14 Mart 2023

Dylan And His Mother Ch. 04


Karen trotted out of the photography studio, her heels clicking on the concrete sidewalk. She had just finished modeling a new line for the spring catalogue but the shoot ran long and she was running late. It was her son Dylan’s last day of high school and Karen wanted to be home waiting for him, to congratulate him, when he got back.

Hurrying into her car and checking the time, Karen cursed and knew she wouldn’t make it. Unfortunately, she needed to stop by her husband’s office to get his signature on some of his bank papers; they couldn’t wait and needed to be in the mail by five o’clock.

While driving, Karen reflected on how proud of Dylan she was. He was becoming a man. It was all happening so quickly, of late. Dylan would still be around for the summer, but then he’d be off to college to begin his own life. He’d probably find a pretty girlfriend and Karen’s incestuous encounters with him would likely end. That fact saddened her greatly, but the realist within Karen knew that the affair was fated to end eventually. The time would soon come when she’d have to let him go. All the more reason to hurry home – perhaps there would be time to give him a hand job before he went to the school’s all-night graduation party.

Arriving at her husband’s office building, Karen grabbed her purse and the bank paperwork from the passenger seat. Her strides carried her past two young executives who both checked out the way her tanned legs looked in heels, beneath the floral sundress she was wearing. Smiling at their attentions, thoughts of Dylan popped into Karen’s head. She fetched the cell phone out of her purse, entered the building, and dialed his number.

“Hi Dylan, it’s mom.” She said, getting her son’s voicemail. “I just wanted to let you know my shoot ran long and I’ll be home in a little bit. Hope to see you then sweetie, love you.” Karen hung up the phone and noticed her husband’s secretary wasn’t at her desk outside his office. When she opened his office door, Karen froze and learned why.

Her husband was in his desk chair, pants around his ankles, and his secretary was on her knees giving him a blowjob! The two were so engrossed that they didn’t even notice Karen in the doorway. Too stunned to do anything but stand there at first, Karen eventually looked down at the cell phone in her hand. Anger replaced shock and an idea sprung to mind. She began taking pictures with her phone’s camera.

“No wonder you spend so much time at work you son of a bitch.” Karen suddenly said.

“Holy shit…Karen!?” her husband sputtered, pushing the young secretary off his lap. “What are you doing he…I mean, oh fuck. Honey, let me explain…”

“Save it for the lawyers you bastard!” Karen yelled, snapping her cell shut and tucking it safely into her purse. “Don’t bother coming home tonight! In fact, don’t ever bother coming home again!”

“But…but honey…where am I supposed to stay?”

Gesturing at the embarrassed secretary with an angry glare, Karen yelled “Why don’t you stay with your whore? I don’t give a shit, we’re through!” Tossing the bank papers towards her husband’s desk, Karen stormed off.

Peeling out of the parking lot, Karen couldn’t believe what an ass her husband was! No wonder he hadn’t any shown interest in her body for a long time. And all this time she had been feeling guilty for cheating on him with their son. She realized her husband had probably been having an affair with that tramp for months, long before Karen began carrying on with Dylan. It was him that was responsible for her seeking companionship with Dylan in the first place! Karen suddenly laughed. She should be thanking her worm of a husband; if it wasn’t for him Karen would never have known the gratification she’d enjoyed with Dylan these past weeks. No more guilt! Now she could divorce his ass; her and Dylan would no longer have to sneak around.

Dylan was in the kitchen having a snack when Karen got home. He sensed something was wrong when she came into the house as she looked hurt, or angry. “Mom, are you okay?”

“Yes honey, I’m fine.” Karen said, setting her purse on the kitchen counter. “But I need to talk to you.”

Dylan put his sandwich down and said, “Okay.” The tone in his mother’s voice scared Dylan. He feared their sexy encounters were about to come to an end.

“You’re a man now so I don’t need to sugar-coat these things for you. I just walked in on your father at his office. His tramp of a secretary was on her knees and sucking his cock.”

“Seriously? Holy crap, mom, what did you do?”

“I took some pictures with my camera phone.” Karen replied.

Dylan’s eyebrows went up, “Really? Wow, that was pretty smart.”

“I’m so sorry honey, but your mecidiyeköy escort father and I are probably going to be getting a divorce. Things haven’t been very good between us lately, and now this…” Karen put a hand to her forehead and sighed. “I told him not to come home.”

