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Subject: Mad for the Mouse: Dylan Chapter 1 This story is 100% fiction and none of the characters are real or even composites of anyone alive or dead. I am a new author and have never written erotica before or, for that matter, fiction of any kind. If you are under 18, you know that you should not be reading this. Absolutely nothing in this story should be considered as anything other than pure entertainment. I have no actual basis of knowledge or experience for any of the adult-youth sexual interactions except from reading other stories here and recalling the fun I had a young lad with my pals. This is the second chapter in what I hope will be a series of stories in the same universe focused on the central character Walter Furman. I have no idea if this is any good at all and I welcome your feedback and/or suggestions. Thanks for the incredible feedback I received on Mad for the Mouse Parts 1 to visit the four theme parks, both water parks and Downtown Disney all in three days. It was a tough assignment, but I was up to the task! I boarded my Southwest Airlines 737 and had an awesome seat right at the front of the plane. I was all settled in for the two-hour flight that would arrive at 8:45 AM at MCO (we Disney Nerds like to show off and use airport codes � MCO is the IATA code for Orlando International Airport). My day was starting off awesome as both seats beside me were empty. A very good omen for the start of a trip. Just as the doors closed, the flight attendants got a radio call to reopen the doors for some late arrivals. In bounded a family of three � two adults one boy, likely 12 years of age. They were told that only single seats remained and all three would have to sit in various locations in the 737. They put up a bit of a fuss, and I could see the look of horror on their son’s face as the mother loudly proclaimed that her son could not sit alone with people they don’t know because they could be child molesters! I am a kind man, but more than that, I wanted this drama that was unfolding inches away from me, to end. “Excuse me, actually these two seats are open,” I spoke up. I figured the mom and son could sit here and dad could sit alone for the short flight. Besides, bonus… the boy was super cute. “Oh, that is so nice of you. But could I ask you one teensy little favour; could we have all three seats? You see, this good-looking man and I just got married, and this trip is our honeymoon … we cannot bear to be apart.” the mom said. I did not want to move. I had a window seat in the first row! Nobody in front of me and legroom to spare. However, it was just two hours. “Sure. Why not. That’s fine,” I replied less than enthusiastically. As I got up and retrieved my carry on bag from the overhead bin, the Flight Attendant announced my kindness over the PA, and the entire plane cheered as I walked back looking for a seat. There were about six single seats, five of them were centre seats between two enormous people, and that held no appeal at all to be wedged in between two mammoth individuals. As luck would have it, I got the aisle seat at the very back of the plane. The one right near the washroom. The next two hours were not enjoyable at all. The highlight of the flight was seeing the handsome young boy that took one of my seats as he lined up to use the washroom. He was standing right beside me. I was sitting, he was standing, and his crotch was directly in my eye line. He did not seem to recognize me, so I just went back to my magazine. As you can imagine, I was the last one off the plane but was so happy to see my favourite airport and feel the hot, humid air as I walked the gantry from the plane to the terminal. I proceeded with great speed to the shuttle train and then the baggage claim area to get my bag. As I arrived at the baggage carousel, all the other passengers were waiting for the bags from our flight. I took up a spot to wait while I thumbed through my iPhone for emails and messages. As if on cue, the family from the plane arrived at the baggage claim. The boy was lecturing them on all things Disney while reading like a preacher from a travel guide, “Did you know Walt Disney World is built on s swamp? It is so large that they have their own fire department. “The boy rattled off trivia that was annoying his parents as they seemed to be uninterested. As a Disney nerd, I was fascinated that somebody so young was so knowledgeable and interested. My bag dropped down the shoot, I grabbed it and headed to the car rental counter to begin my power trip. Getting my rental car and the trip to the resort went very quickly and efficiently. I expected on arrival that I would have had to check my bags with the front desk and get my room later, but I was greeted with the amazing news that I could check in immediately to room 4916 on the 14th floor. When I arrived, I planned to drop by bags and hit the Magic Kingdom, but when I opened the door, I was blown away. It was a glorious suite with kitchen, terrace, high-end Bose sound system, and more, all overlooking the Magic Kingdom. After spending far too long exploring, I decided I could wait until the parks close to enjoy it. I went down the elevator to the monorail level, boarded Monorail Teal, and was whisked off to the Magic Kingdom station. Approaching the entrance, I pulled out my annual pass, placed my finger on the scanner, and strolled into my happy place. In fact, my favourite place in the whole world. I was thrilled that the weather was perfect, warm but not too warm and, best of all, the crowd was remarkably small… this day is just perfect. On this solo trip, the name of the game was exploring and observing rather than pushing to ride every ride. Splash Mountain and the Tomorrowland Transit Authority were my favourite rides, and I had every intention of riding them a few times each. I proceeded to the right went through the tunnel under the train and arrived on Main Street USA. I planned to take the train to Frontier Land, grab fast pass