13 Mayıs 2023

E040:Pearl Twenty-two


Donald and Emma spend the evening cuddling on the couch, watching an adult film which covers a lot of what they have been doing together as Emma earns her pearls.  They munch on the pizza, both now naked again under the afghan, and sip on wine.  It is just a nice evening together for them.Around eleven Donald lifts Emma into his arms and carries her to her bed.  They continue to cuddle as they sleep through the night.  In the morning, tanning and massage, Karen showing the magic of her fingers on Emma today.  Emma is getting quite used to this daily attention.After their morning shower and Donald dressing her and getting her ready, they part for the day.  Standing by her car, as he says goodbye to her, Donald tells her that there is something special ahead for this afternoon.  He tells her to have an early good lunch and he will Pendik escort see her at four in the bedroom.Emma wonders as she drives to her meetings what Donald has planned today.  Yesterday was unusual, though exciting, and now something else ahead. At ten he texts her and tells her to go to the women’s room and open her purse.  She does as she is told during the meeting break.She opens her purse and sees there is a small sack bag in it.  She goes to a stall and opens it.  There are a rather large plug and a small tube of lube.  She doesn’t have to read the accompanying note to know what she must do.Squatting on the toilet, her panties at her ankles and her legs spread, she puts some lubricant on the plug, leans forward and presses it up in her.  She moans quietly at the sensation.  When firmly Beykoz escort bayan in place, she pulls her panties back up and stands. She really hasn’t walked around a lot with a plug in her, and the feeling running through her as she feels it press into her as she does arouse her some.She returns to the meeting and for the next two hours, she wiggles in her seat from time to time to enjoy the awareness of it rubbing on the sides of her anus.  Others in the meeting see the small smile playing on her lips and think she is in favor of what is being discussed.When the meeting breaks, she hurries and gets herself some lunch and then on to her next meeting.  All the time enjoying the thrill of it up in her.Four o’clock cannot get there soon enough.  She is loving the phenomenon of this stretching Escort Cevizli her, opening her, readying her for something to come.  She imagines what is perhaps ahead and wonders if she will enjoy that act as much as she has everything which has happened so far.She is a little nervous about doing this too, just the idea of it, but she does enjoy the plugs a great deal. She arrives at the bedroom and undresses leaving her clothes on the couch as she usually does.  Karen or Julie will come later and wash and put them away like always. She goes to stand by the bed, but Donald calls her from the bathroom to coming in there.Donald is waiting for her, sitting on the stool by the toilet, with a towel over his lap, otherwise naked, except for rubber gloves.  There is a full enema bag hanging next to the toilet.  Emma looks a little concerned at what she sees.“Emma, it is time for you to learn how to clean yourself to prepare for us fucking in a new way today,” Donald explains.She feels the shivers running through her as she realizes that what she had been thinking is going to happen today.‘Is she ready for this further act?’

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