joy I remembered, and for a woman that was a year older than me she looked fifteen years younger! Her hair was still a medium brown but it was highlighted and fell just below her ears. Still the same bright smile and brown eyes that twinkled when she grinned. She wore a sheer frilly white blouse and as she got closer I could see, in the dim lights of the lounge, what looked like one of those Victoria Secret push up bras you see in catalogs. The thought that went through my mind was she looked like a mature version of Catherine Bell from JAG. I felt my cock stir in my slacks as she approached, along with the last thing Sandy had said before I left, which that I tried to dismiss from my mind.

“Hey cuz!” Joy opened her arms for a hug and I stepped down off the barstool. “It’s great to see you! You’re still the handsome man!”

I laughed and hugged her. “Hey Joy! I’m not that handsome but you’ve always been prejudice!” I felt her breasts mash against my chest, and could have swore she pressed her crotch to mine! “It’s good to see you…you’re looking great!” I stepped back and saw the waitress standing by our table.

Taking Joy’s hand we went over and I held the chair for her, and as she sat down I saw that there was no back clasp on her bra, nor was there a panty line as her slacks stretched over her attractive rounded ass. As I sat down across from her I mentally slapped myself for the thoughts! I kept trying to stop the memory of what Sandy had said, but they just wouldn’t go away! Damn, I wondered what she looked like naked! AND I wanted my cock in her cunt!

“So it looks like you are a couple drinks ahead of me. Should we have another or if you want I’m ready to order.”

“Huh? Uh! Oh…” Joy snapped me back to reality. “Yes, I’ve had a couple. Sorry.” I smiled weakly.

“It’s ok, but if you weren’t my cousin I’d call a cop for your lecherous stare.” Joy laughed and her eyes sparkled.

“Didn’t mean to stare, but you really look great! That’s meant as a compliment too!” She nodded her acceptance. “Let’s order and then we can visit.” Again Joy nodded as I caught the attention of the waitress.

We visited all through dinner, and caught up on all the things that we hadn’t talked about in years. Following dinner we had coffee and then had a bottle of wine, and continued to visit. Joy stifled a yawn and looking at the clock I saw that it was after ten!

“Jeez, I’m sorry! Guess I forgot time, you must be getting tired and bored.” I apologized and signaled for the check.

“No, I’m sorry but this chair isn’t the most comfortable, but I’ve really been enjoying reminiscing.” Joy blushed and smiled apologetically. “Can’t we just get another bottle of wine and go up to your room and relax? I’m really enjoying your company.”

“Well sure, we can do that. This has been fun.” I wasn’t lying, as it had been really enjoyable just relaxing and chatting.

I took care of the bill and the bar tab, along with an extra bottle of Chianti, we walked down to my room. As we walked in Joy kicked off her shoes and stood for a moment wiggling her toes inside her pantyhose.

“OH that feels good! Old age sucks sometimes, ya know? It just feels good to wiggle your toes.”

I had to laugh! “Yeh, it sure does. The old bones just aren’t what they used to be. These chairs are a little better, make yourself comfortable and I’ll get this wine open.”

“Jon? Can I use the ‘little girls room’?” I smiled and nodded towards the bathroom door.

“Here you go.” I handed Joy her glass of wine as she sat down. We both sat quietly for a few moments. She seemed to be deep in thought, or possibly I thought to myself, maybe it’s being alone in a motel room with me. I did notice she had taken her jacket off and tossed it on the bed so I now had a perfect view of her frilly push up bra. I would have loved to have something happen, but it had been a really enjoyable evening and I really didn’t want to ruin it. I looked over at her and held up my glass. “Cheers and a penny for your thoughts.” I smiled.

She grinned at me and drank to my toast. “I was just thinking back to when we were kids, and those stupid birthday parties my parents always had for me. Remember them?” She shuddered and giggled.

“Damn avrupa yakası escort I dreaded those things!” I laughed. Oh yeh, I remembered them all right! My parents would take me over every year and it was miserable! All of Joy’s little girl friends, eight or ten of them, and then me and my best friend. What fun that was Greg and I would have preferred playing cowboys and Indians but always got dragged to those bday parties! All those little giggling girls and the two of us…NOW if it would have been later teens it would have been a different story! (big lecherous grin).