to Splash Mountain and wander over to Tomorrow Land. After grabbing a Coke and box of popcorn, I headed for the TTA. When I arrived, it was perfect, and I was able to walk right into my little car to enjoy the leisurely ride that I traditionally use the time to plan my park attack while enjoying my first snack of the trip. The ride was coming to an end there was nobody waiting, so the Cast Member asked if I wanted to stay on, so I remained in my seat for another circuit. In the next car, a family of three were taking their seats, but I was engrossed in my touring strategy to pay any attention and my back was turned to them. As we entered Space Mountain, I heard the high-pitched voice of a pre-teen boy giving his parents the history of the dark ride. I turned to see the source of the voice as we were plunged into darkness as we entered the coaster area. The boy talked non-stop, and I was certain that I recognized the voice. Sure enough, as we hit the light again, I turned, and it was the boy from the plane and the baggage area. I could only see the back of his head, as he was turned away from me. I saw the look of boredom on the adult’s faces as he reviewed the back stories of Tomorrow Land attractions followed by fun facts about park washrooms. Suddenly, the woman screeched “Hello! You are the nice man from the aeroplane! What a coincidence it is to see you here. Look, Dylan; it’s the nice man that gave up his seats for us.” Dylan turned, smiled, and asked, “Are you alone? Isn’t it kind of weird to be at Disney World all by your self? Where are your kids?’ “My family had other plans, so I get to do whatever I want while I am here. My kids are all busy back home,” I explained. “Cool. What is your favourite ride? Mine is Tower of Terror at Disney Studios. Not that I have ever been on it, this is my first time here, but I have read everything about it and watched tons of YouTube videos of all of the rides. I even watched the movie Tower of Terror with Steve Guttenberg. Did you know that the movie was filmed in the actual ride? Most people hated the movie, but I liked it.” Dylan said in a non-stop stream of consciousness that was both cute and a little hard to absorb. “Wow, you sure are into Disney,” I said. “You don’t know the half of it.,” piped up his mother. “He is obsessed. He never stops talking, researching, reading watching videos on the internet and even collecting travel brochures and DVD’s.” “Mom! You don’t have to tell the man so much.” Dylan said. The mom guffawed; I assume she found his comment ironic in light of the 5-minute narrative he gave seconds ago. We shared a smile just as the ride was ending. We both exited at the same time and took the moving sidewalk back down to the ground. “It was nice seeing you again, Mr…” the Mom said. “Furman. Mr. err Walt Furman.,” I said and offered my hand to mom and son. Father did not make eye contact, was non-talkative, bored and had no interest in making my acquaintance. “I am Teresa; this in my son Dylan and this handsome man is my new husband, Alexi. We are here for our honeymoon.” Teresa said. “It’s nice to meet you, folks. Honeymoon, eh? Dylan must be the chaperone,” I joked. “No, we don’t have a lot of money, and my parents gave us this trip for our wedding saying it would be a good chance to let Dylan and Alexi bond. They were supposed to come to hang out with Dylan when… well, you know…, and my mother broke her big toe and could not walk.” She paused. “Look at me, telling you my life story. I guess you see where Dylan gets it from,” she said. Her husband looked on impassively and seemed like he wanted to be anywhere other than where he was. “Well, it was nice meeting you Teresa, Dylan and you too Alexi. I have an ambitious schedule to keep, so I am going to get moving.” I said. We shook hands again. I headed over the Space Mountain, and they headed towards the central hub of the park. As I explained in Chapter 1 of this series, I seem to be a magnet for boys, and I have a secret attraction to them. An attraction that I try to suppress and avoid acting on, by entertaining myself with fictional boy stories and engaging in copious amounts of masturbation. At 45, I have a great marriage and have regular sex with my beautiful wife, but I still have a deep and secret attraction to young boys ever since a trip to Disneyland Paris back in 1992 when I was seduced by my best friend’s little brother Donny. I do not understand the attraction as it is only for boys and not adult males at all. I have always wanted to try to understand the psychology about it, but have always put off the research and certainly could not talk to anyone about it. Weirder yet, the only times I have any had any real “interactions” with boys is at Disney Parks. I try my best to avoid precarious situations for fear of being caught perving some cutie in this time of “stranger danger” and pedo-mania. I could feel my inner boy lover coming alive again as I talked to Dylan. When I shook his hand, I think my dick went from flaccid to full stiffy in about 2 seconds. This boy was crazy cute. Looked 12 to 13 years of age, blonde hair worn Justin Bieber style. He had green eyes and the most perfect teeth I have ever seen on a kid. If my son Randy’s teeth were perfect, he would book a lot more acting gigs! Dylan was dressed in a classic opening day Walt Disney World t-shirt that went down and covered his shorts that appeared to be beige cargos. He wore sandals and no socks, displaying perfect feet and hairless legs. He looked like a boy model. I am guessing that his Disney obsession likely means he is not a rough and tumble-sporty kid and thus the lack of scars, bruises, or blemishes that is so typical of this age. I would guess he was slightly less than 5 feet tall and 90ish pounds. To make a comparison, he looks a lot like Cole Sprouse from Suite Life of Zack it’s noon now, that is 10 hours from now. Are you ok here for 10 hours?” I asked. “Yeah, I could spend 24 hours here and be happy, but it is not as much fun to be alone. My mom is my