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Subject: Exhibitionist Dad – Chapter 1 Please consider making a donation to Nifty to support this incredible archive. fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. Please do not read if you are not of age in your jurisdiction. I love to hear from my readers. You can reach me at ail. Exhibitionist Dad: Chapter 1 My name is Michael and I’m a 42 year old father of twin boys, Alex and Kyle. I’m also a nudist, exhibitionist, slut who likes to be seen naked, told what to do and fuck for an audience. The boys’ mother and I split several years ago and they live a couple of states away, so typically I’m free to engage in my show off lifestyle without worry. Because they live far away, I don’t get to see my boys that often, but they do come and spend summers with me and even though it means wearing clothes around the house and generally hiding away my kinks, I was happy to do so to spend time with them. With summer approaching, I began preparing for my boys impending arrival by having a bunch of exhibitionist sex in hopes I would get it out of my system for the next few months. I was hanging with my best voyeur buddy Dan, slowly stroking my penis for his enjoyment and warning him that like the year before, I wasn’t going to be able to see him for the next few months. “How old are your boys these days, mike?” Dan asked as he reached out and started a slow massage of my balls. “Mmm,” I moaned. “They turned 12 earlier this year. Why do you ask?” “Just curious. You think they’ve hit puberty yet?” “According to their mother they have. Apparently she’s been busy washing crusty socks and complained about her water bill going up because the boys spend so much time in the shower these days.” I chuckled, remembering how horny I got when I was their age. I was quickly brought back to the present as Dan moved my hand away and took my penis in his own, increasing the pace of his stroking and making me squirm. Dan loved to bring me to the edge a number of times during our sessions before allowing me to cum. “Ah so the boys have discovered the joys of beating off! So tell me, since they’re becoming young men, why not just tell them you’re a nudist? It’s just you guys around here, I bet they wouldn’t mind.” “I don’t know, I don’t think they would want to see their old man parading around in the buff.” I was struggling to pay attention to the conversation as Dan had me really turned on with his manual manipulations. “But you look great Mike. You keep in fantastic shape and you have all this great fur,” he said as he ran a hand through my chest hair. “I bet they wouldn’t mind getting to see this hunky man bod in all its glory. I think you should tell them the truth and see. Plus, I bet you would love having them see you naked.” Even though I had never really given a thought to my boys seeing me naked, Dan was right. The thought of their eyes scanning me head to toe had me pretty worked up. Dan must have been able to tell as he sped up stroking me and with a shout, I came, shooting a few times across my chest and then coating Dan’s hand with my cum. As I caught my breath, Dan enjoyed eating my cum off his hand. “Yum, thanks for that buddy. Think about what I said, I think it could make for a pretty fun summer ahead.” ***** A couple of days after my little show for Dan, I was standing at baggage claim at the airport waiting for my boys to arrive. I saw them round the corner into the baggage area and a huge smile spread across my face. I couldn’t believe how much they had grown. They had clearly hit a growth spurt and were long and lanky, still needing to grow into their bodies. I noticed they had started to grow hair on their legs, though it was as blonde as the hair on their heads. Their blue eyes caught sight of me and both boys broke into big smiles. “Dad!’ They shouted as they ran over and both enveloped me in a big hug. “We missed you. We’re so excited for the summer!” They were beaming and I’m sure I was as well. It was so nice to have them back with me. We grabbed their bags and headed to the car. The boys didn’t stop talking the whole way home, telling me about their friends and their soccer team – escort kocaeli they had won their club championship and were very proud. We arrived back at my condo and they went right to their room to unpack. I lived in a two bedroom condo and always kept the second bedroom ready for anytime Alex and Kyle wanted to visit. They got settled and as it was nearly dinner time so we ordered in a pizza and continued to catch up. It had been a long day, so after dinner and a little tv, we all decided to head to bed. As I lay in bed, content that my boys were back with me, I couldn’t get Dan’s comments out of my head. When my boys weren’t around I was naked in my house all the time, and the boys seemed so grown up now, surely they would understand? And even though I didn’t want to admit it, Dan was also right that a part of me really wanted Alex and Kyle to see me naked. I couldn’t entirely bury my exhibitionist tendencies and as I jerked off that evening before falling asleep, I started to think of ways to introduce my boys to my nudist lifestyle. The next morning I decided to put my plan into action. I could hear the twins in the living room watching cartoons, and rather than throw on some shorts and a t-shirt, I opened my bedroom door fully nude. Now or never I figured as I walked down the hallway towards the living room and kitchen. I made a beeline for the kitchen, not daring to look my boys in the eyes, even though I could tell they caught full