19 Ocak 2023

Dreams come true sometimes


He slammed me against the wall, my body shaking as the cold surface overtook my burning hot skin. His hands wondered over every inch of my body, holding me up against the wall with his body. I trusted him to not drop me, though his body was shaking just as hard as my own.  “I have wanted you for so long Hannah,” my brother moaned in my ear as he kissed his way down my cheek, his lips seeming to take forever to find themselves against my own. Once our lips locked fire ignited. My skin which had been hot before was now growing to a point where I wanted to scream. His skin was like hot coals breaking through my skin and exposing every ounce of passion and desire that I held beneath the surface for him.  “Fuck me,” I begged, bringing my legs up and wrapping them tightly around his waist.  I could feel his hard cock between my legs and I longed for it to be inside of me. I had wanted him inside of me for as long as I could remember. It was time, I needed him. I could not wait any longer.  Grabbing my hips he pulled me up, running is cock against the length of my pussy. I could feel the şişli escort bayan wetness passing from my pussy and lining the length of his throbbing cock. It was just as ready to be inside of me as I was ready to have it there. “Please,” I begged loudly, pushing my pussy down toward his cock, feeling it slip between the soaking wet folds of my pussy, the head hitting the entrance of my sweetest offering that I had. “Please!” ——— I felt as if I had been hit in the gut as my alarm clock pulled me back into reality. My arms reached out trying to find Kevin, but he was gone. He had become nothing more than a dream and I whimpered. I needed him back, I needed him in me, even if only in a dream. I closed my eyes, trying to bring his naked body back between my legs, his hard cock ready to fuck me, but I was unsuccessful. Laying my head firmly against the pillow behind my head I sighed. It was no use, it was gone and I was not going to get it back this morning. I would have to wait until tonight to get him back against me. For now all I had was myself. Letting my fingers mecidiyeköy escort bayan slip down my stomach and make their way into my panties, I lightly ran my finger back and forth over my clit, pinching it between two of my fingers as it swelled. Grabbing my breasts between my fingers, I pinched at my clit harder, moaning out Kevin’s name, imagining his lips being wrapped around my clit. I reached down with another finger and slowly slipped it inside of my, feeling the warm wetness of my sweet pussy consume my finger, pulling it in, devouring it. I could not help but feed it more fingers, sliding two more inside of me and slowly thrusting them back and forth inside of me. “Fuck Kevin,” I moaned out loud, pushing my hips against my fingers, taking them in as far as I possibly could. “Mmm fuck me so good big brother.” I closed my eyes tightly, imagining my brother between my legs, thrusting his fingers in and out of my tight pussy as he flicked his tongue over my clit. The way he took such care of my clit, as if he was afraid to hurt me if he sucked on it to escort şişli hard, but I begged him for more. Thrusting my hips against his fingers I cried out in pleasure, feeling my orgasm build up inside of me. His fingers grew more wild, twisting and turning and fucking me so hard that I almost could not handle the pleasure coursing through my body. “Oh Kevin,” I cried out as my orgasm over took my body. I shook so hard as his fingers thrust all the way inside of me. “Oh god,” A voice cried out, pulling me back to reality. I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and looked over at my bedroom door to see Kevin standing there. I quickly grabbed my blanket and pulled it over my body, hiding what I had wanted him to have for song long and so badly. “I am so sorry,” he said quickly, shutting my door behind him. I quickly jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes. I felt embarrassed but excited at the same time. How much of what I had done had he seen? How much had he heard muttered from my lips? I had to find out, the curiosity was killing me. “Kevin,” I called down the hall, knowing that we were the only one home. Our parents had left for work hours ago. Our parents worked a lot, but they did not seem to care leaving their seventeen year old daughter and their nineteen year old son home all day long. They figured that we could take care of ourselves at this point.

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