best friend, and konyaaltı üniversiteli escort we have been planning our first trip to Disney since I was a little kid and now I am doing it on my own when that bastard fucks my mother.”, Dylan said. He was silent for a couple of seconds and then said, “I am sorry for swearing. That was rude.” “Its ok buddy, I would fucking swear too if that fucking bastard ruined my fucking day too. What a fucking dick.” I said, and my use of colourful language seemed to amuse Dylan and made him smile. “Hey Walt, you are still alone … right?” Dylan asked. “Here it comes,” I thought to my self. “Yup, I am lonely too. Want to hang out with me and be lonely together?” I said regretting every syllable coming out of my mouth. “YES! That would be amazing! Thank you so much!” the boy exclaimed. Without hesitation, he commanded, “Hurry, let’s go to Tom Sawyer’s island; the raft is almost at the dock.” Like the trooper I was trying to be, I said, “Sounds like a plan. Perhaps we could look for the hidden paintbrush and get some fast passes.” We both wandered over to the dock as the raft was tying off. We watched the returning crowd come off and we then wandered on and took our place up front. While we are waiting to cast off, Dylan gave me another lengthy interrogation, “How old are you? I just turned 12 two months ago. I am a Disney geek. Do you listen to Disney World Podcasts? I do, I love them. Why are you so short?” Dylan would have gone on, but I cut him off. “I am 45. Yes, I listen to a couple of Disney podcasts and read blogs too. My friend’s say I am a Disney Nerd, I think I like geek better. I don’t know why I am so short; I stopped growing when I was 13 and never started again. Did I miss anything?” I smiled as I finished expecting more questions. “Look, we are about to dock. Let’s go look for Tom’s paintbrush first.” Dylan said. “Lead the way,” I said as we disembarked the little raft. As we arrived on shore, we walked over to the island map to plan our visit. Dylan wanted to go to play checkers and sit for a while before we started our adventure. We found a nice spot with two rocking chairs; we grabbed a couple of Cokes from Aunt Polly’s and proceeded to enjoy a quiet game. I got the sense that Dylan wanted to talk, perhaps he was upset about the altercation with Alexi and wanted to talk it through. About halfway through the game Dylan sat back and looked at me with a very serious look in his eye. I smiled with the intention to put him at ease. He rocked back and forth while fidgeting in his chair. I was starting to realize my big plan to commando tour the all of the parks was becoming less likely as Dylan was in no hurry and I did not feel I could abandon him now. After about five minutes of silence, Dylan sat forward again and double jumped my players on the board and demanded I king him. “Walt, are you a boy lover?” Dylan asked in a whisper while leaning over the game board. I felt my heart rate increase, my face flushed, and I suddenly felt queasy. What was happening? Why would he ask such a thing? I felt like getting up and running away before this went any further. I decided to calm down and play dumb. “Of course I love boys! I have two sons; I think boys are awesome … after all I was one myself.” I said and smiled innocently as if I didn’t know exactly what he meant. “You know what I mean. Do you love boys? Do you do stuff with them?” he asked. “Do stuff? Like go on rides and play games?” I said continuing my naive responses. “Walt, I see the way you look at me, and I know you know what I mean. I may be 12, but I know stuff, and I have met many boy lovers who have tried to do things with me. My mom’s previous boyfriend seemed to be more interested in me than my mom.” said Dylan. “OK Dylan, I do know what you mean I do not know why you think I am … what you said.” I quietly said so nobody could hear. This conversation was scaring me; I was worried somebody would overhear us. And most of all, I was worried where it was going. “You are constantly looking at me and touching me. When we shook hands, you popped a boner. I could see it in your pants and then I saw you trying to hide It.,” Dylan said. I was unable to figure out whether he was accusing or asking. It didn’t know if he was about to freak out or if he wanted to get into my shorts. His comments made me very uncomfortable. I started to wonder if perhaps I am becoming too obvious about my predilections as I get older. My attraction to young boys is my deepest, darkest secret that would ruin my life if it ever became known. Every boy I have been involved with pursued me. They all seemed to do so not knowing my secret and thinking that I am just a normal guy that they were able to seduce. I was not going to admit anything now as it was way too dangerous. “Dylan, I am married, I have three children. Yes, I love boys AND girls… I think kids are awesome and I enjoy spending time with them. But not in THAT way. Boner’s, as you call it, happen to men and boys � it was likely just from the excitement of being at Disney. I am looking at you because I am talking to you… should I look in a different direction and not look at you. Wait, you are looking at me! Are you a manlover?” I said desperately trying to move on and change the subject. Dylan looked disappointed or maybe sceptical, but I am having an issue reading the boy. “Now, I am concerned about what you said about other men trying to do things to you. Did they do anything to you? Did you report them?” I asked. “No, I didn’t want to say anything. I was embarrassed; and who is going to believe a kid anyway. I didn’t let anything happen, and the men just gave up except one. My mom’s last boyfriend was the only one that something.” Dylan said. “What! What happened? I asked. “It happened when I was 10. My mom had to work late one night, Brandon, her boyfriend, was babysitting me, and he was nice to me all night and even let me drink a beer. I felt sleepy and asked to go to bed early. He tucked me in, and I don’t remember anything until later that night when I felt