14 Mart 2023

En-Gauge-ing Love Ch. 02

Anal Plug

Gauge and I had been dating for over two years and were still going strong. Gauge was in his senior year of college, and I in the beginning of my junior year. Our schedules were insane; it seemed like we were busy nonstop. I felt like I barely got to see Gauge anymore, but I suppose that’s how it went when you were both college students participating in athletic programs.

I pulled my catcher’s mask down over my face and squatted behind home plate. We were playing our district rivals today and so far it had been a tough game. We were winning by two points at the moment, but it was the bottom of the 7th, and our opponents had two girls on base; one on first and one on second. We only had one out, so we knew anything was possible.

Our college’s baseball team had just joined the crowd, cheering us on loudly. They had just won their game and were hoping for the same outcome for us. Gauge was in the crowd now and I heard him holler out, cheering us on. Our pitcher, and my best friend, Katie, threw two strikes to the batter. Her next pitch came in perfectly and the batter jumped at the chance. I heard the crack of the bat on the ball and saw the ball fly into left field. I knew as soon as it was caught the two girls on base would tag up and be sprinting to the next base. And I also knew that the girl who would be heading to third was VERY fast and would probably try for home.

I was right.

I planted myself in between third base and home and waited as the ball hurdled through the air towards me. The throw was a bit short and I dropped to my knees to catch it- just at the same time that the runner slammed into my left shoulder. I managed to keep hold of the ball, and I heard the umpire shout “OUT!”

That was when it hit me. Searing hot pain flashed through my shoulder and down my arm. I had started to stand up but the pain was enough to buckle my knees again. I clutched at my arm and sat back onto the dirt, tears burning my eyes. Our coaches came jogging out onto the field and knelt down beside me, poking and prodding; only making it worse.

I then heard the only voice that I wanted to hear at that moment, Gauge’s. “Babe, you ok?” he asked as he knelt down in the dirt beside me. His face was streaked with dirt, and the remnants of “eye black” was still on his cheeks. His uniform was wet with sweat and had dirt stains all over it. It looked like he had played a hard game.

“This shit hurts…” I muttered in response to his question and he nodded, his eyes worried and solemn. My coach then told me that they needed me to go to the hospital and would house of the dragon izle call an ambulance. I agreed to going to the hospital but Gauge insisted on driving me there. He had driven his truck to the game. Plus, it would save me the embarrassment of being carted away with flashing lights.

Gauge helped me up onto my feet and we walked off of the field. Even though the game was over, due to that double play, the crowd still remained and clapped as I walked off, making me blush bright red. I hated attention like that. Gauge lifted me into the truck, causing me to grimace a bit in pain.

“You gonna make it, love?” asked Gauge as we headed towards the hospital. I smiled at the question.

“Yes, smart ass, I am sure I will survive,” I said in answer and smiled over at him. Over two hours later we walked out of the hospital, my arm in a brand new, very uncomfortable, sling. I had dislocated my shoulder in the collision, and it was fixed now. But damn if it didn’t still hurt a whole hell of a lot.

We made it back to the dorm about 10:00 PM and headed straight to Gauge’s room. His roommate, Josh, was out for the night so it was just him and I, thankfully. After gathering our stuff we both headed to the bathrooms and showered off, meeting back at his room afterward.

I sighed as I sank down onto his comfortable mattress, and he sank down beside me, cradling me carefully in his arms. He was always so considerate, and it was no different now. He began to kiss me gently, his tongue stroking the inside of my mouth causing me to move into his embrace deeper. His hands stroked lightly down my sides, over my hips and back to cup my ass. I moaned softly as his fingers squeezed my cheeks, pulling them apart slightly.

My good hand snaked up over his chest, tracing the contours of his abs and pecs. A shiver ran through his strong body and I smiled at this. He smiled back at me and leaned down to kiss me again, before rolling over so that I was straddling him and he was on his back.

I could feel his slightly hard cock pressing against my thigh and wiggled a little against it, making him groan softly. I looked down at him, running my tongue across my lips slowly and then leaned down to kiss his neck, and down to his bare chest. Gauge’s hands fisted in my hair lightly as I kissed even lower.

When I reached the top of his sweatpants I traced a path along the band of them with my tongue. Gauged twitched a bit as I traced the contours of his hip bones with my tongue and I smiled. I then how i caught my killer izle pulled down his sweatpants, with his help, freeing his straining cock. With only one good hand to work with I pondered how to do this. I got up off of the bed and then knelt down on the floor, giving him a sultry smile. He immediately got the hint and stood in front of me, his cock bobbing enticingly.