“Mom and Dad always had to have a party for me.” She laughed. “Do you remember, I think it was my twelfth birthday, and we were behind the house by the little creek and one of my girlfriends dared you to kiss me?”

“Ah, not really…” Hell, I had no recollection whatsoever!

“I’ve never forgotten that. For only 11 years old you were one hell of a kisser!” Joy laughed and pulled her feet up under her in the chair. That was the first I had noticed her feet were bare. Had she taken off her panty hose when she was in the bathroom?

Thanks, I guess…” I had to smile thinking that she could remember that. “Sandy says I’m a good kisser, so I must have come by it naturally!” We both laughed at that.

“Sandy has told me that.” She looked over at me and drained the last of her wine and held it towards me. “She says you are the best.”

“Thank you for the compliment…I think.” Taking her glass I went over and refilled her glass. With my back to her I felt her hands touch my sides and turned around.

She looked up at me. “Kiss me again,” and took my face in her hands, pulling me towards her.

I kissed her lightly, just as you would normally kiss a relative, but holding my cheeks firmly she forced her tongue between my lips. It was like a fire was lit! I took her in my arms and returned her kiss, our tongues fighting in one another’s mouths! Her breasts pressed against my chest and I couldn’t deny the fact that they felt fantastic! I didn’t know where this would go or what would happen, but at the moment every fantasy was coming true!

She held my face and looked into my eyes. “I have wanted you since that day almost 40 years ago, and as I grew older it never changed. I have wanted you more!” Joy stepped back and began unbuttoning her blouse until she shrugged it off her shoulders and stood before me with that beautiful bra holding her breasts.

I finally, somewhat, came to my senses. “Joy, I can’t deny that it’s been fantasy, but I love Sandy…” She pressed her fingers to my lips stopping me.

“I know, and Sandy knows.” My breath caught in my throat! “I also know about what you two used to do years ago.” She found the buttons on my shirt and began undoing them. Stopping she put her hands flat against my bare chest and looked up at me. “Jon, she and I have talked many times about your fantasy, and Sandy knows it has been my fantasy also.” She pushed my shirt off my shoulders and onto the floor. “Surprised?”

“What? I don’t…” I was stunned! My mind just didn’t comprehend! I felt her fingers at my belt, then the zipper of my slacks being pulled down. My pants pooled around my feet. “Surprised! That is an understatement! You? Sandy knows?”

Joy just smiled and nodded. Reaching between her breasts she undid the clasp and her bra opened to the sides exposing them. “They are a full “C”, just not as firm as they used to be.” Shrugging her shoulders the bra found its place on the floor next to her blouse and my shirt. Cupping her hands under them she lifted them slightly towards me. “Touch them.” Her brown eyes looked into mine.

My hands moved as a separate part of my body. I watched as they gently touched her neck then slowly moved along the rise of her breasts. My fingers sent a message to my brain ‘they are so soft’; I shook my head trying to believe what was happening! Ever so gently my fingertips found the areole and hard nipples. A sudden gasp escaped Joy’s lips and she grabbed my forearms as I continued to make small circles around the edges of her small light pink nipples.

“Are…are they what you imagined?” She too watched my fingertips.

“Yes…No…I…oh fuck!” Finally my mind caught up to my fingers, or fingers to my mind. I wasn’t sure which came first, but there was too much happening at once! “They…they are beautiful…”

“Look at me.” I lifted my head slightly and she stared into my eyes. I could see movement but didn’t avert my gaze as she took one hand in hers. “There is something that you are very wrong about in your fantasy.” She placed my hand on her belly. “I have many ugly stretch marks, not just the few you have pictured in your mind.”

“They’re not ugly. Really.” My fingers moved over each one softly moving in between the birthing marks. “That doesn’t make a woman ugly…they are as beautiful as your breasts.” My other hand still cupped a breast and continued it’s soft caress of her nipple, as I smiled down at her.

“There’s something else,” she hesitated and forced my hand lower. “Something I didn’t tell Sandy about…” My middle finger found the top of her slit. It was smooth without any hint of a hair. “After talking with her this morning I shaved my legs…and didn’t stop. I hoPE YOU LIKE!” I had found her clit. “OH GAWDddd!”

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