my pyjamas being pulled down. I woke up but did not let him know I was awake. I kept my eyes closed and faked being asleep because I was scared.” “I felt my PJ pants being pulled down very slowly. He did it a little bit at a time and would keep stopping; I think to see if I woke up. Eventually, I was half-naked. He started to rub my tummy under my shirt and kept moving down until he was brushing my penis. I sighed and started to move a bit to try to convince him he was waking me. He waited a long time and then I felt his hand on it as he gently started to rub my penis up and down. He did it slowly, and I could feel it getting hard.” “It felt nice, but I knew it was wrong, so I felt that I wanted it to stop and continue at the same time. He kept going and it was all I could do to sit still as I wanted to hump his hand. He suddenly stopped, and I felt him moving, and suddenly I felt what could only be his mouth over my dick. He was going up and down, and it was driving me crazy. I couldn’t stop myself; I started to hump into his mouth and moaned. He knew I was awake and he asked me to grab his cock. I opened my eyes, and his dick was out, and he grabbed my hand and put it on it.” “I yelled NO and told him to get off of me. I jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom, and locked myself in. He begged me to come out so we could talk and I told him to leave and never come back, or I would tell my mom. He got the door open and glared at me like he going to hit me. Like a miracle, I hear my mother come in and call his name. He looked scared now, and I told him I would not say anything if he broke up with my mother and never saw us again. He agreed, called me a bunch of bad names and that was the last I saw of him.” Dylan recalled his story as I sat that open-mouthed in shock. “I am so sorry that happened to you Dylan. That is horrible. That man should be in jail because he raped you! Did you ever tell your mom? Did you even talk to a doctor about it? I don’t know what I would do it that happened to one of my boys.” I said. “No, I have never told anyone. Nothing like this has ever happened again. In fact, I think Alexi hates me, so I don’t think he wants to molest me. Do you?” Dylan said. “That is not funny. Of course, I do not want to molest you. Only an animal would do that to a kid or anybody!” I said sternly yet quietly. “It’s ok Walt. I am fine. It’s not as if I am the only boy that this has happened to. He didn’t hurt me; it felt really good! If I liked him, I might have even let him continue. He was an asshole to my mother, and I think he was only seeing her to get to me. I see him on the street once and a while, and he looks terrified, so I think he learned his lesson.” Dylan said. I was now very confused. He liked it. Was this a come on? Well, I am not biting at this bait, this is not going to go anywhere today. Dylan is a very bright kid and sounds like he is manipulative too. The price for touching his family jewels would likely be my indentured servitude to him for life. “It is not my place to pry or get involved. I only want to have a park buddy for the day and have some good Disney fun. What do you say we skip the island and go hit some rides?” I said, hoping the fast pace of the main park would avoid further such conversations. “Walt, look! I see a paintbrush behind that garbage can!” Dylan shouted as he leapt from his chair and grabbed the paintbrush. We went in search of a cast member to hand over our find, and when we did, we were rewarded with six fast passes for any ride. We boarded the raft and returned to the main park. I had a fast pass for Splash Mountain for 1:45-2:50b and it was only 12:45 now. We decided to head to the left and wound up at the Haunted Mansion. “Do you like the Haunted Mansion,” Dylan asked. “Who doesn’t like grim grinning ghosts? Lets’ go!” I said. We walked right on the ride with one of our fast passes and entered the stretching room, which is an elevator that takes guests to the ride that runs underground. The doors closed and the narration started. At the clap of thunder and the lights turning off, Dylan grabbed my hand and buried his face into my chest. I put my free arm around him. “Loud noises always scare me.,” Dylan mumbled into my chest. As the doors opened, he led me into the hall to our ride vehicle but held my hand tightly. We got to our doom buggy and took a seat, and he snuggled right into me as the ride vehicle turned to start our tour. It was nice having him snuggled up tightly as we rode the ride. It reminded me of my daughter and how she preferred to ride when we were together. His head was millimetres away from me, and I could smell his boy scent and feel his warmth. I suspect this is a boy who was in desperate need of affection. His mom seemed more interested in fawning over Alexi who seemed like he would prefer Dylan to vanish. Dylan was wide-eyed as we rode through the classic attraction. As we got to the end and the Grim Grinning Ghost song started to play, Dylan knew all the words and sang along. His enthusiasm was infectious, I joined too, and we both belted the tune as the ride ended. The cast member, in character, commented how lugubrious my son and I sounded and proceeded to high-five Dylan. We laughed all the way back out to the pathway. Dylan had a smile from ear to ear and raved about how awesome the ride was. “Did you know people bring ashes of dead people and sprinkle them on that ride,” Dylan asked. “I know, they try and do that all over the park. I guess Disney geeks want this to be their final resting place. But if they get caught, they get banned from the park, and they use special vacuums to clean the ride.” I explained. “Whoa! You are a bigger Disney geek than I am! I bow down at the king of the geeks,” Dylan said while bowing down to me. “Arise young Dylan, my padawan learner…” I began before he cut me off. “Hold on; you are into kurtköy escort Star Wars too! Can you adopt me… please?” Dylan joked. “I am starving, let’s grab some lunch,” I said. “It will have to be