6 Mayıs 2023

Emma and Katie


In the past, when I had gone out for the evening, I had recruited the services of my sister’s friend, Emma to “dog sit” for me. My apartment had been skilfully and discreetly fitted with a top of the range indoor surveillance system which included a hi definition digital camera located behind the glass of a two way mirror. The mirror was suspended from the wall in the lounge, directly above the television with a perfect sight line of the sofa. There were also a couple of microphones which had been well hidden in the material of the lampshades. I can assure you that this surveillance system had already been put to very good use on one or two previous occasions. The apartment had been expensively and tastefully decorated and was home to me and my pet dog, Fido Now, I was patiently waiting for Emma to again arrive so that I could go out on the town with friends for the evening. The anticipation of seeing this sixteen year old beauty had already got me quite excited, and I knew that this feeling would only increase as the evening continued. The buzzer downstairs sounded, and I quickly checked that the camera was running before I allowed Emma entry into the building. I was actually quite hard when the knock at my front door came a couple of minutes later. I opened the door to see the gorgeous nubile Emma standing there with a lovely smile spread across her not so innocent young face, with Ataşehir Escort my equally stunning sister, Katie standing next to her. We exchanged hellos and kisses and Katie said that she was there to keep Emma company for the evening. I was immediately disappointed to hear this because it obviously meant that I would not be getting the repeat performance of Emma’s “one woman show” which she unknowingly gave me on a previous visit to my home. I invited the girls in and told them to treat the place as their own. I had already given Fido his walk so they could relax and watch TV or a DVD or do anything they wanted. I put my coat on and went out for the evening. I met up with my friends in the local pub, and we made a night of it finishing up in the Indian restaurant just round the corner from my home. I made my way home round about midnight and had to buzz my own apartment to gain entry, since it was my habit to leave my keys at home whenever Emma was dog sitting for me. The girls let me in, and we had a little chat before the mini cab called to take them home. I was feeling a bit grumpy as I sat down with a cup of coffee, but decided to play back camera’s recording just in case… The screen on my TV came to life and initially it was just Emma sitting there, brushing her hair, (sitting exactly in the same spot as me right now actually) and then Katie, my sister entered the shot Ataşehir Escort Bayan and she sat down next to Emma. They were looking in the direction of the TV and were laughing and talking together as girls do. Both of them had kicked their shoes off and Emma had brought her feet up onto the sofa and was sitting slightly sideways on to Katie. I then noticed a slight change in the mood of my sister and she leaned back and appeared to start talking more seriously to Emma. She was now directing all of her attention to her friend and neither of them were paying attention to the TV. Emma picked up the remote and zapped the sound lower which meant that I could now hear their conversation in perfect clarity. My sister was saying that she had a “thing” for a boy called Tom, and she had said yes when he asked her out on a date. “What if he wants to kiss me,”? said Katie. Emma laughed and grabbed Katie’s hand and said “Of course he’ll want to kiss you. What do you expect? He’ll probably want to keep on kissing you. I know I would if I was him.” And with that Emma smiled coyly and looked away. Katie looked at Emma and said, “The trouble is, I don’t know how to kiss a boy. What do I do?. Will he laugh at me if I do it wrong? Oh god, Emma I’m so petrified of making a fool of myself.” Emma leaned forward and took both of Katie’s hands in hers and said, “Oh Kate, you silly girl. You have nothing Escort Ataşehir to worry about. Kissing is something that comes naturally, just like sex itself. You’ll be fine, I promise.” “Christ, I hope he doesn’t want sex as well.” And both of them started giggling. “I’ll tell you what,” said Emma. “I’ll show you how to kiss Tom if you want me to.” Katie’s eyes widened as she looked at her friend and said, “ How are you going to do that? Are you going to kiss me yourself”? “That’s exactly what I’m going to do,” said Emma, “But only if you are comfortable with it. We wont tell anybody. It will be our little secret. I rather like the idea of kissing you anyway.” Katie was looking at Emma with a look of doubt on her face, but I could see that the idea of kissing her friend appealed to her, and of course, it certainly appealed to me. I was sitting watching this exchange with a massive hard on and was desperately hoping that Katie would not get cold feet. Katie gave out a long sigh and said, “Ok then, kiss me.” And again both of them laughed. Probably out of nervousness, I thought. Emma cleared her throat and threw her hair back and said, “Ok, here it comes. Close your eyes and don’t flinch.” Emma was still holding both of Katie’s hands as she leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. Jesus. I was rock hard and pulled down my zip and released my hot cock from the confines of my jeans and boxers. The kiss lasted no more than three seconds, meaning it wasn’t a smouldering lingering lovers kiss, but neither was it just a quick peck. Emma pulled away and said nothing as Katie put her hands to her cheeks which were now a glowing fiery red.

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