15 Mayıs 2023

Exhibitionism Goes Awry


It was a gorgeous Friday morning in early June. I had a rare day off and was looking forward to the extended weekend. The anticipation was made all the more enjoyable in that I was caught up on household chores and had no particular plans to do anything or even go anywhere. Being single with no one to answer to, it promised to be an exceptionally relaxing ‘me’ weekend. As with most days off, I enjoyed spending it in the nude. I’m in great shape and have a nice cock which I like to keep shaved, so I love the liberation of being nude. I’d call myself an exhibitionist if it weren’t for the fact that no one could see into my condo. I would think it can’t be called an exhibition if it couldn’t be witnessed. And I made sure of that. My condo is on the ground floor and opens a patio through a three-wide door wall. The patio is maybe eight feet deep and leads to the grassy commons beyond. I’ve realized that anyone at the far side of my patio – let alone the grassy area – couldn’t see into my place. The glare on the glass doors simply prevented it. I could do a nude dance in the middle of my living room and no one walking by would have any idea of it. I found it immensely erotic to be so exposed while still remaining private.That morning I showered, made some coffee and planned to settle into the chaise part of my sofa and jack to porn. My laptop is wirelessly connected to my 65″ flatscreen across from me where I liked to play particularly nasty porn of all genre. To my right is the door Escort esat wall that opens to the blinded world outside. It’s almost a ritual when I masturbate. I first open my door wall for the screen to let fresh air in. Then I lay a large beach towel over my chase to assure it doesn’t stain from the copious amounts of oil I use – which is what I get next. I then place the laptop on the left arm of my chaise and cue whatever porn I want in the mood for and connect to the tv. I then place my medium-sized dildo on the table – just in case I’m in the mood to shove it inside myself. I finally retrieve a large cup of hot coffee, settle back on the chaise, squirt a good amount of lube onto my cock, and hit the play button. I’m all set for an extended period of self-gratification that includes lots of ball play, stroking and tickling, and an occasion finger – or dildo – insertion of my anus. I typically edge myself for about an hour before finally have a mind-altering orgasm.This particular Friday, I was engrossed into a video compilation of men frotting and cumming on each other’s cocks when I notice someone slowly walking by my patio. I was a thin guy with a beard wearing shorts and a tee. He didn’t look familiar and assumed he was a contractor the association hired to do some long overdue upgrades to the complex. I knew he couldn’t see me, but it was a particularly exciting and a huge turn-on to be jacking to porn so openly and yet oblivious to anyone etimesgut escort outside. My mind was reeling with fantasies. The porn always turned me on, but the rare occasion people walked by while I jacked really got me going. I reached for the lube and squeezed out an exceptionally long stream of oil onto my cock. Like a wine sommelier pouring a glass of fine wine, I started at the tip and lifted up to exaggerate the stream of ooze before lowering back and twisting the container to stop the dripping and forming a curly-q like a Dairy Queen cone. Fuck, I love the sight of all that oil on my hard cock slowly dripping down my shaft. It’s mesmerizing. I put the tube down and used both hands to smear all that oil all over my cock and balls. I was so sensitive at that point that I couldn’t help closing my eyes, buck and arch my back. I was in ecstasy and knew I couldn’t hold back orgasm much longer when I heard a light tap on my screen door.I snapped out of my dream state to see the bearded guy standing and my screen door, peering into my place with a hand cupped at his temple to stop the glare. “You’re not the shy sort, are ya,” he said while darting his eyes between my flatscreen and my shiny cock.I was in a total panic. How embarrassing! I jumped up and padded around the corner and nervously barked “Who the fuck are you and what do you want!””I just wanted to let you know that I’m here to measure your patio for replacement. But now, well…” etlik escort bayan he trailed off. Fuck! I was shaking and my cock was quickly shriveling. “Um, okay. Thanks.” was all I could muster in response, hoping he’d go away.I then heard the screen door slide open and could feel myself glowing even redder. “Nice video,” he said. “Mind if I watch it with you?” I could hear his belt unbuckling before I could say anything.I shuddered in abject horror of the situation I was in. I didn’t know what to do. How do I deal with someone so brazen as to let himself into my home? I was torn between getting fry pan to threaten him and accepting whatever the consequences were of jacking in front of an open door.”I know you’re there. Come on back. I’d like to see more.” he said. “Too late to be shy now, isn’t it? C’mon, show me.”My face was hot but had to agree that there wasn’t much to hide anymore. I sheepishly came around the corner and into view. He was nude and laying back on the chaise where I had been, slowly stroking his semi-erect dick. That was certainly not what I had expected that day and certainly not ready for any of the scenarios I could imagine was in store, but couldn’t help admitting that my fear was slowly being replaced with arousal. “You’re a good-looking guy. Turn around. Show me your ass.” I timidly complied and found myself facing the tv where a cock was shooting a large load onto another cock. This was getting surreal. “Bend over for me. Spread your cheeks. Show me that ass of yours.” Again, I complied. I could feel my hard-on returning. “Very nice, he added.” I then jumped like one does when electrically shocked as I felt his bare foot on my butt and slide down my crack. I jumped again when he poked his big toe against my anus. “Mmmm. Yes, very nice.”

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