15 Mayıs 2023

E133:The honeymoon


Donald’s thoughts on the plane ride are embedded in him now.  He realizes what Emma has given him and how much he needs her to mesh with him. So, while Emma sleeps some through this trip, he does not, but as the plane descends to its destination, Donald does feel awake.Arriving at Heathrow Airport, they make it through customs and soon are at their accommodations at the Savory Hotel.  Even modernized over the years, it still has all the amenities they are known for the last one hundred years.  Checking in and settling in their room, Donald unpacks the bags of things they will need here.  As he does, Emma is sitting on the bed, watching him arrange things.  In his hand is the hairbrush Emma knows well for its use, and she looks questionably to him.Donald stands in front of her and says, “Emma. It was mostly in fun for us when you asked me to spank you the other day to remember to be a good wife to me.  I think now before we go further, you need to do the same to me, so I remember my responsibilities to you as your husband.”  Saying so, he hands Emma the brush.Emma amazed at what she is hearing, but now understanding immediately the need Donald has.  Donald’s willingness to submit to such a level to demonstrate his full and equal commitment to their marriage.  Acknowledgment of the bond they have now forged between them.Outwardly, Emma just takes the brush from Donald’s hand, laying in nearby, then unbuckling his trouser and opening them to fall with his boxers between Donald’s legs.  Once exposed this way, Donald bends himself over Emma’s knees to accept what will now happen.  His prick, much to his dismay, is reacting already.  Before anything happens, it is semi-hard and easy to slide between Emma’s soft thighs as her dress shifts up a bit on her legs.As Emma rubs and squeezes his ass cheeks preparing for what is to come, Donald’s mind wanders to last night’s revelations, and he so wants to be chastised for his shortcoming over his life.  Which when he feels Emma’s hand smacking him the first time, he lets out a groan of acceptance.SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.Emma’s hand lands back and forth over his cheeks.  She does not say anything as she continues to hand spank Donald to begin.  She knows there is something he is trying to work out, unspoken, right now.SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.Donald is understanding, with guilt, how he has treated people in his past, his shortcomings, and misguided sense of superiority.  He has a ways Anadolu yakası escort to go, but today, as Emma’s hand comes smacking his ass cheeks over and over, he is taking the first most significant step to evolve into the man he wants to be, the husband he needs to be, for Emma.Emma stops and rubs Donald’s now very rosy ass, she feels his cock totally at attention between her thighs, so close to her cunt, rubbing up to the softness of her panties.  She wiggles her legs against him, holding him close.  She hears Donald moan within his crying, and he moves his body to get nearer and nearer to Emma.Emma picks up the hairbrush now and rubs it around his reddened ass cheeks and thighs before lifting it for the first time to come down soundly in the center of his cheeks.  The sudden smack landing over Donald’s crack makes him winch from the encounter.SMACK, SPANK, SMACK, SPANK, SMACK, SPANK, SMACK, SPANK.The spanking is cathartic.  The releasing of the tears now running down Donald’s face, not from the pain really, but understanding how guilty he has been in so many things.  The crying and tears are coming freely from Donald, releasing pent-up emotions, the horrible toxins that he has been holding in for so long.Every slap to his ass makes him review a different deficit in his character.  With each spank, he feels the release from that crime, and the stress related to it leave his body.  It is euphoric for him to feel himself being free and forgiven even for his past behavior.The cleansing crying coming from Donald seems to increase, as the arousal, he feels in his prick escalate also.  Emma is a bit unsure about going much longer, but Donald keeps lifting his ass to her each time she slows.  Emma comprehends that he still wants, needs, more.SMACK, SPANK, SMACK, SPANK, SMACK, SPANK, SMACK, SPANKDonald is starting to feel better about all the flaws he now understands in himself.  This spanking was what he so needed, and probably will in the future too when he gets too full of himself.  He accepts the final swats to his ass as Emma finishes.  Donald feels such a weight lifted off him.Emma rubs Donald’s red ass gently as he calms himself.  She helps him stand and motions for him to lay on the bed with her.  Emma slides her panties off.  Donald’s cock is so hard, and Emma knows Donald needs that release now also.  She has him lay on his side, and she scoots her back up to Donald’s chest and her ass against his Kurtköy escort bayan crotch.Emma lifts one leg over Donald’s legs and guides his throbbing prick into her wet and waiting twat.  