1 Aralık 2022

Dumb Drops 02 – Sister In-law’s Attitude Adjustment


Sofronia the statuesque Greek goddess my brother married is totally wasted on the dumb drops I cooked up. Look at her sprawled out across that huge king sized bed. Her deep black eyes glazed over in bliss. While one slender-fingered hand runs through her huge, untrimmed bush of pubic hair. Her other hand is teasing her large nipples back to a stiff aroused state. We both knew she really needed the dumb drops to get rid of that bug stuck up her nicely rounded ass.

* * * * * * *

My brother and I were fairly close. While we were kids, when we were at college, and into adulthood we looked out for each other. He’s five years older than me, a professor of ancient history. It was on one of his digs in Greece that he dug up Sofronia, and her daughter. He told me the story of their courting in Greece, she was warm, compassionate, engaging, a real ‘down to earth’ woman. She was a sensuous and adventurous lover. After they married, she and her daughter were safely established here in America. That’s when ‘the goddess’ emerged. She became aristocratic, distant, and aloof. The love life went completely cold. Things with his wife were so bad that he’s chosen to spend most of his time back in Greece digging away. The last time I saw him, and them, was Christmas last year.

I miss my brother and would really like him to feel comfortable in his nice stately home and having him around more often. So it’s up to me to lend a helping hand to make him home life more satisfying. And I know just the thing to help.

There’s an old Greek proverb that say that; ‘Gifts can persuade even the gods,’ or in this case goddesses I thought. So, giving that matter some serious thought, and collecting a few items from some specialty shops, I started wrapping presents. Among the items that wouldn’t need wrapping where a couple of decorative gift boxes of candy. A fresh batch of dumb drops, irresistibly packed, the gift was ready for the goddess.

She was half in and half out of a slimming white silk dress which contracted nicely with her olive oil skin tone. The top part only came halfway up her generous silicon breasts, and while the bottom reached to the floor the slit up the side made sure I knew that the black hose she was wearing were thigh-high control tops, what lay above them, covering her private grotto was only a matter if time, and dumb drops. I knew she had a bit of a sweet tooth, so this was going to be easy. My sister in-law would be pretty loose and easy very soon.

“Sofronia, how good of you to receive me,” I said arriving at the large door at the end of a fairly long walkway. I keep kidding my brother about the ‘estate’ his loving wife had needed for her domicile.

“Thomas, it’s been so long,” she said cordially. She was anything if not cordial. “Please come in.”
She ushered my towards the main living room and a sofa near the large bay window overlooking the large front yard. I chose the leather chair facing the sofa and window as Sofronia took a seat on the sofa with a view of the large Christmas tree. Erin, her young housemaid, took the packages from me and was placing them at the base of the tree before returning to us.

“Would you like anything Ankara escort Dr. Kincaid?” Erin asked.

“Bourbon please, thank you.”

“Yes sir”

She returned with the bourbon and a white wine for Sofronia.

“I thought you might enjoy these,” I offered as I placed the gift box on the coffee table between us. She leaned forward to take one of the dumb drops. I’m always amazed that she could find any bra capable of pushing up the two mount Olympuses she has on her chest. She practically fell out of the dress leaning over.

When it came to conversation I knew that if I could make my brother the topic, she would sit and talk for a while berating and belittling him. And while she was busy making small talk, the candy was busy making her talk small.

She sat there across from me she crossed those lovely long legs of hers and gently started swinging so that I would get the full effect of the light dancing along the silk material. She had a habit of using her attributes to tease me. This time however, I am going to take my time and enjoy the teasing.

“I really can’t get over how good these cadies are,” she said with a bit more giggle to her voice as she flashed her boobs reaching for her forth candy in a half an hour.

I could see the drum drops working on her. They were ratcheting up of her arousal while lowering her inhibition. She was twirling her curly brown hair, and biting her lip a bit more. The giggles which were peppering her conversation were light and musical. A giggle here, a giggle there, she practically fell out of her dress and into my lap as I reached over to give her another candy. This one was lucky number five.

As she bit into it she let loose a small purr of pleasure. Her eyes were glassy and heavy with lust. I leaned in to kiss her and taste the sugar on her lips. She returned my kiss warmly and sealed it with another one of her giggles. Her mind was completely lost now. Helplessly drifting on the bliss the dumb drops provide. “It’s time we retire to the bedroom darling,” I told her, taking her hand and helping her off that gorgeous ass of hers.

As we ventured past the living took I decided to check in on my other experiment. I had given the young redheaded housemaid a gift box of dumb drops for her own enjoyment. The additive does have nice dividends. There on the sofa, flat on her back, was the maid. She was happily suckling the thumb while her other hand was busy between her legs, her uniform left tossed on a chair. She had a look of pure contentment plastered on her face. Without the concern of young prying eyes, my sister in-law and I continued to the bedroom.

The master bedroom was spacious and easily accommodated the California king sized bass bed. I spun Sofronia round when we entered the room. The spinning elicited a cute ‘ooh’ from her. Just to increase my fun I popped another dumb drop on to her happy, pink tongue. As I placed it down, I knew she would be roasted for quite some time.

I pulled her towards me and kissed her deeply. I rolled the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders. She reeled a bit as she let her arms go limb and let the dress slip from her to the floor. She’s a Ankara escort bayan wonder to behold as I turned on the bedroom bookcase stereo. A stream of Middle Eastern music came from the speakers.

