14 Aralık 2022

Fallen Ch. 10


Bridge moves ridiculously quickly when he wants to and, before I know it, he has whipped away my towel and flicked it at my buttocks. It stings and I stare at him, in shock.

“You little minx.” Sacha laughs warmly and leaps for him, but Bridge is too quick and evades him, leaping lightly off the bed and making a run for the door. He would have made it too, if it hadn’t been for me. I catch him around the waist, swing him round and toss him onto the bed, where Sacha is waiting and pounces on him.

Bridge squirms, giggling but Sacha has him pinned down. After a while, he subsides, panting and grinning. Sacha isn’t grinning; he’s staring at Bridge, with a strange look on his face. Noticing, Bridge’s smile fades and he looks uncertain. I can practically see his mind working. He’s wondering what he’s done wrong. But I know the look on Sacha’s face very well. He has done nothing wrong, nothing at all.

After gazing at him for a long moment, during which Bridge starts to squirm, in a completely different way and his uncertain look turns into a frown, Sacha whispers his name and he finally gets the message. The frown disappears, but he still looks uncertain, going still and looking up at him, with wide eyes. Slowly, Sacha lowers his head and kisses him, very gently. There is something about Bridge that makes you want to be gentle with him. In so many ways he is the complete opposite of Taz. For a moment, my mind puts them together and I shudder. That is something that’s never going to happen.

Bridge’s arms have gone round Sacha and he is gently stroking his ribs. Sacha’s arms are trembling. In fact, all of him is trembling and I know why. Bridge’s touch is light and soft, but it wakes some powerful emotions. Most of the time, it’s hard to remember what he is… was, but he certainly knows what he’s doing. It makes me smile to think that he is so completely not what he seems.

The stress that’ been plaguing me since the incidents in the tower room, and which had eased slightly in the bath, now lifts from my shoulders and I relax completely.

As Bridge and Sacha continue to kiss, more deeply now, I climb onto the bed behind Sacha and press my body close to his. I wrap myself around him and lightly brush Bridge’s arms, as they continue to stroke him. Bending forwards, I lay my cheek against the soft skin of Sacha’s back and inhale deeply of his scent. He sighs and a soft moan escapes his lips, which are still locked with Bridge’s.

Turning my head, I kiss Sacha’s back and work my way up his spine, while Bridge’s hand moves from his ribs to stroke his chest. Sacha’s breathing is quickening and I know that I’m going to have some sweet, sweet fun.

When I reach his neck, Bridge strokes down over his belly to take his, already half hard, shaft into his hand. Sacha whimpers and twitches. Very, very careful I release enzyme into his neck, just behind the ear and he would have collapsed onto Bridge, if I had not been holding him tightly around the waist. As it is, his head falls forward to rest, heavy on Bridge’s shoulder.

“Is he…?” Bridge asks with anxious eyes.

“He’s fine.” I smile. “Better than fine, and he’s going to be even better, with your help.”

I gently lower Sacha to one side. He isn’t unconscious, just deeply relaxed. He smiles dreamily and reaches for me. That’s not what I have planned, so I move away and manoeuvre Bridge into his arms instead. Sacha is not capable of sustaining a kiss, so he contents himself with tangling his hands in Bridge’s hair, while Bridge teases his lips and then moves down to his throat. Sacha sighs and moves his head, to give him better access.

I smile to myself. Sacha is primed for the ride of his life and it has never pleased me more to be the one in the driving seat.

While Bridge continues to kiss his way down Sacha’s body, I begin with his feet and work my way up, releasing tiny amounts of venom behind his knees and in the joint of his hips, heightening the sensation and essentially turning his legs into highly sensitive jelly.

By now, he is panting hard and moaning and Bridge has reached his groin. With a slight nod to Bridge, I watch him go to work on Sacha’s cock and am, again totally, but pleasantly surprised bursa escort by his skill. By the time he’s licked and sucked it completely into his mouth Sacha is incoherent and shaking all over.

I notice that Bridge knows some tricks to stave off orgasm. So does Sacha, but he’s in no state to even think about them, let alone practice them. While Bridge sucks him, I gently toy with his balls and then let my finger wander lower to massage his entrance. His breath catches and his hips thrust up into Bridge’s mouth.

I don’t have to instruct Bridge to stop what he’s doing, he simply does and Sacha moans, “Nooooo,” when Bridge lets him slide from his mouth and moves up to kiss him. Nevertheless, his arms come up to embrace him and he tries, with limited success, to return the kiss, only to abandon it again when I penetrate him with my fingertip.

He cries out and jerks, throwing his head back and tightening his arms. Bridge raises his head and looks down at him, his eyes wide. He is beautiful, they both are, in very different ways. Sacha is writhing and moaning from my attentions and Bridge surprises me by nudging me out of the way to take my place. He expertly teases and massages Sacha’s hole, occasionally slipping his finger in, to make Sacha jump and moan.

