14 Mart 2023

Extra Curricular


Ms Mora walked casually into the tumultuous classroom she had been assigned to. It was her first day on the job and she seemed to lack the all-to common nerves that she had been accustomed to during her last three brief yet somewhat productive positions. She walked and seemed to ooze a gumption that is rarely found confined between the stark walls of the classroom. All five foot eight of her portrayed a confidence usually found in an older woman. She had ruby hair complete with matching lipstick, blue eyes and a small kitten-like tongue that was deceptively small. Her shoulders were broad but not mannish and her figure was trim and well cared for. Her hips stuck out at her sides, perfecting the hourglass figure and her long legs perfectly shaven and always displayed. In fact everything about her was ideal. However, the same cannot be said for her ‘main attributes’. Her breasts were trapped behind a 32B bra and deliciously pale, her nipples small pebbles on the larger mound and her areolas small but fiery when aroused. Her shapely buttocks remained her best feature; or at least that’s what I think. They curved beautifully out from her and seemed to tighten and release as she walked, providing with all onlookers (guilty as charged) with a hypnotic swaying that shuddered each step, causing the fabric of her denim skirt to fold — highlighting her captivating curves.

She walked into the class sat down and waited. The room had been full of teenage banter and this sixth form class, a class unbound by even the most fearsome of staff, fell silent in awe. Ms Mora picked up the pen, bit her lower lip oh-so-gently and squinted slightly to take in her prey.

“Hmm,” she wondered, “all 18-19; well built; obviously intellectually competitive and all for me!” her lust had an instant effect on her body as she felt her skin burn slightly and the fabric in her bra stretching slightly to cope with the sudden increase in size. She clapped her hands to avert the class’s attention from her statuesque breasts and wrote her name on the board. She was the new philosophy teacher and having just left the warm embrace of Cambridge, had come to Hintens School for Boys, after her previous three job positions at various un-academic schools.

The lesson was far too short as all of the boys had become captivated by her arousing voice and exciting features. But for one boy it was far too long. Sam looked hurriedly at his watch, it was nearing the end of the lesson but the damned bitch wasn’t letting up. He tapped his fingers impatiently on the desk and uttered a small sigh of exasperation. Not small enough it seemed as Ms. Mora snapped the book shut, walked over to him and asked him for his watch. Surprised, Sam warily unattached it from his wrist and handed it to her, “There,” she said, “easier to concentrate now isn’t it. What’s your name?”

“Sam.” He said, again his suspicions becoming excited.

“Well Sam, why are you in such a hurry?”

“Oh, magarsus izle well er… its my… ” he managed to get out before one of his classmates interjected: “It’s his birthday and his girlfriend’s waiting for him!” Sam clenched his jaw and slowly turned to find the culprit grinning behind a book, a miserable attempt at hiding.

“Oh, well that’s different.” Ms Mora stated professionally. “In fact since you have another lesson of this you can pack up and get started on that.”

Sam stared, mouth open in shock, never before had any teacher let anyone leave early, especially for such a pathetic reason. He packed his satchel with his books and walked to the door, not without the victory smile to his loyal snitch.

“You’ll want your watch though,” Ms Mora said as she sidled over to him, “because you can be here at 4:15 for the ten minutes you’ve cost this class. Bye-bye now.” She said as she turned smiling to dismiss her class.

That had been the second time Ms Mora had made him gasp like that but Sam bore it stoically and only let out the curse he had been holding under his breath in the hallway.

That uptight bitch had just cost him his first blowjob. His girlfriend Carolina had promised him a quick but sweet blowjob as a birthday present at 4:30 and he needed to catch the 4:10 bus from school to get to her house before she left at 5:00 for her work experience out of town and now there was no way to get to her without missing his new ‘appointment’. He considered skipping it but he had recently received his last warning from the school for his behaviour at a basketball match, where he had rugby-tackled the unlucky guy who grabbed his girlfriends arse. No. He couldn’t miss this one.

Annette Mora sat at her desk filing her nails as she admired her shaven pussy in the mirrored clock-face on the back wall. This could only be achieved when she sat in a certain way and she was sure that when she did this everyone in front of her could see her cute snatch. She had always thought it was important to know which positions put her strongest as she knew the way she was sitting now would alert complete attention. She was startled by a knock on the door and she stood, smoothed down her skirt — moving her left hand just around each buttock before answering the door to a pupil. One that had caught her attention, one that wasn’t paying attention to her, something she most sincerely ached for.

“Hmm, strong boy, smart and cute. Hmm.” She wondered, a fine shiver running down her spine as she visualised him ploughing into her; then immediately stopped as she saw Sam smiling.

As soon as they made eye contact Sam had sensed the change in her from the earlier lesson. He had been blessed with an acute sense of smell and an awareness that made him an excellent observer, he had this ability to take in everything around him and as an attractive, well-built teenager he knew when a girl or manifest izle woman was aroused. He could hear her sharp intake of breath as he subtly adjusted his charcoal grey trousers to reveal his semi-erect cock, all nine inches in its glory, but only for a second as he pulled his hand away to comb through his hair.