cheap; I do not have a lot of money,” Dylan responded. “It’s on me, let’s go to Pecos Bills, they have an awesome fixings bar!” I said. We walked back to the restaurant; Dylan grabbed my hand and held it the whole time. I was getting used to his affection. I am used to the touchy-feely thing as my family are that way too. My kids still hold our hands and always snuggle up when given the opportunity. It was a little odd coming from a boy I barely knew, but it was nice and looked normal to all as we just looked like father and son enjoying time together. We got our food and grabbed a couple of chairs inside to get a break from the sun. As we took our seat, Dylan again sat right next to me so close it was as if he was attached to me. It was awkward to move my left elbow, but he craved the attention so I just made it work. Over lunch, we got to know each other much better. I told him about my family, my job and my lifelong obsession with Disney. I learned his father was killed in Afghanistan and until then, he lived with his parents on several military bases where his dad had been stationed. After he was killed, they moved back to his mom’s hometown in Michigan. He was in grade 6, loves science, technology, and most of all; he loves Disney. His mom is the manager of a pizza restaurant and works long hours since they have little money and he spends lots of time alone at home after school. He says he doesn’t have many friends and likes to be alone. I asked him how he got so obsessed with Disney and he explained that as he grew up, whenever his dad was home from duty, they would watch Disney movies and plan Disney trips that never happened. He liked to read about Disney and learned new things about the parks and the movies to tell his dad every time they were together. They had a trip booked and ready to go to the Military resort at Disney World called Shades of Green. They were going to go on when his tour was done to celebrate his homecoming, but he was killed before he could return. To help Dylan get his mind off of missing his dad, his mom tried to enrol him in different activities, but he kept losing interest. The other kids would tease him for being poor or about his Disney obsession. He dropped out of Big Brothers as his “big” creeped him out as he kept wanting to skinny dip in a local creek. He then begged his mother to let him quit cubs because he hated the camping trips and his Akela who insisted on showering with him and washing him personally. A pattern was emerging. Dylan was close to his father, his mother was preoccupied with work and men, and he is a loner. All of this explains his craving for affection. This saddened me as I see it so often in kids; especially boys and I think that lack of it leads to big issues later in life. I was glad to be able to offer a bot of fatherly affection today, but realize he was not going to get much back home. “Let’s head over to Splash Mountain now; my fast pass expires in a few minutes,” I said. As we walked there, I got a history lesson, that I already knew, about the inspiration for Splash being Song of the South, which Disney withdrew due to allegations of racism in the movie. We got right on and boarded our boat. Splash Mountain is one of the longest rides in the park, which is why it is one of my favourites! As we got closer to the final drop, he got real close and asked me to put my arms around him and hold him tight. “Why, are you scared of Briar Bear getting you?” I mocked. Just as we were about to go down the last drop, he said, “No, it’s because I don’t want to get soaked.” As we hit bottom, soaked is an understatement of what happened to us. We got drenched! I was soaked from head to toe, and Dylan was drenched including his socks and shoes. “I hate getting wet and I am soaked.” He said as he got out of the boat. You could hear his shoes squishing. He pulled his shorts out of him bum brack and announced, “Great, even my underwear is soaked.” The wetness wouldn’t be so bad, you normally dry fast in Florida, but it was an unseasonably cool day, and Dylan was shivering. “Disney knows how wet people get on this ride and they sell towels in the gift store. I will buy you one to dry off,” I said. After getting the giant towel with an image of Briar Rabbit smiling at us, Dylan towelled off as much as he could. “It’s no good; I am too soaked and freezing. I need to get dry clothes,” Dylan said. “Can we contact your mother and maybe we could run to your room, and you can change,” I suggested. Dylan grabbed his cell phone went to dial and, seeing it was off, tried to turn it on. He handed it to me and said: “Battery must be dead.” I checked out the wet phone and realized it had been soaked and was likely shorted out. I decided not to tell him it was ruined as would have just made him feel worse. “Let’s find a phone and call the hotel. Where are you staying?” I asked. “I don’t know the name of the place. It is not a Disney hotel; it is a motel outside of the park.” Dylan said as he started to tear up. “Well, that doesn’t narrow it down too much. It looks like we need to find another solution.” I said. Dylan was shivering uncontrollably even in the gift store and started to cry. “Can we go to your hotel room; I could warm up there and dry my clothes with a hair dryer?” Dylan asked. I was not comfortable with this solution because taking a 12-year-old boy, who already thinks I am a boy lover, to my hotel room is not a good idea. However, there is a washer/dryer on the floor, and I could get both sets of our clothes dry fast and back to the park in no time. Based on his stories, he does not seem to be interested in sexual advances or initiating them so I should be ok and keep the entire diversion innocent. As a fellow Disney nerd, his mind is going to be blown by my room and the hotel itself. “Ok, I am at the Contemporary, so we can run over there, I can throw our clothes in the dryer and be back in the parks in 30 minutes. How does that sound.” I asked. Dylan was silently crying and shivering with snot pouring