I watch him for a while, idly toying with Sacha’s shaft, occasionally flicking my thumb across the sensitive head. Gradually, we synchronise, alternating our assaults until Sacha is sobbing. Again, Bridge surprises me, positioning himself between his knees and, after a quick look of enquiry to me, which I acknowledge with a nod, he enters him. Sacha gasps and his eyes fly open. They widen ever further when he sees who it is. For some reason I’d assumed that Bridge would be more comfortable in a passive role. I think Sacha did too.

Bridge has a rapt expression on his face, which slowly spreads to Sacha’s, so they are both staring at each other, lost in wonder. Bridge reaches out and gently brushes Sacha’s cheek with his fingers. It’s an incredibly tender and intimate gesture that makes my heart jump in my chest. The smile that slowly breaks over Sacha’s face is wondrous.

When the moment of wonder is over, Bridge begins to move in and out slowly and Sacha hisses and closes his eyes, moaning. Bridge varies the speed and depth of penetration,, to prolong the experience and Sacha is soon feverish and shaking.

Sacha groans deeply as I rotate my thumb over his head, spreading precum as lubricant and adding my own enzymes to the mix, dragging a cry from him that is a mixture of pleasure and pain. He almost stops breathing, as his whole body is swept by wave after wave of intense pleasure that is not yet about bringing him to release.

He is sobbing and begging, as I send alternating pulses of intense pleasure and deep relaxation that has his eyes rolling and his mind so divorced from his body that for a few long moments he forgets to breathe entirely.

I don’t need to prompt Bridge. It feels as if the boy can read my mind, which is quite a feat considering I have no idea what’s on my mind at this point. Sacha is jerking his head from side to side and his eyes are rolling back. He’s at the limit of what he can take, so I stop. As I take him into my mouth, Bridge regulates his strokes, making them long slow and deep. Together, we smoothly bring Sacha to a literally screaming orgasm. Gasping, he thrashes and convulses deeply.

Bridge withdraws, without release and watches fondly as Sacha slowly comes down and lies quivering under him, panting and glowing. While he is still watching Sacha, kneeling between his legs, I slide myself behind him, putting my arms around him. He feels so fragile and, at the moment he is, but I can feel the man he is going to be.

He sighs and leans back against me. “My turn?” he whispers dreamily into my neck and my response is to run my hands over his belly and chest, ending up making little circles around his nipples. He shivers but his only other reaction is to bury his nose in my hair, locate my ear with his tongue and suck my lobe into his mouth. It is unexpected and sends shivers through me, making me gasp out loud.

“Do you like that?” he whispers and, without waiting for a response bursa escort bayan the little minx slips the tip of his extremely talented tongue into my ear, so deeply he almost touches my brain. I shudder, as he keeps going. Even though I’m tweaking his nipples somewhat convulsively he is still attacking my ear; sucking, licking and thrusting until I feel shaky inside and out. It’s almost unendurable. Why has no one ever done this to me before?

Unable to bear it any longer, I turn my head and kiss him. I can feel him smile. Damn him, this is supposed to be about him.

By now, Sacha has recovered and sits up, so we are sandwiching Bridge between us. I release his lips and he turns his head to continue the kiss with Sacha, who tenderly caresses his hair and shoulders, while I try out Bridge’s techniques on his own ear. Whimpering, he squirms but doesn’t break the kiss.

I can feel him trembling and it makes me smile. While not breaking the kiss, I bend Bridge forwards, holding his waist until he’s on all fours, still kissing Sacha, who has lowered himself backwards, keeping his body pressed against Bridge’s. He is now lying against the pillows, with Bridge in his arms, while Bridge is still kneeling between his legs with his bottom up in the air. He deliberately arches his back, presenting to me, and spreading his buttocks, tantalising me with the rosebud between.

Parting him further I lean down and tease him with my tongue. He sighs and pushes back against me, giving me a face full of sweetness. I’m good at what I do, very good and I soon have him squirming; thrusting and sucking as I lubricate him with my saliva.

When I consider him ready, I sit up and slide a finger into him. He does not cry out or even moan aloud, he merely begins to shiver and his legs tremble. Slowly I work my finger in deeper and, when I touch his prostate, I allow a tiny amount of venom to slip from my finger tip.

Now at last, he cries out and jerks, making me smile. “Do you like that?” I murmur and, despite everything he giggles. I can’t believe it. This boy astonishes me. I bend over and kiss his back, lost in the wonder of him.

When I rise, I massage him again until I feel him relax and then I enter him, holding on to his hips to steady him. Grunting, he raises his head and throws it back, his red gold tumble of hair brushing his back, which is arched. He reminds me of a cat and I hold him close against me, still within him.

He is breathing hard and I can feel him tremble. I’m concerned about his health and so I don’t push him as I would have one of the others. Very carefully I slide out and, even more carefully back in. Bridge pushes back into me, clearly wanting to play but his legs are trembling so much they can hardly support him and he is already breathless.

I tease him again with a slow stroke in and out, allowing Sacha to slide out from under him and turn so that he is lying the other way around; supporting Bridge’s shoulders with his knees and taking him into his mouth.

