16 Mayıs 2023

Extra Sensory Deception


Extra-Sensory Deception

I call you at your office late in the day. I can tell from the sound of your voice that it has been a stressful day, so I decide that tonight I will remedy that. I leave early and get home an hour before you arrive. I make some preparations for your arrival and wait for the sound of the garage door opening. Soon, I hear it and you come through the back door. You look a little tired, but you smile when you see me walking toward you with a glass of wine. I hand it to you, but before your first sip, I kiss you tenderly; lingering on your lips for a few extra moments. “Welcome home darling, I say. I know you have had a tough day, but you’re home now and it’s my turn to take care of you for the evening.” You kick off your shoes, put down your handbag, and we embrace and kiss again; this time more deeply. “That’s just what I need right now, you say, to be taken care of.” You take a couple of sips of your wine as I take your hand and walk you toward our master bedroom. 25 years of marriage has not dimmed your beauty. Yes, there are a few extra pounds here and there, your hips are broader and there are traces of lines around your eyes – laugh lines I call them. But, your beautiful blond hair, deep blue eyes and dazzling smile still beguile me, not to mention your full round breasts with their rosy-red nipples.

As we stand next to the bed, I begin to undress you – very slowly. I remove your blouse and your skirt to reveal your black bra and panties. You always look so sexy in them and there is nothing more that I would like to do right now than make love to you. But I hold you close and kiss you deeply again – this time our tongues warmly and wetly playing on each other. As I hold you, I unfasten your bra and release your beautiful breasts into my waiting hands. I bend over and gently nibble the tip of each nipple while sliding my hands down the front of your panties to feel the warmth and silkiness of you beneath the fabric. I remove them and you stand naked before me, still holding your wine glass. I step back, take in your beauty and the sheer sexiness of you, and then lead you by the hand into our large bathroom suite. The only light there is provided by the soft glow of the many candles I lit earlier. I lead you to the bubble bath that awaits you in our sunken tub and hold your hand as you step into it. You ease down into the warm silky water and sigh with the pleasure of it all.

I kneel next to the bath, apply body wash to a warm washcloth and proceed to bathe every square inch of your body. My hands are soapy and I let them wander over your breasts and between your legs. I touch you lightly and you clearly want more, but I tell you just to enjoy the bath and let yourself relax totally. After 30 minutes of soaking and my gentle caressing, you tell me to take you to bed. I hold your hand as you rise from the bath and I lovingly apply warm towels to dry you. You have finished your wine now and you are feeling very mellow, but you are also very excited. I can tell from the way your nipples are standing out and I know from my touching you that you are wet between your legs – and not from the bubble bath. I help you into your red silk robe and lead you back into the bedroom. Most of the lights are off now but the reflected light from the candles in the bathroom bathe the bed in a soft yellow Tüyap escort bayan glow that dances across your milky white body as I open your robe and recline you on the bed.

You hold your arms out for me to join you, but I shake my head and say, “not just yet darling. First, there are some things I want to do for you that I think you will enjoy. All you need to do is lie back and put yourself in my loving hands.” At that point, I pull out a silk blindfold and place it gently around your head so that you can no longer see. Then I tell you that I am also going to take away your ability to hear by putting ear buds in your ear connected to my iPod. Soon, all you can hear are the relaxing strains of classical music, your favorite. You can no longer hear me or see what I am doing. Next, I take out four of my best silk ties and tie each wrist and each ankle to the 4 corners of the bed. You smile a little nervously, not knowing what to expect next.

I reach under the bed and pull out a tray with some items that I have prepared for you. The first is a silver bowl containing warm massage oil. I dribble it up and down each leg, on your arms, each breast and your tummy – where it promptly begins to run down between your now spread legs. I start to work the oil into your skin and you start to relax. My hands are strong, but also very talented and soon all of the tension has been drained form each of your muscles. I lightly massage each breast, knowing how tender they can be sometimes, but spend extra time massaging your thighs and the area around your vulva – but I do not touch your clit or your pussy lips – even though they look so very inviting.

Next, I bend to kiss and nibble each of your nipples. You squirm a bit and smile beneath the blindfold. I reach into another bowl, suspend a cold succulent orange quarter and let a chilled drop of juice drop down onto your nipple. You jump a little with the sudden sensation of cold juice, but I immediately place my warm lips over your nipple to take the chill away. I repeat this with the other nipple with the same result. Then I press the orange to your lips and you suck hungrily. I lean over and kiss the juice from your lips and it is delicious.

Next, I dribble a thin stream of warm chocolate over your breasts, trailing it down to your belly button where it fills the dimpled depression in your stomach that I love to kiss so much. I slowly start to lick it all off – every once in a while, rising to kiss your lips to share the taste of the chocolate with you. When I get to your belly, I take extra time to lick and suck the remaining chocolate from you. You are now very excited and your nipples are standing straight up. I reach over to the tray where a stick of butter has been softening. I sprinkle cinnamon on the stick and then use my finger to bring some to my lips. I spread if over my lips and bend to kiss you.

You are excited by the flavor and we keep kissing for a long time until all the butter and cinnamon are gone. I use my finger to put some on each nipple and once again suck on you until it is all gone. The deeper I suck the more you move, but the restraints keep you from moving too far. Still, you can’t help but move your pelvis up and down as I suck you as if some invisible being was between your legs fucking you. I take another dollop Escort Tüyap of butter and begin to spread it from the top of your pussy lips, down their full length to your pink anus. I place a small pillow under you bottom to elevate your hips, drop down between your legs and slowly begin to lick the tantalizing mixture from you. I begin at your anus, spending extra time probing with my tongue and licking you clean. Then I slowly move up from the very bottom of your pussy lips, parting them with my tongue as I go.