sight of my naked body. The condo had an open floor plan, so the kitchen was visible to the living room, but when I stood behind the kitchen island the boys could only see me from the waist up. I poured myself a cup of coffee and turned to finally look at them. They were staring at me, wide eyed. “Um, Dad, don’t you want to put some clothes on?” Alex asked. “Sorry buddy, I figured since it was just us guys around you wouldn’t mind. I’m used to being here by myself and walking around naked a lot of the time. I’m sure you guys get it, don’t you walk around naked when your mom isn’t around?” Alex and Kyle quickly glanced at each other before shrugging. “Maybe once or twice, I guess,” Kyle said, “but not usually.” I had a suspicion there was more to what Kyle was letting on, but I didn’t think it was the right moment to pry. “Well it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We all have the same equipment, and since you’re so mature now I didn’t think there was reason to be modest. But if you would prefer I go get dressed, I understand, it’s not a problem.” “No, it’s ok Dad. I guess you’re right, it’s just us guys, like in our locker room for soccer. We’re not embarrassed,” Alex said. Kyle nodded along and internally I was jumping for joy. This was going even better than I had hoped. I stepped out from behind the kitchen island, giving my boys a full frontal view once again and saw their eyes dart down to my groin before looking me in the eyes again. “Thanks guys, I’m glad you’re ok with this. And hey, if you ever wanted to just hang naked, feel free. This is our house and there’s no one here to judge.” Once again the boys glanced at each other, doing that twin telepathy thing I found fascinating. “Ok dad, sounds good,” Kyle said, with some trepidation. I figured it wasn’t that likely that my sons would turn into nudists too, but it wouldn’t hurt to plant the seeds I thought. I walked over the couch and took a seat between the two of them as I sipped my coffee. I noticed the boys sneaking glances at my crotch from time to time and being the exhibitionist I am, I instinctively opened my legs wider, putting my penis on display. It was a saturday morning, so the boys were only in athletic shorts and t-shirts, but I was getting a thrill out of being the only one naked. I loved to feel exposed in CMNM situations, and couldn’t actually believe it was experiencing it with my sons. I finished my coffee and the three of us were quietly watching tv before Alex piped up. “So dad, are you, like, naked all the time?” “Pretty much. I’m a home nudist, so when I’m at home I prefer not wearing any clothes. Saves on laundry at least!” I chuckled, trying to ease any tension. “But what izmit anal yapan escort if someone comes to the door? Like the mailman or the pizza delivery guy?” Alex continued. “Well then they’ll see me naked too I suppose. Though it’s only happened a few times. I probably caught them by surprise but no one has ever complained.” Both boys were now pretty openly staring at my penis and the combination of their eyes on me with the discussion of my nudism was getting me a bit worked up. I could feel my penis starting to plump up a bit. This was the moment of truth, if I stayed any longer my semi was going to turn into a full blown hard on. I wasn’t sure about having my boys see me boned up, but a part of me found the idea incredibly erotic. I sat glued to the couch and watched as my erection sprang to life. “Um…sorry guys, but you know how it goes, sometimes you can pop a hard on without warning,” I said sheepishly. Even though I was acting embarrassed, the whole scene had me majorly turned on. My boys were slack jawed as they took in my stiff penis. Feeling bold and horny, I flexed my groin muscles, making my penis bounce against my stomach a few times. “Whoa,” Kyle practically whispered. “Cool,” Alex followed. “Dad, your penis is so big!” Hearing my son use the word penis, especially referring to my penis was electrifying, I almost moaned. I wanted nothing more than to take my penis in hand and start masturbating, but I didn’t want to push my luck, so instead I quickly stood up, causing my penis to bounce and slap against my stomach before sticking straight out away from my body. “Well, I better go take of this,” I told my boys, and giving them one more look at my erection I walked out of the living room and down the hall to my bedroom. With the bedroom door closed securely behind me I grabbed my penis and rapidly stroked. Within ten strokes I was blasting off, spraying cum across my bedroom floor. If my boys had any doubt what I was up to, my loud, long moan as I came probably clued them in. After coming down from the heights of my horniness, I realized how glad I was that I had told my boys about my nudist lifestyle. I also had to admit that showing them my boner was incredibly hot, and I knew it wasn’t going to be the last time. ***** The rest of the day passed uneventfully. I did end up putting on some clothes so the boys and I could go shopping for some things they would need around the house. No mention was made of how I had been nude in front of them, but when we returned from the store, I didn’t hesitate disrobing and getting naked again. It felt so great to not have to worry about being nude in front of the twins, and they seemed comfortable with it as we sat down for dinner and afterwards when I joined them for some video games. I managed to stay soft through the evening, negating the need for any more escapes to my bedroom to jerk off. The next morning I emerged from my room much like the day