16 Mayıs 2023

Driving Mom’s Friend Ch. 04


(After my first meeting with the Widow’s Club, I get to know all the widows inside and out.)


Muriel gave me a wet kiss and I went back to Mom’s coach. She was preparing dinner and smiled when I walked in the door. We didn’t say anything about me shooting cum in her mouth until after dinner. I told her that it was the most powerful cum shot I ever had, but I felt uncomfortable with doing it. We agreed that it was a one time only event and that she would masturbate at home until I left for Michigan.

The next morning, I decided to take my two mile walk again. I took the same route and it seemed like I was getting smiles and invitations for coffee on each block. I declined until I got to Muriel’s house. There was a note on the door inviting me in and instructing me to go into the room with the mirror and enjoy the show. I opened the curtain and observed Muriel lying on the bench getting fucked by a machine. She was spread leg and a long dildo was moving in and out of her cunt. I tapped on the mirror to let her know I was watching. She smiled and continued to twist her nipples while getting the fucking of a life time by that machine. She got off the machine and rolled over. She positioned her asshole and back into the machine until it was shoved all the way up her ass. She took her hands and played with her clit until she screamed with delight. Once she was done cumming, she got off the bench and motioned for me to put my cock in the glory hole. I had already gotten naked while watching and it took all my power not to cum while I was stroking my cock.

Muriel knelt before the glory hole and slowly took my cock into her mouth. She was an expert cock sucker and she out did herself this time. Her lips sucked the head into her mouth and her tongue rubbed my pee hole. She slowing went down until I could feel the back of her mouth with my cock. I watch her push until Küçükköy escort all of my cock was in her throat. She spent the next few minutes slowly deep throating my cock. When my dick was out of her throat and still in her mouth, her tongue worked the bottom of the shaft. I couldn’t take it anymore and shot streams of hot cum in her mouth. When I finally finished cumming, Muriel took the mouthful of cum and spit it in her coffee.

Muriel came around to the room I was in. She was stirring her coffee and said she could enjoy the taste of my spunk all morning. She then informed me that I was going to be gang fucked by the Widow’s Club this afternoon, so take a nap and be ready. I took her advice and by 1PM I was ready to go.

I arrived at 1PM and went into Muriel’s bedroom. All of the widows had arrived and were waiting for my entrance. Muriel instructed me to get naked and come on in. I walked into the club room with my hard cock swaying. The widows all clapped and welcomed me. Muriel took me to the bench and had me lay on my back with my ass by the end of the bench. The plan was for one widow to straddle my face so I could suck her pussy. Another widow would then lower herself on my cock and fuck me. A third lady would be between my legs to lick my balls and play with my asshole. The other widows could do whatever they wanted to the three servicing me. Each widow would rotate after 5 minutes. The one on my face would move to my cock, the one fucking me would move to licking my balls and the one licking my balls would move to the back of the line. A new widow would then sit on my face.

Peggy began on my face. She opened her pussy lips and lowered her cunt so I could shove my tongue into her wet hole. Vicky was the first to sit on my cock. That woman had a pussy that worked my cock like a hand. I could feel her pussy muscles squeezing while Mecidiyeköy escort bayan she went up and down on my shaft. When I felt a tongue start licking my balls, I almost shot my load. Peggy’s pussy was sweet. She moved it against my mouth and her pussy juice was flowing down my face. I could see she and Vicky were kissing and playing with each others tits. All of the women in the room were playing with my two riders or they were rubbing their own pussies.

Muriel yelled “switch”. The ladies all rotated to the next fuck position. Peggy was now fucking me. A new lady was sitting on my face. She had the largest pussy lips I had ever seen. I pulled them open and licked deep into her cunt. She also had some balls stuck up her asshole. Vicky was licking my cock and Peggy’s cunt at the same time. Her finger found my asshole and she was ass fucking me with it. The lady on my face started screaming, reached back and pulled the balls out of her asshole as she came. Her pussy juice gushed all over my face. I heard “switch” again.

I was now being fucked by a third person. The new widow on my face had a clit like a little cock. It stuck out about one inch and she demanded that I suck it like a cock. I did what she ordered and she spent the next few minutes cumming over and over. I lost track of who was sitting on my face, who was fucking my cock and who was playing with my asshole. All I know is when I heard “switch”, the process started over.

I finally begged to cum. Muriel ordered everyone off of me and she then started fucking me. I told her I was ready to cum and she said to go for it. I came like I have never cum before. I could feel my cum running out of Muriel’s pussy and onto my pubic hair. My cock started to go soft when Muriel moved over my stomach and the rest of the cum in her cunt came out on me. She invited all the widows Escort Merter to lick me clean and enjoy what she had in her coffee this morning. She then sat on a chair and let Peggy lick her pussy clean. The rest of the widows were busy licking me clean.

I thought the events of the day were over, but I was informed that I fucked all of them and now it’s their turn to fuck me. The widows cheered and began to put strap on dildos on. I was instructed to roll over and stick my ass out for easy access. I figured what the heck and went along with it. This was going to be new to me, but I never dreamed I’d like being ass fucked as much as I did.

I felt some lube being rubbed on my asshole and I could see the ladies lubing their attachable cocks. The first cock pressed against my asshole, so I relaxed and she slide it in. What a great feeling. My cock got hard again and suddenly there was a mouth on it. Again, I heard Muriel yell “switch” and a new dildo went in my asshole and a new mouth went on my cock. Each dildo got bigger with each widow. They figured they’d start small and work to big to break me in. Vicky was the last lady to fuck my ass. She had a large black dildo on and slowly pushed into my ass. I felt like I would split, but with each thrust into my ass it felt better. Vicky was good. She slow fucked me at first and picked up the pace. I finally couldn’t take it any more and, as instructed, told them I was cumming. The mouth on my cock was removed and replaced by a hand. She started milking my cock like she was milking a cow. Vicky was now ramming that black cock in my asshole and I started cumming. The hand continued to milk my cum into a bowl. I felt them dildo come out of my asshole and a tongue do the final clean up on my cock.

Muriel brought a large glass filled with Cosmo’s and poured my cum into it and stirred. She announced that the “cumsmo” was ready and the ladies shared the drink.

So here I sat, butt naked in a room with several ladies that had just been sucked and fucked by me and each had fucked me. I was invited to stop in at each widow’s coach during my morning walk, so I could put some cream in their coffee. I think I understood what they meant.

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