She feels Donald trembling member entering her love cave so readily.  Emma does most of the moving, but he also does. They soon are at a feverish pace, Donald slamming deeply into her, pressing against her cervix with each stroke.  Emma is clutching his cock on each thrust.Moments later, they both explode.  Donald’s semen up in her, Emma’s juices are streaming out of her.Both pant from the encounter, so happy to be together.  As they lie more or less in the same fashion, Donald vows much more to Emma than he did at the wedding.  He tells her all about his revelation last night on the plane.  Hearing this, Emma turns and pulls Donald to her breasts as she caresses his back, telling him everything with be fine.It was a moment of total tenderness between them.  Emma is nurturing Donald as he needs right now.  She pulls to covers up over them, and in minutes Donald is sleeping.  Emma smiles as she hears him begin to snore some, which lulls her to sleep.All things considered, while they did not venture out yet, this is a perfect start to their honeymoon.  Both feeling so close to each other than ever before.~~~Neither wakes up until dusk.  Donald, still laying his head on Emma’s boobs stirs, and it takes a moment for him to remember where they are.  There still is a bit of a sting to his ass. Emma did an incredibly good job of chasing his demons away.Donald feels Emma waking and moves a bit to kiss her as her eyes open.  What an extraordinary way to awaken, being kissed by the man she loves.  Emma smiles at him, looks around, and asks what time it is?Donald mumbles, it doesn’t matter right now as he begins to lower his kisses down her neck, to Emma’s shoulders, over her breasts taking time to enjoy and suck on each nipple.  Then down over her stomach, running his tongue in patterns as he goes lower and lower.  Covering both hips with kisses and then down to licking, kissing, and nibbling on both her inner thighs.Emma’s breath is getting heavier and heavier, feeling Donald’s attention to her.  When he spreads her thighs, sucks on both labia to make them swell and redden, she is starting to moan louder and louder.Spreading her wider, Emma feels Donald’s tongue lick around her muff in a slow and steady rhythm.  His fingers join in Escort Maltepe on this performance for his private audience.  The fingers run behind his tongue as he searches each part of her slit.  The fingers find a resting place deep in Emma’s vag where they twitch and turn pressing the sides of her cunt.  Donald’s tongue is dancing on the head of Emma’s clit, teasing it to help her climb to a tall, tall peak.With such attention, it does not take long for Emma to trip the light fantastic crying out in pleasure as her back buckles and her snatch explodes with contraction after contraction.  Once he knows Emma has cum, Donald slows and eases himself from her, to hold Emma in his arms until she calms.Only then does Donald tell her that it is about six o’clock.  They have spent their first day in London in bed.  But both are feeling much better after sleeping to adjust their inner clocks to the time difference.Donald calls and reserves a table for eight o’clock at Simpson’s in the Strand, which is well known for their cuisine and next to the hotel.  They take a long leisurely bath to enjoy the large tub.  Dressed and ready, they leave their room at seven-thirty to enjoy a drink or two at the bar before their dinner.  The atmosphere and elegance of the hotel and restaurant thrill Emma and sends tingles through her body, almost as delightful as when Donald touches her in certain ways.Emma, while amazed at all around her, has been brought up to behave like a lady at all times.  Though her eyes check out all around her, Emma remains poised and calm as they make their way to the bar. While neither really drink gin, as it is the house specialty, they order the special cocktail of the day.  As they sip their drinks, they just talk about what they would like to see and do while in London.  Donald amused by some of the go-to attractions Emma would like to see.  Bt then surprised by some of her other, out of the way, spots she also mentions.The four-course meal is delicious, and the extraordinary tastes of each dish did take them into a gourmand paradise.  The Beef Wellington and Yorkshire Pudding are to die for.  Donald and Emma are savoring each bite she takes, looking into each other’s eyes as they fall into the state of seduction by food. They felt stirring in their loins, pulses running through their bodies, and their tongues alive to welcome each new bite to linger over.  Halfway through the meal, Emma could feel her panties are drenched.  And Donald realizes his present condition needs to calm before he could even think about standing to leave the restaurant.It is a wonderful first meal for them to share to start their adventure.  Back in their room, even after sleeping half the day, Donald and Emma fall into a deep sleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows that night.

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