16 Mayıs 2023

ESTIM Experiences


I was always interested in this. I finally got a TENS unit recently, and some pad electrodes. The very first time all that happened is I got very hard, in anticipation, but there was a learning curve and I had too much to absorb in my first session to reach an orgasm. Several subsequent sessions like that happened BUT each time the pleasure itself was better and better, and I found that even finishing off with my Fleshlight was intensified by my estim foreplay. Eventually, I fashioned makeshift cock electrodes using thick solder, found a day when I could devote some real ‘me’ time alone and undisturbed. I have to say, felling the sensations in the base of my cock and around the corona, set to ‘WAVE’ while watching some favorite online porn was intensely arousing, and HOORAY I finally had an HFO,(hands-free-orgasm)! Since then I have ordered and received adjustable conductive-rubber electrodes to cum with, and have also made better home-made ones using thick-gauge copper, using the connectors from 2 old TENS pads to hook up. I like to have on at the base, one up near the head, each on a separate channel, with a pad in my ‘taint’ area and another under my balls on completing the circuit. Playing with the intensity of the unit is HOT, and I love how estim allows me to ride the edge for long intense sessions, and I have now started to have HFOs regularly! Escort Arnavutköy It IS all about the mindset, as you do have to train your mind and body to accept that you are not going to hurt yourself. Once you find that ‘place’ you will LOVE IT! I can only say that it really is not anything like you have ever felt, it is safe and completely under your control.

That all said, here is one of my more recent experiences: I spent 3 hours one morning stimming to hot squirt porn, phone sex and mutual toy fun as well. Had a sticky pad electrode on my taint, one tucked under my ball sack, a ring electrode around the base of my cock and one around the head on my frenulum. I teased for awhile and then shut off the channel with the head electrode, removed it for a bit so I could stimulate my shaft and taint (and prostate BTW) while stroking using my Fleshlight. I was having a really hot sensual conversation with a sexy milf on the phone; got her off twice, especially when she listened to me get all aroused even more with the resumption of my stimming. Eventually the sensations were getting really intense. Alternating between a steady stroke, like millions of tiny tongue flutters on my cock head, to the more sensual wave, which felt like invisible lips sucking and stroking me, I was leaking precum like mad, and had Avcılar escort been going a long time. As I reached the point of no return and absolutely NEEDED to cum, I eased the stim up just a notch and that wonderfully ecstatic sensation caused my balls to churn out a heavy load of hot cum, shot it our all over my stomach and chest. Even after it was done the pulses still felt SOOO GOOD… I’m addicted!

TODAY, this very morning I woke up intensely horny. Got all my toys out and watched my favorite porn, while teasing my cock with the Fleshlight and my oro-simulator, (another great masturbator) until I was really erect. Then I put a large rubber electrode around my full ball sack, and a smaller one around the base of my cock. I had another ring electrode around my mid cockshaft, and finally the one around my corona. I was now ready, throbbing and stiff! I set all the controls to their lowest settings and turned the unit on. Easing the power up a notch, I could feel a light fluttering sensation around my nuts, and the electrode positioned at my mid shaft area. I had the electrodes arranged in alternating positions on my cock, so that the stimulations from the dual controls could be spread out along the whole area. I then eased the power up for the other setting and felt a sensual ‘tugging’ sensation in the base Bağcılar escort bayan of my cock and around the head of my dick. I was gazing at the lovely babe on the television stroking herself with a cock-shaped vibrator. The added stimulation of her actions, combined with my Teasing was already causing a clear pearly drop of precum to form on my cock, so I increased the power a bit. Immediately I could feel the pleasure move up a lot! Estim is a unique but intense pleasure. The beauty of it is you can be intensely stimulated and yet not cum, for long periods, rivaling the pleasures women can experience. You actually have mini-orgasms the whole time, intensifying the sensations. As I increased the stim, my cock felt like it was being sucked, stroked, licked and caressed all at the same time. MMM! There is nothing like it. Finally, my cock throbbing insanely and jerking all by itself, I KNEW I was going to spurt!

I set the controls for full stroke and the HFO started and I felt that familiar point if no return!

A last fleeting glimpse at Ro masturbating herself and squirting again in the TV, LUSTING for her, lusting for my cock pleasure, feeling insane pleasure and NEEDING, absolutely NEEDING to cum! Frantic sensations, lust, sex! Arousal! I came like I had not cum in quite a while. This is why I do this so often. Not every experience is this intense, but every experience since I discovered it for myself is great, there is no going back, as it is a true addiction of pleasure.

I laid back, the pleasure intensity subsiding slowly, my cock still feeling incredibly good, unlike when you cum in other ways. Time to start the day…

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