out of his nose. “Thanks, Walt. Let’s go quickly; I need to dry off and go pee.” The poor kid was not having a good day. I hated his first Disney park experience to be marred with disappointment and now discomfort. At that moment, we heard the train arriving at the train station just above us, and we ran for it. We got on the train; I wrapped the towel around Dylan and hugged him close to help warm him. He stopped sobbing and seemed to be shivering a little less now. We went past Toon Town Station and ended up back at Main Street Station where we quickly got off, exited the gate, and ran up the ramp to the Resort Monorail. In a few minutes, we were in the Grand Canyon Concourse of the Contemporary Resort. Dylan was no longer shivering, but was instead in awe, as he geeked out at the iconic hotel, he was now standing in. We headed to the elevator and headed up to my suite. I had not warned him about room 4916 yet; I could not wait for his reaction. We got off the elevator and walked to my room; I opened the door and let Dylan walk in. “Holy Shit! Are you rich or something?” Dylan exclaimed. “First of all, watch your language, and no, I am not rich, but I decided I wanted to treat myself as I have never stayed here before and this was to be a special getaway for my wife and me. She had to cancel, but the room was already booked and paid for, so here I am. As I was finishing my story, Dylan started to strip off his clothes in front of me. He peeled off his shirt and handed it to me. “Whoa there buddy, you should undress in the washroom. There is a robe in there. Undress put the robe on, and bring me your clothes. I will go to the other bathroom and do the same. I will then take our wet stuff to the dryer down the hall.” I explained. He didn’t stop and had proceeded to remove shoes and socks and was shimming out of his pants while holding his Mickey Mouse briefs up. “Can you help, I am stuck,” Dylan asked. He held the waistband of his briefs, and I kneeled down and was facing his crotch. I pulled down his zipper the rest of the way and then pulled the pants off at the sides, wiggling to get over his wet and clammy skin. He lifted each food as I removed them from his legs. There he was, this gorgeous blond-haired, green-eyed, cute model like boy standing before me clad only in red Mickey Mouse briefs that were plastered to his skin leaving nothing the imagination at all. I tried not to ogle to avoid the impression he had earlier about my boy lover status. “Ok, take those off in the bathroom, and I will get all this stuff to the laundry. Dylan turned and headed to the washroom. I stood there watching his bum as he walked away towards his privacy. He stopped before closing the threshold to the little room and dropped his briefs as he was facing away from me and silently held them out for me. He kept his back me, and I approached and grabbed the briefs, I popped a major boner, and he walked into the washroom and closed the door. “Whoa, this shower is amazing! There are like ten spouts! Can I take a shower while my clothes are drying? Dylan asked. “Sure, go ahead,” I responded, and without missing a beat, I heard the water turn on. I was massively turned on too. The boy’s bum was amazing. It was bright white, formed a beautiful bubble that a sculpture would die for. Under it was a tanned set of hair free legs and cute little feet. I had already perved on his gorgeous chest and perfect tummy. Staying in the shower was a good thing, perhaps he would remain there until his clothes were dry and then he could dress in there, and we could get back to the Magic Kingdom. I grabbed my bag that was still unpacked and headed to my bedroom, closed the door, and stripped. My penis was painfully rigid and decided that a good clearing of the pipe would further reduce the likelihood of a penis-brained situation if Dylan were to flash his naked butt to me again. I lay down on the bed naked, took my pulsating dick in hand, closed my eyes, and just focused on that bum and that perfect tummy. I erupted in six strong shots of semen; my sperm was now a thing of the past as I am a member of the clip club, that landed on my chest and dribbled onto my almost bald pubis. I cleaned up in the washroom, threw on PJ pants and a t-shirt, gathered up all the wet clothes, and headed to the laundry room. I got everything loaded and turned on. The machine was counting down from one hour, and I headed back to the room. As I walked by the bathroom that Dylan was in I still heard the shower and the boys singing “When You Wish Upon A Star,” the Disney anthem. I went back to my room, turned on the TV to see Stacey, the resort spokeswomen, explain all that you could see and do at Disney World. I sat back and started to check emails on my iPhone. There was a picture from the set of my son’s commercial shoot. Randy, who is 10, was shirtless wearing board shorts and flip-flops. Looks like he is shooting around a pool. He is having fun and being paid for it. I put the phone down and lay on the bed to rest for a few minutes and promptly fell asleep. While I was sleeping, Dylan had finished his shower, put on the robe, and came looking for me. He found me asleep on the bed. He grabbed a blanket from the other bed in the room and put it over me. He dropped the robe, took a t-shirt from my open bag, and pulled it over his head. It acted as a nightshirt and covered his bum and boy bits. He pulled the blanket back, crawled in beside me, spooning up to me and throwing his arm around my chest, and promptly fell asleep. I was having a nice dream about a previous encounter with a boy named Donny years ago at Disneyland Paris. Donny was been the first boy I had sex with as an adult after being effectively seduced by him thus ankara kurtuluş escort awakening my boylover urges I never even knew I had. Donny is 33 now, and we are still good friends. He went to work for Disney after university and is an Imagineer at their Glendale California headquarters. I get LOTs of insider information long before official announcements. Just