That fleeting glance at that thick rod had left Annette almost speechless as she realised she had lost control and fought to stop herself from ripping his clothes off, but other than the semi-erectness of his member, she had not noticed any other signs of arousal in him. “That needs to change.” She thought hungrily. “Middle chair front row, now!” she snapped attempting, quite successfully, to speak with an authority she felt he deserved more than her.

Sam sauntered in, Carolina now out of his mind as he envisaged the contents of her scarlet blouse brushing against his arm as it had earlier when she had handed his watch back to him. More though was he wishing he could grab the perfectly sculpted behind she had waved in front of him as she walked past to sit in her chair.

Annette felt the eyes on her shapely figure as she walked by him and sat down, she even bent to adjust something on her desk to give him another tantalising glance at her breasts. “There!” she thought as she registered the wetness on his lip, a sure sign of his arousal. She knew she had him captivated and moved in for the kill.

Annette lifter her right leg and crossed it over her left then slowly hitched her skirt to reach the position she had been perfecting earlier. She distracted him while she did this so that she could catch him off guard when it was revealed fully. “How old are you?” She asked.

“19 in September.”

“So you’re not a virgin?” she asked directly.

“Not quite, but I don’t think I’m alone in that respect.” Sam smiled, happy with his rehearsed answer to her predictably enticing question.

“Not quite? Do elaborate.”

“Well there are some areas I’ve yet to explore that I was hoping to in about fifteen minutes, but for some reason I won’t be able to make it.”

“Oh I am sorry, I had no idea, what with you being so well hung and all.” She pouted as she caught sight of his cock slowly enlarging. “Maybe we can work out an agreement to solve your problem.” she stated suggestively as she sharply tugged her skirt up.

Sam gasped at the realisation of her words, which he had assumed were all bark and no bite until that glorious moment when her shaven pinkness had been revealed. His eyes were glued to it and he could not even muster the strength to stammer.

Annette took advantage of his paralysis and stood then walked in front of him, put her feet on his chair and her buttocks firmly on his desk. With her arms she pulled his head into a kiss and playfully nipped his lower lip as she shot her tongue in and out of his mouth, forcing him to stretch his out manifesto of a serial killer izle to reach her evasive velvety tongue. After long enough Sam drew himself to his right and moved to kiss and lick her neck, smothering it with his wet; hot mouth. He ventured lower and with his left hand in the small of her back, pulled the right strap of her bra and collar of her blouse aside with his teeth, freeing the orbs that had lulled him into her power. He gently suckled everywhere but her nipple and flitted his tongue under each breast, revelling in its warmth and weight before blowing softly on her nipple then biting gently and finally suckling with earnest. Annette began gasping and hung her head back in elation as she felt an acute pleasure, she bit her lip and slowly lowered her head to his, her upper lip twitching with arousal, and she began to grind on his rock hard cock and freed her breasts completely by stripping off her top.

Sam could tell from the heat and shear wetness that he had stoked her flammable flame and reached around her back to grope that magnificent arse, one that was truly upper class by definition. In fact the grinding had such an effect on him that he rolled his eyes to the ceiling and buried his face in her breasts; then groaned as he felt her reach for his shaft, stroking it through the fabric. He unhooked her from him and she knelt loyally on the floor licking her lips and kneading her breasts.

Silently he unzipped himself and stood up in one smooth motion to reveal the fact that he had no underwear on either.

Annette reached for his pants and pulled them down then let the steel rod brush against her face as it sprang up and down. Then she licked her lips and grasped the hot underside with her left hand, whilst playing with his balls with the right. Then she poked her tongue out from her cavernous mouth and playfully licked and wore at all sides of his shaft and then sucked the tip of his cock in a fierce contraction of her cheeks, causing him to groan in elation.

Sam had waited for this moment for too long and felt the innate need for pleasure as he grabbed his teacher’s rosy locks and forced her head back and forth along his shaft, the veins in his arms bulging as much as those on his shaft with the sheer effort. Ms. Mora did not seem to resist but willed the continuation and added her licking to the boisterous event. Sooner or later Sam gasped and stammered, “God, I…I…I’m cumming!” and pulled out of her mouth but she grabbed it back and forced him to unload in her mouth, stream after steamy stream of his spunk shot at her throat before falling in ropes down her gullet as she swallowed his seed, with the smallest amount seeping through her lips as she could not contain the flood.

“Mmmm, so tasty.” She said sultrily and licked his length once more. “So, am I right to say that you are my fuck buddy now?” She pressed gingerly on his cock with her tongue.

“God yeah,” he gasped as he felt her encircle his manhood with her lips, “but next time, I’m ploughing you.” He managed to splutter.

“Mmmm, we could make it a routine.” He smiled and reluctantly re-clothed to catch the last bus from school.

“Now that’s extra curricular.” Sam managed and winked at her as he pulled up his trousers.

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