I used my good hand to steady him and then reached down, licking his cock from the head to the base. I then kissed my way down the length of him and back before wrapping my lips around his head. Gauge’s hips bucked as my lips surrounded him and I looked up into his eyes from under my lashes. (He loves when I do that!)

Gauge’s hands fisted in my hair and he pressed his dick deeper into my mouth. I used my teeth to gently scrape along his length, drawing a growl from his throat. He gave me a mean look, but I knew he liked it. I then began to suck on his cock in earnest.

I began to bob my head up and down along his length, using my tongue and lips to massage and squeeze him as I moved. The head of his cock bumped the back of my throat and I knew he had done it on purpose. Gauge loved it when I deep throated him. I opened my mouth wider and stuck out my tongue a bit, allowing his cock to slide farther into my mouth. Ignoring my gag reflex I pressed my face farther onto him and his cock slid past my gag reflex and down my throat.

“Ohh fuck yeah baby!” groaned Gauge as I took his entire cock into my mouth and throat. My nose was pressed into his groin and his hold on my hair wouldn’t let me move away. After a few seconds of holding me in place he eased his grip and I moved off of him a bit, taking a few deep breaths. I looked up at him and couldn’t help but smile. Gauge might like to play a little rough sometimes but there was no mistaking the fact that he loved me and I loved him. I could see it radiating from his eyes.

Gauge smiled down at me, taking his hands and running them gently through my hair. He then took my hand in his and helped me up and back onto the bed. Once there he slowly kissed me, his tongue dancing with mine in our mouths. By this point in time my pussy was drenched. I loved giving head, it really turned me on. As did the “rough” play that we engaged in.

After a few seconds of kissing, I felt Gauge’s fingers travel down my body, along my stomach and to the waistband of my sweatpants. He traced a path lightly along the waistband before pushing them off of my hips and trailing how we roll izle his fingertips along my slit. My hips automatically arched up off of the bed at his touch and he chuckled softly.

“How do you want it baby?” he whispered in my ear as he plunged two fingers into my depths. I cried out in pleasure and my body quivered in delight.

“Hard, baby, hard…” was all I could manage to pant out and I saw how pleased Gauge was.

“Think you can handle doggy style with just one arm?” he asked even as he was flipping me over. He knew I could manage anything.

I kicked my sweatpants the rest of the way off and then had Gauge help me in removing my shirt, careful not to disrupt my shoulder.

Gauge had a mirror hanging on the wall in front of his bed and in this position I could see everything that he was doing behind me. Gauge caressed my ass where it was stuck up in front of him, spreading the cheeks slightly and leaning down to flick his tongue along my pussy. My body quivered and I moaned in pleasure, my ass arching up higher. Gauge looked at me in the mirror and winked, smiling, before he took his hard cock and pressed it to my slit. My juices coated his cock at once and he grinned. He positioned the head of his cock and slowly slid inside of me. Even after two years he still filled and stretched me tight. I had myself balanced on one arm, cradling the other to my chest as he began to pump in and out of me.

Slowly Gauge gained speed until his balls were slapping against me with every thrust. He reached beneath me and his fingers began to play with my clit, instantly causing me to freefall into an insane orgasm. I threw my head back, crying out loud, and felt Gauge’s hand fist in my hair. He pulled it tight, and I gasped in pleasure, and a little bit of pain. With my head pulled back he began to slam into me hard. My arm was beginning to get tired so I lay my face down on the bed, allowing Gauge even deeper access into my pussy. His cock impaled me with every thrust and I could feel another orgasm fast approaching.

“Oh god, baby, Gauge, I’m about to cum again…” I moaned softly and Gauge smiled down at me. He reached down and lightly pinched my clit, sending me rocketing off into ecstasy again. I cried out loud and felt Gauge stiffen behind me. His cock pulsed inside of my pussy and I felt his hot seed pouring into my canal.

Gauge let out a low, fierce growl, as he poured himself into me and I whimpered in pleasure. He continued to pump into my cunt slowly until his cock began to soften. He then slid out of me and lay back on the bed, pulling me with him so that I lay in his arms. We were both still breathing hard and slicked with sweat. I smiled at him as I leaned over to kiss his lips.

“You’re amazing,” I whispered and he laughed softly.

“Not nearly as amazing as you. How’s your shoulder feeling?” he replied.

“I’ve never felt better,” I said with a sly wink and Gauge laughed out loud.

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