as I was about to climax in my dream, my iPhone alarm went off to remind me about a dinner reservation I had at California Grill upstairs that I had completely forgotten about. As I regained consciousness, I am lying on my back, and I realize that Dylan’s arm is around me and he is spooning my side. He is positioned in such a way that I can feel his hard penis poking into my thigh. I lifted the blanket, looked down and saw he is wearing one of my t-shirts but that it is hoisted up around his tummy and his lower body was naked and fully exposed and pressed into my side. I laid there in shock. It was happening again; I was in bed with a pre-teen boy at a Disney Park. What bizarre gag is the universe trying to play on me. My penis immediately grows to full hardness and my heart is now beating so fast, and loud that I can feel and hear it. I am trying to force myself to extract my body from this situation but I was weak. I was so warm, comfortable, and horny; I was frozen in place. My iPhone went off again after the ten-minute snooze expired. Dylan shifted in the bed from the noise, and I was able to slip out without jostling him awake. My reservation at California Grill was for two as my wife was supposed to be with me on the trip, so I figured I had better wake Dylan and we could use it, enjoy the beautiful view and the fireworks, and be back at the Town Hall to meet his mom at 10:15. Maybe we could squeeze in another quick ride on Space Mountain to cap off our night and our little adventure. Good thing my Disney lust was stronger than my boy lust tonight and with my plan we can avoid the room and any more close calls. My dick was still hard as stone and tented my PJs obscenely as I stood up. I moved over to the other side of the monstrous king sized bed where Dylan was lying, reached into my pants and pushed my penis, painfully, between my legs lest I give Dylan an eyeful when he wakes up. I called his name, he stirred a bit and turned away from me exposing � of his upper body with the other half, and his bum and legs still covered from the blanket. I called his name, again and again, he stirred this time now exposing part of his lower body with the blanket draped across the rest. There is was; slightly more than � of that cute bubble bum inches away from me, calling to me. I do not know what it is about boys that turn me into a maniac. I love women too, but I have never salivated over their naked bodies the way I do over those of little boys, especially their butts. Boys from 9-12 have the perfect bodies and bums. Hairless, blemish free and like perfect works of art. Older teens and men all hairy and with a certain odour that repels me. But boys and young teens are perfectly full of life with their hormones starting to rage, bums growing disproportionally to the bodies forming that lovely bubble that we boy-lovers, yes I said it, long for. “Dylan!” I said somewhat louder, causing him to flail his legs at the loud noise completely uncovering himself and ending up flat on his tummy with the bubble pointing at the sky! I reached down and shook him while calling his name, he mumbled, “five more minutes mommy” and then resumed his rhythmic breathing. Checking my iPhone, I realize there is still almost an hour to my reservation, and it is one floor up, so I still had time. While I had my iPhone in my hand, I fingered the camera app, pointed it at this sleeping angel, and started snapping pictures. Full body, head and face turned to one side on the pillow, his back and several shots of his bum. I don’t know what possessed me to do this, but it was dangerous, exciting and was making me hornier than I have ever been in my life. As I was flipping through the pictures with one hand, I was rubbing my penis with the other. I reached into my pyjama pants and started to pump my flesh as I felt a hot wave of desire roll over me. I put the iPhone down, pulled my PJ’s off and straddled the sleeping boy with my knees, careful not to make contact with him. My eyes were glued to his bum as I stroked my penis. As I was looking down at my dick, I noticed a good-sized drop of pre-cum hanging off the tip and before I could wipe it, it dripped off and fell into the crack of Dylan’s bum. I needed to finish, and I was close, but I needed contact. I needed to feel Dylan’s bottom, to rub that bum, to invade his crack with my fingers. Walt junior took over, and I reached down and started to rub that gorgeous butt. First one smooth, perfect cheek, then the other. Lightly rubbing them with my hands and then lightly with the tips of my fingers. As brushed his cute little crack with the tips of my fingers, goose bumps formed on cheeks, and he clenched his bum and appeared to be humping the bed lightly. I stopped, worried that I had woken him and listened for his breathing. It as still the same rhythm as before. I looked over and saw his eyes were closed and mouth open as before. I did not stop pumping my dick the whole time and was moments away from my orgasm. As I felt it coming, Walt Junior took over, and I spread my knees and lowered my body so now my scrotum was grazing his butt along his crack. I leaned over and started to rub my penis along his crack leaving a line of pre-cum over the length. As I was travelling down his crack for the 4th time, I shot my jizz into his valley. Again he got goosebumps, clenched his butt and started humping the mattress again. As I was coming down off my orgasm high, I watched and listened to hear if the boy was now awake or waking from the injection of Walt juice into his bum crack. He seemed still fast asleep. I carefully removed myself, headed to the washroom to clean myself and get dressed, I planned on getting a facecloth to wipe up Dylan, but as I returned to the room Dylan was sitting up and stretching. “Hey Walt, was I asleep a long time? It’s getting dark out”, he said. “No, just about an hour, it’s just after 6:00. Listen, buddy; I have a reservation at California Grill at 6:30 that I would like to get to.” I said. At that Dylan got