12 Aralık 2022

Emails To My Online Lover


Email 1

Good Morning Hun

How are you? I am lonely wishing you were here next to me naked of course so I could share with you my though about the both of us. So we could make out using our mouths and tongues to explore each others bodies. I would kiss your neck move down to your chest then to your belly button, swirl my tongue around it as you softly moan. I look up and the move down to my best friend, I give it a kiss and it jumps and then I take the head into my mouth, you moan loader and you caress my head as I take all of you into my mouth. It hits the back of my throat; I gag but relax and let you slide down my eagerly awaiting throat. I look up at you and smile with my eyes and you smile back. My eyes tell you that I love you and you. I slowly pull out then back in, and then faster I fuck you with my mouth. You moan again and I look up to see a tear in your eye showing me that you love me just as much. You hands hold my heads so you cock is deep in my mouth as I feel my baby swell then explode your hot man juices down my throat, oh so much I gag but am able to control it and swallow, I loving look up and you tell me you love me I begin to tear up pull you out of me and quickly move up and kiss you passionately, tell you I love you. We lay there and hold each other.

Email mersin escort 2

Good Morning

Well once again I wake up and guess who was on my mind. Hope that is okay with you Hun. It is fine with me. It is cold again about minus 6, so I am still lying in bed all alone and thinking of you so what should I do?

If you were here let me tell you what I would be doing. I would wake first and lay there and look at you sleeping and enjoying every second. Not being able to help my self, I gently caress your body first you chest, then stomach, then I move to your growing cock. You moan and begin to wake, you ask m what I am doing, I stop you by planting a big hot kiss on your lips while still stroking you. We make out for a while, enjoying our man love.

I have you roll over onto you stomach and massage your back. After a while I move to your legs, you spread them giving access to you sweet as. I continue to massage them then I replace my hand with my lips, you spread you leg wider exposes you tight sweet manpussy. I kiss it, then lick it, oh the taste is indescribable. You moan I lube up you manpussy slide two fingers in, you moan loader as I use three. Now that you are nice a lubed I lube my rocks hard cock, slide it slowly into you until you have all 6 3/4″ of my fat cock. I lay escort mersin for a moment enjoying you warmth, then I pull out. You beg me for more, so I begin slowly enjoying every stroke. You start matching my thrust soon we a fucking in perfect unison. My pace quicken as I feel the impending climax coming. Faster we fuck as if we were one and at this moment we are. Unable to hold back I explode and fill your manpussy with my love juice. We collapse and lay there motionless while I drain all of

my seeds into you. As you would say we are one no forever, you and me forever. You roll over, we kiss and profess our love. I notice how hard you are so I move down and give you the best blowjob yet making the out plant your seeds in me to, just from the other end. For sure now we are one.

Hope this make you hot reading as much as it did me writing it. I am hot right now.

Email 3

Good morning

Sorry I have been away for a couple days, please don’t think you haven’t been on my mind because you have been.

Thought I would write you the next part of my dream of us. we lay here in each others arm enjoying each other’s bodies on this cold night. You laying behind me spooning, I feel you beginning to get aroused again. I grind my ass back against you hardening cock, moan mersin escort bayan then whisper “again?”. You kiss me on the back of my neck and pull me closed to you. You move your hands down and begin to stroke me. I am still a little tender after our marathon fuck session earlier but the gentle touch of your hand feels feel so good. You turn me over and we kiss still stroking me you look into my I and tell me you want to make love to me. No arguments from me, I wanted you as much as you say you want me.

You slide down take my cock in your mouth, omg I think I am going to cum right now and I do. Shooting my cum into your mouth. Thinking you’ll swallow it you surprise me and drool it onto my asshole and the rest on you throbbing cock. “Might as well have a little lube baby” as you enter me. The pain subsides as you go deeper into my tight ass. Once you have me all for you self you lean down and we passionately kiss. You begin to fuck me slowly at first then faster. You start out being gentle but as the passion overtakes you begin to pound my ass but as you get close to summing the session again get passionate and loving. I feel you swell and I actually feel you hot streams of cum shoot deep in me. You whisper “not only did I plant my seed I planted your in you to, us together deep in you hun.”

We collapse a fall asleep in each others arms, you still inside of me. Hope we have many more love session to come sweetheart, I love you so much and my body aches for you and hope to make our dreams come true someday.

Love you

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