When he is stable and moaning from the attentions of Sacha’s talented mouth, I start to move in and out, smoothly and steadily. I have to hold tight to his hips or he would collapse. As I had with Sacha, I let small pulses of venom ripple through him at the culmination of every stroke, making him shake but relax until his head falls forward and Sacha has to work harder to stop him from falling.

More gently than I have with anyone else, for a very long time Sacha and I slowly raise him towards a release that, when it comes is powerful in its own way, and totally unexpected as Bridge is incredibly contained in everything he does, including sex. The only sign to me that he has fallen over the edge is that he suddenly throws up his head and grunts, thrusting back into me, his buttocks trembling.

Sacha, of course is privy to more obvious evidence and he slides out from under Bridge who promptly collapses, lying sprawled face down on the bed. Sacha gets to his knees and presses his lips against mine, opening his mouth to share Bridge’s sweetness, and it shocks me. I have tasted many men and they all have their own distinct flavour. But this is… Sacha’s eyes are open when he moves his head back and escort bursa I see that he knows too. Bridge is sweet and smoky and musky. Even this is beautiful.

Bridge sits up yawning. “That was good. I wish you wouldn’t make me so sleepy though.”

I lean forward and kiss him, letting himself taste his own sweetness. “When you are well, my darling I will give you what you want. Until then, I will give you what I think you need and are up to.”

“Oh really? You will, will you? That is what you will give me… but what about what I give you?”

For a moment I am confused and then he pounces me and knocks me backwards. Suddenly, both he and Sacha are on me and, it seems, all over me. They are everywhere at the same time… licking, probing, tweaking, biting and sucking. They take it in turns to play me and I am happy to relax and let them get on with it. I never thought that it would be so truly wonderful to allow myself to be used.

By the time I climax, I am higher than I have ever been before… well almost. I relax and let myself come down slowly, my eyes closed and my body tingling. Without even opening my eyes, I feel Bridge and Sacha crawl into my arms on either side and I fall asleep listening to the sound of their soft breathing.

It is Serif who wakes me and I open my eyes to see the face of an angel hovering over me. His pale golden hair falls in deep waves around a sweet face, dominated by huge baby blue eyes. He looks like an angel but He,l he is so far from it. The cupid’s bow lips curve upwards and he flutters his eyelashes at me.

“Dinner is served, My Lord and you… er… guest is awaiting you along with his… companions.”

I chuckle. “Guards you mean?”

He smiles.

“Dismiss the companions, Serif. Look after him yourself. We will be half an hour. Keep everything warm.”

“Look after him, My Lord?”

“Don’t hurt him… in any way.”

The innocent blue eyes widen. “I would never hurt him, My Lord.”

“You would never mean to… but I know you too well for those innocent eyes to fool me, Serif. Stick to Taz for now, although I think perhaps today will have exhausted even him.”

“I think not, My Lord,” he says, with a look that makes it clear he’s speaking from experience.

“One of these days, one of you will go too far.”

“We go too far every day, My Lord.”

“One day you will kill each other.”

“Not deliberately, My Lord.”

The look in his eyes makes me briefly consider postponing lunch. “It is long past time you took blood, Serif. Tell Chancey to set it up for ten o’clock tomorrow and have him come to me for further instructions.”

Serif smiles and licks his lips, in a way that makes him look less like and angel and more like the demon he is. “As you wish, My Lord.” He stands and trails his fingers over my belly, as he turns to leave. I can almost imagine that his touch burns. As I watch his leather clad hips sashay out of the room. I have a moment of doubt about what I have doomed Aqua to but, at this point he needs to be tamed and no one tames like Serif.

The exchange wakes Sacha, who stretches and yawns. His stomach rumbles and he giggles. “I hope that was the call for dinner,” he comments. “Or I might have to eat one of you.”

I grin back and gently stroke Bridge’s hair, calling him softly. He stirs and snuggles closer into me. “Warm.” He murmurs and I tighten my arm around him, biting my lip. I glance up at Sacha and see from his eyes that he has had the same thought.

“It’s alright, Bridge, I won’t let you get cold but you need to get up now to eat.”

“Mmm,” he murmurs again, but makes no move.

“Bridge, it’s time to get up.” I shake him gently by the shoulder and he frowns and wrinkles his nose. “Bridge.” I can’t keep the laughter from my voice. He’s like a kitten, clinging to sleep and to me, with stubborn resistance. If he’d had claws they would be breaking the skin by now.

Without preamble, I get up, tipping him off my arm, earning and indignant curse. “What did you do that for?” he grumbles.

“Because we are hungry and if we had to sit here and watch you sleep any longer, we would have had to eat you.”

“Mmmm. Yes please,” he purrs, giving us both a blatantly lustful look, from beneath demurely lowered lashes.

“You are such a slut, Bridge.”

“I’m a whore,” he says brightly and doesn’t seem to notice when we both flinch. “Race you to the bathroom.”

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