Considering that news, Dylan wasn’t sure how he felt. It wasn’t like he and his father were close; he always seemed to be more interested in work than he was in his son. Getting up, Dylan walked over to Karen and put his arms around her.

“It’s okay mom, I understand. Are you okay?”

Karen nodded against her son’s shoulder, hugging him back. “As long as I have my baby boy I’ll be fine. I love you Dylan.”

“I love you too mom.”

Feeling Dylan’s arms around her made Karen weak in the knees. The fantasy of stripping naked for him right there in the kitchen and offering her body suddenly filled her thoughts. Instead, she kissed him on the cheek and stepped out of the hug.

“So, you have your school graduation party tonight?”

Dylan nodded, “Yeah, most of the seniors are going. They keep the school open all night and we take pictures and play games and stuff. But mom, I don’t have to go. I could stay home with you?”

“Don’t be silly, honey. You should go and be with your friends. Once you’re off for college you probably won’t see many of them anymore.”

“I’ll still get to hang out with my friends this summer. I’d rather stay home with you tonight.”

Karen smiled at her son, lifting a hand to his cheek. “You’re such a sweetheart, you know that Dylan? But I’m fine, really. It’s strange, but this situation with your father hasn’t really upset me that much. I’m going to be okay.”

“That’s not what I meant.” Dylan countered.

Karen gave her son an inquisitive expression.

“You said Dad wouldn’t be home, right? Couldn’t it just be us tonight, you and me?”

Karen’s voice lowered in conspiracy, even though no one else was around to hear her. “Dylan, are you saying you want to have sex?”

“D-don’t you want to?” Dylan asked, momentarily worried he had pushed his mothers incestuous limitations too far.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. Karen felt a sudden need between her legs, a craving to feel Dylan’s cock inside her. And why not? He’s right: the two of them would be all alone with the house to themselves. Besides, Dylan’s desire of Karen replaced her husband’s lack of interest so nicely.

“Yes.” She agreed suddenly. “Yes baby, I do. Why don’t I go take a shower, and then I’ll come up to your room, okay?” She had fantasized about having Dylan’s cock inside her long enough. Karen was tired of guilt holding her back.

Dylan just nodded dumbly, shocked by his success, and went up to his room when Karen went downstairs to shower. He paced back and forth as he heard the shower start; he was about to have sex with his mom! He looked around then started making his bed and picking up nervously. The minutes passed by agonizingly slow. Dylan’s heart started racing and questions filled his mind. Should he get naked? Would his mother be naked? Did he need a condom? Dylan took off all his clothes. Would that seem too eager? He better put them back on.

That’s when Karen entered her son’s room, to find him standing naked and holding his pants, ready to put them back on. Dylan already had an erection.

“Well, I see you’re all ready, hm?” Karen said with a smile.

Dylan could only blush and offer a shy smile back.

“Sweetie, have you ever made love to a woman before?”

“Yeah.” Dylan replied. “One time, but it was kind of…I mean, it was kind of weird.”

“That’s usually how the first time goes.” Karen said. “The first time I had sex we were both virgins and it was one of the most awkward experiences of my life.”

Karen opened her robe, revealing the tan expanse of her slender and naked body, pushing the garment off her shoulders to fall into a pool on the floor. She looked at Dylan, at his beautiful naked body and big cock, excited by having such a young and inexperienced man to usher into sexual experience.

“I promise, this time will be much better.” Karen told her son with a wink. She noted the way he was staring at her with unashamed lust. “Do you want to touch me?”

Dylan nodded and eagerly stepped forward.

“It’s okay, touch my body. Go ahead and feel it.”

Dylan put his hands on his mother’s hips, sliding his palms up her sides and the smooth contours of her tummy. She lifted his grip to her breasts, letting him squeeze them while he stared at her with those lustful eyes. Suddenly Dylan pressed the side of his face against Karen’s chest and put his arms şişli escort around her, his hands squeezing her ass as he nuzzled against her breasts.

“Oh mom, you’re so sexy. I’ve wanted to have sex with you for so long.”

Karen held her son to her bosom, adoring Dylan for his youth and inexperience. “I’ve wanted you too, baby.” She curled a hand around the back of his head and guided his lips to her areola, letting Dylan take the nipple into his mouth. He sucked onto it eagerly, kneading his fingers into Karen’s butt, making her feel like an object of absolute desire and pleasure.