Now, I taste much more than just the cinnamon and the butter – I taste the wondrous mix of your warm juices as well. It’s a wonderful combination and I rise up to share it with you. Once again, you kiss and lick my lips hungrily – wanting to taste it all. Soon, I drop back down between your legs. As I am kissing and gently sucking your clit, I slip an ice cube into my mouth. Between each stroke of my tongue, I push the ice cube up against your engorged clit for a moment and them quickly suck it back into my mouth. The first time I do this, you gasp, but you do not pull away. I keep this up for some minutes, alternating between pressing the cube against you and warming you with my mouth. You are now writhing on the bed and I can tell you are very close to coming.

I reach down to the tray again and take the small acrylic probe in my hand that has been warming in oil. Before you know what is happening, I slip it into your anus and begin to stroke it in and out – all the while continuing my sucking and licking of your pussy. Your hips are heaving now; your breasts are flushed and you are starting to breathe deeply and quickly. Before you can cum, I remove the probe and quickly replace it with 5 pop-beads, also covered in warm oil. They disappear into your anus, one after the other and I hold the loop at the end of them while continuing to lick you. I decide it’s time to let you cum now – in fact I don’t think there is any way I could stop you from coming, so I quicken the flicking of the tip of my tongue on you.

You thrust your pelvis against my face and begin to come. As each wave pours over you, I slowing pull each bead from you and with each one, the next wave comes even more intensely. You keep coming even after the last bead has been pulled from you and I eagerly lap up each drop of your juices. Finally, as your body stops its quivering, I rise up and kiss you again deeply. It is one of the longest, sweetest kisses we have every experienced. I untie the restraints from the bed posts but not from your wrists. I turn you over on your stomach, the pillow still beneath you, pushing your hips up and exposing your glistening pussy. Now it is time for one last surprise.

I open the bedroom door and quietly invite your “surprise” to join us. We have talked about this fantasy many times over the years, but have never acted on it – that is, until now. Our neighbor Bo stands there in shorts and T-shirt. His excitement is evident as his erection is already pushing against his shorts. He looks at me somewhat apprehensively, apparently checking to see if the permission I freely gave him earlier in the day still applies. I just smile at him and gesture toward the bed. Hi eyes get wider when he focuses on your upraised cheeks. The candles flicker and momentarily illuminate your wet pussy. I motion Tüyap Escort him toward the bed.

He removes his shorts and his erect penis springs forward, its head already beginning to dribble pre-sum. He positions himself between your legs, pushed your open legs back toward your chest, and begins to rub the head of his cock up and down the length of your slit – one of your most favorite forms of stimulation. You respond by moving your hips up and down in rhythm with his stroking. Then, without warning, he plunges into you, burying himself to the hilt. You gasp and cry out, as much in pleasure as surprise. I do not usually take you this way, but you seem to clearly enjoy it. He pulls you up into a doggy position and begins to thrust in and out. His dick is shiny with your juices and I can hear the wetness of the fucking as I watch in fascination. Soon, he is ready to cum and releases his seed deep within you. As he pulls out, some of it dribbles down and pools on the bed. I tap him on the shoulder and he eases off the bed. He pulls his shorts back on and leaves quietly.

I remove my trousers and free my cock. It is throbbing and needs release. I reach down to the bed and use my fingers to gather up the still-wet cum and spread it over my cock. Then, I remove the blindfold, the ear buds and the restraints. You kiss me deeply and say “My love, that was incredible. You felt so good in me; so hard; and so much cum. I can feel it leaking out of me.” You glance down at my cum-covered cock and smile up at me. “You’re still hard love. Let me taste you.” You pull my hips close as I stand next to the bed and begin to suck and lick me. It doesn’t take long before I feel my balls filling and my shaft start to throb. “I ready to come darling,” I say as I gently pull your head down the shaft of my cock. Your mouth is warm, and your tongue teases the underside of my shaft as I start to erupt. Normally, you would pull back at this point and direct the stream to your breasts, but this time you just stay in place and I begin to empty myself in the back of your throat. You take it all and swallow eagerly. You hold my cock in your mouth and continue to gently suck as I gradually soften. The sensation is incredible as you slowly pull away, lingering for a moment on super-sensitive head of my cock. The pleasure is almost too much and makes me shudder.

You look up and smile at me. “Baby, that was fantastic – so much cum – and I can still feel you dripping out of me.” I smile back, wondering if perhaps you suspect what just happened. I pull you into my arms and hold you close, your naked body pressed against me. We collapse on the bed together and soon we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

We sleep in the next day and have a leisurely breakfast on the deck. It overlooks the neighbor’s back yard, where we see a shirtless Bo digging a post hole. His toned body is glistening with sweat and his muscles ripple each time he plunges the post-hole digger into the earth. I look over at you and I see a slight smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye. “He’s quite the specimen, isn’t he, I say. “Maybe one day?” I offer up, smiling back at you. You look at me, knowing exactly what I mean and I can almost hear the wheels turning in your mind. “I don’t think so darling, you say. It’s a nice fantasy, but after the way you made love to me last night, I can’t imagine another man even being able to satisfy me like that.” You broaden your smile and your eyes seem to sparkle with mischief. The realization gradually takes hold that you know exactly what happened last night.

Now the wheels are turning in my head.

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