“Sofronia, dear, you should get a little dancing in and entertain your company.” I prompted.

“Of course,” She purred “I’d be only too happy to oblige…”

My sister in-law smoothly raised her arms above her head. I got myself undressed and hopped on the bed to enjoy the entertainment. She stood there with arms above her head waiting for her cue. The bliss was evident through her glassy eyes. The dumb drops work wonders when it comes to compliance. I waited a moment taking in the full sight of her. Sofronia is five foot ten and over six foot in those heels. Her 38 d cup tits which were straining the strapless bra struggling to keep them in place. Her 36 inch hips wore a matching pair of black panties, drenched with her juices the candies produced. A pair of three inch black heels and the end of her thigh night black hose completed her current outfit.

Sofronia looked every bit the goddess she so wanted to be seen as. Right now she was the goddess of happy mindless Bliss. Her head dusted for my personal entertainment. She was the happy, horny, goddess of dumb drops, and dancing was the only thing I had placed on her mind, for now.

My brother had mentioned to me that his graceful Greek bride knew had to dance, but I was amazed as she exhibited a wonderful exhibition of belly dancing. Since my sister in-law s inhibitions had been stripped as well as her dress, she tantalizingly working her cosmetically enhanced cures to maximum effect.

My sister in-law’s performance was having its effect on me. I was harder than I’d ever been with anyone. She gyrated expertly to the Middle Eastern music streaming through the room.

“Feeling pretty good now Sofronia?” I asked.

“Wow, I feel soooo goooood” she giggles back, swaying with the music

“You are spectacular!” I encouraged. “I think it’s time to let loose those golden globes of yours darling.” I told the goddess to lose her top and without missing a beat her arms went behind her and one snap later she tossed her bra to me. ‘Wow!’ I though, they should each have their own little statue of atlas under neither them, holding them up.

Watching her hips wiggle and her tits jiggle and her lips giggle, I poured another glass of wine and enjoyed her lusty performance. A look of dripping sex plastered itself across her face as she took notice of my cock standing straight up enjoying her show.

As she swayed side to side with her hands on her hips, I clapped my hands and firmly commended “Sofronia! Toss those panties.”

Compliantly she hooked her thumbs through the waistband and with the most graceful and fluid of gestures, she bent straight down to the floor and stepped out of the saturated piece of silk. Then resumed her entertainment. She was sporting a most untamed bush. Thick and glistening with her juices flowing from the chemistry experiments going on in her head.

Watching her dance in just those silk stockings, gyrating to the music with her head lost in bliss and a Escort Ankara look if lust in her dreamy eyes, it was getting me well primed for the main event. Getting another dumb drop from the box I got up and walked over to my sister in-law to bomb was left of her brain with one more little sweet reward.

As her tongue took its tiny treasure a fresh mist of ecstasy fell over her glassy eyes. I stood there in front of her with my cock head enmeshed in her thick Bush of pubic hair and it made my engorged tip twitch in anticipation. I leaned in and licked her ear then whispered into it “I need you right now.”

I brought her over to the bed. Sofronia was still wearing her hose. I found them to be an enhancement. I enjoying their shear smoothness as I ran my hands up her legs. She sat on the edge of the bed running her hands through my hair. A knelt there massaging her calves staring at her glistening bush. I worked my hands up her thighs listening to her moaning encouragement. As I reached the tops of her stockings she was spreading her legs wider and wider before me.

My head was spinning, getting high on the scent of her. Her pussy drench and wanting. My sister in-law moaned a low and throaty sound of pure unfulfilled need as my tongue began probing her soaking labia. I drank her in, consuming her. My mouth now French kissing her watering pussy. As I twirled my tongue around her clit the first of her orgasms raced through her.

She released me from her thighs and I moved up alongside her. Now working my tongue on her breasts and bringing her arousal level up again. Her breathing was much more rapid and she moaned as my hand spread her leg. As a moved myself between them and worked myself on side her, she gasped as I filled her. I was thrusting into her, going deeper. Rubbing against her clit she climaxed again with a shriek of pure delight.
Between the dumb drops and her orgasms, the pleasure had washed away her inhibitions. It was time to take that bug out of her ass. I rolled her over and had her move that gorgeous ass of hers into the air. Kneeling behind I thrust myself slowly at first. Working my way into her back door she buried her head in the pillows, moaning in pleasure, and grinding herself against me. It didn’t take me long between hearing her moans and feeling her climax again around me, to drown that bug up there with cum.

As I lay there on the bed she worked her way up my legs snaking her arms around my thighs until that stoned smile and glassy eye were inches from my cock. She ran her tongue along her lips looking forward to earning another dumb drop treat. She gave the throbbing head a kiss then opening those slick lips she wrapped them firmly around my shaft and bobbing her way down took me completely in her mouth. She pumped my shaft as her tongue circled my swollen head. I was aching for the climax to come as she light ran her nails along my aching balls and her mouth hungrily worked its way down my cock I could not deny myself any longer. As her mouth reached the base I exploded, enraptured, filling my sister in-law’s wasted head with come.

As she curled up next to me her head drifting off on a wave of bliss. I had a broad smile of contentment. I was glad to get rid of that bug stuck up Sofronia’s ass. She was much better off now. My brother would be pleased to see his wife so much more… agreeable.

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