Taking him backwards, Karen drew Dylan off her and laid back on the side of the bed. She lifted knees and spread her legs, displaying a trimmed vagina proudly. She ran her fingers through the short hairs of her pubic region. “Fuck me with that big cock, Dylan.”

Dylan looked at his mom present her cunt, eager to comply but unsure how to proceed.

Karen sensed his inexperience and reached out for him. Dylan stepped forward into his mother’s hands. She grasped his hard penis and aimed it towards the proper position, placing his cock head against her already dripping slit. “Go easy at first, honey, mommy will need to stretch a bit to take your big dick.”

Leaning over her, Dylan propped himself up on outstretched arms and started to push his cock into her slowly, getting the feel of his mother’s hot pussy.

Karen’s mouth hung open as she felt her son’s girth start to expand her vaginal cavity. “Oh god Dylan, you’re so big…nice and slow baby. Now pull back a bit and go back in. That’s it, push a little deeper each time.”

It was unbelievable! Karen had never felt anything like it. Dylan was so much larger than any other man she’d ever had. His cock filled her completely, perfectly. Her head rolled back and Karen closed her eyes. She moaned in utter pleasure.

“Oh fuck…oh god…you’re so fucking big. Deeper honey. Fuck your gigantic cock into me deeper.” Karen moaned and writhed on the bed as she felt Dylan fit about half his length within her sex-sheath. “You fill mommy’s cunt so perfectly, Dylan. Does my pussy feel good?”

Her dirty talk was arousing Dylan beyond reason. “Yes mom, Jesus, it feels so good. Your pussy is so warm and nice.” He’d never felt anything like it, the hot wetness surrounding his shaft and gripping him like a tight glove. He kept slowly fucking into her until the entirety of his penis was buried within Karen.

Curling her legs around Dylan’s backside, Karen pulled her son’s body against hers. “Fuck me baby. Fuck me real good.”

Moaning, Dylan began humping against his mother. He laid atop her, her breasts mashed against his chest, rutting uncontrollably and fucking her with a swift pace.

“Oh god…” Karen groaned. “Oh god, not so fast honey…”

It was all too much for Dylan and his orgasm came quickly. He cried out, wrapping Karen in a tight hugging grip as his semen pumped out deep within her sex. “Uhn! Uhn! Oh mom…uhhh, mommy…”

Karen held her son close as his sperm prematurely shot out of him. She could feel it fill her insides and it felt so naughty and exquisite.

Embarrassed, Dylan pushed himself up on his palms. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cum so quickly, I’m sorry…”

“Oh sweetie, it’s okay.” Karen caressed her son’s face with a palm. “This is only your second time and you were all worked up. It was bound to happen. Besides, you’ll be ready again soon enough and there are plenty of other things we can do in the meantime.”


“Of course. Do you want to eat my pussy? I’d love it if you licked mommy’s pussy for a while until you get hard again.”

“Hell yeah.” Dylan agreed, slipping his penis out and moving to the floor at the side of the bed, kneeling.

Karen scooted forward so her ass was right at the bed’s edge and again spread her legs whorishly. She sat up and leaned back against a planted palm. “Do you know about a woman’s clitoris, Dylan? Do you know where to find it?”

Dylan grinned, “Yes. I mean, I think so.”

Using a finger, Karen rubbed her own button a little so that it would swell a bit with arousal. “Mmm, there it is. That little hooded guy drives us girls crazy. Go ahead and lick it, honey.”

Following his mother’s instructions, Dylan could smell the mixture of her arousal and his own previous orgasm emanating out of Karen’s pussy. She used two fingers to spread her labia and give him better access, letting Dylan lick between them.

“Yeah…oooh. You’ve got the spot. Use the tip of your tongue…oh my….yes, flick it against my clit sweetie. Oh Jesus. Oh fuck that feels good.”

Karen grabbed Dylan kağıthane escort by the back of his head, taking a fistful of his short hair, and pulled his mouth into her pussy. “Now stick your tongue inside me. Fuck my pussy with your tongue. Oh shit yes! Lick me…lick mommy…suck mommy’s pussy. Make me cum…”

Unable to deny her, Dylan shoved his tongue as deep as he good within his mother. Her pubic hairs were tickling his nose and face and he could feel her slick lubrication wash his own orgasm out of her pussy and into his mouth. It was all so naughty and exciting that Dylan already had a renewed erection.