before, fully naked and in need of some coffee. I came into the living room to find myself alone. The boys must be sleeping in I figured. I got my coffee and took a seat at the dining table to read the paper. I looked up as I heard the door to my boys’ room open and was shocked when they walked into the room, both naked as the day they were born. Well not quite as the day they were born. They were definitely more grown up now. Their bodies were skinny, but firm, muscles beginning to take shape across their pecs, arms and legs. Small tufts of blonde pubic hair sprouted above their flaccid penises. Their penises were perfect, even soft they looked impressive for 12 year olds and they sat on top of reasonably hefty testicles. I caught myself staring and raised my eyes to find my boys looking rather nervous. “Hey dad, um, is it ok, if um, we were naked with you this morning?” Alex managed to squeak out. I gave them a big smile. “Of course guys! I told you yesterday you’re more than welcome to hang naked with me.” That seemed to relax both of them and they gave me tentative smiles as well. They walked into the kitchen to pour themselves some cereal and joined me gebze escort at the table. I couldn’t believe I was sitting with my naked boys acting so casual, but I was curious to see where this was going. After breakfast we took our normal spots on the couch (I was in the middle with Alex to my left and Kyle to my right) and turned on the tv. It was clear though that the tv was the last thing on all of our minds. Neither boy seemed to be able to sit still, so I asked “Hey guys, what’s on your mind?” “Well, we were just wondering, like, yesterday when you got hard and said you had to take care of your penis, did you mean, like, jerk off?” Alex asked, getting a little red in the face. “Ha ha, why yes Alex, that’s exactly what I meant. I take it you guys know about jerking off?” Both boys nodded. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of guys. All men masturbate. Hell when I was your age, I beat it two or three times a day.” I watched the boys look at each other and grin. “Ah, I bet that sounds a little familiar, huh?” Both boys blushed. Suddenly I was very aware that the three of us were naked together talking about jerking off and once again I felt the stirrings of my penis coming to life. This time I felt no hesitation about letting my penis grow hard in front of my sons. Once it was hard and resting against my stomach, I reached down and pressed against the base so it was standing straight up. I wanted them to get a good look at my fully hard penis. I looked at the two of them and much to my delight I saw both of them had grown hard as well. Their penises had looked perfect while soft, but hard they were amazing. It took everything in my power to not immediately lean down and take them in my mouth. Wanting to show off a bit more, I took my penis in my hand and slowly stroked it from base to tip and back. “See guys, jerking off is totally natural, and really fun, especially when you get to do it with buddies. Why don’t you join me?” I about lost my breath as I watched Alex and Kyle reach for their erections and start to copy my jerking motions. I knew we had crossed a line jerking off together, but I was too horny to care. The boys were transfixed with the sight of my penis. “Can we touch it?” Kyle asked. Without answering I simply took my hands off my shaft and opened my legs, indicating they could have full access. Neither of them wasted any time and stuck out their hands to touch me. I moaned as I felt their palms close around my boner. They took turns feeling me up and down from the head of my penis down to my balls, I was struggling to hold off my orgasm amid their curious exploration. Not wanting to cum too soon, I gently removed their hands from my penis and got down on the floor on my knees facing them. “Do I get a turn?” I asked. Alex and Kyle just smiled and nodded enthusiastically as they scooted closer to each other on the couch. Their erections bounced in front of me and I reached out and took one in each hand. They gasped at first but then quickly relaxed into my grip as I began to slowly masturbate them. Before long they were squirming in front of me, clearly on the edge. “Go ahead boys, relax and let it happen, cum for me.” Virtually at the same time, their eyes sprang open to meet mine and their mouths opened to form a wide O. I sped up my stroking as they began to shake. I could feel their orgasm overtaking them and they shouted as cum spurted out of their cock heads and dribbled down my hands. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. I milked out the last drops as they shuddered and relaxed back into the couch. I couldn’t wait any longer, I was too turned on. I sat back on the floor in front of them and took myself in my hand. It didn’t take long before I gave a shout and shot. The first shot hit my chin and was followed by three more across my stomach. I was shaking as I squeezed out the last bit of cum. “That was awesome dad!” Kyle said. “Do you always shoot that much?” “Haha not usually son, no. This was just really hot and I was very turned on. I’m sure you’ll be shooting like that in no time.” I got up and went to the bathroom to grab us all a towel. After we had wiped up the cum, I took my seat back on the couch. “Well that was fun, don’t you think?” I asked the twins. “Yeah! Can we do it again?” Alex asked. We all laughed. We knew we would be doing it again, probably sooner than later. This was going to be a fun summer.

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