24 Mayıs 2023

Emanuelle’s Lover


I am thinking of a quiet autumn night on Cape Cod, a quiet inn with views of the ocean on three sides, a quiet weekend together, eating dinners, taking long walks, sharing breakfast in bed, and letting the time slowly pass through us. After a nice Italian dinner, three full courses and too much desert, we head back to the inn to sit in our favorite chairs on a side porch, one that looks due south, along the coast and across the ocean. We find our chairs empty, waiting for us, but I need a cup of coffee and you offer brandy to go with it. As I settle in, wrapping a blanket around me against the cool ocean breezes, you fetch the coffee and the spirits, bringing back two warm mugs. A light kiss on the lips and then we both settle back, holding hands between our chairs, silently sipping.The sounds of the water, the buzz of satiety, a few glasses of wine, and Ankara escort the gentle warmth of the brandy mix together to make us sleepy. Only the coffee and the gentle playfulness of our hands locked together keep us awake. You tell me stories about your childhood, especially the ones that make you most happy. I listen closely, staring out at the ocean, but my mind’s eye is on you.The coffee grows colder, the cool breezes bolder, and you suggest moving back to our room, to perhaps snuggle under some warm covers. I look over to you and smile. We have been exploring each other all weekend, but I feel there is more still to come, more touches to find and learn. I smile at you, squeeze your hand, and stand up quickly. I put my cup down on the porch ledge, take yours from your hands, and then throw the blanket out wide, slipping Ankara escort bayan onto your lap, then covering us both. I kiss your lips, then tuck my head into your shoulder, resting just on your chest. Your arms wrap around me and I snuggle closer. You squeeze tighter, not wanting this feeling, this warmth, or being together like this to go away. We both stay silent, listening to the ocean, listening to our own deep breathing. Your fingers play through my hair, your hand traces a line down my cheek and neck. I shiver a little and you hold me tighter. My face looks up to yours and we both smile before closing our eyes and placing our lips together lightly. A soft gentle kiss, then your hand finds my face, pulls me in closer and we kiss more deeply, more fully. I can taste wine and coffee and chocolate dessert on Escort Ankara your lips, our tongues are curious, exploring, teasing. I moan softly, you murmur how good this feels I break our kiss and rest my head against your shoulder again, my hands rubbing your chest and arms. You look down at me and let out a long sigh, so beautiful, so warm, so gentle, so soft and perfectly contoured in your lap. The blanket still covers us, my hands moving around now underneath it. You start to whisper and I kiss you quickly. “Keep your hand along my face, just touch my cheek and nose and lips and neck,” I whisper. I kiss you deeply again, then shift a little, positioning my legs, moving my hips, adjusting my posture on your lap. I undo a few buttons on my skirt, letting it fall open just enough for my skin to radiate heat on you. Your hand leaves my face for a moment and I look up at you and smile. “Just keep your hand there, baby.” We kiss again, lips parting fully now to let our tongues mingle and mix. I suck a little on your tongue.  You respond with a nibble on my lip. My hands begin to fumble for the belt and buttons of your pants that are restraining you.

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