Continuing to hold her son’s pleasuring mouth against her, Karen began fingering her clit with her other hand. “You’re such a dirty boy, eating your mother’s cunt. Oh my…oh!…oh fuck I’m cumming! OH GOD!!!”

Dylan looked up from between his mother’s legs, his face slick and glistening from the oral sex, to look into his mother’s eyes once her orgasm lived its course. “Did you like that mom?”

“Oh baby, that felt wonderful. You’re a natural at eating pussy.” Karen exhaled a heavy breath and giggled at Dylan’s appearance, rubbing some of her moisture off his cheek with a thumb. “Come up here and kiss me.”

Dylan lifted himself to kneel between Karen’s legs, placing his lips against hers. The two embraced, exploring each others tongues and tasting the flavor of their mixed fluids.

Feeling Dylan’s erection pressed against the inside of her thigh, Karen broke the kiss and said “Oh my, you’re already hard again.”

Dylan nodded and Karen took his erection into her hand, giving it a few caressing strokes. “Are you ready to try again?”

“Yeah, I love you mom. I want to fuck you again so bad.”

“Okay baby. Come on, lay down. I’ll be on top this time. That way I can control the pace and give you a good fuck.”

Dylan rose and climbed onto the bed, laying down so Karen could straddle him. She reached between her legs to grasp her son’s shaft and steer it towards the proper position. She was soaking wet so it hardly took any effort to drop down and envelop Dylan’s cock.

“Uhhh…oh mom, you feel so good.”

Karen put her hands on Dylan’s chest, kneeling legs on either side of his hips, and began slowly rocking. “You too sweetie. Your big dick is amazing. I love having it inside me”

“I’m so happy mom. I love you. I wish you were my girlfriend.”

“Oh honey, I can be. Your father is gone now and you’re the man of the house. That means we’re lovers now and you get to fuck me with this big cock whenever you want. You can fuck your hot mother anytime you please.”

Dylan started breathing heavy with the pleasure of Karen’s slow rolling motions, his own hips bucking slightly against her. “Are…are we safe? I mean, are you going to get pregnant?”

“No, it’s okay. I’m on the pill sweetie.” Karen said, her own breath raspy. She looked down at her son, her hair falling to frame her face. “Why, would that turn you on? Would it make you hot to knock your own mother up?”

Dylan moaned at that, reaching up to grip Karen’s swaying breasts. He loved the way they felt, so soft and gelatinous in his hands. “Yes, oh fuck yes.”

“You dirty boy. You want to fuck a baby into your own mother? Oh god, that’s so nasty and hot. Do it Dylan. Fuck your baby-making seed into me.”

“Jesus, mom, oh shit…” Dylan groaned, thrusting his hips upwards and working his erection deep into Karen.

She increased her pace, lifting her hands to cup Dylan’s, forcing him to squeeze her tits tightly. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck your mother. Fuck yourself into the place you came from. Fuck that big cock into mommy.”

Dylan’s jaw hung open and his eyes rolled back as he experienced more pleasure than ever before, his mother’s pussy swallowing and sucking his cock into her.

Riding her son, Karen continued the dirty talk. “Your big fucking cock is right where it belongs, buried inside your mother. Oh shit baby, oh god it feels so good! I want you to cum. I want you to shoot your baby into mommy’s womb, make me fat with your child, Dylan! Oh…Oh!…Oh fuck I’m going to cum…fuck me Dylan, fuck it into me! OH SHIT!!!”

Dylan tensed and lost control, thrusting hard and burying himself to the hilt of his shaft. He screamed in ecstasy as his orgasm overcame his senses. “I’m cumming! Oh mom! I’m cumming inside you!”

Collapsing on her son, Karen fell to his chest and into his grip. Dylan hugged her close and the two bucked against each other, unable to do anything other than grunt, breath, and hump their bodies against one another through the mutual orgasms.

When it was finally over, Karen mewed and nuzzled her sweaty form against Dylan’s as she pressed several light kisses all over his neck and cheek.

“Mom, that was so hot.” Dylan said softly, breathing rapidly and holding her close.

“I know sweetheart, it was amazing. That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“I love you mom.”

“I love you too Dylan.”

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