off the bed, pulling down the t-shirt to cover himself up as he got off. I saw the wetness behind him from my orgasm, but he hadn’t noticed it or realized there was even more in the crack of his ass. “As my clothes dry”, he asked rather sadly. “Oh yeah, I will go get them, but what’s wrong, you look sad”, I said assuming that Dylan knew what I did and was no horrified at the pedo monster before him. “I don’t want to be alone in the park, I was having fun with you, and I have to meet my mom soon.” he said. “You are not going to be alone; we are going to dinner. Did you think I was going to leave you alone? Come with me, I will get your clothes, and we can head upstairs.” Dylan smiled from ear to ear and bounded into the living room. I carefully pulled a blanket over the jizz mark on the bed. He still has no idea he has cum in his bum! I left the room, went down the hall to the laundry room and returned moments later with his clothes. Here you go buddy, as I tried to hand him his clothes. He simply raised his hands above his head and said, “can you do it”. “You want me to dress you?” “Yes please.” I grabbed my t-shirt he was wearing and pulled it over his head. He was naked before me and sporting a half hard penis. He looked down at it, looked back at me blushing and said, “Sorry about that; it likes everybody it meets”. I nervously laughed and pulled his dry shirt over his head. I grabbed his underwear and tried to hand them to him; he just lifted a leg like he wanted me to put them on him. I bent down to put his leg through and came face to face with his penis. The little bugger pretended to lose balance and squashed it into my cheek. “Sorry Walt, I almost fell.” I asked him to lift his other leg and put it through his briefs and pulled them up over his boy bits. He grabbed his shorts and finished dressing. “Ready Walt,” he announced as I was putting on my shoes. We left the room and went to the elevator to go up to California Grill only to discover that you can’t. We ended up having to go back down to the lobby and found the place to check in and take the elevator up to the top floor. We were on the elevator alone, and Dylan was very quiet and looked sad again. “What’s wrong buddy?” “Nothing.” “Come on Dylan, why are you so sad. We are at Disney; it’s against the law to be sad here!” He started to cry just as the door opened to the restaurant floor. We took an immediate left, and I whisked him off to the washroom. We walked in, moved over to the little alcove, I kneeled down, and he immediately threw his arms around my neck and sobbed. “It’s ok, buddy. Do you want to talk about it.” More sobs and no reply. “Shall we go back to the room and skip dinner.” He started to calm his crying and was able to get words out between sobs, “No, I want to have dinner. I’ll be ok.” “OK Dylan, we will stay here for a few minutes until you feel better,” I said. I then I sat down on the floor, grabbed Dylan and held him. He sat on my lap and was quiet for a few minutes as I rubbed his back. “I don’t want to go back with my mom and Alexi tonight; I want to stay with you!” “Oh buddy, why? You guys will have fun; they just needed some time alone. It will be ok. Maybe we could all have lunch tomorrow or something?” “No, it’s going to be terrible. We are in a crappy little motel. It smells, I have to sleep in the same room as them and Alexi smokes gross cigars. He hates Disney and me.” “Come on, how anybody could hate you, you are such a great kid.” “He pretends to be nice to me and is rude to me when my mom is not around. This morning, when we first got to the motel, my mom went out to get some supplies at the Walgreens and left Alexi and me alone in the room. He spent the entire time telling me how spoiled I am; he complained that he had to come to Orlando and warned me not to be a fag around him or he would send me away. When I started to cry, he got even madder and started to call me bad names and was about to hit me when my mom pulled up to the room.” “Oh my gosh, that is terrible. What did your mom do?” “Nothing, because when she walked in Alexi grabbed me and hugged me making it look like he was trying to make me feel better. He was patting my back and was says things like you were when I was crying just now. Then he pretended to notice my mother and said that I was crying because I had stubbed my toe. He hates me, Walt… he hates me, and he is taking my mom away from me.” With that, he started crying again and buried his head on my shoulder. “Dylan, you have to talk to your mother about this. This is the second time today you have told me about being abused by men in your life, and that is not ok. No kid should be abused period. Do you want my help talking to your mom? ” Like a light switch turned off, Dylan stopped crying. “No, it’s ok. I am just making a big deal about it. It is not that bad. Just forget I said anything… let’s go eat!” and with that, he jumped up and headed out the door. Following after him, I caught up, and we got our seat at a window overlooking the Magic Kingdom. Dylan sat down and stared out the window with a sad look on his face. It was heartbreaking to see this awesome kid in such pain. “Hey kiddo, have a look at the menu and see if you see anything you like.” “I’ll just have a kid’s meal.” “Are you sure? There are so many other great choices on the menu. It would be a shame to just have a kids meal.” “Dylan looked at me with an angry expression and said, “I WANT A KID’S MEAL, OK?” “Ok, buddy. Whatever you want.” “DON’T CALL ME BUDDY!” he shouted. He was so loud the entire restaurant went silent and glared at us. Dylan turned back and faced the window. “It’s OK everyone. Nothing to see here,” I said to the room. Gradually the buzz in the room went back to normal as I sat there stunned at this unbelievable transformation in this boy in a few moments. “Hello and welcome to the California Grill. My name is Francois, can I start you out with some drinks?” our waiter announced. To be continued…

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